Preface to the Last Testament


1.Oh, what a great Time, when once in the Bosom of Eternity a fragrant Whole came into existence, exhaling boundless Love!
Heavenly Father showed his Face in the Great Universe.

2. But having manifested His Essence amid surrounding immensity of another Law, Heavenly Father became a Source of a new Law.

3.The world of material Being cannot see the God's Glory, because this is possible only when the God's Glory manifests Itself in the material laws.

4. And once by the Will of Heavenly Father, His children received their lives on the Mother Earth in flesh, which have been made out of the Earth's dust.

5. So that the children of God, by the deeds of this flesh, will manifest and carry across the Universe the Glory of their Father.

6. The deeds bloomed, but the Path of Ascent turned out to be unexpectedly difficult – a Path ascended by nobody, and where the essence of Ascent is the great Freedom of Choice, allowing the law of Faith to flourish boundlessly.

7. And the Faith is the only wonderful mystery, which makes the favourable development of human being possible.

8. When the children of God found to be on the Mother-Earth, they lost their ability to see their next step alone, and hence they have to believe, that the next step is the most favourable. And this is a truth, therefore to brake it means to violate the development of soul.

9. As the man has lost the sight of the eyes of his mind, to define the direction of the true Ascent, he has to believe his Heavenly Father, Who has become the eyes of His children.

10.Therefore, the greater the faith, the more man can see.

11. But the faith and knowledge are not one and the same.

12. Therefore great is the temptation to demand conformation of the Truth, when the ascending one comes to determine: is the Event coming from God or it is something else?

13. The Truth does not need to prove Itself, as those who see It will take and keep It with joy; but if they do not see, they will lose It, even if they take it in their hands after it has been proved.

14. The Truth has been sent down by God to perfect those who perceive It.

15. Therefore encountering It, one should not try It on, but he is to measure himself with the Truth.

16. And as the Truth comes to teach, I tell you the truth: there is no one among people, who has nothing to learn.

17. But how should the Truth come to help those who are searching and striving for It?

18. The great Glory of God is in the fact, that the Father allows His children to flourish in boundless variety and uniqueness.

19. And the difficulty in the period of the first steps on the Path of Ascent proved to be in the fact that each child of God, due to his uniqueness, perceives the Truth in his own way as nobody else of his numerous fellows does.

20. So, if Heavenly Father says equally to each of His children one and the same Truth, then there will be as many opinions regarding the perceived Truth, as there are children of God on the Mother-Earth.
There will be a great confusion!

21. Therefore the Truth is always to come in one, visible to everyone Person, so that, being for particular time among those, who accept It, He could allow them to come possibly closest to one understanding of the granted by God.

22. And this has to be done by conveying the Essence of the Truth on the level of perception of everyone longing for It.

23. It is possible only when the live Word of God appears in flesh and blood similar to the contemporary man, which is the Truth of the Son of Man.

24. And this mystery follows a special law, when the Truth, incorporated in the Essence of the Messenger sent by the Heavenly Father manifests Itself only when there is a God's Will in it: not earlier nor later.

25. The new flesh, which is given new Name, manifesting a new Event, must undergo a certain period of formation, when the law of this formation is different from that of all the children of God, being in flesh.

26. Where the law of the Freedom of Choice, essential in the human development, to a greater degree is missing, as the growing and developing mind of the new flesh of the Messenger must collect all the necessary experience required for the subsequent general Event.

27. There is truth in the wisdom that in order to heal the disease, one needs to get to know it alone.

28. The period of acquaintance with the contemporary society, as the former Event in the land of Israel, so at present in the land of Russian; should last for twenty nine years, so that the flesh could reach the necessary maturity.

29. However, until this age, the Messenger of the Heavenly Father must not know much about Himself, so that the acquaintance with the surrounding life was not complicated.

30. That is the reason why a mysterious veil must cover the eyes from the moment of His Birth to the time of Awakening.

31. Which is essentially important also to avoid the destructive contrast between the World He comes from and the world He goes down to, He, Whose name is the Word of God.