The one beside Teacher

(by Marina Nikitina, Russia, Dec, 2004)

Vadim Redkin was born on 19 April 1958 in Voronezh. His sign is Aries, year of the Dog – with all of the good characteristics of this sign: faithfulness, probity, devotion to people.

The parents are scientists – his mother is PhD, associate professor and reader in the engineering university, his father – manager of the investigation sectorof one of the research institutes in Voronezh.

After finishing the secondary school, Vadim entered university and graduated with honours. After it, he worked three years in the Head Research Institute, the department of smith and pressing machine-building research centre. His PhD thesis was almost finished and he was ready to commence his successful life in the science when… His Majesty the Occasion entered the Vadim’s destiny and his life turned into another successful career.

While Vadim studied in the institute, like many students, he was used to take part in art activities – he was vocalist of a rock group. And that was so successful that the defence of the thesis was postponed for better days, and Vadim himself dashed off to Moscow where he easily entered the vocal department of the school “Gnesin”. The school administration was amazed by the fortune of the unknown PhD student from Voronezh.

Accessing the situation, Vadim took his documents and… he was immediately accepted second year in the school of music in Voronezh. He could not graduate, but they gave him a diploma as long as he was already a soloist (again fortune!) in the famous in that time group “Integral”, and this diploma was necessary so that he could go on music tours with the famous “discoverer of new talents” Barry Alibasov.

His tour life was interesting and continued two years after “Integral”. As the proverb reads, everything was given to the singer Vadim Redkin “straight into hands”: the music career was successful; there was a lot of money, bringing him into confusion – where to spend so much, when seemingly he had everything necessary.

And in these very circumstances Vadim met Vissarion, who in that time was quite unknown. What the life and destiny of Vadim Redkin was like after that, you will learn from the conversation with him, which took place in Petropavlovka, in November this year. You have the chance to get to know not only the outward aspect of Vadim’s life, but also to have a look in his inward nature, to evaluate the spiritual effort in the service of the Path, chosen on his own…

Correspondent: Obviously you have been told many times that you are lucky man, chosen by the destiny. And what do you think about it?

Vadim: I also think the same. Everything given me by the destiny, I endeavour to take with gratitude. And if it has happened so, then maybe, it should have been that way. I don’t think of my own variations about that – everything is a God Will! There are only slight nuances of what we guess – why it is just so. So, the other uneasy situations, developments of life, I strive to get over exactly the way like everything else – I endeavour to change myself.

Corr.: Tell us about when you first met Vissarion, when you were so modern singer from the show business, in high boots and dark glasses…

Vadim (laughing): I don’t remember the boots, but it is true that I had dark glasses, as long as I had an enormous bruise and actually, all my face was bruised… That happened after a karmic “event” with a drunken policeman and his friends after the concert in Voroshilovgrad during the festival on 23 February. It is true that thereafter, when I took down the glasses at my conversation with Vissarion, yet my problem with the face became apparent. There also was a leather coat and earring – the same as now. I put on the earring again, maybe, two years ago.

Corr.: So in this funny appearance you, the modern guy from the show business, went to meet the preacher Vissarion. It is interesting, what was the feeling?

Vadim: Oh, that was vividly remembered, it was for lifetime! I was late a little and I got into the hall last. The pretty large hall of the Strogovsky school was almost full. Vissarion was standing at the entrance, awaiting everyone to get in, as there was no other entrance to the stage. Vissarion had one of his first red hitons (Russian folk dress) (now it is in my house as a souvenir of those times). I passed by and said hello to Him, while He was walking towards the stage in a little unstable manner; He went up and greeted the audience…

I had the feeling that I had known this person for long time! In my heart appeared the feeling for this preacher as some relative, someone from my family, friend, who I hadn’t seen for a long time and I was very happy of this meeting.

On one hand, that was exaltation of this meeting, an emotional impulse, but on the other hand the analysis instantly started: why is that? what feelings are these?

I found myself a place in the hall, but I couldn’t hear the first phrases – I was looking at Him for about fifteen minutes, at His gestures, at how He speaks and I was trying to understand why my heart was so excited.

After that I began attentively listening to what this preacher was speaking about. One meeting was enough so that I put in order all the points in my view of life. He was talking about the Two Creators, about the mystery of the evil, about the difference between Lucifer and the devil, about the human soul…

The knowledge on Bhagavad-Gita, the New Testament and the Koran finally reached their conclusive view and harmony in my head.

After this meeting I wanted one more time to see Vissarion and to help His mission somehow. On our second meeting I came to the idea to organize His tour in my home town of Voronezh and to arrange a direct programme in the Voronezh TV, where I had friends. The idea was successful and the programme took place. This interview with the Teacher stirred up the interest of whole Voronezh and the region, and filled the halls with people, demanding to get to know Vissarion closer.

Corr.: Acquainting with Vissarion you stood before the choice: the brilliant career in the show business, the money, the glory or some spiritual path, scarcely known to you in that moment. Don’t you regret about your choice now?

Vadim: Can the happy people be sorry about anything? I’m still sorry about only one thing – I have weaknesses and I don’t always manage to counter them. But I cannot regret for a long time because life – this is a firework of situations.

As to my choice of life towards Vissarion – there were no tragedies or misery. Like many others, just before they first meet Teacher, suddenly their career, material well-being improved a lot.

So, a sponsor came out to me – a big bank, which worked in very favourable for me conditions. Then I thought: why is this fortune, isn’t everything too perfectly?

Then I had already known what show business looks like: somewhere one should yield his interest of creativity, somewhere he should step on the neighbours’ heads, somewhere he should “trip” someone up somewhat… And scarcely had I begun with friends to prepare my first album – one of a pretty wide range, starting with hip-hop and reggae, and finishing with romance music – just at that time happened the first meetings with Teacher. And the first nuances of my choice already appeared…

But I recognized Teacher so strong that generally speaking, I had no choice! There was only the apprehension that it will be hard to complement the trips: I should have travelled with Teacher and been on tours at the same time… And it happened. Genya Belorusov rang up and told me that there would be a tour in Tambov – this is close enough to Voronezh, and I had to go there. I went up to Teacher, He said: “Decide!” So I made my mind. I rang right away the guys and told that it might not be a great difficulty for them to find another vocalist. They weren’t quite amazed of that, they just asked whether I had finally “sunk in”. In fact, all of them had already known about my attitude to Vissarion. In the group they called me “padre Vadim”.

Corr.: And like some kind of “clergyman” you endeavoured to educate your collages?

Vadim: Yes, a lot of them became vegetarians and most of them gave up drinking during the tours. It wasn’t so hard to say good-bye to the show business – that happened in one emotional impulse.

Corr.: Special circumstances single you out of the followers; you became a secretary of Vissarion, his friend, companion in all trips. He blessed you for the great labour to make the chronicle of the Teaching “The Last Testament”. Is it hard to be friend of Vissarion?

Vadim: So first, it happened that I was beside and able to accomplish just what was necessary at that time. I am well aware that there are a lot of people having the same capabilities or even better. But in that moment, apparently, those circumstances required just me. I tried to do it as far as I could.

As to the friendship… As a friend Vissarion is an amazing person!

Here, the uncommon side is different – one should always remember the special environment around Teacher. On one hand, He is friend, but on the other hand – already a Teacher. This friendship, to my view, requires more active alternation of yourself, because you should be aware that among the relationship there are Teacher’s pieces of advice, precepts, somewhere – a slight hint, and somewhere taking into account the close friendship, He may give a very slight advice, which you must notice. Isn’t it that He is very accurate person. And living with Him, year after year, one acquires some additional experience of making conversations, he familiarizes with the state of “being a friend of Vissarion.”

Certainly, I make both mistakes and blunders; and this is the way to acquire wisdom – you shouldn’t do them any more.

Corr.: What characteristics one should possess so as to be a friend of Vissarion?

Vadim: One should have a complete confidence – this is the foremost characteristics, which allows someone to be His friend. It is always like that between friends: the more they trust one another, the closer they become. The less is the confidence, respectively the “narrower” the friendship becomes. And if in the case of friendship Teacher-disciple, the one has confidence (Teacher), then everything depends on the disciple – the more he trusts, the more they will be friends!

So far, for already fifteen years, Vadim has been making the chronicles of the Fruition (the fulfilment of what was promised about 2000 years ago), where diligently, with a documentary accuracy he has been fixing every Word of Teacher, meetings, many hundreds of vital questions and Vissarion’s answers to them, mainly on how to do rightly in one or another situation so as not to brake the spiritual laws of God. It has already been published complete seven volumes (of one or two parts). And they are studied not only by the believers.

Corr.: Vadim, how do you find physical and spiritual power for such everyday, huge labour?

Vadim: Now it’s not only me who does this job. But there was time when I had to do it alone – beginning from the writing down the text from the cassettes, its correction and editing and so on. I had to describe the events of the Teacher’s life, to fix His answers, to write down the text from the cassettes with His Word, along with doing other activities, not related with the book (a plenty of meetings with people on different problems, making of video films about the community and Teacher, as well as the duties, which now the Last Testament Church authorities do).

And when I was already overtired and was giving up doing it, helpmates, friends, specialists took some part of some functions – editing, organization and so on. The work was persistently growing and then good helpmates came to me – few women, who took the activity of writing down the texts from the media, then it was easier to me to select what is necessary for the “Last Testament” from prints. Many years I was helped in the preparation of the publication of the books of the “Last Testament” by Galya Lunina – very skilful master and an interesting creative person.

Corr.: And still this is extensively hard. The body, the human flesh gets tired…

Vadim: It happens so. It happens that I feel I can’t manage! I was tormented by that for a long time. The major in this situation is – to tell yourself: do everything sincerely; aiming to succeed and only the time can reveal whether you have succeeded. And there is one more interesting aspect of thinking over it that this labour is for period of long years and while you live in flesh, you will do it! And here, I don’t have a “point of creativity”, such that, for example, the painter, the jointer and so on has. They make a finished piece of art and can have some satisfaction, can take a little rest and move on, having some palette of emotions. When I prepared the first volume, I realized that there won’t be such “point”.

But wonderful salvation appeared – the singing! Due to the abundance of work I had forgotten a little about the singing. And what is to compose a song? This is an act of creativity, which has an emotional point at the end! Here I can have some satisfaction for some time. This musical creativity feeds me with emotional energy in my major work – the “Last Testament”.

Corr.: How do you think, Vadim, what is faith in God and confidence? Who can consider himself a believer?

Vadim: The faith in God – this is a confidence in the reality, that is, the understanding that everything that happens to you, occurs by the Will of the All-loving Father and to your favour. It happened so that you could improve yourself, grow your wisdom and acquire even grater confidence to God! And life, through its lessons of wisdom, inevitably helps us reach the awareness: there is nothing accidental in our life – God knows everything that happens! And everything given us by God is given with a great care about us. There is nothing accidental in our life!

Whether someone is believer or not – he shows it by his confidence in the events around him. That should be accessed by the man himself, but it can’t be done by the neighbours: whether he is believer or not. The more you trust the reality and strive not to blame on it and to be grateful, the greater believer you are.

Corr.: Many people from the cities, having scarce information about the Community, consider that the Vissarion’s followers are “sectarians”. How do you think about it?

Vadim: (answers with a mild smile). Indeed, I have a very good attitude to it! If we take the meaning from the dictionary that “sect is a separate teaching, school or something separate from the whole”, if we take the reference definition, then we can really be called like that, because we are a separate new teaching, school. Then this term can be entirely applied to the Orthodoxy, Catholicism and the other Christian confessions because this is sectarianism!

If we take the view that we look at what Teacher gives us as a General United Faith – then this is a complete teaching, in respect to which all the other teachings appeared to be separate parts and in that order they look like a sectarianism regarding the complete one.

If the Orthodoxy considers itself a complete teaching and claims that we are fractional, narrow part of this completeness, then they define us as sectarianism. But this is their view, their view to the reality! Isn’t it that it is not so important how something is named, but what you are doing, implementing! The deeds indicate the category of the faith. And if our “sect” will grow and grater number of people from all over the world will come to us, then the “sect” will become something complete and it will be necessary to change the stress or to call us in some other way.

Two thousand years ago, in the Jewish school of Torah, in the ancient Israel appeared the new religious confession, which founder was Jesus, a son of a carpenter. Isn’t it that it was the greatest sectarian phenomenon in the bosom of the great religious formation? Now this is the same attempt.

I am looking at Vadim – he looks not much like a sectarian, he is opened, cheerful, conceals nothing about himself. Also his appearance is super – slightly waved hair below the shoulders, an earring on one ear, fashion cloths, even elegant – it does not fit the common image for a sectarian! He looks rather like some musician of an elite music club.

Corr.: Does your wife help you dress so stylish or you create your dressing image alone?

Vadim: The dressing style brings in its essence the view to life, to the Nature, to the place you live, to the music. And the word “style” includes a wide range of various cloths – sport, ethnic, classical, a hiton dress, – the one you like and corresponds to your inner state. The state defines the cloths. If there is some stable state – the cloths also bring the impression of stability. When you wear something, maybe, you expect to feel some satisfaction from it – due to particular combination of elements and colours, you feel yourself comfortable in it, and if you like the cloths, if they are in harmony with your state, then others also will like them, they will feel harmony in your look.

My wife Alyona is a painter; her taste and view to the world are common to me. I listen to her hints, as she listens to mine. As to the earring. Two years ago I was told: “Listen, you will look nice with an earring.” First, I joked: “Yes, I was wearing it in the past, but my ear has already closed.” And after that I began monitoring my feelings inside: what is hindering me inside not to put on an earring again? And I realized that the thoughts were hindering me about what will people tell about me, how they were going to evaluate me, how they were going to look at me.

It is obvious that this is certain kind of fear, but I, as a real Aries, decided that I should immediately make a step and acquire an earring again! I’ve had an earring in my ear since that moment!

Corr.: You are living in a newly built town. Tell us, what is your day like, what are you engaged with commonly?

Vadim: When I wake up in the morning, I’m used to make a little physical exercise. For all these years I found that it should be done, as it gives a good tune for the day and greater spirits. Often I do only the complex of the shaolin monks “The eight pieces of silk”, then a little general exercises – wringing out, press-ups, exercises for the spine, stretching. Thereafter I try to help Alyona with the household, but this is very little: to bring firewood, water.

From 8 to 10 am there are radio and phone calls. After it, I try to work on the Scripture, which is often disturbed by some urgent calls, which can’t be postponed – and this goes on to the night. Sometimes, when I feel that some overtiredness is growing, I endeavour to get out in the open – to breathe a little or I go to the chime-house to ring the bell. The latter brings a wonderful tuning of the sensational world, which already gives a new melody inside…

Corr.: When does your working day end?

Vadim: I try to finish my work until 11pm. Now I’ve stopped working in the night. In 1995, when I was writing the first volume, when I had also to describe the events that had already passed, the amount of work was incredible; my physical and emotional energy exhausted a lot. I fell in the trap of the tuberculosis due to overtiredness – an inherited in a paternal line aptitude to this illness activated.

Corr.: Do you have time to communicate with your family, your daughter? Do you manage to help you wife in something?

Vadim: Unfortunately, I can’t help very often. Sometimes, as I’ve already said, I bring firewood and now I’ve got used to go to the mountain rivulet for water – it takes for example about forty minutes. This is very useful for both the household and me – brilliant pure water, which we use to cook everything and we don’t even boil it – we heat it up to 80 degrees and drink wonderful tea.

Corr.: And how do you communicate with the children?

Vadim: We love to play, we dance noisily, cheerfully sing; they love when I fling them up. The major time for communication is the morning and the evening before sleep. Sometimes my older daughter Sofia and I do her homework. It happens that without an intent gaze she drops out a little from the process of education. But our contact calms her down and she gets back to obedience.

Corr.: Vadim, how do you stand the severe living conditions: there is no electricity, the water does not come from tap, but from the spring in the forest, the heating is by firewood, there are no shops?..

Vadim: We have got used to it so much that we can’t imagine it in other way! And the water from the spring or from the melted snow – this is a great wealth! When in our trips we have to use a tap water, I feel its smell, information it carries – one doesn’t like to drink tea of this water. After all, we have some electricity – there are solar batteries. In the spring and summer the electricity is always enough, while in the winter days the batteries can’t do it and we have to use candles – this is quite well! So when there is no electricity, it can be found a lot of advantages! And many people are joking: then there are more children! We have such statistics that there is a higher birthrate in the villages with no electricity.

Again we are laughing and having fun. How to pass on the cheerful and light atmosphere of out communication? It is interesting with Vadim, he is simple and warm-hearted, and he answers to the questions sincerely, with no guile. And it is well expected – he is beside Vissarion…

Corr.: Going on the conversation about your manner of life, what do you eat? What are your favourite meals?

Vadim: We are vegetarians. There is a great variety of meals. These are different vegetable soups, hot salads, when vegetables are only brought to boiling, that is, they remain somehow underdone – I like it. We cook potatoes in different ways, we like to bake it and use a lot of hot spices, garlic! Also the borsht with beans (a traditional Russian soup) is very tasty…

Corr.: Do you have some sweeties, flour products or shop products on your table?

Vadim: It is too little of what we use from the shops, only good spices. Cookies or cakes we don’t usually buy. If we want something – we cook it ourselves, for example, from oat flour. If we want some sweet cake – we cook it alone. We have our own cuisine – without frying, tasty to me.

We add oil to the food in the last moment, when it is almost ready, and bake in a dry frying pan – in its own souse. In addition, we have goats – we consider their milk the healthiest one, the children drink it. Fortunately, we managed to prevent the children from attachment to sweet. Until certain age they didn’t know what sweet is. The result is that Sofia has healthy teeth! Although, certainly, the children are moving all the time and they need sweets. What are our sweets? These are honey, jam from taiga berries, dried berries from the taiga, dried apricots and raisins (when we have them).

Corr.: Considering the fashionable problem about the health. You are known to experiment different manners of “cleaning” and healing systems of the organism, you endeavour to keep your body in a good physical condition.

Vadim: Unfortunately, I can’t spend a lot of time on my body. But incidentally I love to try different manners of cleaning, so that I checked how my organism will respond, actually I’m an experimenter by nature.

Many of us have been to Vadim’s meetings with both believers and non-believers. These meetings are interesting and profitable. He has always an artless, like children, nice, good humour, and his pure view to life…

Corr.: Tell us, Vadim, have you always had such gentle humour? Or you have learned it, living on the land of Siberia?

Vadim: It isn’t easy for me to access whether I have changed here or I’ve always been so. As a man of cheer and happiness, I’ve always been monitoring myself, so acquiring some spiritual experience; one inevitably acquires some wisdom of life and the quality of the humours, seemingly, from year to year changes. Now the humour has become, maybe more gentle and this is directly related to the growth of the inward experience.

Corr.: Does Vissarion value the good joke?

Vadim: Yes, certainly. He is often joking during the speeches as well as among friends so that He evokes a cheerful, light, lively mood. He creates an atmosphere of good jokes and laughing at ourselves. And it is often that our laughter is so loudly, indeed our Teacher has very strong imagination of painter, and the more we manage to recreate in our imagination the pictures given by the one, who jokes, the louder is the laughter. An “outsider”, if he gets involved into a conversation, will be hard to understand why this fun is – indeed, it is not so simple to switch to the developed by someone’s imagination picture.

I think, isn’t this picture too ideal? Is it possible that in human life everything is so amazing? Some difficulties should be there?

Corr.: Do you have hard moments in your life, when you are anxious, when you lose your tamper?

Vadim: Certainly they are. I’m an emotional person, I may say, a hot one. I endeavour to improve myself, to restrain the overhasty reactions. But when there is a fatigue, physical and mental tiredness in the subsequence of many engagements, I may reach the point, when I maybe begin assessing the other one and it seems to me that it is time to finish the conversation. I become a little unbalanced, too unconditional, sometimes I suggest the other one quite sharply to finish the conversation, that is, the tiredness amplifies such characteristics as impatience, overhasty evaluations.

Corr.: And what kinds of misconceptions come about in your family?

Vadim: They are for sure. The family is a great school. And when you live long years with someone, where your weaknesses clash – in these circumstances there can be a very active process of improvement (certainly if you want it). If you don’t speak that in the incident someone else is to blame, you assume that there are a lot of wrong things in you; hence, the neighbour shows you which characteristics inside you need to be changed. And if you accept the view to your family that there is nobody to blame and there is a school around you, which points you out your weakness – no matter how – then you realize that the one beside you is your friend-doctor, who helps you get better. In this approach, the family can’t brake down, but consolidates. Yet, if you see it the other way, then it will be as it’s always been…

A lot of journalists and other mass-media have been coming to us. They try to get to know our life and often ask us the question whether we are happy in our present living conditions. Without looking for originality, I’m asking Vadim about the happiness.

Corr.: What is happiness for you?

Vadim: Happiness – this is an inner state of the human being. Different people have different view, according to their experience. If someone is happy out of some material values, then still this is his view of life. This is natural and normal. Man can be happy because of some Mercedes or a bank account in certain period of his life. But such happiness is something requiring permanent pursuing and it will always be slipping away. Man first obtains something, collects some experience; at the beginning he is happy with the material aspect, later on already he may not be satisfied and the searching for the inward happiness goes on already on another level.

The soul steps on an entirely new searching of happiness, new level and now he can be happy with something else. For example, with the communication with the other people, out of the right reaction to some events, because there are friends beside, without paying attention, for instance, that there’s not enough money. Inside such person emerges a state, which he’s never felt.

And one day man will realize that he is happy just because he is live, because he can love, he can help people, having found the right approach to them, he can give them something and after that he can give them everything. For certain period of time, all this progression may happen.

But the greatest adversary of the human happiness is his own egoism, which protests inside against the grateful, cheerful attitude to the reality. Man should survive and his sensible attention, through his biased egoistical prism (of perception) brings about monsters. And the greater this “monster” inside the soul is, the harder will be the man to be happy. But when man manages to get over himself, when this adversary inside diminishes and something changes to good – these are the real moments of happiness! Happiness is when once you notice that the “reptile” becomes smaller, that there is a sun shining around and people are smiling, that God loves you.

The word “happiness” – listen to its sounding: happiness, it is the capability to value every moment of the life as a God’s gift, no matter what happens to you! But it is possible only if one strives to change, to learn to live in the present very moment.

Corr.: Vadik, are you happy? Is it possible to keep the happiness for long time, forever?

Vadim: Yes, now I can consider my state as happiness. But there are moments, when my own weakness doesn’t let me feel the loveliness of the life, its richness, colours as before – these are, I think, the components of the happiness. If such moment occurs and I see what hinders me in feeling happiness, I begin to correct myself, feeling myself grateful that the reality has helped me see one more characteristic to be changed. And even this, at first sight, unfortunate situation it can be turned into cheerful occasion – indeed, this is an opportunity to gain wisdom, man gets better, he makes steps to the happiness.


I agree with Vadim that everyone can be happy. But this is toil! Will man decide to walk the path of a great toil, leading to the happiness?

And he, who has already tried these sweet fruits, what is he doing? He lives, he is celebrating, singing!

Despite his great work pressure, Vadim still manages to perform concerts for his fans, who adore him. Concert gathers everyone – from little to elder ones. His songs are popular among us and we often accompany Vadim’s singing, and some of us dance and do what their soul like. The kids, the youngsters and the old men – all of them take part to the musical performance.

Corr.: Please, tell us about your concert activities. Who does compose your songs – the music, the texts? How do you record them?

Vadim: The text and the melody, I compose myself. Usually, I think up the text when the melody is already found and sung, for example, over a vice recorder – to remember it. Sometimes I sing my songs a cappella – without an instrument accompaniment. As far as I couldn’t learn music, to my regret, I can’t play any musical instrument; I have to arrange everything in my head, including the shape of the melody, so that it could be sung in any musical instrument accompaniment and without it. I think that if some song is interesting to me, then it could be interesting to someone else.

When we record a song in a studio, Alyosha Rags and I make several melody arrangements with different instruments. To my regret, I don’t have time for detailed work on the songs – it comes to be “on a rush”.

If I manage to perform some concert along with my major work – I’m happy. This is my emotional relief – to turn into a different sphere of creativity.

Corr.: Usually, the best “hits” of the charts are about the unhappy love; and how about you? It seems you don’t have such miserable songs? Yet many of your songs are rhythmic, one can move with them, dance and altogether, to be happy somehow with the life.

Vadim: At present, I’ve toned down the texts of my former songs, where the melody and the idea are good, but there are nuances, which no longer bring me satisfaction. And in the new ones, if they are a little sad, everything happened to the person, looks like bringing him benefit.

Now I’m already incapable of writhing pessimistic songs, since the occasions in our life are positive, hence, the plots are inevitably coloured in palettes, characteristic to me. Even if the songs are about the feeling of love, which seems not to be entirely fulfilled, who’s said that this is bad, that one should be in grief for all the rest of his life? Indeed, in this situation there are so many lively tints, countless positive moments, which bring such happiness – all that inspires you and teaches you how to love! There can’t be unhappy love! There is only your own egoistic comprehension of you misery or your desire to see yourself miserable, a requirement to the reality that everything must be as you demand, but this is an egocentrism, which will never let you approach the happiness. Love, even seeming “unhappy”, always grants something and is given for your benefit, no matter how it ends.

If there goes such revaluation inside the man, the artist, the author, it will be hard compose some sad, desperate song, which makes you cry. Indeed, I have a sad song about the burned down Temple. This is a song about the spiritual lesson, which came to us and from which we’d rather draw right conclusions.

Corr.: You have one quite different song in a hard-rock style: “Hey, hey – cheer up!” (“Hey, Hey – veseley!” – lit. transl.) – it’s something new! What music styles do you prefer?

Vadim: Yes, if this song was performed by real musicians, it would have almost been a hard-rock. I’d like to express in a rock and roll style a positive attitude to the surrounding life. I’d like that this song had energy, agility; appeal to the listeners, so that it could somehow positively initiate them in life.

I might say that I like almost all the styles in music. For example, in the rock and roll music, which I sometimes sing, there are roots of Negro, African folk music. Reggae is already music of the south Caribbean sea. That is, everywhere there is a local tradition, something of the people’s folklore, of the life on the earth. I like particular classics as well. Recently, I prefer music with lots of live instruments, blended in different styles. There are more nuances in such music. The computer arrangements a little merge the sounding and the result is less emotional tints.

Corr.: Many of your songs are devoted to the love. Do you have such miraculous page in your life?

Does the love give wings?

Vadim: Yes, I feel such state and I have such pages in my life. Certainly, love both wings me and inspires me in creativity. Where, regardless the tint it has, it’s always interesting to live, since love is always a gift! And as we’ve already mentioned, there is no unhappy love – it is always happy, it brings cheer and wisdom.

Corr.: Men think that love for women is when they lose their mind, is it good or it is a great weakness?

Vadim: Man should never get lost whatever happens. Although he should be like that, sometimes it happens to be differently… If man in love loses himself as a creator, as a human being in the realization of his creative essence – he gets lost in life, loses his man’s essence. Certainly, for a man such inner state is not favourable. The touch of passion, the passion itself is a real, natural feeling, but the way man responds, the character of his deeds: whether he will get lost in it or not – this determines whether it will be of his benefit or not.

Now all of us are learning to love rightly. If man is a creator, hence he should love the way that his creative potential increases, but not the opposite – when he looses his creative essence. The emotions should help us improve our potential of creativity. Man doesn’t have the aim to search for a woman and to focus his strivings there. If it happens, he loses his essence; he is no longer a creator, but the one who strives to bring to fruition his natural desires. Then man is no longer the spiritual source, who should be the organizer in the creativity and in the life of the family. But this also is a step for pursuing and acquiring of necessary wisdom.

Corr.: Let us particularize it somehow…

Vadim: There are two essences in the man: creative one – he is a spirit and a creator, and natural one – he is a male. If the second, the natural one prevails, then he loses his spiritual destiny – he becomes a part of a category, which we’ve just described as a male. Any man can easily get into this category.

Corr.: Can man be a slave of the woman and her whims?

Vadim: Certainly he can, but he must not be! If it happens, then the man in this state can’t help the woman, since she looks for support in him, but he, following these weaknesses, can only cultivate them, but can help neither her nor himself. Woman can’t find a support in such man and will begin to look for another one. And this phenomenon is quite common now. Such man has an improper influence on the woman’s unsteadiness. And the state of the woman, when we speak: why is she so? – this is our state, our man’s weakness!

Corr.: What kind of characteristics a woman should have so as to be of service to her husband, to make him happy, not to hinder his life activity?

Vadim: Maybe, she should be patient, but her patience mainly has to be in the striving to comprehend the inner world of this man, to accept his creative environment, his thoughts, taste, that is the whole palette of colouring of his world. She wants to live in the atmosphere the man is creating though his soul and she’d like a lot to assist this environment. If woman initially doesn’t seek the possibility to do it, then she most probably will lose balance. If she accepts the man’s world, she could stand any situations, disclosing her husband.

Corr.: Does the contemporary woman need a characteristic like patience?

Vadim: Everyone needs it, the woman too; indeed the patience requires also humility! As the man is the engine of the life, bares the productive, creative energy in the life (but not destroying in wars and other conflicts!), so the wise woman is like water, she blankets the man, cleans this moving “machine” with love.

Her role is not to hurry in front of the train and show him where to go! She should help this train in its movement, recover his power, and create around him the environment – natural, living; the environment of children and comfortable home, an environment of harmony of the relationships and special food, which she creates alone and fills with love. Depending on how she prepares the food, man can get ill in one case, and in the other – he can be filled with creative powers, he can be healed if he is ill… That is, the woman’s creativity is in whole this environment, where she can realize herself so wonderful and vividly! And if she devotes her life in the service of her husband, but not according to her own interest, urging the man to serve her – this circumstances allow the family to live in harmony, happiness. If the woman takes the man’s function, and the man – the woman’s one – then this most natural union is doomed to an ephemeral existence.

Corr.: Unfortunately, recently the aggression in people is steadily growing. What is the right reaction to the negative that happens?

Vadim: The primary is not to increase the negative, which is coming to us. If someone exhibits aggression or negative emotions, they can be increased with your own negative reaction and further it may grow into a great conflict. And the more people are involved in the particular negative chain of emotions, the wider will be the focus of this tension and just then it will be very difficult to hold it back. The negative emotional outburst, generated by both parts of the conflict, doesn’t disappear; the negative mental shapes remain in the space and this very media begins influencing already the other people, not related to this situation.

Now in turn, this new person or people should refrain from involving themselves into this aggression too, and not to respond to it with the negative that is inside. This is the mechanism of all the conflicts all over the world, when people don’t respond positively to the aggression, directed to them. One should control himself and not respond with aggression, but to keep the piece in his soul on the level of his sensations; being aware that maybe the man generating aggression, in this moment, can’t behave in other way. And certainly, one should treat such person like his relative, with warmth and understanding – this man still can communicate with the others only this way, he is getting to know the life and he can’t do it in different manner. And if we know that, then how should we respond to this phenomenon in the similar negative way, make ourselves similar to him? In the situations, where there is an aggressiveness, someone should be wiser and not to strike back. And this should be the one who is aware of what’s happening. He brings the greater responsibility.

Corr.: What would you wish?

Vadim: I wish that men and women learn to love rightly, without changing their roles: the man should be man and the woman should learn to be woman. And if they learn how to join harmoniously, then it will be easier to everyone on the Earth!

The parents should understand that the children will mature one day and they should be allowed, the children, to go to live their lives alone and to acquire their wisdom.

And the teenagers I wish that they don’t get lost in this hard time. The life brings a lot of trails and when they naturally acquire the next wisdom, let them try not to forget that man is born on this world to improve himself, to walk the path of the development of his creative characteristics, that whatever happens – we are on the palms of our God and He loves us.

Corr.: And what would you wish those, who do not recognize the movement of Vissarion?

Vadim: Not to abuse. If they don’t understand something – don’t hurry to access, to blame on it. If it is not clear now, some day it will be clear. If this movement is truthful, then one day it will be apparent to everyone; if it’s not truthful – yet there’s no sense to oppose it additionally: it will fall apart itself. But the additional abuse will only harm the one who abuses – indeed, man evokes a cause-and-effect chain himself; and hence he is to encounter what he has sowed alone. The way out is only one: if something is not clear, don’t generate negative emotions.

And all the people I wish that they learn to be friends, to trust one another.