Examin Yourself

(by Sergey Morozov, Russia, Jan 25, 2005)

Recently, increasing streams of people direct into the new Promised Land to live there. Among these people the greatest part, certainly, are either believers in the Last Testament or just acquired the teaching of Vissarion. But apart from them, there are a great number of correspondents of different mass media, voyagers, individual tourists and tourist groups, just pilgrims as well as relatives of those having found the Promised Land their home.

Far not all of the guests there know where they have gone and what the specifics of this land are. And in essence, the natural energy features of this place determine some restrictions to those, who want to live there, according to their spiritual characteristics.

This paper is designed to give a very slight touch to the depths of this problem.

The southern Krasnoyarsk region is one of the most interesting and exotic places on our planet! This region, spreading out from the Pribajkal - at the East, to the Kuragino-Karatuz district boundary - at the West, have been carefully protected by the Nature itself from different kind of intruders, bringing negative emotions and destruction to this primeval place.

According to the native shamans, this region is a figurative location of the heart of our planet. Since, to their view, our planet, just like the human organism possesses organs with the common functionality: heart, kidneys, liver. These organs have their particular location on the body of the planet. And as the heart, the most important organ of every living organism, is hidden in the chest, so the location of the heart of the planet is concealed in impassable plants, mountains, water area of lakes, rivers, swamps, making these places difficult of access and unsuitable for living. And as the heart activity supports the normal functionality of the living organism, so the proper ecological and emotional pure state of this region supports the Mother Earth in keeping the balance of the whole planet organism.

The Nature has been protecting itself these places since the remote past and by fine sensorial means it was authorized to assist that the people, who manage (despite the severe conditions) to settle down to these places. It comes from the same shaman sources that the authorities, responsible for this region, prohibited not only the settlement on these places but also even the hunting.

In the more resent times, the old-believers (Russians who do not accept the reform of the Russian Orthodox Church) directed themselves towards this land. They travelled in communities with all their animals and goods and chattels, from Archangelsk region. In winter they settled down, built houses, excavated dug-outs, demonstrated unseen examples of survival and thereafter they left behind almost complete villages. This journey took them more then three years. And when the oldies reached this region, they did what none of the people, tribes or simply hermits before them had manage to do they got into the depth of the territory and settled down to mysterious, scaring and difficult of access places. And Mother-Earth accepted them, since they were those who she had called to her protection from the other people.

The oldies' severe life conditions, their elevated (according to that time) spirituality, tender attitude to the Live Nature allowed them to keep the southern Krasnoyarsk region in its innocence, keeping the streams of people outside its boundaries. Later on, the time itself, the history, the technical progress changed all that. The building of the rail-highways "TransSiba" and "Abakan-Thajshet", the mining and wood-obtaining in the Kuragino and Karatuz regions filled these lands with people and techniques.

This cruel reality, naturally, ruined the balance of the protective forces of the Nature and brought considerable damage to her specific fine-sensorial structure.

So what is the mechanism of protection of this region?

The geological structure of the southern Krasnojarsk region is unique because the outskirts of the Western and Eastern Sayan are plentiful of poly-metal ore deposits and especially of heavy metals. In the nature the ore deposits exist in the form of so-called "ore bodies". In this region the "ore bodies" include a lot of elements from the middle and lower part of the Periodic Table, which due to their physical properties (density, permeability and radioactivity) evoke different geophysical anomalies, exercising certain biological influence on all living organisms. The random location of the self-magnetized "ore bodies", the high concentration of heavy and energy active chemical element lead to the presence of magnetic, gravity and radiation local anomalies, which in their combinations are defined as geo-pathogen zones. Man coming upon such zone, certainly, does not fall down dead as well as it does not prevent him from living on, but just here he can clearly realize that the Nature either warns or stops him.

Not far ago, the mass media reported that the present investigation of Swiss scientists showed that the size of the ozone hole over the Krasnoyarsk region is greater even than those over the poles. And that means that to the influence of the above mentioned zones, it is added the continuous effect of well ionized solar particles, coming to the Earth in the form of the so-called solar wind. These particles are passing through the hole unhindered and mercilessly "mummifying" the open parts of the human and animal skin. And hence the Sun itself, in one more function, which preserves this region from too self-assured immigrants.

This way, the planet, protecting its heart, sets up for those, trying to reclaim this land, severe enough living conditions. So that in order to live there long and happily, you need not only a perfect physical health, but also permission for settlement given by the planet itself. The present settlers' experience proved that the serious spiritual achievements may be nothing but some advantage for receiving of such permission. And the great everyday spiritual and physical labour, focused on the struggling with the own egoism and the approaching the laws of the accurate people relationship, excluding even the least foul emotional background, is figuratively speaking, the true passport to the life in the very heart of the Mother-Earth.

The tourist excursions or visits of the southern Krasnoyarsk region are exceptional opportunity to challenge your spiritual and physical capabilities. This is a unique test of the protective forces of the planet. This reveals your ability to survive in the conditions of powerful natural energy impact. This is an examination in the school of life, which everyone directed to the future should do.

It is sure that those, used to the comfort of the five-star hotels, are to be disappointed. One cannot go to the taiga on a white lavatory pan, it is hard to get straight into the hot bath of the abnormal zone and there is nothing to eat but cranberries in the swamps.

At least it is a plane and unique opportunity to see with your own eyes and feel how people, aimed to the future, strive to acquire and thoroughly polish the crystal of their Spirit, allowing human being to survive in any hard living conditions, being happy himself and helping our own planet, the Mother-Earth, to flourish.