The Time of Turn

Chapter 1

1. Children of Great God, piece to you! Now I see the necessity with this my next address to you not only to reveal for you the next pages of the Book of great Mysteries in order to broaden and make more precise what was once touched upon but very briefly and figuratively in the first chapter of the Book of Fundamentals and what was opened in the Address of the ``Last Hope`` more thoroughly, but I also see it especially necessary over again and more substantially to lay emphasis on the key period in your becoming.

2. On the right understanding of which the favourable-active alteration of your essence and the destiny of all humankind fully depends.

3. And let the predetermined events connected with what is touched upon in this address begin to spread in full measure.

4. Now you ought to learn in full measure how to practice worthily the greatness of the responsibility your heart responded to carry. And therefore in this address I use in some places a non-traditional for me way of presenting the exposition in graphs to help you form more precisely in your consciousness a general image while taking in the Truth I give.

5. For it is absolutely essential now to have the most correct forming of your understanding of some key vitally important subjects within the Truth on the level of your consciousness.

6. Though in the first part of this address, where I am going to reveal the next imaginary pages of the Book of Mysteries, I won't go into detailed opening of the physical laws of what was Going On then and What is Going On now.

7. For the present it will be enough to open lightly some guiding lines, leaving for you the necessary fullness of creativity to comprehend independently the great Laws connected with these guiding lines, as far as you would certainly see an additional necessity in that.

8. The want to open for you both something new or what has already been touched upon, but deeper and more thoroughly depends naturally on how you will be taking into yourselves what is being given to you.

9. The Truths which are not connected with your direct life manifestations just in this very period of your becoming are not the main ones, though they are called to form your general and correct outlook for worthy perception of all actual reality by the very children of Great God.

10. Therefore for the present, together with vitally important direct and indirect touching upon everyday life circumstances I will keep opening you some other Truths, but mostly in guiding images, leaving for you for the time being the opportunity to show your own activity in necessary trying to understand the matter in question.

11. Now on the next pages of the Book of Mysteries we go on touching upon the concealed.

12. Once, eternity ago, a cosmic space, which is taken by you as a comparative emptiness, in the full sense of the word represented a passive form of the Creator's Fundamental Principle Being.

13. The Spirit was moving over Darkness.

14. In that Darkness there did not exist any concentrated form of consciousness as an active form of manifestation.

15. And once in the Space two points met.

16. The coming into existence of the very first active medium in the passively manifested Fundamental Principle occurred in the period, when the first two conventional points after they have met in the Space, however united in the first dance of elementary Harmony,

17. Which became the first step on the Path of the natural self-making of the Creator.

18. In the naturally existed Medium the mystery of condensation began to take place, and as a result there started to form a concentrated form of Super-consciousness.

19. The developing into active Beginning once began to take place due to ever-growing interlacement and condensation of the actually elementary energy exertions, where the basis of each did not consist of any compounds.

20. All the Fundamental Principle at one time fully consisted only of such freely existed, actually elemental energy effects.

21. Ages by ages were needed to pass by while the evergrowing in speed mystery of the forming of the active Beginning was taking place.

22. The process of condensation in the long run is called to make apparent the birth of some whole, which in its core would contain some complicated compounds of a certain quantity of the elemental particles.

23. After which such a whole begins to have its individual power informational vibrancy

24. Where the ideas of elemental particles in the science of humanity, with evergrowing possibilities to discern these particles every time take shift towards the more subtle side, and I say, such a shift would take place more than once.

25. And so as to imagine though a little this infinite greatness and complexity of the Being manifested both in a dense visible for you state and in some other one, it is enough to mention the following.

26. The Being for some time became pierced with the subtlest active energy of the Spirit of Life, owing to which there exist and develop all without exception more dense, as compared to the Spirit of Life, power effects.

27. But this active subtlest energy of the Spirit of Life the qualities of which the mobile reason would never be able to percieve in full measure due to some certain regularities of its development in the world of matter, is by itself yet an emission coming from the Source, the Core of which has gone through a long period of self-making and developed into the integral System of a complex combination of a great number of actually subtlest elemental particles.

28. So as to imagine in pictures the correlation of the Spirit of Life with coming into being more dense, as against It, energy effects of the Universe together with its evolutionary development, one can depict a dispersing to every side from the Absolute Spirit of Life as some invisible tissue all over which the stitches of relatively seen threads, embroidering the design of the World of matter Harmony, were to lay down.

29. And now it is just the time when it is necessary to adumbrate the mystery of how this conventionally seen thread got formed.

30. Interwaving of a certain number of these threads with each other can be discerned by the science of mankind and by the human eye.

31. The Mystery of ever more condensation of the maximum subtle energy effects of the Fundamental Principle of Being had been bringing through all the eternity to far more complicated making of the Harmony, comprising the Core of the getting mature Great active Origin.

32. And at a certain stage of the Great Mystery to take place there was originated Super- consciousness with the brought about appropriate abilities to see all the inward regularities of the established Harmony, to comprehend them characteristically and to have an active influence over diverse processes going on as yet in the inside of the Harmony as far as the necessity in that is realized,

33. The Mystery of condensation and making the active Origin reached once such a conventional threshold of sufficient maturity when the developed qualities of Superconsciousness of Absolute made a conclusion that in relation to the development of some certain come into existence inward processes, the following actualising of naturally involved condensation would come by the obligit course of development to the point of reverse motion, that is of discondensation,

34. To result in conversion into the previous to the process of condensation state.

35. And after that the Absolute began to make efforts, that were called to help His to go round the Natural result of discondensation and to get over to the state of everlasting existence.

36. The Absolute became the Creator.

37. All the originated within the Fundamental Principle energy densities were of one and the same plus charge.

38. And only at a certain stage of self-making an active Origin in the Core of Organic Whole there began to form some energy medium, that could be conventionally called a medium of minus charge (Pic.1)




39. It is just the very active development of the medium with energy effects of the minus charge was to have inevitably brought in the end the quality of the Body of Absolute to the state of a saturated density,

40. Which was to have inevitably followed by the mystery of complete discondensation as far as the initial state of the passive Fundamental Principle.

41. Such a complete discondensation takes no place only in conditions when some whole that undergoes discondensation stays within the energy medium with the nutrient-creative Power permanently coming from independent Parental Origin.

42. But since in Being the only active Origin got formed, then the mystery of complete discondensation on the way of the natural development on the basis of naturally emerged and established regularities, became obliged.

43. And in such a development the Great Creator began to undertake Measures that changed the course of naturally unfolding Harmony.

44. He started to bring from his Core out into the outward ambience the energy effects of the minus charge to have reached the certain maturity.

45. Active release of the subtlest the conventionally minus substance outwards began permanently to take place in the period when the energy quality of this substance became like that of Spirit of Life and differed insignificantly as more dense.

46. And with that the released substance changes the nutrient concentrated medium of the Body of Absolute for dispersed energy medium of the Spirit of Life, comprising in its Origin all necessary information for maintaining life and development of the become relatively independent minus-energy condensed gatherings,

47. Which under the influence of the included information for the further condensation continued the reverse into the states of multifarious, every time more dense substances,

48. The various combinations with each other of which give birth to more complex compounds with essential several energy-informational field (Pic. 2).



49. Thus in such a kind of multitudinous and multifarious combinations and condensation there began to take shape some conventionally visible threads, which were called to begin to embroider the boundless Tracery of Harmony over the conventionally invisible subtlest tissue of the Spirit of Life radials.

50. Only the process of condensation sustained by the Life Current coming from the Creator is always accompanied by the obligit discondensation.

51. For there steady makes for it a certain regularity, in its time to have naturally manifested and become established within the essence of minus energy substance released by the Creator from his Core out into the external ambience.

52. The speed and period of the reverse into condensation with all the occurrences of the young World of matter was and is different in dependence on the combination of the energy informational characteristics lying in the bases of some of other occurrences.

53. But while there goes the Current of Life from the Creator, a special Information in Its bases creates a permanently acting sound nutrient medium where the processes of every time new condensations and diverse compounds would constantly occur with a new matter to come into being.

54. If to assume in fantasy the possibility of a sudden stop of the Current of Life, coming from the Creator, then the conventional observer from aside could see how all the Galaxies, Stars and other different solid matters in the Universe would have rapidly melted without leaving any visible trace.

55. And once in the process of the considered condensation of the minus energy concentrations brought out by the Creator from His Core, there got formed the first energy gaseous formation, that became in its own way a favourable medium, from which afterwards there originated a multitude plead of multifarious Stars, to have organized into detached accumulations of Galaxies.

56. Where the Spirit of Life, retaining in its dependence all the existence and development of the first, unrepeated with each other, relatively independent objects, was creating necessary conditions where unceasing reproductions of such formations could always take place.

57. The mystery of condensation having resulted in star-formation, made it possible to come to existence within Being for a great many of distinctive likenesses of the Great Creator.

58. Only in this case it is important to mention, that the Core of the Creator was getting self-formed on the bases of conventional plus energy medium, in the centre of which at a certain stage of forming there began to manifest itself a minus energy medium,

59. Some definite density of which was needed for the Great Creator to bring it from His Core out into the external medium, making it possible that the outbrought could freely manifest itself in the capacity of a building material.

60. After which there got formed an active, dense enough minus medium, in bosom of which at a definite stage of its development some conventional plus energy concentrations began to form.

61. Around which as around the central nucleus there began to take share energy bodies of minus charge.

62. But with that one need to remember that such conventionally plus energy concentrations are no more than distinctive, some vitally important but still a mere likeness of the plus medium of the Core of Creator.

63. A definite imprint of such an attribute of construction of Universe you constantly show with yourselves where the lower part of your body, the closest to the surface of the Earth, has the characteristics of the minus medium as well as that of the body of the Mother-Earth.

64. Whereas the upper part of your body, which through your head had the most openness towards the plus emanation of the Spirit of Life, naturally characteristics of the plus medium.

65. The active Events that accomplished in Being demonstrated the coming into existence of two different-potential Origins that became a prototype of the beginning of eternal existence through just their integrity.

66. It will be proper to define these origins as Male and Female.

67. Where with all this it was the Male Origin that began to form first within which once there got formed more and more growing in their manifestation the attributes of Female Origin.

68. After which the Great Creator in connection with a definite special necessity made the Female separated outwards as a relatively independent Origin for further internal co-existence.

69. Of the Male body was made that of Female.

70. Such could be figuratively mentioned as making a woman of the bone of a man.

71. After which the process of further evolving of the Universe Harmony began to go on there on the basis first and foremost of the Female origin to give birth.

72. The valuable integrity of the Male and Female origins are making favourable conditions for internally active vital manifestation.

73. Let Male and Female be one.

74. Thus for a long time, to the earthly measures, the Design of Harmony has been being thoroughly and with absolute patience woven with the thread of female origin over the material of male origin.

75. Where a significant Mystery manifested itself in Being when on the reliable basis of Male origin there was predestined for the Female Beauty to flourish infinitely.

76. Just because of that in a man, when he is in his norm, is not desirous to demonstrate beauty with himself but above all the aspires to admiring beauty and singing of it in his creations.

77. And naturally the female nature first and foremost comprises in its origin the attribute to bring out beauty by itself.

78. But as the female nature has in its origin also some attribute from the male origin, then it has the ability to admire beauty as well.

79. Only with women such a mystery of admiring goes on with women differently than with men.

80. And that regular measure of vitally important combinations of the definite parts of male and female in both men and women can be stable only in conditions of the normal life-activity of human society, and such conditions have not formed yet, then inevitably there comes out a probability of some distortion of normal measure in either side.

81. After which some manly attributes begin to rise up more and more evidently in women with characteristic change in attitude of a woman towards the ambient actuality and beauty.

82. And some analogues phenomenon can be seen in men when the attributes of female origin begin to prevail in their selves above all measure.

83. But yet in this address I would not go into more details about the essence of men and women and will continue to touch the events taken place in more and more unfolding Universe,

84. Where all the effects that entered the process of regular densening on the basis of enegry- informational tissue of the Spirit of Life, with every generated combination and concentration show evergrowing diversity of the unique energy effects where the more complex the concentrations are more restrictions they get for further combinability.

85. It means that for the existing and naturally unfolding Harmony of the World of substance there exist with physical effects some permissible limiting norms that came out of the manifested regularities of the self-formed Harmony of the Core of Creator and that became ingrained in the created by Him Universe.

86. It should be mentioned that every manifestation of any independent origin in all over the Being irrespective of the degree of simplicity and complexity, is possessed of its own consciousness, distinguished only by the degree of its complexity.

87. Every actually elemental energy effect in the Fundamental Principle of Being of the passive existence of Unified is possessed of its own energy-informational field, in which all the individual characteristic of this energy effect is reflected.

88. This is just the elemental form of consciousness.

89. And after the unique process of condensation through evergrowing combinability with each other of independent energy effects, in more and more self-making Integral Whole there also began to rise up every time more complex form of consciousness in the form of some distinctive energy-informational medium.

90. It was going on till the time when the complexity of the forming consciousness reached the level that could be rightfully named a Super-consciousness,

91. When the process of evergrowing degree of complexity of self-forming consciousness once made it possible for it to acquire the abilities for centralized control over its own internal mysteries with the capacity to influence them actively.

92. The Level of Super-consciousness can be reached only by the process of similar self-making, which by natural reasons could be reached not by any single phenomenon in the created by the Absolute Universe.

93. For such is possible only on the basis of energy effect identical with the degree of subtlety of the Spirit of Life.

94. As regards the degree of subtlety of all energy effects taking place in the come into existence Universe, then the very derivation and beginning of Its development has happened yet on the basis, energy characteristic of which grew converted into more and more dense condition in relation to the density of the Spirit of Life, with the tendency to yet far more considerable condensation with developing into every time more rougher state.

95. Super-consciousness of the Creator of material Being in Its self-forming on the basis of the characteristics of the male origin has reached the highest possible limit of the development and to surmount this limit was impossible because of more and more multiplying and condensing effects of the female origin within the core of the Unified.

96. And by the mystery of bringing outwards the female origin the Absolute established in the Being a distinctive conventional zero level, from which as if independently the World of substance began to develop, and where growing more and more condensed the female energy effects took the position when they began to originate their own manifold appropriate forms of consciousness.

97. And at the initial stage of the forming of young Universe the most complex form of the consciousness was a planetary consciousness. In its turn the Consciousness of the first Stars,

98. Takes its shape on the basis of a certain mystery when the plus charged current of the Spirit of Life gets combined with a minus energy informational emanations coming off the surface of the Star or Planet. (Pic.3)



99. Every Star, Planet began to have the unrepeated gamut of manifold combinations of energy effects, which also naturally favoured the originating of the unique nuances in the attributes of different planetary consciousnesses.

100. And later on the young Universe in its development came to the regular important stage when more and more complex combinations of the female energy effects led to derivation of the first organic compounds.

101. After which the vegetable world that have rushed to the lush development in its great diversity, on the some planets became just that very particle, that made up a distinctive wealth and certain perfection of the field form of the planetary consciousness.

102. At the same time the development of the vegetable world began to create a favourable medium for the convertion of the emerged and gained a foothold organic compounds into a qualitatively more complex and active form of life manifestations.

103. There appeared an orient dawn of derivation of the animal world.

104. But it is also a transition from the field consciousness to more and more concentrated centralized one,

105. Firstly through simplest nerve chain, retaining a definite special limited information for concrete necessary life activity,

106. Where this information, having a characteristic reaction for some signals of the planetary consciousness, makes it possible for the simplest organism to make some or other important efforts assigned for the given organism.

107. It allows the Nature to control all the life activity of such organisms , keeping necessary limits in harmony with existing on the Planet Balance.

108. And if the simplest nerve system did not have the attributes of the cerebrum, then after the cerebrum got formed with the more developed animals, a complete dependence on the planetary consciousness that controls the Planet Balance, retained immutable.

109. The outcoming of the animal world was the first step in creating mobile, argueless and obedient servants, assistants for the Nature of a concrete Planet.

110. Where ever more complex form of the consciousness concentrated in the cerebrum of the material body, became practicable necessity.

111. And where at the same time the development of the animal world for the first time in Being strikingly manifested the natural emotionally-female active energy medium.

112. The out coming in the Universe of the mobile obedient Nature servants has definite distinctive restrictions.

113. The representatives of the animal world are always attached to the Nature of the Planet that gave life to them.

114. The differentia of the animals consciousness permits them not to take an active auxiliary part in the Nature of the developing Harmony of the Universe through other Planets and Stars.

115. And once a new momentous event came about in the World of material Being.

116. It was accomplished the second step when the mobile but already reasoning assistants to the Nature of the Universe were originated.

117. It was born an active particle in transfigurating of the Universe and in unfolding the Harmony of the World of material Being.

118. That particle acquired such abilities owing to the unique characteristics of reason, conventionally marked as mobile.

119. Such characteristics make it possible not to be attached to the Planet of birth but to overcome independently the limiting mysteries of the planetary consciousness with further moving in the space of Universe.

120. And now it is necessary to mark out that through the harmonious development of the vegetable-animal world, it is being naturally established on a Planet some distinctive Norm level through which there displayed the brought to the Balance with the harmony of Nature root differentiae of the life activity of all organic compounds.

121. The inferior to such a Norm life activity of some or other organisms is inevitably to become of extremely unstable character with inexorable active tendency for extinction.



Chapter 2

1. And now we are to touch briefly and figuratively some important energy characteristics of the fruits of the developing World of matter. (Pic. 4)



2. Ego-emotional sensual world should be understood as active energy manifestation both of toning up or depressing character.

3. With the representatives of the animal world such a characteristic should first and foremost play either attractive or brightening off role, definitely showing by that the temporal state of the animal organism and its attitude to some certain manifestation of reality.

4. Ego-emotional sensual characteristics provided originally by the Nature are notable for their relatively stable, moderately strong character.

5. In the original state egoism leaves its characteristic tint on all fixed by the consciousness notions about the information to have come: whether it is advantageous, dangerous, edible or not.

6. The more developed the egoistic sensual manifestation is the brighter it fills the consciousness, making it blind and narrowing considerably the probability of the interest in perceiving the coming information to arise.

7. The strength of the growing egoism can concentrate the attention of consciousness solely on the selfish-advantageous information making it not feasible to take notice of all the rest coming information, irrespective of the degree of its value from the position of universal good.

8. For the soulless representatives of the mobile reason such the most approximate to the animal state correspondence which naturally meet all the requirements of the Norm level, is permissible to have only at the initial period when the young civilization started to develop after having come into existence.

9. After which it is to follow a period of becoming and transition to the level, defined by the Harmony of Being of the Universe for the representatives of mobile reason as the level of the beginning of normal activity.

10. For all soulless representatives of the mobile reason such becoming is going on the basis of exerting definite conscious-volitional efforts so as to reduce ego-emotional sensual manifestations down to the least permissible vitally necessary level.

11. In this case the influence of egoism on the notions fixed by the consciousness is limited to the utmost and weakened considerably.

12. Which makes it possible for the reason to take most favourably all the coming information in the most permissible by the Harmony extensive diapason.

13. All the natural sensual world of a biological organism can be taken as organic whole form of consciousness of different degree of complexity.

14. Where the abilities of the cerebrum if they have already arisen, are called to imprint concrete images, connected with the characteristic feature of sense perception when all the surrounding actuality is taken from the position when some or other manifestation is defined as favourable or dangerous for the organism itself.

15. The cerebrum of the highly developed biological organisms is able not only to imprint a concrete image of what has already been perceived by the sensual world as favourable or dangerous circumstance, but also to imprint a concrete enough image of what is favourable or dangerous only on the theoretical level of perception of that or another situation which has not been perceived yet on the sensual level by the organism itself.

16. Such natural integral system comprising consciousness, is called to display a rational activity in full accordance with the regularities of the harmony of environment.

17. Where together with that the distinctive features of the animal mind do not let it overstep the limits of the natural characteristic conditions of the surrounding nature, which guarantees an organism of any animal to be kept in harmony with the world of its habitat just through its sensual characteristics.

18. There is absolutely no need for an animal to institute a mindful control over the measure of its participation in the processes of the current actuality.

19. The important attribute of the mobile reason is an acquired possibility which makes it real for a biological organism to overcome limits of the naturally existing conditions of the surrounding nature and to make as far as necessary a favourable artificial habitat to the good of further continuation of life-activity both in any other climatic or some different natural conditions on the Planet of birth and in those of another Planet.

20. And here the more considerably the life activity of the representative of the mobile mind differs from animal-natural manifestation the more re sponsibility this representative is to bear on his own for the soundless of his own organism.

21. Where with the help of broaden potentialities of the mobile mind it is necessary independently to determine and control the norm of own participation in current actuality.

22. And first and foremost the measure and quality of meeting the needs of instinct.

23. For the young societies of the bearers of the mobile reason that reached the level when there begins to show itself the natural need in creating artificial life-organization called to display the qualities of hightenedly developed civilization where there is to begin a full-scale realization of potentialities that makes intrinsic value of mobile reason, there certainly arises an obligit need, first and foremost, to release by possible way the activity of reason from the influence of ego-emotional sense manifestation.

24. Where after definite conscious-volitional efforts necessary to be made only during the period of rising to the level from which the normal predetermined activity begins, ego-emotional qualities are getting reduced to the least possible vitally necessary manifestations,

25. Making it possible for the great potentialities of the mobile reason to be realized in their full value not from the position of self interest but from that of general interest directed to the good of normal development.

26. After which reason begins rationally to comprehend the surrounding reality being not under the influence of some kind of preconceived attitude to something, and owing to the basical attributes it has.

27. The representatives of civilizations, reached such a level, gain the natural in the given circumstances possibilities to keep together in one reasonable space most compactly while having not sharp contrast with each other in levels of consciousness.

28. With the development of quality of reason that or other civilization transits to a higher level of the development, which becomes practicable owing to the developing abilities to experience the ever subtler energy of the World of matter.

29. The attainment of such abilities permits to participate in ever-wider diapason of the processes taking place in the World of matter.

30. For the subtler energy mysteries are, the more events are involved into the process.

31. And in dependence on the more and more perfect abilities every representative of the mobile reason correspondingly begins to be responsible for all the events in the World of matter, over which he becomes able to influence actively.

32. The ability to perceive a definite diapason of diverse densenings of energy effects certainly means that there is a corresponding responsibility for participation in all the current in the World of matter processes the basis of which is within the given energy diapason.

33. On such a way of acquiring the ever more refined abilities there exists a limit to get over which for the representatives of the mobile reason is impossible because they are limited in their abilities to develop their natural energy characteristics.

34. So as to perceive the energy effects taking place beyond the given limit in the direction of more refined characteristics of the effects of the Spirit of Life, it is necessary to have a qualitatively different structure of consciousness which cannot be formed by the established natural process, which engenders the attributes of the mobile reason.

35. The distinctive feature of the civilization with the soulless representatives of mobile mind that reached the level from which the normal full-valued activity could start to be realized, is almost full absence of whatever difference between the internal worlds of each of the representatives of this civilization.

36. Where under the internal world one should imply the distinctive manifestation of ego-emotional sensual characteristics that by means of conscious-volitional efforts are being purposefully brought into the narrowest practicable bounds of the vitally important manifestations.

37. Only the qualities of consciousness can differ, but in this case too the difference is not sharp within the ambit of one civilization.



Chapter 3

1. And now after having adumbrated some substructures we begin to get in touch with the attributes of human origin so that you might get a definite and actual understanding of this vitally important for you question.

2. Now it can be depicted figuratively the difference between the energy characteristic of the origin of man and that of soulless representatives of the mobile reason.

3. And it is also can be presented in graphs the comparison of such energy characteristics both with the level of Norm at which all the representatives of the mobile reason are given birth and start to develop, and with the level at which predetermined full-value activity begins and reaching which the origin of the mentioned energy characteristics is to undergo certain differentiations.

4. These modifications are called to free completely the activity of the qualities of mobile reason from animal-egoistic influence of definite natural attributes of biological organism of the mobile reason carrier. (Pic. 5)



5. In this connection there also can be depicted some characteristic features arising in the process of development of the spiritual base. (Pic. 6)



6. In the given graphs it is shown the difference between the sense-consciousness base of soulless representatives of mobile reason and that of man.

7. Together with that one likeness is retained with the biological organism of the mobile reason carrier that has been born in conditions within the ambit of the natural regularities of the Norm level.

8. This circumstance is connected with the fact that in conditions of such a birth the sphere of consciousness of the soulless representatives of mobile reason as well as that of man under the same type of distinctive influence of ego-emotional sensual attributes.

9. But the appearance of the spiritual tissue within the biological carrier of the mobile reason brought ego-emotional sphere of the given organism to the loss of predetermined by the Nature temperance in manifestation and to the loss of some relative stability.

10. Ego-emotional sensual world in the essence of man under the influence of characteristic strength of spiritual tissue acquired an over and above the norm strong character of manifestation,

11. Why the influence on the part of such ego-emotional world over the sphere of consciousness of the beginning to develop representative of humankind became extremely strong. (Pic. 7)



12. And if ego-emotional sensual manifestations with the soulless representatives of mobile reason can be, as positive aspect, restricted by the moderate splashes of joy and on the other hand it can also be restricted by the same moderate splashes of dissatisfaction and grief, but as for the man, his manifestations of the same characteristics can be restricted correspondingly on one hand, as positive aspect, by the immoderate splash of enthusiasm and on the other hand by the immoderate splash of negative shock.

13. Acquisition of unusual natural sensitive manifestations made it possible for a man to acquire the ability not only to experience extremely bright positive emotional splashes, but in dependence on the appropriate regularity of the existing within the Harmony of Being of the World of substance Law of Balance, a man inevitably acquires the capacity to experience equal by the power but reverse by the meaning exceptionally bright negative feeling.

14. Why the predominance of the probability for a man to find himself in the state of negative feelings makes his life practically very dangerous.

15. For the process gives the meaning to the current reality under the influence of such bright negative feelings will be far from being of a reasonable character.

16. For the soulless representatives of the mobile reason in the period of becoming from the level of Norm up to the level of the beginning of the normal predetermined full-value activity, it is required to exert definite conscious volitional efforts so as the ego-emotional sensual world they have, could absolutely loose its position to affect the sphere of consciousness and so as it might find itself within the maximum narrow vitally necessary ambit of effects.

17. For a man his natural sensual world is called to play an exceptional vitally important role.

18. And if for the soulless representatives of the mobile reason of the Universe a mission of reasonable-technical subsidiary participation in the actual processes of the Universal Being is predetermined,

19. Then for the humankind it is predetermined just the very sensual subsidiary participation,

20. In which exactly for the humankind it is getting opened the Way of not less active and not less meaningful affect upon the actual processes taking place in the world of matter of the Universe.

21. Therefore the humanity is to be going through the period of becoming from the point of normal level not through conscious-volitional efforts directed to reducing ego-emotional sensual manifestations to the actually narrow ambit, but through conscious-volitional efforts so that to grow co-identical with the asserted by the living Word of God Norms of actual spiritual conduct.

22. Which will permit the sensual-spiritual sphere that allocated primordially inside the ego-emotional sphere, in the process of ever-greater development obligatory finally to allocate outside the sphere of ego-emotional sensual world.

23. And if the power of spiritual world begins constantly to affect the natural-instinctive sensual world only from inside, then this is just like a fire moderately burning on usual fuel into which some magic fuel was suddenly put.

24. Why the Fire begins to flare up very violently and becomes almost uncontrol led, easily making traumatizing and tragic consequences.

25. When the spiritual sphere with its special graceful ambience enveiles from outside the ego-emotional sphere, then such external influence on the part of spiritual characteristics will not only fail to extinguish natural sensual fire, that have flared up in unusual way owing to the influence of the arisen by the Will of Great God spiritual sensual attributes, but also make it purely undangerous (safe), retaining the ability of this fire to shine and warm.

26. All the natural ego-emotional sensuous world get in this case under full controlling and ennobling influence of the spiritual world.

27. And then the sphere of consciousness will actually be delivered from unfavorable for normal reasonable activity influence of the ego-emotional sensuous characteristics.

28. The prism of egoism will entirely make place for the crystal of spirit.

29. Giving graphical pictures of the sphere of consciousness and how it is influenced by the two sensious worlds that exist within the self of a man, it should be noted that if in relation to the actual reality there got formed in the sphere of consciousness some definite notion, naturally inevitable marked with conventional shade of egoism and when the development of spiritual sphere of a man reached a level from which ego-emotional world begins to influence the given notion of the sphere of consciousness, then the characteristic mark of egoism in relation to this notion looses its existed up to the moment stability.

30. The notion existing in the sphere of consciousness begins to take shape of more actual definitions.

31. But the mentioned above circumstance in itself is unstable and in dependence on the mood a man goes more either after egoistic notion when he is in the state of negative feeling or being in the state of positive emotions he follows the notion that has the most identification with the spiritual truth.

32. But if in respect to some existing with a man notions about the current reality the development of his spiritual sphere begins fully to block ego-emotional sphere that up to the moment has been taking part in forming of this notion, then this notion begins to undergo a considerable qualitative change either by getting into the most approximation with the truth of spiritual development.

33. And here the appeared conventional spiritual mark becomes stable and doesn't depend on the mood of a man.

34. To get accustomed with the notions satisfying the requirements of the Truth of spiritual development is possible either on the ground of relatively independent spiritual ripening of a man in favourable for that circumstances considered and given by Great God beforehand or on the base of shown yearning and diligence to become accustomed to the opposed to his own notion true notion, expressed directly and concretely.

35. And if in the first case to find true notion it is required to have a natural, as a rule long-lasting spiritual ripening, then in the second case it is necessary to activize artificially the spiritual ripening on the base of definite conscious-volitional efforts to be actively realised,

36. Which could bring to the necessary spiritual development for considerably shorter period of time.

37. But in this case it is required of a man to make extremely great efforts, which cannot be made by a man himself without displaying necessary qualities of the Sacred Faith.

38. In this case when the true notion becomes artificially opposed to the notion about actual reality the man already has in himself, the aspiration and diligence to get accustomed to the given true notion is called practically and concretely to develop spiritual sphere regarding to that side of the circumstances of life to the notion of which was opposed a notion of the Truth.

39. And then the given conventional part of the spiritual sphere begins actively to develop gradually converting firstly from the position of being inside of the ego-emotional sphere to the level at which the ego-emotional sphere begins to affect the given notion of the sphere of consciousness after which this conventional part of the spiritual sphere is getting definitely over and above this part of natural-sensuous sphere.

40. After which instead of the notion satisfying the abnormal manifestations of egoism, the true notions becomes firmly asserted.

41. The given notion of the Truth from the condition when it is perceived only theoretically becomes an integral part of him who is righteously desirous and his several wisdom.

42. But as far as such true notions, obtained already as personal wisdom are not of the necessary extent with a man to give the full-value meaning to every such notion will be not possible,

43. All the more to give meaning to every notion of the Truth which for the present is only set off against the notion that a man himself could independently form but that has not been attained yet with his righteous efforts and has not become an integral part of the self of this man yet.

44. The chain of notions marked with characteristic tint of one and the same origin makes naturally the consciousness perceive some correspondingly specifies, integral image about all actual reality.

45. But as the long enough period of time of the life-activity of human society made it possible for a great number of typical, according to their root meaning, notions about the surrounding reality to be being stored up in the consciousness of a man, then in that same consciousness of a man there was naturally forming a stable characteristic model of the actual reality in which his society exists.

46. Why to imagine in the right way the like model but qualitatively of different type of possible actualizing of a genuine life-activity of human society, becomes extremely difficult because of almost full absence of true vitally important notions.

47. Atone time to change all false notions for true ones is not possible.

48. To begin to enter new notions is always possible only with to entering some initial notions which are gradually to be supplemented with ever new ones.

49. But correct understanding of the notions to be introduced meets considerable difficulties, for it is with the mind that a man will try to comprehend true notions, but the reason is naturally guided by a great multitude of false notions set out as some as if logically interrelated with each other links of one chain.

50. Into which a new notion under comprehension cannot get, but into which the existing mind would make an attempt to place it.

51. Whereas new notion under comprehension is a constituent part of an absolutely different, yet unknown, logically completed whole.

52. And if a man believes not that the being introduced notion n its basis carries truth, then this notion is simply rejected as being not in accordance with the image to have been already formed in the consciousness.

53. If a man does believe the actuality of the introduced notion, then he would inevitably try to place what is being introduced into the old peculiar logical chain of understanding the reality.

54. Remember! In this case the important moment is inadmissibility of haste to assert in oneself new independent conclusions in the capacity of as if true and consequently unchangeable staff.

55. For so as to begin in the right enough way to comprehend the reality connected with the specific character of life of just a man, it is required to store up a life-giving extent of true notions,

56. To use which as a staff is called a full-value activity of a mobile reason of a man.

57. Having acquired at the initial period of your incarnations some special sensuous - conscious basis and being absolutely ignorant of the actual laws of the development of your soul in dependence of especially bright manifestations of the qualities of such a basis, you have inevitably placed and up to nowadays continue to place the activity satisfying your instincts at the same level with the task of paramount vital importance,

58. As it takes place in the life of animal world in natural conditions,

59. These are manifestations of instinct through the laws of self-support, reproduction and self-preservation,

60. Which became expressed in constant striving to provide oneself with food, clothes, dwellings, copulation with another sex and natural continuation of one's genus, and of course to make circumstances giving the most security to the vital functions of one's body.

61. And certainly, from the point of view of the reason alone they are actually vitally important questions, but wrong attitude to the attainment of the meeting these requirements in the presence of exceptionally pronounced ego-sensuous world was inevitably to bring to sharp hardening of the power of egoistic claims on all the surrounding reality.

62. It naturally was to influence considerably all the processes of comprehension of all the reality with human reason, which inevitably formed with humankind the distorted stable understanding of one's own life manifestations.

63. And instead of taking the Path of Ascend from the level of Norm of Nature, the humanity unanimously, without arranging with each other moved to the opposite side, along the path of descend.

64. And unstable life activity with permanent tendency to self-destruction became typical of humankind that have moved along the path of such a descend.

65. The life activity of such society is characterised both by unstable order depending on the presence of that or another degree of fear in the face of possible punishment by means of more greater force, and by permanent striving of a man, to evade any laws in the dependence on the presence of egoistic benefit in that.

66. Whereas for the level of stable life-activity of the human society, in case this society had reached the level of the beginning of predetermine d full-value life-activity, would be an attribute a stable order on the ground of natural permanent internal aspiration to do something to the good of all existing being.

67. The quality of the new born given birth children organisms in diverse societies on the Mother-Earth either corresponds to the requirements of the Norm level, or has some negative aberrance.

68. Where with every step of the development of history of human society the birth of children with such qualitatively negative aberrance become more and more prevailing.

69. In the world of animals such aberrations inevitably lead to fulminant destruction of an animal, whereas in the world of life-activity of a man through the achievements of science more and more technically effective efforts are being made to help survive.

70. But such negative aberrations in connection with wrong character of life-activity of human society naturally and inevitably become ever more prevailing and considerable, as the natural organism of a man grows more and more mature.

71. Which cannot but influence the forming of public world outlook and intrasocial law-making activity taking place in the period of the active representatives of the society to have reached the conventionally sufficient maturity.

72. The characteristic manifestation of public word-outlook and intrasocial law-making activity with all more or less developed, in respect of their being conventionally civilised, large or small peoples, in its origin has not any root difference and correspondingly distinctly determines by itself somewhat conventional level, up to which the sense-conscious basis of humankind has negatively abberated from Norm level,

73. And it not only defines this somewhat level of negative aberrance, but stands firm at it, asserting for all representatives of the society false directions of thinking and those of applying creative efforts. (Pic.8)



74. And it is just the ever greater intensity of the science development in false direction began to make conditions which practically began more and more negatively to tell on the quality of life-activity of a man.

75. And manifestations of science and medicine, first and foremost, can be identified with the creation some ever greater technically equipped workshop where all kinds of fastenings and tightening devices are made with the aim to artificially retain units and walls of the constructions that under the influence of inner laws constantly tend to self-destruction.

76. Whereas for the alteration of this internal dangerous for life tendency almost nothing of the efforts are being exerted by a man.

77. And since the Character of the life-activity of the human society has not been being radically changed in the actual direction, then the given mentioned above conventional level of negative aberration from the Norm level keeps on constantly going down,

78. For which the erroneously directed science-technical development makes and the quality of natural organism of a man more and more moving away from correspondence to the requirements of Harmony Norm level are, getting an obligit ever-growing tendency for self-destruction.

79. For in direct connection with gradual perfection of the quality of knowledge about the actual reality a measure of responsibility for the quality of a personal participation in this reality immutably grows up, but as for the character of life manifestation, it in no way undergoes necessary essential qualitative change.

80. The rate of lowering of the conventional level of negative declension is being held back the least possible.

81. But such a holding back takes place not owing to active purposeful efforts of the representatives of humankind, but despite their efforts, by dint of the most skilful measures taken by Great God so as to get round the stubborn negligence of His yet wandering children.

82. And a created by the Heavenly Father to the good of the existence and development of His children ability of the soul to leave the material outward form with the retained stored up life experience and to embody over again in dependence of favourable necessity was to become the most favourable auxiliary basis in this great laborious saving educational process which has been being made by the Heavenly Father during all the history of the existence of humankind.

83. Which became a unique phenomenon in the existence of the mobile mind in the Universe.



Chapter 4

1. The soul beginning to familiarize itself with the mystery of the first embodiment, is to fill the fleshy vessel, the most appropriate with its quality to the requirements of the Norm level to the good of its development.

2. Not having in this case any life experience, the soul generates not any additional sensory inclination for making some life efforts in the sensuous world of a man.

3. But having embodied into the natural organism, the soul with its characteristic power considerably multiplies the manifestations of natural instinct-egoistic sensuous characteristics,

4. And they begin firstly to generate with a man a brightly shown natural egoistic sensuous propensity for permanent satisfying, first and foremost, exclusively egoistic needs.

5. Why the soul inevitably begins to accumulate negative life experience on the ground of numerous sensuous attachments to false values.

6. Taking into account the quality of such stored up wrong attachments, the Great Heavenly Father permits the soul to get familiarize with the mystery of the next embodiment in that family and in those life situations that are supposed curatively to influence the acquired before dangerous attachments, and to give at the right moment necessary mention about the obligit attainment of a more correct understanding the actual reality.

7. The life-activity of every human society is displayed for the present only in wrong characteristic direction, which naturally makes a definite psychic ambience for each man belonging to this society to move successfully in wrong direction.

8. And as the re-incarnated soul already has a negative life-experience then this begins to make another negative propensity in addition to already existing natural ego-sensuous propensity.

9. Such additional negative propensity comes out with ever greater intensity with every new embodiment in case all previous embodiments would bring to enlarging the negative experience.

10. In such conditions a man becomes naturally predisposed to ever more rapid accumulation of negative traits and to speedy death.

11. But just owing to the special measures the Heavenly Father assumes by getting around the life circumstances through the mysteries of re-incarnations for His children to have vitally necessary auxiliary conditions able to restrain considerably the probable swiftness of spiritual downfall accompanied by the falling down of vital capacity.

12. Where with every new embodiment, when the life-experience has only negative characteristics, it is permitted to get a natural organism with existing, innated negative declensions, so that they also might become a necessary auxiliary restrictive means (Pic.9).



13. While examining the traced graphical representations of one of the combinations of the sequence of re-incarnations resulted in qualitative change of the life-experience, it could be noted that in the period of gaining of ever-growing negative life-experience in the ambience of the conditions carefully created by Great God to restrain from swift spiritual downfall, nevertheless with every new embodiment there inevitably comes out the ever greater predominance of the negative final effect,

14. The growing of which up to the critical line brings the quality of a soul to the complete loss of necessity for a new embodiment.

15. For the quality of the soul looses completely any possibility for positive alteration.

16. And this means that any natural organism from the existing human society when getting a soul with such negative quality, will inevitably turn out to be unable in no circumstances to overcome the mighty pressure of additional extent of negative propensity.

17. Except the line of predominance of the negative final effect in the sequence of incarnations, in the life-density of some soul there also can come out the line of ever-growing predominance of the positive qualitative change of quality of the soul through ever-growing accumulation of the positive life-experience in it.

18. Such favourable positive alteration takes its beginning in one of the embodiments nearer to the accomplishment of the life-destiny of this embodiment.

19. After which the arisen positive life-experience in the essence of the soul will correspondingly begin to show itself through additional characteristic sensuous propensity, making more favourable conditions so as yet earlier to become desirous for practising every time more and more positive efforts.

20. Where under the influence of unusually full freedom of choice that is a characteristic only of the representatives of the humankind and that differs from as if full freedom of choice that all the soulless representatives of the mobile reason have, a man in his next embodiment can either lose the positive qualities he gained or multiply them.

21. But with immutable gaining of a positive life-experience the probability to lose it in the ambience of auxiliary conditions that are being arranged by the All-Loving Heavenly Father to the good of His children, would diminish.

22. The line delineating the ever-growing positive final effect is not the line that points out the process of ascend.

23. And as far as this line is represented below the Norm level, this line would reflect only the ever-growing retardation in conditions of the restrained fall.

24. When the tendency for self-destruction in the nature of a man is great enough the regularity of re-incarnat ions favours the most restrained weakening of vitality also for all the human society on the Mother-Earth in general.

25. Where the same prevailing of the negative final effect in the life-activity of the representatives of humankind makes fall speeding-up the greatest, but prevailing of positive qualities makes for an additional retardation.

26. But with the existing state of things when the manifestation of the quality of life-activity of humankind up to now stays as it is, the process of levelling down of vitality goes on to take place in the former unchangeable direction.

27. And it is so first and foremost because the most active thinking people of the society longing to occupy the key positions in arranging the administrative management structures of their society, in the process of long gaining their personal authority in the sequence of diverse competing clashes of egoism of that or another person with one another inevitably, being ignorant of the Truth, obtain strikingly expressed forms of powerful egoism.

28. Which never favours the development of more correct perception of the actuality of the Laws of Harmony,

29. But always makes a negative-preconceived attitude to all the surrounding reality, urging on the activity from the position of meeting their own instincts and vanity, that is their egoistic benefit.

30. Which as a standing rule will always use slogans about good intentions, expressed most possible global categories, as a cover.

31. A characteristic feature of manifestation of such a dangerous form of egoism with all who are looking to find some conventional justice which in practice is dyed densely with that same egoism, is the presence of readiness to do moral and physical harm to the revealed rival in the disputed circumstances connected with some vital interest both with the natural conduct of the animal world and yet with that of a man.

32. Egoism violently and beyond all measure flourishing inside the human essence has naturally formed a definite, one for all humanity restriction that took a form of some peculiar external isolating coat around the single destiny line of all living on the Earth people, in its own way isolating the humanity from the surrounding World of Harmony.

33. Where the more impenetrable this isolation is the less vitability the humanity shows.

34. If to continue the figurative consideration of what has been touched upon then it should be marked that inside this general isolating coat there is a certain quantity of conventionally thin fine wires of a great multitude of people's lives united with each other first and foremost into various vast social groups with their own distinctive, isolated from the rest similar groups coat.

35. The isolation of such a kind is being formed by the collective egoism of the state character.

36. Within such large unions one can also notice a diverse quantity of unions with less number of "fine wires" with their own isolating coats formed by collective egoism of tribal, party, religious groups and such consideration can go on further.

37. For one of the main characteristic features of egoism is that it seeks to be more and more isolated.

38. Although egoism can also show itself in striving for more and more unionising.

39. Wrong understanding of characteristic features of egoism would never allow diverse human groups and societies to come to true unity that is without any coats both inside of this union and outside of it.

40. If to consider each of such fateful "fine wire" not in its hardened moveless state, but in flowing one, it is called for the current life to be, then one can imagine the picture of human destinies rushing at a different speed in general current within the ambit of a single common restrictive coat.

41. With all that both a single man, and any kind of organisations are capable of creating around them a characteristic life-medium, on which one's gathering momentum in general current of negative flowing down from the Norm level depends, called to serve as the beginning of true development.

42. Each organism of the World of matter has in its essence a certain range of vitally important organs or to express it figuratively - some certain key points each of which is to join valuably in the work, which creates a favourable ground for full value life-activity of the organism itself.

43. And correspondingly, if one or several of such key points work not enough or refuse to work at all, in the organism would occur the upset of the vitally necessary balance, and as a result the organism begins naturally to show a tendency for self-destruction of different degree of force.

44. Analogically it can be drawn a parallel also with the mysteries taking place in the sense-conscious of a man, that is in his spiritual world.

45. The sooner the seekers of the Truth manage on their own and in the right way to set in worthy work a true key point of the spiritual world, the more the speeding-up of a movement in the general flow begins to slow down in the conditions of the restrained fall.

46. But as it was senseless to reveal till the Time of the present Accomplishment the necessary fullness of the true laws of spiritual development because of unfavourable for that conditions in sense-conscious base of a humankind, then all the attempts of human thought to determine independently true spiritual key points both through separately taken worthy toilers of the society they belonged to and through prompts on the part of some representatives of mobile reason of the Universe, going to humanity through prophets and their intermediaries, have inevitably ended in finding of an exceedingly low quantity of such vitally important for normal development of a man key points,

47. Whereas there were forming not few notions of moral-ethical character which were not in one accord with the Truth of Ascend, although if to consider them superficially one could see some as if positive shades in them.

48. Among the notions of such a kind there are still the ones that at the initial stage can however become subsidiary means in the mystery of retardation for the rough inner world of someone seeking for the Truth, helping this man to move up from some more rough manifestations to considerably less rough ones.

49. But to take part in the right forming and valuable development of sense-conscious base of a man such notions are unable to.

50. With all that it is important to notice that they are just the notions of moral-ethical character, not corresponding to the Truth, being abundantly formed in various religious-philosophical organisations, that make the characteristic differences between all such organisations.

51. On the base of such notions the egoistic zeal for some "several" faith is strikingly manifested, which at times not seldom reaches in its manifestations the greatest slovenliness.

52. And just such notions first and foremost make with themselves a stumbling block becoming an obstacle in the process of more and more unionising , which should have been natural for all righteously seeking for the Truth of God.

53. Only correctly found vitally important for the normal development of a man spiritual key points are understood in all religious-philosophical organisations in the most like way.

54. But what has been found is so few that it is not enough even for reaching the border-line in the peculiar in this regard balance at which the mentioned life speeding-up in the general flow in conditions of restrained fall would stop with everyone who has reached this border-line in his spiritual development.

55. Although some certain methodical recommendations, introduced by the soulless representatives of the mobile reason of the Universe through some eastern conventional spiritual practices, were called to help those who devoted themselves fully to comprehension of these characteristic recommendations as if to reach the border line of such a balance.

56. But not through setting into the valuable work of a necessary quantity of spiritual key points, but through attempt to prevent all the internal sensuous world of a man fully from the life-activity predestined for him by Great God.

57. Only in this case those who in very deed would be able valuably to put into practice such methodical recommendations, they would have artificially risen themselves up to the Norm level as if of the same life fateful line, which when starts to be active it would bring a man back to the place from where he began his thorough comprehension of such a kind of peculiar spiritual practice.

58. Where under artificial rising-up and keeping the internal world within the ambit of some kind of level only conscious-volitional effort is implied.

59. But it would be more exact to characterise this artificial rising-up as a peculiar getting back to the primary state similar to that in which a man came into life having embodied in a new-born child but with an already certain stored-up abnormal life-experience.

60. And it means that his inward quality continues to retain all that predisposition for making mistakes which had already been being made by him during his life before he began to practice the characteristic exercises, recommended by the certain eastern spiritual philosophy.

61. For the qualitative, just spiritual necessary differentiation of the internal world of a man in such conditions would never take place.

62. And if to put up with such kind of conscious-volitional exercises, a man is getting very quickly back to making those same mistakes which are still a characteristic of him.

63. Keeping on a thorough practising of such exercises not only prevents an inner-self of a man from accumulating negative experience if he fully devotes himself to comprehension of the given methodical recommendations, but also carries it away from valuable participating in sense manif estations of human society around, and what is more he who tries to practice these recommendations loses the chance of getting the possibility to take the Path of spiritual development predetermined just for the man.

64. Since everything a man has in his essence at a certain moment is becoming to temporary closed-down through certain thoroughly practised by him conscious-volitional exercises.

65. Only exceedingly limited number of those practising such exercises can attain this state for it requires first and foremost the most possible estrangement from the whole world which in its positive meaning proves to be beyond the strength of the practising majority, although it is getting opened slightly a possibility to differentiate the sense-conscious base as it takes place with the soulless representatives of the mobile reason of the Universe.

66. But in this case it becomes fully closed the possibility for development and carrying out the necessary mission as it is predetermined by the Great Heavenly Father for all the humankind.



Chapter 5

1. And now at last it has come for an important for all the humankind Event that I was waiting long.

2. Though very few of all living on the Mother-Earth have got able worthily to gain an understanding of what is really Going on in this corner of the Siberian land.

3. Now I begin to create for you special conditions for active differentiation of the sense-conscious base in true direction for them who have followed in my footsteps.

4. And that means that general life-destiny-line of all who strove to put into practice worthily the come again Word of God will begin to change by its quality and it means that by the direction too.

5. That is, opening in full necessary measure directly and indirectly all the spiritual key points, I will lead all the zealous to the opposite side from the direction in which during all your history with enviable persistence you have been trying to get as far as possible from Harmony.

6. But the opposite side will be defined not by the movement along the already trodden by you path, but by finding by you the path of qualitatively different character.

7. For which it is required to turn away from the common flow of characteristic life manifestation of humankind and to enter upon active forming of true vital qualities in the very essence of human self.

8. So as to do that, the greatest efforts would have to be made, but only those who thoroughly and completely devoted themselves to worthy practising the Sacred Faith, would really be able to make these efforts.

9. But taking into account the certain power of inertia that is a characteristic of life manifestations of a man, as well as the gradualness of setting into valuable work the spiritual key points, I tell you, that you won't find the very Path of Ascend right away, although the beginning of the turn, away from the former path might have already been taken. (Pic.10)



10. After the starting point of the Turn to have been left behind it is required to have an utmost attention and vigilance together with the like most exerting tenacious righteous efforts, for it is a starting point of an extremely difficult length of road up to the point of the beginning of Ascend.

11. On this length of road there naturally begins to influence the sensuous world of a man an exceedingly great inertious pressure which a man didn't experience moving within the common for all the human society habitual current of characteristic life manifestation.

12. Under this pressure it should be implied the influence of accumulated during a long period of time root attributes that make come out the having grown habitual characteristic reactions to the perception of the vitally important teaching-educational psychological ambience, when all efforts are exerted by the zealously striven to fulfil the Truth so as to perceive and to react to the current reality in the right way.

13. In any point on the given length of road from the starting point of the Turn up to the starting point of Ascend the characteristics of the internal world of a man would retain the probability in the minutes of the next manifestation of negligence to face down into the movement in the direction of the general current of the kingdom of force.

14. Such a probability would inevitably be melting with getting nearer to the starting point of Ascend, where the process of falling down comes to an end and a state of a balance, as a turning point comes, at which the internal world of a man continues to have an ever-growing favourable predisposition for further true development.

15. The next length of road will be a completion of the mystery of Turn, it begins from the starting point of Ascend up to the starting point of rectilinear Ascend, which at the same time could be called the starting-point of the Kingdom of Soul which corresponds to the level where the predestined valuable life-activity begins.

16. During this completing period the regularities of Ascend begin to take place more and more, whereas the definite more and more fading force of inertia pressure continues to affect as far as the entrance-point of the Kingdom of Soul.

17. Approaching the given entrance-point of the Kingdom of Soul is equal for you to approaching the threshold of the parential house, to come back to which you've dreamt for ages.

18. Having attained this point you would definitely actualize the chief and vitally necessary task set for you by the Eternity.

19. And the first chief task set for the humankind at the stage of its infancy is a necessity without fail to comprehend its true essence, true relationship with the Heavenly Father and true attitude to the surrounding reality.

20. Only after which the humanity can enter upon the valuable fulfilment of the predestined to it by Great God unique Mission in the Universe.

21. During the first seven years of my present Accomplishment by the efforts of Great God, from the arisen by this time social medium, in a peculiar way having been prepared as far as it was possible to do it retaining with a man his full freedom of choice, I was to gather just those whom it would be given a favourable opportunity to start realisation of the first active steps through laying down a foundation on which a true predestined formation of humanity is going to take place.

22. With the special Addresses to you, during these first seven years I was creating for you an appropriate necessary characteristic ambience of the restrained activity in respect to the necessary radical differentiation of your internal world.

23. At the same time it created the conditions for the most favourable retardation, so as afterwards you could take advantage of the destiny deciding Turn, after which the signs of evidently different life in psychological respect, would begin to come out more and more.

24. But now, as far as you know it from my addresses to you for this latest time, the beginning of the significant Turn has come and now over again I will to remind you this vitally important for you event, laying special emphasis on it.

25. There begins the main destiny deciding period of your life solutions, which now should already be made either in full accordance with the Truth and correspondingly to get successfully into the mystery of Turn or keep on flowing down in that former historically settled for the human society current.

26. In this case I see the necessity to emphasise not once another matter you should remember all the time: a successful getting through the mystery of Turn is always based on the most possible diligence to fulfil every step of yours as it is worthy of the believer but not on the counting of your as if noticed by you victories or failures.

27. Such a counting is always connected with inner propensity to comparing of what has been counted with the victories and failures of your neighbours*. (the Russian "" was translated as "neighbour" or "congener". "" is a person with whom you get in touch with in your every day life.)

28. And all this is a manifestation of egoism from the support of abnormal growing of which within yourselves you need definitively to preserve yourselves.

29. And so as to retain the believers in permissible limits of turning arch and to help you move by it without getting off, my addresses to you begin to be of a proper and special for that character.

30. You need to be attentive to the utmost to everything I am going to prompt or to define.

31. Now, I have already begin to weave for you an ambience of necessary activity in relation to the radical differentiation of your inner world as far as it is up to the requirements of the Truth, when you find a steadfast base for normal permanent development.



Chapter 6

1. And now the time has come for you to become utterly deep in your understanding of one important mystery which is known to you under the word of "christening".

2. So as to express in common words the essence of the generally accepted interpretation of the mystery of christening, it'll be enough to say that to take this mystery means that you leave behind your sins and get absolution through being washed with sanctified water that is offered to all who strove to take the path of purification.

3. Up to the present time the physical part of this mystery is carried out by Christians the way the first Baptizer did it using water.

4. With all that one needn't take into account the introduced later on by the believers some outward diversity in carrying out this mystery, naively thinking it to be of great importance.

5. Water - is a special vitally important substance able to take easily and carry the information of great diversity, being changed at the same time considerably by its qualities.

6. Which was once used in the well-known to Christians mystery of converting water int o the vine in one of the settlements of the ancient Israel land.

7. Washing with sanctified water during christening certainly doesn't white-wash sins, for it is impossible to do this in such a way, but by means of this mystery, with all who strove to take the path of purification, it is possible to make, as a support in good intentions, a favourable energy informational field, advantage of which could be taken by the striven ones, who began, after having had a christening like that, to exert righteous efforts in practice.

8. But unfortunately overwhelming majority of the Christians takes the mystery of christening only as some sign as if giving guarantee for salvation.

9. And as consequently they strive not to live worthily for their purification and for the Glory of their Heavenly Father, then they lose quickly enough, the artificially obtained subsidiary energy field.

10. During all the period of historical formation of Christianity just such an estimation of the mystery of christening, practised by the priests, was naturally to be given by the consciousness of a man.

11. For egoism first and foremost shows itself in selfish attitude to all what is going on, and consciousness which is under its control, will indispensably be seeking for beneficial way out for its selfish intention.

12. And of course it was not possible not to fail to see benefit in the fact that one can as if obtain the salvation only through washing with sanctified water but without everyday laborious effort in purifying one's inner world.

13. And almost all who wished to call themselves Christians always try to keep inside just such an understanding.

14. The carried out generally-accepted mystery of christening up to nowadays in all Christian congregations though able to create some subsidiary ground for those who strove to Light, but still it is more of conventional psychological character.

15. All the predetermined fullness of the mystery of christening is called to arise in other circumstances when it would be practically impossible to accept christening for those who was though a little insincere when decided to do that.

16. But with all this the most important thing lies in the fact that such an impossibility would be defined not by the situation when someone debars the one who came with insincere intentions, but the comer himself wouldn't have been unable to get through the mystery of christening to the end.

17. In far distant antiquity the first Baptiser was called to warn that he baptised with water but He who would baptise with fire was about to come.

18. But the mystery of a new special christening might be left to the free rein of your creative imagination up to the certain time, when the mystery of fire christening ought to be experienced in full measure by everyone who have come to believe in Accomplishment of the come anew Word of God.

19. And now the time has come.

20. It is not only the time of my second Accomplishment that has come, but also that very period in Accomplishment when one must enter upon to the necessary comprehension of the essence of fire christening,

21. Just which will bring to actual purification and rebirth them who would strive to show all the fullness of the Sacred Faith in Him Who will lead you on the Way of Truth.

22. By ancient people there was left a mention saying that God would fuse you like silver or like gold so as to separate pernicious admixtures from you.

23. And now the time has come to remind you this intention again and definitely in it is the truth where now after the said word comes the necessity to accomplish it.

24. Using the introduced graphical images it can be said that the section of turning arch from the beginning of the Turn up to the starting-point of Ascend is a road of intensive fire, in which it is called to burn down everything you have in yourselves that can pull you off into the routine of the general current of the Kingdom of force.

25. In this fire the powerful inertia pressure which I have already mentioned will be burning down.

26. Where the stronger the inertia characteristics within some of you are, the more powerful burning this one will experience.

27. And of course, the more numerous such characteristics you have in yourselves, the greater number of fiery burning you need to get through.

28. But let your tread not falter!

29. After the lapse of the first seven years period of my addresses to you, my Word, now being said through many the most possible concrete definitions of laws and commandments to you, begins to create special conditions, which first and foremost will constitute the ground for fiery purification which is called to show itself especially strikingly and violently on the decisive length of turning arch for them who strove to follow me.

30. Which will make for active taking you out of the routine of the general current of the kingdom of force.

31. Together with that the sequence of fiery odeals for each of you will come about in full accordance with individual characteristics of inner world of each of you.

32. In crucial periods of getting through mystery of fiery christening, which during some time would singe over and over again your violently and over all measure spread shoots of egoism, you need to be especially watchful.

33. Not even for a moment leave a hand of the Leader while keeping on to trust Him fully.

34. Don't permit that the pain of singed egoism become though for a moment more significant for you, than the Faith your Sacred.

35. For this very moment will always become the beginning of disturbances and serious losses.

36. There exist two kinds of pain, that differ with each other in their distinctive features: physical pain and psychological one,

37. In spite of the fact that all these kinds of pain have in their basis one and the same nature of characteristic effects of the laws of substance.

38. Physical pain is characterised, above all as a safeguarding signal, warning that disturbances in an integral system of biological cells has overcome the permissible by the Nature norm.

39. Which is called to set into work a protective reaction of organism so as to find a solution of how to get rid of pain, which means to find a solution of how to eliminate the occurred disturbances.

40. Psychological pain can be characterised as a reaction to the conventional negative influence on the part of some or other arising circumstances upon a definite system of enrooted psychological conventionalities in the consciousness of a man.

41. Conventionally negative influence can show itself in all the spectrum of probable affects of both abnormal circumstances upon normal inner psychological assertions and vice versa - the influence of normal circumstances upon abnormal assertions.

42. Just something alike can correspondingly come out also when one abnormality affects another abnormality as well as when what is normal affects another normality.

43. Where under the notion of normal psychological assertion one should always imply an entire absence of contradictions with the Truth of spiritual development in such assertion.

44. And touching upon some or other circumstances, in the first place we are to consider the circumstances coming out through the life-manifestations of a man, for they play the main active role in the development of every man who got in touch with the like of circumstances.

45. In connection with that, the normal circumstances are those which are brought into life by the man's efforts that are not in contradiction with the Truth of spiritual development.

46. A man up to nowadays has mould in himself a great number of various fixed psychological asserted conventionalities* regarding all his life manifestations.(- note of the interpreter: the Russian " " was translated as psychological assertion, asserted conventionality, fixed conventionality, psychological inward fixation.)

47. And only owing to the inestimable help of the Heavenly Father, His wise guardian and leadership, the living on the Earth children of God, though not all of them, managed to acquire by now though scanty but still some quantity of psychological assertions that by their quality can take place within the ambit permissible by the Truth, and they can be called normal.

48. All the rest overwhelming multitude of the fixed psychological conventional assertions that settled themselves in the life of a man are abnormal in spite of their externally expressed as if fine colours.

49. Such good looks are illusive and based yet on almost absolute ignorance of the Truth about a man.

50. But nevertheless it became possible to help form with the sufficient number of children of God that extent of positive qualities that though inconsiderable as it was, however it could create those favourable conditions which now can be of great help for the deciding Accomplishment to get actualized in the name of Salvation of human species.

51. Then I see the necessity to give some important auxiliary guiding lines touching a little more the touched before two principal characteristic aspects.

52. When there is an affect of abnormal circumstance upon the existing normal psychological assertion it might take place an inevitable sensation of some inner painful feeling.

53. And although any painful feeling is always connected with attachments to different kinds of inner consciously formed assertions (or asserted conventionalities or fixations - note of the translater), the painful feeling of such a kind shouldn't be identified definitely with a presence of a dangerous form of attachment to the normal psychological assertion.

54. The only matter a man is allowed to have a great attachment to is that of being in one accord with the Truth of flourishing of the human soul.

55. That is why a desire of the believer to correct his ow n painful feelings, mustn't be reduced in this case to the desire to achieve some absolute absence of such a pain in general, but the believer ought to examine himself whether he has inner claims towards his neighbour for his acts that have brought to such an abnormal circumstance.

56. You mustn't demand anything from your neighbour at all,

57. And in the first place you oughtn't to have inner demand to your neighbour, that he should do and act at the definite moment as just you want him to, while taking no heed of what kind of abilities your neighbour has in general.

58. The presence of the demands like these is what every man still has the most propensity for and this could always add to normal painful feelings some additional impure feelings.

59. In just another case, when this time a normal circumstance affects abnormal psychological assertion, the emerging of any painful feelings one should always identify with the presence of dangerous finding with such a kind of inner conventional assertions.

60. And the very presence of some psychological fixed assertion is always connected with the presence of a definite attachment to it.

61. Why in dependence on some or other painful feeling one can make out which kind of a psychological fixed conventionality exists in consciousness.

62. To put it more precisely one should mark that suffering emerges not because of direct influence of some or other circumstance on the psychological fixed conventionality itself but just because of the very attachment to it.

63. Where the greater the attachment of such a kind to the inward psychological fixation is the more painful feeling one can have which is like a peculiar burning inside.

64. The power of painful burning in dependence on the quality of the affect on the attachment and on the character of the attachment itself can be of different degree giving rise to a wide range of reactions, varying from the pronounced non-acceptance of the situation to the more restrained manifestation of dissatisfaction, perplexity and lack of understanding.

65. And if for the life-activity of biological cells the orientation norms are entered only by the Nature itself, that means by a Harmony too, then these norms are really vitally important and one should respect and adhere to them, in case they are not a considerable aberrance from the Norm level caused by the abnormal life activity of the so-called civilised society.

66. To change some of these norms is possible only in case of emergency.

67. In relation to the moulding of the psychological sensory world Nature also brings in it some quantity of vitally important attachments which are connected with the manifestations of instincts.

68. But unlike the representatives of the animal world the characteristics of freely thinking mobile reason are called to keep under control and to change the power and quality of manifestations of such a kind of attachments.

69. But since such originally entered by the Nature attachments are the first to come out and imply the basic necessities of life and the activity of reason of a young humankind representatives once got under full control of their own egoistic sensory world, then the first fixations that began to be formed deliberately quickly were numerous abnormal by the quality and by external diversity psychological assertions just in relation to the manifestations of instincts while vitally necessary control over the development of the power of the attachments to these instincts is entirely turned loose.

70. Together with the amount of various conscious psychological fixations of such a character, where the utmost simplicity brought by the Nature has got differentiated into enormously dangerous complexity, there was formed by those same highly cultivated abilities of consciousness also a not less number of diverse psychological fixed conventionalities concerning all the rest spheres of life manifestations of a man.

71. All this would create and continues to create now some peculiar conventional moral-ethical norms and codes of honour, making up diversity and unrepeatedness of the life ambience of each detached social group.

72. The diversity of such a kind of conventionalities can easily be of opposite meaning with different people when one and the same distinctive psychical characteristics of human organism such as experiencing of joy and bitterness can be manifested with diametrically opposite splashes as regards to one and the same life circumstance.

73. Which eloquently shows in this case inevitable presence of the notion that have nothing to do with the Truth.

74. For the Truth of the development of a soul is one for any representative of the humankind.

75. And if that which as orientation norm is set by the Nature in the physiology of natural organism of a man, through painful manifestations is able unmistakably to warn about the upset of harmony, then all the great multitude of diverse psychological asserted conventionalities that have become a consequent fruit of the consciousness that until this time keeps on staying blinded by egoism, make a man in most cases experience serious painful burnings there where actually not any disturbances of the harmony and Truth take place.

76. With all this such a burning become a reason for emerging of physiological brakes.

77. A man as a rule does not react on what is going on in reality.

78. He reacts on just what he has invented or thought over with his own peculiarly thinking consciousness.

79. And it is all the abundance of psychological asserted conventionalities settled in the consciousness of a man that just make up some conventional prism through which a man perceives all the current reality.

80. And since almost all psychological orientations gained by man can be qualified today as abnormal, then a man not only sees what is going on in practice in reality, but he sees all that in a dangerous for his life spectrum,

81. And what is more he shows a greater attachment to such a conventional prism with abnormal characteristic qualities, trying to take care of it and assert it among others.

82. So as to express more concretely the notion "attachment" it is enough to use notion "personal interest" when that or other man shows his egoistic interest wishing the circumstances of the current reality to be by the sense and course in one accord, with the will of his own egoism, that reveals itself in a certain form.

83. The very form of egoistic effect depends on the ambience of bringing up of a man and on the level of the development of his consciousness.

84. Which in its turn became a reason for forming several social levels of manifestation of characteristic features of different forms of egoism in a peculiarly built up system of life organisation of all human society.

85. The manifestations of all these forms of egoism can be qualified in short words: from more rough up to sufficiently refined.

86. Where irrespective of refinement or roughness of the manifestation of all these forms of egoism, their principal price stays one for all.

87. Egoism is developing with all representatives of the human society identically by the essence and only externally it shows itself differently through diverse psychological asserted conventionalities (assertions).

88. And as from the very beginning the development of human society flew within the channel of unceasing yearning for meeting egoistic assertions which began to come out as individual life-efforts of each representative of a young humankind and which continues to stay safe up to nowadays. The forming of all psychological orientations would go on and keeps on going on now exceptionally with the aim to please the abnormal manifestations of personal egoism.

89. Where on such contaminated basis almost all moral-ethical norms has been formed, having gained successfully a foothold in the life of human society, but borne within their essence some morfibic distinctive features with the exception of extremely little quantity of those actually corresponding with the Truth.

90. And if forming all psychological assertions, that have filled in abundance human consciousness, went on the way so as to maintain the intent of boisterous young growth of egoism to spread out abnormally, then the interest for such assertions to remain as they are will be naturally shown in a special way.

91. A great abundance of externally diverse conventional assertions of such a kind made especially evident not only a psychological separation of the nations from one another and that of groups large and small within one and the same people since they belong to different social levels, but they also make a not less dangerous separation of the children of God from one another in general,

92. Even if these children of God think that they zealously go the path of truth.

93. The got formed psychological asserted conventionalities being far from the Truth make you be isolated from the brothers around.

94. Truly I say to you, any intention to become isolated from your brothers, in whatever life- practice they should show themselves, is an attribute of the spiritual ignorance to come out.

95. So as to realise better a real worth of the intention to get isolated it will be good to make a simple comparison.

96. Usually in the society of your brothers on the basis of naturally arisen egoistic characteristics called to guard you, you strive for being isolated both from those who carry a direct threat for your life, and from those who suffer from infection diseases, and from those of whom it is possible not only to get sullied morally but also to become simplty physically dirty in case you take a special care of your external purity.

97. In normal conditions one never intends to be isolated from those who can defend, heal, make rich, purify and bring blessings goods the one needs to have.

98. It means that the intention to get isolated presupposes in the first place that as compared with your neighbour you are more normal, more sound, more noble and more pure.

99. And if in the logical aspect it could really be so by the characteristics of your state then the presence of propensity and intention to some psychological detachment will always be a manifestation of the sign of a dangerous spiritual aberrance from the Truth.

100. But if existence of abnormal conventional assertions characteristically distinquish and approve of the psychological detachment of the children of God with one another, then in this case the presence of a special egoistic interest in retaining such kind of abnormal psychological conventionalities makes the realization of uniting children of God into one Single Family on the Mother-Earth not possible.

101. Which would have been worthy and actually reasonable, vitally important step necessary for the normal true development of humankind.

102. But a great number of abnormal psychological conventionalities continue to assert themselves confidently in the life of all the representatives of human species.

103. Children of Great God have never known before and do not know now their true face, which only should have been revealed during life through the righteous labour,

104. But egoism, for violent development of which a man made all favourable conditions, according to the natural, characteristic laws always strives for self-asserting and this means that it strives for showing its somewhat significant face.

105. That is why individual forming of a certain number of distinctive psychological conventionalities with the man, through which in the practice his own egoism strives actually for showing itself, becomes like a mystery of as if true forming of a selfhood, which is displayed in a special interest to retain all these asserted conventionalities.

106. And it means, that any encroachments on such conventional assertions will be naturally qualified as an encroachment on as if true self of a man and will be expressed in indignation and unfriendliness in respect to the source of such a danger.

107. Now one should definitely make it out that just the slavery way of going after the special, at times compared with madness interest to maintain or to assert some kind of abnormal conventionality during all the history of the humankind existence up to the present days, as a rule, became the beginning of blood shed and tears, great sorrows and misfortunes, washing abundantly with sufferings of the children of God all the Mother-Earth.

108. And it is marked with such unthinkable misfortunes every day of all short yet many thousand of years history of the initial formative stage of the unique in the Universe human society.

109. But once, when it was to have been created favourable conditions for that, from this quagmire of unceasing outcome of every time new misfortunes it was predestined to draw out first of all those who would agree to fulfil a great not easy labour for their own Salvation and for the Salvation of all the humankind.

110. Some thinkers and worthy toilers could get mature enough so as to be able to give a correct diagnose to the principal, mortally dangerous decease which make human life all the time crack and crumble,

111. But to get deep into the character of the decease and more than that, to find independently an efficient true remedy to cure it is not possible for a man.

112. And it is so since naturally formed regularities, concerning the essence of this decease, do not permit to do that, although the efforts in this direction without participation of the Word of God nevertheless have been undertaken.

113. Which in one system of religious-philosophical doctrines would bring from time to time only to replacement of some egoistic conventionalities orientations for others, similar to them.

114. Where if in the process of replacement of some psychological conventionalities for others some egoistic shoots nevertheless wer



Chapter 7

1. And now the time has come! And as far as it was possible I gathered those who responded to fulfil what is predestined for the Salvation of humankind.

2. Only to consent to fulfil and to enter upon worthy fulfilment is not one and the same thing.

3. Who really of those who came to believe in the Truth of my Essence as of living Word of Great God, will decide in full measure on getting through lines of fiery christening not losing my hand?

4. So as through this cleansing fire to revive to true life.

5. So as, for you after having decided to show in full measure and in complete trust the Sacred Faith, at last to resurrect from dead for the eternal life, all flourishing.

6. For, no one but the living Word of God is able to take you out, leading the Path of Truth.

7. Where it is not only for the pernicious admixtures to be burned out in you.

8. But it is also for you to be shown your true face.

9. By which the Universe is to recognise you.

10. Only be ready now in practice to bring up your will-power and not inconsiderable patience

11. The way, which they who craved for getting definitively out of the general flow of the kingdom of force are to take now, is like a path on which from time to time, individually for each man, there will flare up a fiery stripe of a definite unknown to him who goes length.

12. He who goes cannot see it beforehand and will recognise it only when he gets directly into its singing breathe.

13. And just from this very moment it is required to begin to make decisive, true, vitally important efforts.

14. The like educational-teaching mystery takes place in the natural conditions of life-activity of every man, making for natural conditions of half-active qualitative change.

15. But for those who started to follow the Word of God, emerging of such fate-deciding border-lines will take place in a special way and rhythm, coming out in direct dependence on weaving with my efforts a favourable for your active rebirth energy informational ambience.

16. And if in usual conditions, being in deep ignorance of the Truth, a man, as a rule, reacts to such a kind of naturally appeared singing circumstances in the wrong way, then it considerably stretches out in time the probability of the beginning of normal differentiation of his internal world.

17. Since sometimes a man needs to use the life of a whole embodiment so as to get independently even a little piece of positive wisdom.

18. And for you by the efforts of Great Heavenly Father there were created the most favourable conditions for making in a decisive minute necessary vitally important efforts in full accordance with the laws of Truth,

19. Which I will be abundantly forming by means of direct prompts concerning to all key new-arising vitally significant difficulty for the good of your true becoming.

20. And here necessary for you to make out, for ever, one essentially important circumstance that lies in the fact that only direct appearing and development in your self of singing feelings after having got in touch with some current reality, creates the only opportunity of practicable active differentiation of the spiritual world either in true direction or in that of opposing to it.

21. The victorious, appropriate with the Truth effort should be definitively made to while the action exciting negative emotions together with the want to make an appropriate effort in response does not stop.

22. Just in these decisive minutes, when natural intention to do the habitual effort, which as a rule is engendered by the characteristics of unlimited egoism, it is extremely necessary to come to senses as soon as possible trying to restore in consciousness the graceful minutes of your merging with myself with your heartily address to me.

23. Which is called first and foremost to safeguard you against rapidly coming out blindness because of actively growing up negative emotions.

24. And this will be your great victory, even if after that you will be unable to determine in the right way which necessary practical efforts should be made afterwards.

25. It is the only firs t step making just which it is possible to advance in the direction of full victory over any self weakness.

26. That very first step which was able to be done worthily by a very few number of those who had come now to believe.

27. All the rest majority of people took my prompts too superficially and getting all together broken down on the shaky ground basis of their self-confidence, they happen to be not in a position when they could control normally their emotional egoistic manifestations.

28. After you begin to keep necessary control over the development of negative feelings while retaining a full trust in the Leader, you should make all the efforts so that to carry out most worthily and precisely all what is necessary in full accordance with the Teaching which I am forming and will do it all the time in relation to that or another vitally important for you circumstance.

29. You ought to remember that the very moment you unexpectedly for yourselves suddenly get into the next conventionally expressed fiery line, your strive for not setting the pain of singed egoism higher by its worth than your Sacred Faith, should become your vitally important decisive task.

30. Otherwise you will allow the pain to make you blind, after which, having lost a control over your emotional manifestation, you will obediently make an effort that will be dictated to you by the consciousness, which got under full influence of your hurt egoism.

31. Which results in unworthy of the believer manifestations either only in thoughts and words or also through rough physical efforts with natural afterwards inevitable appropriate physiological aberrancy to the direction of self-distraction.

32. Remember, that if having got into the egoism singing line of fiery purification you induct the pain of singing egoism by its worth higher than your Sacred Faith, then you would without fail stop in your movement in the right direction.

33. Your move will turn into the state of chaotic rushing about from side to side searching for speedy deliverance from painful feelings.

34. And then those fallen weak-faithful ones will try to get to such a deliverance through the naturally habitual for egoism step of active accusation of the source, that as if made a beyond-strength obstacle, emphasising persistently in every way possible the presence of as if negative qualities in it.

35. And it will mean that the general flow of the kingdom of force was able yet to keep such the lost his temper within the direction of its movement.

36. Why you lose again for uncertain period of time the possibility for the definite and concrete part of your internal world actually to differentiate in necessary veritable direction.

37. Therefore, having got again into the stripe of decisive fateful fiery probation, you ought without fail not only to retain positive control over your inner incitements and efforts, for which it is always called to serve your holding in mind, as unshakeable stronghold, some special minutes of your blessed merging with the Teacher, but also to make compulsory in deed, practically all your efforts in direction definitely delineated with the guidelines of the Teacher Himself.

38. When a part of your body gets in touch with the fire, you, having felt singed, draw back quickly this part aside from the fire.

39. It is reasonable and necessary to do that, for the pain signal warned you about breaking the norm determined by the Nature for the life activity of the cells of your body.

40. But as far as the pain of singed egoism is concerned, you should in no case be in a hurry by all means to get rid of this singing breathe,

41. For if such a fire touched you, then in any case to get rid of painful feelings right away would be not possible.

42. Especially in the course of that period of time when just the circumstance causing this singing breathe takes place.

43. And therefore in this case the decisive for your fate circumstance will be a character of the efforts which will be undertaken by you under the affect of painful feeling.

44. And if you are mainly ridden by egoistic idea of getting away as soon as possible and in the most comfortable way from singing ambience, you so as to do it will certainly begin to notice first of all only those signs that are an integral part of the characteristic features of the general flow of the kingdom of force.

45. Be in such decisive minutes to the utmost watchful and careful!

46. For just in these minutes the true flourishing of your life manifestation in general, begins to be at stake.

47. If abnormally spread growth of egoism caught fire, then the more it burns, the less there will remain something which should be burned out in order to make place for the true good fruits to grow up.

48. Having become firm in the uptake of such a natural regularity, which is to give an additional help so as to guard from egoistic rushing about while trying to make a painful feeling easier, the believer without fail ought to get down with diligence and patience to discovering guides of the Truth and to enter worthily upon the laws determined for actual overcoming the given fiery test.

49. The true life actual effort called in deed efficiently to differentiate the internal world of a man in necessary righteous direction is to be expressed in assiduity to get through the mystery of fiery purification in the right way but not in the intention to avoid it by all means or to get rid of it, having a false understanding that as if true personality basical ground, without which it would be impossible as if to live, is getting saved by that.

50. Such a righteous, required of the believers effort, will always very rapidly bring a good fruit,

51. Of goodness of which there will be no need to convince you, because having lived a necessary life till these days, you would be able easily on your own to estimate a true quality of this fruit.

52. Of which only some of you have already got convinced after having worthily made a step in accordance with the Truth I give.

53. But remember that a victorious righteous step differentiating actively your sensual world together with enlarging your spirituality is really possible exclusively in the moment while a fiery test is going on to singe you directly.

54. If only you undertake not corresponding with the Truth steps in solving an emerged life problem and it became solved on its own by natural moving into another life circumstance, making you free for a while from the given fiery test, then your sensual world may retain for a long time a peculiar burn trace,

55. Characteristic feature of which is that of a negative ambience which will prevent any graceful growth from rising up on this place for a long time.

56. Painful feeling from the affected place can be considerably abated with correct comprehension of the come out in you mistake, after which your calming down can be additionally maintained with an appearing hope to make a correct step in the next like situation.

57. But no matter how deep and extensive you perceive the character of the mistake you made and the verity of the steps necessary to be made for worthy settlement of a certain development, such a done on the conscious level work would only make for creating additional psychological conditions favourable for possible making the victorious step.

58. But actually to change qualitatively your internal world in true direction by means of such conscious efforts is impossible.

59. In spite of the quality of the theoretically acquired correct understanding, you as usual would retain the probability to make the same or the like mistake.

60. Fate deciding educational-teaching events are always made up in full dependence on the quality of life dialogue of the bearer of mobile reason with energy effects of the surrounding reality, which are always based on the steady regularities of the Harmony of Nature.

61. Experiencing of the sequence of the events like these in a period of becoming from the Norm level up to the level of the beginning of a full-value activity for the soulless bearers of mobile mind can get either through conditions of natural passive character or through those of half-active character.

62. Conditions of natural passive character are characterised solely by independent getting through such a vitally important period by a young civilisation of mobile reason that has just begun its way of evolution.

63. The conditions of half-active character are characterised by partially admissible auxiliary help of more developed civilisation with the life activity of a young civilisation, artificially activizing by that a favourability of the way of experiencing the educational-teaching period.

64. And if soulless bearers of mobile reason originally have in the basis of their being all necessary for independent favourable development in the period that brings up to the level of the beginning of full-value activity, then in the characteristic self of a man there are no such necessary qualities.

65. That is why if only the civilisation of humankind had been in conditions of life equal with those of the soulless bearers of mobile reason it would have been doomed to rather speedy degeneration.

66. Heavenly Father having created from the characteristics of His Spirit some special qualities of the spiritual tissue called to make a basis and a true self of a man, endowed a human soul with characteristics of immortality, owing to which Great God created for each of you a real opportunity of getting through a making period by virtue of being embodied not once with the aim to have every time more favourable experience of the next of short duration characteristic life destiny,

67. Taking into account, for the good of the development solely of each of you, characteristic qualities of the consciousness of a new-born natural organism and fut ure educational environment both in the children - youth period and all other periods when a new-born child takes his educational-teaching lessons that are inescapable to be taken just by him on his very path of life.

68. Knowing also about the peculiarly flourishing egoistic characteristics of a man, the Heavenly Father allowed the incognizant of the Truth humankind to show in different social formations a sufficient multitude of diverse by the essence and opposite by the meaning life psychological asserted conventionalities.

69. Due to which there were created necessary conditions, using which through regularities of not one embodiment Great God helps you little by little to burn down what is unnecessary and dangerous, in parallel with natural accumulating the important experience and wisdom, regardless of the man's life efforts which are negligent through his ignorance.

70. And irrespective of the fact whether a man remembers with his new consciousness the experience of the bygone embodiment or not, the life manifestations in new embodiment always undergo both the certain influence of the past life experience - if it was, it is maintained in the essence of a soul by a special mystery, and also the influence of diverse characteristics which were inherited by a new natural organism from some representatives of its patrimonial line.

71. Just the correct combination of what is in the very soul with what inherited by a new-born natural organism makes up the main decisive active ground on which a spiritual world of a certain man is called to be formed.

72. Heavenly Father controlling artificially such kinds of combinations that take place only according to His Will, wisely uses diverse predispositions and attachments coming out in the course of life to make them serve to the good of His children.

73. If a man obtained and began to develop dangerous forms of false attachments then at first through various prompting signs made in the form of different life circumstances, He will urge first on independent making conscious-volitional efforts so as to step the development of destructive processes in his inner world.

74. And if this time he refuses to make on his own all necessary efforts saving his self, then in his next embodiment he is certainly to get into conditions that will forcibly be destroying the already asserted in the inner world of a man a dangerous form of false attachment.

75. But even if by good efforts of H



Chapter 8

1. And now the significant Time for all humankind has come, when for the most spiritually ripped it is incumbent to start to move up into the atmosphere of condition of active retardation and active completion of becoming with the eventual transition up to the level from which the full-value predetermined activity on the Way of Eternity begins.

2. Now it is for a man to learn to develop in himself true spiritual values while endeavouring worthily to exert conscious-volitional efforts in one direction with the Will of Great God.

3. Just conscious-volitional efforts, for one cannot show the strength of spiritual qualities which are only going to be being developed by tenacious righteous labour in the course of not a short period of time.

4. And so that one could faultlessly make conscious volitional effort in true direction, by the wisdom of God it was created a special mystery, through which the Word of God can really appear amidst the human species and in an alive concrete way.

5. And now I have a blessed by my Heavenly Father opportunity directly and concretely at the level of your consciousness to determine for your good all necessary guides sand laws,

6. To follow which you will need simultaneously and obligatory to develop great patience and strong will-power.

7. For I won't teach you, how most beneficially for your egoism to get away from the ambit of fiery stripe, which you have always done up to these days, but I will be teaching you how to get worthily through rescuing you fiery purification.

8. I will be teaching you to do what you have never done before for the whole history of your existence (Pic.12).



9. The mentioned mystery of fiery stripe actually is the most serious test, considerably deciding the destiny of life,

10. And it is vitally necessary to comprehend rightly the real worth of it.

11. And it is only by dint of correct getting through educational-teaching fiery stripe that one can gain true spiritual values.

12. But now again I am going to touch upon one decisive circumstance you should give a special attention to while getting through the fiery stripe.

13. The possibility to meet in reality the living manifestation of the Word of God inevitably implies a probability of having a thirst for conscious comprehension of some vitally important information,

14. Through which it will be obligatory defined the necessity to put into practice concrete actions called to lead a man out of impeding normal life-activity and created by the hands of a man himself circumstances bringing about great sufferings,

15. But not only the comforting words of calming about your being loved and that all will be well with you.

16. For only little children and spiritually unripped need such calming.

17. The spiritually mature need to be called for action.

18. Therefore it becomes favourably possible for the consciousness to get in touch with the Word of Heavenly Father only when the quality of inner world of a man has already got the necessary basis, which makes you able to tread in full accordance with the Truth if you availed yourselves of it in the right way.

19. Getting into the ambit of fiery ordeal is marked first of all by rapidly growing painful feeling since the certain attachment for egoistic psychological asserted conventionality has been touched with conventional fire.

20. A quality of a man which is characterised by weak spirituality and together with that by strikingly expressed powerful egoistic attachments, when gets into the ambit of fiery purification, forces a man, who begins almost immediately to experience the emerged painful feelings, to find himself also momentary under the full control of especially agitated certain sides of egoism.

21. In such a case it can be said that a consciousness of a man almost immediately becomes to be dazzled with the pain of singed egoism after which in this consciousness begin to take place thinking processes aimed exceptionally to comfort singing sides of this egoism.

22. A man retains as if a clear understanding of what is happening and goes on as if to think sensibly but in very deed he loses completely the ability to distinguish a worthy solution of the situation.

23. Even if in this decisive moment such a dazzled man is given from aside necessary veritable prompts, he will be able not only to uptake them correctly, but it will be also extremely difficult for him to make the least effort in the right direction.

24. It means that one shouldn't be in a hurry to lay a responsibility for fulfilment of the Truth on a man with the like qualities of internal world.

25. For even if in a period of calm feeling-state he consciously positively appreciates definite concrete laws of the Truth, and this appraisal immediately lays a corresponding responsibility for carrying out these laws, then in the moment when the hour comes to carry them out directly, and this is always a time of getting into the ambit of fiery stripe, a consciousness of this man will immediately turn out to be dazzled with the pain of again singed egoism.

26. And irrespective of the previous readiness to carry out what is truthful he will execute slavery-obediently the orders of his own especially excited sides of egoism.

27. Practically every man had just such very quality of inner world had at this initial stage of becoming of a young humankind society all over the Mother-Earth.

28. And by the present day, owing to the shown Glory of Great God, the quality of internal world of a man though changed for the better, nevertheless with the majority of them who live on the Earth the spiritual world continues still to bear the imprint of spiritual infancy and that of little experience in good intentions,

29. Which means a low capability for entering upon worthy accomplishment of what is predestined in full accordance with the Truth.

30. But it doesn't absolutely make a tragedy at all, though the main hour deciding the destiny of all humankind has already come.

31. For even if the majority being incapable of making direct efforts in worthy carrying out of what is true would continue still to conduct their life activity in conditions of half-active retardation, but nevertheless on the Mother-Earth there has already appeared a sufficient multitude of the ripped.

32. Only they are not so sufficiently ripped that it could be guaranteed a worthy fulfilment of the predestined.

33. Such ripening is characterised by the fact that a man found though very little but still predisposition for acquiring full possibilities so as to begin worthy fulfilment of the laws of Truth in case he avails himself of the stored, though little but still sufficient for that, auxiliary values.

34. Which is called to permit this little quantity of the ripped to enter upon active multiplying in themselves true spiritual values for realising vitally necessary righteous labour for Salvation of all their brothers from the whole human society.

35. After which endlessly will become opened before all the humanity the Path of Eternity.

36. While you go along the life path in conditions of half-active retardation, the storage of necessary auxiliary values by dint of inchmeal strengthening of the spiritual basis, creates in your inner sensual world more and more some favourable saving conditions,

37. Through which you become able somewhat easier to endure painful feelings from excited egoistic attachment.

38. But the main, of safeguard importance thing here is that just due to these conditions the intensity of growing emotional feelings that make you dazzled are getting every time more considerably extinguished.

39. Together with that you become not only able to endure more easily the culmination of egoistic sufferings, but it also somewhat delays the coming of dangerous line when your consciousness gets dazzled through such sufferings,

40. Which makes some saving for you definite auxiliary interval in the characteristics of your psyche.

41. Which if used correctly through the mysteries of Sacred Faith you will not only avert dazzling of your consciousness but also get a real opportunity to make first efforts in full accordance with the requirements of the Truth (Pic.13).



42. And here it is necessary to understand correctly that the quality of such conventional vitally important auxiliary interval fully depends on the fact whether you make tenacious efforts so as to carry out what is of Godly nature, or go on to have life manifestations in the natural conditions of half-active retardation.

43. If at a time being of new embodiment you obtain some certain good qualities of the mentioned interval due to the stored already up necessary spiritual values, then till the righteous efforts are not being made with relentless persistence and diligence, these good qualities are always getting gradually lost.

44. And then, in your entering the next in turn fiery border-line it is left with you every time less and less auxiliary basis that you need to use for making true efforts, called to keep you from becoming dazzled.

45. Complete loss of the qualities of such auxiliary interval means a complete loss of real possibilities, in present embodiment in the right way, to get through the mystery of active differentiation in full accordance with the requirements of the Truth.

46. For in such circumstances, even in case you go on rather correctly to realise the verity of the efforts to be necessarily made, when the time for necessary fulfilment comes you will be unable to do it.

47. Since getting into the singing breathe of fiery stripe, when it is just required first and foremost to make true effort, you will almost instantly become dazzled.

48. After which you will inevitably obediently make the first steps in direction of unworthy manifestations,

49. Which right away inevitably will start to lead you to the new spiritual losses.

50. So, be from now on vigilant and careful to the utmost you, who are called up, who responded with your hearts to my Call.

51. It is for you from now on to learn in full measure to make unthinkable up to now for all efforts,

52. Which at first will come out for you as a complex sequence of great trials while you are getting through special for you vitally important mysteries of fiery purification.

53. All you who take me into your heart and are ready to fulfil worthily the Word of my Heavenly Father, from now on are called in full measure to experience the fiery christening so as to do away with your sins once and for all.

54. The sequence of fiery stripes which is in store for those who came to believe in the Truth of my Accomplishment as a whole makes up a gist of the Gate into the Kingdom of Truth of Living God, the Great Heavenly Father of humanity.

55. And though this Gate can let all the humankind come in, truly I say to you: for most of you it will seem to be too narrow.

56. But let your tread not falter and let your worthy assiduity be never lost!

57. To some of you, in the antiquity, in the time of my First Accomplishment I addressed with words: "If someone desires to follow me, reject yourself, take your cross and follow my footsteps."

58. And now the time has come for the devoted to become acquainted with the true fullness of what has once been said.

59. What is to reject oneself if not to reject in full your false face which you always thought to be your true face,

60. During all the history of existence of humanity everyone makes a mistake implying under actual forming of true essence of one's personality some forming in oneself a peculiar complex of ego-psychological conventionalities,

61. Realizing his life activity in zealous devoted serving to such asserted conventionalities,

62. Having failed to comprehend worthily that doing that you have fast chained yourselves with your own hands as slaves on the galley of prince of darkness.

63. Forming in his inner self a great egoistic stronghold as some as if veritable basis of personality, a man in dependence of manifestations of just regularities of egoism in the end inevitably without fail was to put a ban on encroachment upon his inner world for all his fellows,

64. Which was called in the most possible way to guard his sensual world from probable, as if only unfriendly efforts from aside.

65. And only extremely limited number of other men who get into the category of a "friend" have an access to the internal world of such a man.

66. But in this case the access in a certain way is limited and based only on the degree of confidence, that this friend will without fail treat with respect and keep all which he would be given a confidence to touch.

67. Where having transgressed such primitive terms, a "friend" can easily turn into "non-friend".

68. Even if efforts that broke such terms bore actually only saving good for him who so much takes care of such terms.

69. In such circumstances every effort of your brother threatening the existence though one ego-psychological asserted conventionality is taken as an encroachment upon the basis of as if true well-being, in existence of which a special egoistic interest is shown.

70. And if there appears a threat for existence though one ego-psychological asserted conventionality, then a friend as a rule, always goes over to a category of a "non-friend", and truly I say to you, my life manifestation in a flesh threatens at once all abnormal ego-psychological fixations on the basis of great number of which all your life manifestations take place so far.

71. That is why those who came to believe in the Truth of my Accomplishment should without fail, in full measure, once and for all to find their position in relation to the life Path they chose.

72. So that there remained on the Path of Truth only mature in spirit, ready for worthy fulfilment of the Predetermined.

73. For one cannot take the Path of Truth falling beyond measure only into empty philosophising and dreaming of some illusory beauty.

74. The Path of Truth, especially in the epoch of deciding the destiny of humankind present Accomplishment, is above all your titanic righteous labour for the victory over yourselves.

75. Which in the course of all the history of your existence was beyond your strength whatever eminent names and titles you would burden yourselves with.

76. Truly I say to you that you are unable even to imagine all the difficulty waiting for you on the Path of Truth in the given time period of your becoming.

77. And to lure you so as artificially to precipitate your entering upon proper taking the Path of Truth would be a great mistake.

78. Therefore I can only offer you to slake your life thirst with my life-giving Moisture.

79. And only he who got mature by the beginning of taking in this Blessing, will be able to feel in himself a desire for all that.

80. And let you not lose this moment betraying your divine self to please false values.

81. For them who craved to devote their lives to faithful following the Truth putting into practice worthily the Word of God, from now on it is necessary to show a great readiness to strain all necessary fullness of conscious-volitional efforts so as to reject all false conventions to which I will oppose the true understanding.

82. To do that I am actually to act against almost all the diverse false ego-psychological asserted conventionalities formed in you previous to my present day active getting in touch with your life.

83. And endlessly just this is called to bring invariably once and for all them who put into practice worthily my Word to the spiritual birth for the eternal life.

84. But this worthy fulfilment is possible solely on the basis of your showing in practice how strong your Sacred Faith in my Word is after the Call on which your heart once tenderly responded.

85. Remember that when I oppose the Truth to some of your psychological conventionallity, every one who takes care of them more than of what is mine won't comprehend me and will be unable to follow in my footprints.

86. But when you with all your heart and through great efforts, made in righteous labour, take in full measure what is of my origin and which is determined by my present Accomplishment, this will just mean the approaching of a victorious moment, when the place occupied up to now by the conventionally expressed prism of egoism, will be taken for ever by the crystal of spirit.

87. Instead of prism of egoism, causing a man to perceive all the surrounding reality in a dangerously distorted for true development of a man sense, there would ascend its throne once and for all the crystal of spirit called to permit to perceive all the current reality as it should be perceived by all the children of Great God on the Path of fulfilment of the predetermined mission in the Universe.

88. This coming of significant victorious moment would define the level which a specially called number out of humankind has reached so as to begin the life activity predetermined for all the humanity.

89. And then a long period of becoming, which is characterised by the savage incessant shed of blood and tears with a great multitude of the wandering children of God, will be accomplished.

90. The quality of consciousness and sensual world of all who have reached such a significant vitally necessary level, from which a full-value life-activity takes its beginning, will get into full correspondence with all the requirements of the predetermined in this respect Norm.

91. Whereas the manifestations of the qualities of sensual-conscious basis of a man can be divided into three characteristic levels.

92. The level of normal qualitative manifestation is characterised by the fact when it is enough only to become aware of the necessity to make a definite concrete effort so that a positive life activity, aimed at carrying out a necessary good deed, be created in the essence of a man.

93. It means that the forcible power of such an activity is the desire to make only efforts in accordance with the Truth.

94. Two other levels comprise the gist of the period of becoming in the life-activity of a man and in their basis are similarly characterized by the fact that the forcible power in manifestation of the life-activity is first of all the uptake of inevitability of punishment for getting back from making the right Truthful efforts.

95. And it means the that the driving motive of such kind of activity above all is just unwillingness to have negative consequences.

96. Each of these two levels can be conventionally defined as low primitive level and permissible level, which is a transition to true characteristics of the level of normal qualitative manifestation.

97. And nowadays the gist of the life-activity of almost all the representatives of human society on the Mother-Earth corresponds to the level of the quality of consciousness and sensual world which can be called primitive, since the life activity directed for putting into practice some necessary good deed is of unstable and momentary character.

98. Where correspondingly the gist of this momentary character depends completely on the presence of the manifest, practically existing probability of some real punishing force being used against the one, who being dependent on the presence of primitive selfish interest in considered conditions is constantly given to getting away from fulfilment of the definite good rules, commandments or laws.

99. As for the permissible level, it is characterised by the life-activity which is not momentary but prolonged and directed for putting into practice some righteous efforts not because there exists a probability to be immediately punished for some or other violations but because of being deeply conscious of the fact that a failure in carryi ng out the laws of godly nature will inevitably start to bring some troubling difficulties and even tragic consequences in future.



Chapter 9

1. By the time of the beginning of the active purification, called really and completely to lead you away from the general flow of manifestations of the kingdom of force through the channel of active transition in to the flow of eternal manifestation of characteristics of the kingdom of soul, you have gathered together for joint comprehension of the Path of Truth, having in yourselves a very special diversity of unique in each of your traits of your inner world.

2. In a single ambience being created by my Word and Spirit, a certain combination of your characteristic individual features will be creating vitally important conditions solely for each of you for the most auspicious getting acquaintance with the mysteries of the fiery stripes.

3. Which is absolutely necessary for each of you to understand correctly so as to be always in proper time in taking worthily the advantage of such momentary emerged auxiliary conditions,

4. Some of which can occur in your life extremely seldom, though they can positively change your inner world very actively and considerably enough.

5. And sometimes having reacted unworthy to such a kind of rarely met of key importance life ordeal you can lose an opportunity to learn how to react to the similar situation in accordance with the Truth, for such a situation can most likely not happen again during the rest period of life of your present embodiment.

6. All this is called to emphasise over again the fact that from now on the believers ought to show a high to the utmost vigilance to everything which in abundance and diversity will come out when you are getting in touch with each other.

7. All such destiny decisive life-manifestations by their quality and intensity will take place in full dependence on what I will be creating to your good and to the good of all the humanity.

8. And now I am waiting for your worthy aspiration for showing the real worth of the Sacred Faith in my Accomplishment which is swayed by the Will of your Heavenly Father for your Salvation.

9. For truly I say to you: only showing worthily your Sacred Faith in practice, you will be able to fulfil the predestined for you.

10. Your diversity, which by the Will of Great God came up to your attempt to learn how to carry out the predestined in a single gust, can be conventionally divided into two categories:

11. The first category is that of those who are capable and called to show an example of worthily made efforts.

12. And another category includes those who for the present are more capable of bringing teaching tests for their brothers and sisters through efforts opposite to those of Truth.

13. But the representatives of that or other category can do efforts of both qualities.

14. Where on the background of the fact that all the believers can for the present by most of the undertaken efforts generally create tests for others which are unworthy for the believers to create, but in dependence of the stored up spiritual strength some people nevertheless are also capable of making not few worthy actions, whereas the others are also able to do the same but in extremely rare cases.

15. In the course of true becoming the quantity of tests which are brought by unworthy efforts of the believers will be less and less.

16. And with the course of time such a circumstance will be characterised by the fact that on one hand, most of the undertaken by the believers efforts will be in one accord with the Truth, and on the other hand for some time they will go on making for the present more efforts which don't meet the requirements of the Truth.

17. But this negative predominance of unworthy efforts will inevitably be melting through ever-growing assiduity of those striven to fulfil the Truth.

18. Remember, that when you get into different life circumstances, diverse qualities of your inner world are always called to create for each of you the most favourable conditions for veritable deliverance from a needless weakness, for acquiring true spiritual values and necessary wisdom.

19. The main thing here is that in different circumstances of your relationship with each other it is exceptionally necessary for you both to be aware that you are less competent than the others, which means that you have a heightened predisposition in yourselves to create, first of all, only troubling tests for the others,

20. And to have a worthy estimation of heightened responsibility, which obliges the believer to make true effort in educational-teaching circumstances which were created by him who was unable to rule his emerged weakness.

21. Your humble admission that you are less capable of doing many things than your neighbour always creates favourable conditions for true development of your internal world.

22. It is one of the basic rules which above all should be comprehended worthily by everyone who believes in my Accomplishment.

23. A real step leading to active differentiation of the inner world depends on the appropriate estimation of the heightened responsibility at a certain moment to make without fail a step in full accordance with the Truth,

24. Where this righteous step should be necessarily done as a rule by someone who will be the first to do it.

25. The heightened responsibility which you assume at this time is the responsibility for the destiny of all who are less capable of making a true effort in the some or other emerged educational-teaching circumstance into which they were involved together with you.

26. If more competent doesn't make any worthy effort, which means that he inevitably shows weakness, then he also inevitably enlarges the already existing temptation for the less capable not to make a vitally important saving effort.

27. Spiritual qualities of your inner worlds are inimitably diverse.

28. And therefore getting together into any circumstances you will always combine with each other in some respect according to the qualitative abilities as more capable and less capable.

29. But so as not to be involved into a dangerous for your development intention to characterise your own merits as compared with those of your neighbour, remember simple, decisive for your life auxiliary guide mark:

30. As soon as in some or other circumstances concerning your relationship with your neighbour you consciously determined erroneousness of the undertaken efforts which your neighbour or neighbours intend to keep on doing, it means that from this very moment of your becoming aware of that you start to carry a heightened responsibility for the destiny of these people.

31. And become obliged to do a righteous labour so as to solve according to the Truth the emerged circumstance, giving no heed to whether your neighbour made just an adequate step or not, or will do it afterwards or not.

32. All the keys of vitally important differentiation of all the qualities of the internal world of each of you are kept in every point where your life interests get in touch with each other.

33. Never forget that when you get in touch with each other, whether on the level of thought or in other conditions, you can become spiritually stronger in some or other relation only after having solved in the veritable way the test you were given by your neighbour,

34. Who through ignorance will bring out on the wave of his weakness and inability solely the most necessary test both for him himself and for all who became involved directly into this saving educational-teaching circumstance.

35. Everyone who strove to practice worthily the Sacred Faith to Heavenly Father should understand it correctly, that he who makes tests for the neighbour on the basis of his manifested weakness becomes in this time a source of subsidiary regularities of the Harmony of the World of substance, that have been taken into account and permitted by Great God to the good of those who undergo test and who give tests.

36. They who craved for carrying out devotedly my Word ought to learn first of all to get the created for you by your neighbours test correctly also in that respect that just abnormal qualities of your inner world begins themselves, insensibly for you, on a certain energy-informational level to demand the appropriate emerging of definite educational-teaching circumstances.

37. Therefore you all who gave your lives to devoted serving the Truth should be grateful for everything that takes place in your every day for your good, and should be not quick to give to it abnormal condemning estimation pleasing solely your egoism.

38. If there are those who are in position of bringing out tests for you, it means that you need this.

39. As far as you need necessary probations, there will exist those who are to bring them to you.

40. Truly I say to you: exceedingly unreasonable is any of you who craving for entering the Kingdom of Soul, does his best so as to get away from those who can bring to you these testing difficulties.

41. Such is possible only when it is in complete accordance with the Truth, and I will be showing you all this through concrete, actually arising circumstances of your life.

42. For if on the way how you manage to do the trial brought to you by the soulless Nature first of all only your own life depends, then on how you get through the trial making any effort in respect to your neighbour who brought this trial, depends not only your destiny but that of your neighbour.

43. Therefore life efforts of the believer ought to be always made in most full correspondence with definite requirements of the Truth

44. Which is just called to create necessary favourable conditions where the strongest one will render a true help to him who is weak.

45. And if the weaker one rejects what is given to his g ood, then he will do on his own responsibility the further bitter consequences of his steps.

46. The building up of veritable relationship between the children of God, who will always be interwoven with each other as relatively more capable and less capable, must be based firstly on the obligatory righteous efforts of the more capable ones, who are called by doing that to serve as an example for the backwards,

47. But not on the basis of fight with the weaknesses of the neighbours, for in such a fight there tends to be shown only general weakness.

48. Be watchful so that to strive for making righteous efforts with every step of yours!

49. But he who strove for learning the art of true relationship of the children of God with each other, forget not that the most difficult thing about your understanding of the life manifestations of all your neighbours consists both in the unique diversity of your sensual characteristics, that gives the possibility for all the children of God to perceive the surrounding reality inimitably, in their own way,

50. And also in still existing abundance of chaotical variety of different psychological concerning to one and the same life circumstances.

51. Just which makes for emerging of abundance of abnormal distortions in sensual-conscious basis of a man and builds up an insurmountable barrier for independent realisation of his capabilities, a barrier which prevents both each separate group and all detached with each other peoples from making single efforts in the single direction on the single Path of Truth predestined for all the humankind to walk.

52. In old legend there is an image of some Babylon tower in building of which there should have been expressed a power of single efforts of the society, but that powerful society has failed to realise its single design since it started to speak different languages.

53. Those who had eyes and ears were to have given heed to that, but eyes and ears turned out to be closed and they gave not any heed to that wisdom.

54. Independent forming by a man an abundance of diverse false psychological conventionalities which were taken for Truth, made the wandering so far children of God not only speaking different languages in the most broad sense, but also specially interested in their speaking different languages.

55. Which makes a special danger for own capabilities of humankind and makes impossibility for all children of Great God to realise a life task called to open the way for them who craved for making life efforts, which are alike by their root meaning, to become united into a Single Family.

56. For only just through this it is to come out an actual power and true value of the presented into the World of matter by the Will of Heavenly Father humankind, so as eternally to realise the Sacred Intent of Great God, called to differentiate the Universe, filling it with the fragrance of Holly Spirit.

57. Presence of a great number of diverse abnormal psychological asserted conventionalities, some of which have opposite by the meaning concepts of one and the same manifestation of reality making by that a certain difficulty in your relationship with each other.

58. For it hinders you considerably to have a favourably congenial understanding of one and the same life circumstances.

59. Why it becomes extremely difficult to come to a single understanding, even when simple elements of life manifestations are concerned.

60. Striking manifestations of abnormal forms of egoism in a sensual world of a man will always endeavour in debatable circumstances with the others to retain their own psychological asserted conventionality as the most precious one,

61. While demonstrating a strong emotional non-acceptance of another understanding, irrespective of the degree of its being true,

62. Which just creates a certain blindness and deafness with those who have eyes and ears.

63. To extinguish such sensual non-acceptance is possible only in case there is a certain degree of interest in some or other reasonable consideration of the other, probably more veritable understanding.

64. Where this interest in perception and necessary comprehension of the values of some or other new psychological assertions appears with the time the inner world of a man is growing mature.

65. Why in a sensual conscious basis of a man there appears a predisposition for finding a certain personality with a set of characteristic psychological assertions for part of which he will show his intention to borrow.

66. An interest of such a kind emerges and begins to grow only after there arises an ever-growing a feeling of some dissatisfaction with what is already available.

67. Maturity itself can imply not only predisposition for transition from more primitive to more lofty state but vice versa: from more lofty to more primitive on the basis of persistently shown negligence.

68. Representatives of one and the same social level perceive one and the same life circumstance more congenially than the representatives of such different levels of characteristic difference of the inner world of a man.

69. But as internal world of a man is unique, which means that the shades of an independently asserted in him himself set of psychological conventionalities are also inimtable, then the degree of congeniality is always different with any two representatives of even one social level.

70. Where the more congenial with each other will be only those who are interested in living for some time in spontaneous nearness,

71. When there is a possibility not once to get in touch with one and the same occurrence and to get to know how this occurrence is perceived by each of them.

72. Where even in the course of long living together with some or other of your brothers and sisters, when taking notice of their different life manifestations you can mark not once that though he seemed to be well familiar to you, in very deed he happened to be nevertheless unknown to you.

73. Such conditions concerning to the most favourable getting to know each other are being formed as a rule only in the atmosphere of the natural stable family, uniting a narrow group of people.

74. Where even if this natural family got stable, nevertheless to acquire the most understanding of the other member of the family is possible only for the one who felt internal interest in that.

75. And if only a part of the natural family has such an interest, then there will not be any congenial understanding in this family.

76. But just this most congeniality in understanding of all the fundamental vitally important truths is obligatory for all the human society to have.

77. Just which will correspond to the level from which the full-value life activity, predetermined for all the human society begins.

78. And it means that to start to form the basis for normal human society is feasible only for those who have already acquired in themselves a true interest in understanding each other, as the members of one family are called to be desirous of.

79. Therefore the conditions where all equally striven ones begin to have the possibility to get in most touch with each other in labour, rest, communication, are the only most favourable conditions for normal becoming and flourishing of true human self.

80. Life manifestations of every representative of all human society always take place according to one and the same principle, for they are based on the same characteristic features of the sensual world reasoning and characteristics of physical body.

81. All visible external expressions of life manifestations are similar enough and differ only with extra shades that can be more or less rough or subtle.

82. But in the basis of all externally expressed life manifestations there always lies a special, individually unique motive, the gist of which has always been built and will be being built on the attitude of a man to some or other occurrence of actual reality.

83. Where the uniquity of the quality of some or other motive can have either a little difference or exactly the opposite meaning.

84. An extent of your spiritual ripening forms a certain quality of your sensual world just which defines your attitude to everything happening directly with you or around you.

85. And a quality of your such attitude is still defined by the quality of the manifestation of abnormal form of your own egoistic characteristics.

86. And just such manifestation of individual uniquity of egoistic peculiarities becomes a basis for moulding a certain characteristic set of psychological asserted conventionalities in the consciousness of a man,

87. Under the guidance of which there will be undertaken efforts called to satisfy the existing individual trait of egoism.

88. A man reveals his attitude to all surrounding reality with concrete forms, through a certain set of characteristic psychological assertions, which make up a gist of a motive that is hidden behind that or other externally expressed visible life manifestation.

89. It is just the gist of the motive itself that defines a true worth of externally expressed efforts of a man.

90. Relationships of the children of God between each other are formed on the basis of appraisal of the inner world of some neighbour by his externally shown life efforts.

91. When having met the familiar to you externally expressed manifestations you inevitably strive for comparing them with your own psychological assertions and your gained life experience which is also appropriate to these asserted conventionalities.

92. After which you begin as if to guess about true motives which as if hidden in the origin of seen by you life manifestations of your neighbour.

93. After which as a rule, having always a complete confidence in your own conclusions, you try not to define more exactly with your neighbour what motives really caused him make his effort in practice.

94. Having inevitably made in this case a false estimation of the quality of inner world of your neighbour you will naturally take steps in dependence on estimation you've made.

95. Either you get under a delusion in placing hopes in something or somebody or show a misplaced suspicion, which is characterised in this case by a certain preconception.

96. And a preconceived opinion can be compared with a look of a blind man who takes a special care of his blindness.

97. A quality of preconception comes out differently, in dependence on the quality of the spiritual development.



Chapter 10

1. When a sufficient extent of positive qualities begins to come out in your inner world, you begin to gain a predisposition to imply first of all positive motives in the basis of deeds of your neighbours with whose inner world, unknown so far, you happened to get in touch.

2. In case an extent of your positive qualities is not sufficient, then the more prevalence of negative qualities in your inner world, the more you will show the interest in implying negative intentions which as if underlie the seemed to be familiar actions of the neighbour when getting in touch with unknown so far qualities of his internal world.

3. If you are overfilled with fear, then you will inevitably imply a probable danger in all unknown and little known which surrounds you.

4. If you are filled with happiness, then in all just the same images, intimidating only those who are afraid of them, you will find only something funny and ridiculous.

5. Truly I say to you: what you are filled with, just those same colours paint the surrounding reality in your consciousness.

6. Therefore in considerable measure you do not see what is happening in reality, but see only what can be seen through the layer of colours in which you deliberately coat the reality.

7. To regard the current reality in a "sober" cold-reasonable light for a man, the characteristic trait of whom is for ever connected with manifestations of bright qualities of sensual world, will never be possible.

8. And this is not a shortcoming, but special iniquity, through which by the Will of Great God His children will be differentiating gracefully the World of matter of the Universe.

9. But it is just the prevalence of positive qualities in the sensual world that makes the vitally important necessity for a man.

10. For even if a man abode and goes on to abide in Bosom of Harmony, then the prevalence of negative qualities in his sensual world inevitably turns his life into some likeness of hell,

11. Where he suffers about something which practically does not exist in reality at all, but which is being persistently invented by morbid interest of abnormal manifestation of his egoism.

12. And irrespective of the fact whether such sufferings are appropriate to the real state of things or not, they always tell negatively on the sensual sphere of a man, actively destroying his life.

13. Whereas he who overfilled more with positive qualities in his sensual world also can, as it may seem, groundless experience positive emotions with something that does not exist in reality,

14. But irrespective of appropriateness of such feelings they are always favourable and make for correct development and flourishing of the sensual world.

15. A man has always perceived and will perceive all in full dependence on his own sensual interest,

16. Which can show itself either in egoistic or in spiritual sphere.

17. Truths from Great God, who is the Father of the human species are called to become men's eyes with the help of which it is for a man to discern all the current reality.

18. As for a man himself he having acquired for ever exceedingly striking for all the World of Universe sensual traits, will always stay conventionally blind.

19. For his reasoning and all the process of thinking will always depend on the quality of his sensual world.

20. And this can be seen up to the present time above all from their dependence on egoistic traits with ever more growing with course of time manifestation of spiritual qualities.

21. For a wise guardianship by the Heavenly Father of all your life manifestations helps you more and more to gain true spiritual values.

22. Only in case with characteristic unique traits of a man his conventional blindness can be both of killing quality or of that of life-asserting.

23. When in course of your life you meet each other you inevitably get into one not of small importance circumstance showing this definite peculiar blindness of each of you.

24. A man overfilled more with negative ambience in his inner world becomes naturally more experienced in games of darkness and has more capabilities to recognise the danger, for he is always waiting for it internally.

25. When meeting someone, who is more overfilled with positive ambience, the first man, naturally, estimates the second as defective, as if not well adoptive for life.

26. For he can be easily deceived because of his inability to give attention to the probable danger as he is not in the wait for it. And it seems that he as if loses much and suffers.

27. This second man is characterised as blind for his inability to recognise the choosing a moment probable danger.

28. And the second man characterises the first one the same way but with some difference.

29. The first man is also characterised as blind who is unable to see light and good things around walking among all this unhappy and aggressively watchful.

30. Why it is also seen that he loses much and suffers. But his losses are of another kind and sufferings are of some other quality.

31. Though each one is equally sincere in giving characteristic to another person.

32. But only one of them has the most precious value.

33. Once at a time of my First Accomplishment I left a prompting that only they who are pure in heart would see God.

34. The one who is overfilled more with negative sensual ambience, is more predestined to recognise all coming from darkness for he is incessantly looking for it, being always watchful so as to discover it in time.

35. Why he begins finally to be afraid of his own shadow.

36. But he, who is overfilled more with positive sensual medium, is naturally more predisposed to recognise coming from Light, for he is constantly seeking for it in everything.

37. Where everyone, who is seeking sincerely and relentlessly, would always find the sought.

38. Therefore the quality of your life destiny is defined by what you are really looking for in practice.

39. Soulless representatives of mobile reason of the Universe show their interest only on the reasonable-egoistic ground.

40. Where ego-sensual traits are reduced to easily controlled by reason states of insignificant vitally necessary manifestations.

41. Such personal interest doesn't show itself all the time and depends fully on reasonable, mostly unbiased uptake of a current reality.

42. And it comes out only when preliminarily it was determined on reasonable ground some rational necessity for it.

43. And as your sensual world will always have extraordinary striking traits, then in dependence on the quality of your sensual world you will always be showing a sort of interest without any connection with rational necessity.

44. And a process of reasonable comprehension itself will always take place in direct dependence on the influence of some sensual coloration.

45. Why you are always predisposed above all to follow not after a pure reasonable estimation of what you got in touch with, but after the character of arisen with you interest of that.

46. In connection with the fact that a great abundance of the main life trails and tasks is displayed firstly through your familiarizing with the vitally necessary mystery of your relationship with each other, for all the abundance of striking manifestations of such personal interests falls just on the field of your relationships between each other. And you need to remember some simple guides.

47. Spiritual personal interest in perception of someone from your neighbours is shown firstly in your desire to find in him more positive qualities, which brings you additional joy about your neighbour and gives new graceful shades for your desire worthily to live your life.

48. And it is also shown in your endeavour to get to know him better so as to determine it for yourself whether you can be helpful for him with whom you got a desire to become friends from the first meeting with him.

49. Together with that if someone from your neighbours, being spiritually weak, brings you a negative information about this your new acquaintance, then such an information will be treated with distrust.

50. And still if there becomes a necessity of sincere confident talk about the presented information with him about whom this negative news came, then you may realise it but only with the aim to consider yet more deeper the probable difficulty and the possibility of rendering a feasible help.

51. But negative information in conditions of spiritual personal interest perception of the neighbour can in no way affect negatively the initial, naturally come out positive perception.

52. Wisdom of a spiritually flourishing person, in this case will always help you appreciate correctly first of all true value of the traits that are characteristic of hi now, when you met him this time, but not of those by that he was characterised a time ago.

53. For a man of to-day is always a man of not yesterday.

54. Therefore after an appropriate estimation of what your neighbour is seeking after today, you will take a subsidiary part in his life destiny in accordance with the Truth of Great God.

55. But if someone of your neighbours brings you something positive about your acquaintance, then such a news sh ould always be taken without any shadow of doubt and with joy for him who is spoken good words.

56. He who has a spiritual with personal interest perception when learns that his neighbour is more skilful in something that he himself would like to master, he always feels joy for this neighbour but also for the appeared opportunity to keep, for some time, to real example, trying to take the best of it, enriching himself with additional wisdom derived from this comprehension,

57. And it goes on certainly irrespective of considerable amount of his own grey hair and that the source of the wonderful example is suited for his child.

58. Under egoistic personal interest perception of some of your neighbours is implied the perception of a personality of a neighbour as that one who is probably able to satisfy your egoistic wishes,

59. Why you are even in a hurry to ascribe him for a while those traits which just you are able to imagine as merits, after which you make an attempt to get into falsely friendly terms with him;

60. Another variant is when you are quick to pick up as many as possible negative traits which you are as if able to notice in the self of your neighbour,

61. Suspecting not that in dependence on certain psychological regularities you inevitably attribute him just to your own vices and predisposition to them.

62. Such personal interest in looking for negative traits pursues not only egoistic desire to discover as if really existing dangerous rival, but also shows a need in getting soothed with your own weakness and demerits through the shortcomings, which as if found by you at your neighbour and which are as if of more extent than yours.

63. And in all that there won't be made any efforts so as to make more exact whether these shortcomings really exist, or not which shows eloquently that the conclusion satisfying your egoistic claims by its meaning stands higher for you than what is true.

64. And just all this makes a root of especially dangerous predisposition of a man to condemn the Truth!

65. And when any of you in the circumstances like these brings a news about positive traits of your neighbour, this news is always taken with distrust, whereas a negative information is taken with readiness and without any shadow of doubt.

66. They who have personal egoistic perception, when making acquaintance with the abilities of the neighbour who shows his mastership in the field in which they would also like to show themselves as skilled masters, they wouldn't feel joy for their neighbour to be skilful.

67. Being unable to manage the burning inside envy, they, having the very same special personal interest in finding out as many as possible shortcomings with the neighbour, will not only be making efforts directed to hamper or to hinder the exemplary manifestations, presenting as if reasonable justification to such necessity, but there will also be made some conscious efforts to bring painful feelings to his more advanced in a certain field neighbour.

68. As far as in the self of a man the egoistic origin with the roots of natural-animal character prevails, a man like an animal will always perceive the surrounding world of his habitant as some aggressive environment where more artful and strong could undo him or capture from him what he intended to use individually.

69. In such psychological atmosphere formed and supported by the efforts of a man himself there will inevitably show itself strikingly a natural characteristic in a psyche of a man known to you as a law of self-assertion.

70. Which plays an important role in the life of all the animal world and under the power of which almost every representative of human society live nowadays on the Mother-Earth.

71. The presence of such personal interest in striving for self-assertion coming out of everyone with different force, implies without fail the perception of representatives of the same species especially as probable rivals who might pretend to all the values you would like to dispose of merely on your own.

72. Why in the course of a long history of existence of human society consisted of a great number of your neighbours, each of you lives in this number greatness as in desert.

73. For you try to give notice and to make friends only with those from whom you can derive benefit.

74. You tend to be only with those first of all from whom you wait to get presents for yourselves.

75. And the stronger the desire to benefit by contact with the other men the less there will be those who feel like being in personal contact with you.

76. Truly I say to you: only then when your internal personal interest will show itself first of all in looking for those whom you could be helpful though a trifle, you will find as a result the true great Family of the worthy children of Great God.



Chapter 11

1. From the very first steps in the capacity of a unique phenomenon in the Bosom of the Mother-Earth a young humankind, by its natural ignorance of the Truth allowed the law of self-assertion to be shown through it in unusually striking form.

2. Which has led every representative of all the human society into unbalanced unhealthy condition of endless arguing and different competitions with each other so as to occupy the most beneficial place under the Sun,

3. Devoting to that completely all strength, thoughts, physical efforts and every day of the life to its very end,

4. Inventing in the course of this activity to lull the conscience all sorts of slogans through the glass of which own personal efforts gained the illusion of nobility.

5. And only getting back by the Will of Great Heavenly Father into a new flesh on the Earth they who have satisfactory worked with themselves before become more balanced.

6. But the law of self-assertion together with all attributed to it manifold regularities, at dawn of the initial stage of becoming of humankind became a foundation the life-organisation of all human society.

7. Where this characteristic feature was not necessary to be specially inculcated to different detached peoples since it makes up the same root system of the animal part in the psyche of a man and tends to manifest itself also identically by the origin.

8. The very essence of this life-organisation that rests on the same fundament has retained unchangeable up to these days.

9. Where in the course of all relatively long history of becoming of human society external decorations and slogans that would been changed.

10. And even if you consciously directly and openly don't define your neighbours as rivals, by the mode of your life, which you are living while endlessly competing with each other for getting more beneficial welfare and occupation, where the significance of personal egoistic ideas is often in practice put even higher than the value of very the life of some of your neighbours, you show it convincingly that you take your neighbours just as the probable rivals.

11. The idea of a "rival" on the conscious level of a man is adequate to the one before whom you shouldn't confide, whom you need to apprehend, which means that this man ought to be gone around, defeated or eliminated,

12. But he could be admitted to be, for some time, close by you if he happened to be interested in helping you.

13. The same regularity in a certain measure is displayed yet in making family pairs even if there is a feeling of love.

14. For such a circumstance is taken by you first and foremost as obtaining the one whom you passionately desired to have close by for yourselves.

15. Just this brings you great disappointment when the one whom you love makes a couple in love not with you but with someone else.

16. You do not make a family couple with your congener with expression of your gratitude to him for the fact that he allowed you to be close by him.

17. Retaining this gratitude and even showing it from time to time, even in case you undergo considerable troubles brought for you by your couple.

18. Misapprehending your neighbour's meaning to you, you also misapprehend your meaning to him.

19. Why in certain circumstances when you unexpectedly learn that you are as if of little importance for your couple, you suffer painful fiery feelings, for it is compared by you with confession of your as if uselessness and that you could as if be left alone because your couple decided to change you for something more beneficial.

20. Remember! Spiritually desirous first and foremost hurries up to learn to be helpful,

21. All the rest firstly look for the confirmation of their usefulness for the others.

22. All the time waiting from another one for the signs of attention, for the words of love to you and of how he needs you, you by that demonstrate your distrust and your fear.

23. For in dependence on the extent of negative traits you have in your inner world and on your egoistic personal interest in your perception of your congener, you morbidly expect that he will show the qualities of that you yourselves are afraid.

24. And when through externally expressed life circumstances you again notice the lack of just waited by you signs of attention, then you become inclined to suspect in the actions of your congener the presence of negative motive,

25. In which there as if comes out a disappearing interest to you, where you, being yet disadvantageous "article" should be replaced by more effective one.

26. The quicker and stronger you get under the influence of such sufferings and fantasies without clarifying what has really happened, the more suspicious you become in your self about as if existing tendency of your congener to betray you and to bring you psychological trauma.

27. It means that when having a mutual desire to come to something glad in making family couple, at least just you have in the depth of your sensual world a stable fear before your congen er,

28. Which is growing in you as a natural fruit of your upbringing on the ground of false psychological conventionalities.

29. In such a case, when you begin to live together you will inevitably be not completely open-hearted before each other, you will be over-cautious apprehending many of your actions which could as if inevitably bring to something you are afraid of.

30. And this will bring exactly a condition of your family life to something miserable and senseless on the face of it, if you are not kept together yet by the children whom you gave birth to.

31. For the character of your conduct in relation to your congener is just equal to that same which occurs only in relation to a hypothetical rival, that is to say, it is a conduct of a man who first of all takes the most care of his own well-being.

32. And you take no notice all your wishes and pretensions to one to bear in their basis just the worries for your own well-being.

33. With such an attitude to your congener you will be yet unable to make joyful, friendly relations with him,

34. Which should be put into practice without fail by those, who decided on taking responsibility for each other for a certain temporary period of going together a life path.

35. According to the law of egoism you would rather be the first to leave your congener that be left by him.

36. Therefore your loss of interest to your congener before he lost his to you is taken by you easily and positively as something which naturally stands to reason.

37. In this address I intend not to touch upon all the range of the psychology of family relation, about which I will be speaking through addresses and other talks with you but I only touch briefly upon one of the characteristics of your internal world which tells very specially on you and takes place in different measure in all natural-family compositions.

38. So that also in connection with this well-known to you basic life manifestation you exercise vigilance and carefulness in recognising necessary regularities, which should be correctly put into practice in full conformity with the Word of God.

39. Since the well-being of human society is to begin with the well-being of a family couple.

40. Where the well-being by no means depends on the presence of glittering glazed tile but always on the presence of glaring spiritual world.

41. And through the adducted life circumstances I wish to emphasise that in conditions when you begin on your own to imply the probable motives in the externally expressed actions of your congener - and just this way you always try to estimate the probable qualities of those with whom you get acquaintance someway - in very deed you will go on to attach giving these motives to your own vices and propensity for them in the like situations in which the congener shows himself somehow.

42. That is to say in your conscious there would not be drawn an adequate image of the one you have got in touch with,

43. But of a man there would be created merely an image, woven on the basis of your personal interest to him, with the help of qualities you acquired in the course of your own life.

44. You would not be able to create in your consciousness an image of a man with the qualities you yourselves haven't acquired, haven't apprehended, which are absolutely unknown to you.

45. That is why trying hurriedly to make a conclusion about someone you are in touch with, you by your ignorance try indeed to recognise in him you yourself,

46. Attaching to him the qualities for which you have a personal interest to find in him

47. And only the colours of your personal interest either spiritual or egoistic will characteristically paint your sensual perception.

48. As long as you take each other, though a trifle, as probable rivals, you in the depth of yourselves will be afraid of each other,

49. Which means that you will stay alien with each other no matter whether you glorify well consonantly with the words of your mouths the Name of God or not.

50. A Single Family of worthy children of God in such circumstances would never be.



Chapter 12

1. Arranging his life-being afar from the Truth of God and showing actively his egoistic personal interest in perception of the people around, a man with relentless persistence would make all the time some preventing barrier, to his mind necessary to be between his own heart and the heart of his neighbour.

2. And it turned out that you are more able to show love and tender feelings to animals that to those who are the like of you.

3. For the image of an animal is not compared for you with the image of probable rival, as are not only lack of need to contend with the representatives of the animal world for necessary life values, but even if in some circumstance it happens to be , so then being conscious of convincing superiority in skill, you are sure that you will win in this contest.

4. That is why it is not the image of an animal that will trouble you but that of your like.

5. Just through the image of a man in the course of all the history of existence of human society it comes out incessantly invidiousness and violence in desire to leave you behind, to defeat or remove as an obstacle on the way of acquisition of the most imaginary values, which you yourselves dream to have, trying to accumulate them little by little.

6. Just through the image of your neighbour they are able to take away from you avidly what you have already gained and at times through a considerable labour.

7. Just through the image of your neighbour they bring to you grief and tears, and can make your life as if inconsolable.

8. And as these disasters out in as if boundless abundance, a man in his depth conceived a stable fear to the image of his like.

9. Though there nevertheless exists positive experience of selfless service by some righteous toilers for the good of their neighbours.

10. Great is the fear of a man in the face of his neighbours.

11. That is why when meeting the image of your like, there occurs suspicion and distrust with you before reasonable conclusions are made.

12. Just therefore there is a great number of those who are waiting with personal morbid interest for my new, promised before Advent, but only by no means in the flesh born in your present society.

13. For how then to recognize the Teacher of the Truth when so many falsehoods and confusion show themselves through the human flesh?

14. Those who are impure in their hearts are afraid of exams of the Truth.

15. Therefore they are passionately waiting for my new Advent, which is as if to prove itself in indisputably convincing way, so that they who got lazy in spirit were not bothered by decisive exciting search.

16. But in this too the ones, glorifying the Name of God only with the words of mouths, whereas being attached to their egoistic desires, they diminish by such a waiting the Glory of God,

17. Alleging Zealously that something that they are unable to apprehend and undertook to determine by their ignorance the occurrence which is called to be determined only by Will of Heavenly Father.

18. Just in the flesh of your like I am to arise among you.

19. For just only this way all vitally important regularities serving for your good could show themselves in full measure.

20. And, especially now, when in your consciousness a firm pathological attitude to the image of your like got fixed, my coming out among you in the like appearance and your comprehending me while becoming saturated with my spirit, will certainly help amend such a fixed distortion with them who have worthily trodden to Light.

21. And certainly who else but me know all the measure of complexity that had to be displayed through your consciousness with respect to me.

22. For all of you, inevitably being in a hurry to estimate my externally made efforts, in practice will be naturally trying to find your own qualities in me, and exactly those traits in seeing and meeting of which in me you have your personal interest.

23. And in my case different kinds of your personal interest will be shown in exceedingly special way.

24. Such are definite regularities of characteristics of human psychology, which you are unable to avoid and in dependence on which you will exactly see in me, as you see it in your neighbours, some likeness of you yourselves.

25. When meeting me there will always stay between me and you my invented by you image through which you scrutinize my actions and efforts.

26. And when your life manifestations more and more evidently begin to show your ever growing readiness to seek and find the Teacher of Truth, you will naturally begin to try to imagine him on the basis of those spiritual qualities which were individually inimitably gained by just your own life experience.

27. You will be naturally creating the image of the Teacher of those best to your mind qualities to which you yourselves have matured in your comprehension.

28. But even in your striving to assume something in your opinion positive in the essence of my advent, you will almost always be making mistakes in your conjectures, since you do not know it yet at all, what in very deed is really positive for your good in the actions of just the Teacher.

29. Having excogitated a certain number of satisfying just you by their quality multifarious ideas about the Teacher, you begin to think that now you are already able to imagine how the Teacher should conduct himself, talk and what he should do.

30. Where the more you show your egoistic personal interest in taking the reality, the more attached you will be to such a kind of made up before details of invented by you image.

31. For the more the egoism shown itself yet, the stronger is the internal fear before probable delusion, and consequently there is more intention to compare what is going on with som e guide-marks, by which it is possible as if to define exactly whether it serves for good or bad.

32. Though a man hurries up to determine such guide-marks himself on the basis of characteristic qualities of his own internal world.

33. But when in such circumstances in inner world of a man true spiritual values prevail, then the less is the fear before possible delusion and less is the dependence of personal belief in something on comparing of what is really going on with independently asserted psychological conventionalities.

34. Only in such conditions you begin to show a favourable ground to begin making necessary efforts so as in correct direction to comprehend the essence of all that which is connected with the Teacher of Truth.

35. Egoistic personal interest perception is always characterized by comparing of what is going on externally in reality with internal asserted notions about what is going on.

36. In this case it is implied an effort to bring the compared into some norm asserted before.

37. Where in such circumstances negative characteristics are always supposed to be given to those parts of what is being compared which cannot coincide with already existing asserted conventional norms.

38. Those from the believers who show the most expressed egoistic personal interest perception of my Essence can have satisfactory or even enthusiastic state in relation to their Sacred Faith, as long as my actions, from their point of view coincide or not contradict their own asserted conventionalities about my possible manifestations.

39. But when there will be noticed a lack of coincidence of my manifestations with what they have on their own determined for me to follow without fail in some or other case, then the presence of a hidden inside considerable fear in the face of the image of your like as of probable rival or enemy, will inevitably evidently show considerable suspicions and doubts.

40. Where in dependence on which a man will give his preference to, either to carrying out of the Sacred Faith or to significance of his doubts, a destiny line of this man's life will start correspondingly to develop.

41. But the Teacher comes not to bring what you yourselves give rise to, for if what is being given rise to is normal and you are already giving rise to it, then you absolutely needn't to be taught anything in this case.

42. If the Teacher comes, it inevitably means that there is a vitally important need to change in oneself something or everything in new, yet unknown direction.

43. Spiritual personal interest perception of the Teacher of Truth should always be characterised only by comparison of another kind, that is by comparison of independently asserted own inner apprehensions with what the Truth will determine in relation to these apprehensions.

44. That is it should be characterised not by an attempt to bring an external reality into internally asserted norms, but by desire to bring inner apprehensions into the norms established by the Word of God.

45. And then on the basis of regularity of manifestation of aptitude for giving negative estimation to some parts which are not conformable with some norm, accepted before as veritable, there won't be propensity any more to give negative estimation to something yet unknown in acts of the Teacher.

46. But there will come out a predisposition to give a necessary correct estimation first of all to your own qualities that are not conformable with the qualities of the norm of truth.

47. Which makes already a favourable condition for exerting righteous efforts directed to changing yourselves in accordance with the requirements of the Truth.

48. Your predisposition to dispraise some qualities of your neighbour is based only on your inclination to compare the external occurrence with what you have inside.

49. In this case you do not feel like changing something in your inner self, but first and foremost you wish for the external reality to be changed to your liking.

50. Only correct exerting efforts to comprehend me and all I give you by the Will of Great God can make it possible for you to change all your false life apprehensions on which directly your truthful development depend.

51. Remember, the more fear of getting in touch with a probable rival or enemy you have, the more your own fear will stay between you and me, preventing you from seeing my true essence.

52. And he who has not come yet to Sacred Faith in Truth of my living Accomplishment, he in such circumstances will have the most propensity to see in any of my externally expressed manifestations that quality of motives which he can estimate only as negative and just which he is afraid of.

53. For in the ground of any external manifestations in relation to some life circumstances, be they considerable or not, one can imply in equal measure absolutely opposite in meaning motives.

54. Where all the history of existence of human society confirms the actual aptness of such probability, on the basis of which endlessly would continue so far to arise all kinds of ruses and insidiousness.

55. But if for many people not to recognise me in Truth is in very deed a salvation for them, for it prevent then from taking a responsibility for something which is beyond their strength to carry out yet, which means that they are to carry another burden, envisaged for them beforehand from Above,

56. Then for those who experienced inside a manifestation of Sacred Faith, fears like these will exactly turn out to be pernicious.

57. The arisen sense of Sacred Faith manifestation is called for some time to be an auxiliary means in damping down deep fears born in abundance by egoism, so that having become aware of all the greatness of responsibility you took upon your shoulders you could worthily put into practice all accepted entirely by your heart,

58. Why your Sacred Faith will be filling your true self more and more leaving for pernicious fears less and less room.

59. And if you give a meaning to what is coming over you without worthy practical respond to it, and on having come to Sacred Faith you began not to strain all required efforts, then inevitably with course of time the subsidiary force will start melting out and your deeply hidden fears will become more and more significant, telling on you.

60. And what is more, I advented not so as to please your weaknesses and to conduct myself as you have thought up and expect I ought to.

61. But I Advented so as with my laws to hurt every falsehood which you asserted in yourselves as veritable truth, trying to keep them up particularly, at times even ignoring the lives of others.

62. I Advented so as to lead them who got mature and who craved for taking the most difficult Path, on which in considerable pain all your poisons are exactly to burn out.

63. Where this Path is the only real opportunity in this decisive period of your development to bring you to required victory over yourselves and to resurrection for the life, truthful and eternal.

64. For to live in flesh is not equal to be simply alive.

65. And let the significance of your Sacred Faith prevails over the affect of fears and doubts, that are being given birth to in great abundance by rushing about egoism.

66. If once you were able to respond with your heart to my Call, then it means that just for you it has been predetermined before to make the first step,which can be defined as the starting-point of the dawn of Great Revival of human race.

67. But predetermination is not a guarantee in victory and is defined only by predisposition, required to be worthily availed of through giving selflessly all your strength for righteous serving the Testament of God.

68. Where everyone who fails to realize it rightly that it is obligatory for him to be in constant need of exerting righteous efforts, but keeps on to be slow instead showing by that first of all his indecision and laziness, once is sure to lose the very predisposition for carrying out the Truth to his good and to the good of other people around,

69. And it will be very sorrowful for him once to become aware of this loss.

70. And what is the sense to speak about the case when there was a lack of the slightest possibility for doing that. Another matter is when having if only some kind of possibilities, in the first instance he went on taking the most care of his weaknesses, while dreaming of the righteous service.

71. They who responded with their hearts to my Call have now to get actually and actively over all the fears so as to carry out the truth in the name of Salvation of this humankind.

72. Once in ancient times I left a prompting for those thirsty that everyone who decided to take up the plough while turning his head back is not trustworthy for the Kingdom of Truth.

73. Resoluteness for the believers is called to make your tread unshakeable.

74. Not on half measures mixed on doubts and distrust it is feasible to it build up the walls of the Temple of Soul,

75. But exactly on resolute and self-denying ground will Love gain a foothold for ever.

76. The Hour has come!

77. Time has come for you to get down to complete, concrete and active differentiation of your inner world in full accordance with the Word of God.

78. Time has come for you to get down to entire going out of the influence of the very powerful laws of the general current of kingdom of force, the laws which have to be being burnt out by you through pain when going worthily through the fiery christening.

79. And now on this righteous way, going on to retain a certain extent of distrust, a danger of which you underestimate yet, and as for the majority of the believers they are even holding on to it tenaciously so far, you in this case inevitably begin to notice that you find it difficult to get over even a simple circumstance, and as for the rest, more difficult one s it is not possible at all for you to overcome them.

80. The extent of your trust in me is defined exceptionally always by the measure of your spiritual merging with me, owing to which you always have the possibility to use the Power of my Spirit in difficult minutes on this utterly complicated path of your becoming.

81. And if I am a Hand of your Heavenly Father which you were called to find and to have for ever, having put trustfully in It your hands, then retaining some kind of distrust, you can easily get into inevitability, when the significance of pain of your singed egoism for you will prevail the significance of your Sacred Faith.

82. It is just then your hand can slip out and again at night your voice will get lost.

83. Sacred Faith can be normally shown only in full trust, which being realised worthily made it possible for you to give up false values for the sake of true ones,

84. To give up those false values, being unaware of which you considered them to be the basis for developing as if truthful qualities of your personality.

85. Which became a reason for your becoming fast attached to them, when you take care of them the way you are called to take care of your life.

86. But just those things of life that you believe to bring you good, in the very deed they harbours a certain ruin, and vice versa - the things that you are prone at times to take as negative, are not infrequently called to be a salvation just for you.

87. Is not it the same phenomenon that you come across in upbringing of your little ones, who, showing often caprices through their being unaware of their weakness, appraise specifically the efforts of the loving parents.

88. And if the children nevertheless have the right at times and not without reason to distrust their parents understanding their natural characteristic to make mistakes, then a distrust in your going the path of Sacred Faith ought not to be allowed at all.

89. Almost all what you have stored up by these significant and decisive days during all your life and in the course of all your history, just presupposes in very deed of a different degree tragedy of your life.

90. And the more you take care of the stored up, showing your considerable attachment to sham and illusory values, the less aptitude you have so as to see me truthfully, which means that it will be not possible for you to follow in my step.

91. As it is also impossible to perceive the beauty of sunrise and sunset if scrutinising incessantly into your own shadow made by your own flesh.

92. For the Sun and your shadow are always situated in opposite directions from where you are.

93. Having a great attachment to the stored up, a considerable part of which consists of sham and illusory values you will inevitably have that same attachment also to my image which is being woven by you naturally from what you have stored up, and from the qualities you gained by yourselves.

94. Such an image built up by you from the details of your ideas about me, in dependence on the extent of your attachment to it will correspondingly prevent you from comprehending the reality I brought for you.

95. That is why it will be difficult for you to see me as I am and you will be more inclined to follow in footsteps of the image invented by you but not in my actual concrete footstep made in real life.

96. That is why, be from now on especially vigilant and attentive to that how you estimate and give sense to what is going on in practice.

97. All what you have stored up causes you to make such a chain of life manifestations and to have such a specific perception of current reality, that inevitably your life becomes overfilled first of all with bitter torturing sufferings,

98. Forcing you to live in some tension of constant expectation to meet a probable danger, which in the existing life-organisation of all human society will exist as inalienable part of it, as a compulsory necessity.

99. A fight with such an existing strict necessity without radical change of characteristic basis of existing for all life conditions of all human society, cannot win.

100. Which means that an expectation for getting delivered from different troubles in such circumstances is absolutely senseless.

101. To all what is negative you naturally try to adapt yourselves, organising from time to time something relieved and amusing.

102. But wrong attitude and understanding of amusement also inevitably bring in its turn to the regular torturing sufferings.

103. Through gaining different false apprehensions about life manifestations of your essence and that they are expressed in making and storing up diverse false ego-psychological conventionalities, you, not wishing that, in dependence on the naturally developing definite regularities of your psyche, have formed by this specific co-existence a peculiar world of sufferings,

104. The fruit of existence of which became inevitably a false comprehension that life on the Earth is as if always inevitably connected with sin and suffering.

105. And all this naturally is to bring to life an expectation and hopes for the time to come when such a life on the Earth will be irrevocably left once as a long-waited deliverance from endless torturing sufferings.

106. Which in its turn became just a basis for coming out a great number of false religious-philosophical interpretations of true value of a man and predetermination of his coming into existence in the Universe.

107. The world of sin and sufferings cannot exist by itself and begins to rise up exceptionally, first of all, in the conscience of a man himself on the basis of striking manifestation of his own primitive egoistic personal interest.

108. My Advent to you to your Salvation can be compared yet with descending into the world of suffering and grief.

109. Where just now I would try to give you in the most possible measure all what is truthful and begin to lead out of created by you world of sufferings those of you who have already become mature in their strong desire to get worthily through a necessary for that kind of trials.

110. I needn't lead you out of some severe and sombre abyss of the bowels of the Earth, where you through some con-currency of circumstances as if happened to be and stay up to now,

111. But to lead you out of gloomy morfibic illusion constantly asserted by you in your own consciousness.

112. And a surrounding you world of Nature of the Mother-Earth is wonderful and it has everything favourable for you.

113. The mostly shown egoistic personal interest is a basis for manifestation of your faith in truthfulness of peculiar qualities of illusions. Such a faith in the course of all the history of your existence has been being developed and asserted by you in your consciousness by means of different kinds of psychological conventionalities.

114. Your faith in truthfulness of the existing characteristic qualities of peculiar illusion keeps you all the time in full dependence on these qualities and make you obediently take the current reality and undertake a number of externally expressed life efforts when fruits, inevitably grown by your such efforts will be bringing you bitter troubles and grief.

115. And if to consider the necessity of getting out of the existing state of the inner world of a man with the following change for the state of truly spiritually flourishing man, then it will be certainly required first of all a conscious-volitional identification with another set of psychological assertions of spiritual character corresponding fully to the requirements of the Truth of development of a man in the Universe.

116. Such conscious-volitional identification with the necessary extent of truthful notions of life phenomena, connected with life of just the children of God, will naturally bring to required qualitative change of the inward world of those who crave for carrying out worthily what is being created by the Word of God.

117. But to carry out worthily the predestined to your good by the Will of Great God is possible only when the significance of what is being asserted by the Word of God will be exactly taken by you as of greater importance than what you have, as well as it is taken the significance of real life as opposed to that of illusion about it.

118. For my Essence is always the Essence of Him Who Gives Life, and to give you something that can prevent you, even inconsiderably, from living a life in Truth I am not able.

119. It is for you to change your world for mine which I will be creating at the Will of Heavenly Father to your good.

120. But as long as you have a wrong belief that the conventionalities asserted in you have in yourselves are just as if the components of true life, you will inevitably take as illusions all opposed by me, and naturally you will have no strength to grow accustomed properly to the conditions of my world.

121. For you will be unable to reject yours for the sake of mine, continuing to cling tenaciously to what is false and gloomy from your past.

122. Just through this it is impossible for you to see me in true light, and you will be unable to comprehend me, following after me,

123. As you will continue to wander in your conjectures and different opinions about what is mine as you choose it.

124. And only when you show your readiness to perceive mine as truthful life, having got sufficiently mature so as to become conscious of all the illusiveness of your manly wisdom, you will acquire a real opportunity to change your world for truthful one and to get away from the world of sufferings and grief once and for all.

125. Remember, that in dependence of the prevalence of some or other qualities of the internal world a man becomes overfilled either with desire not to miss the Hour of meeting with the Truth or with fear not to recognise an enemy in time.

126. These concerns make the basis of two kinds of different strivings, where there are those looking for the Light and those, who, in spite of their at times loud slogans about divine, in very deed are looking for darkness.

127. In conditions of global egoism, that made the essence of life-organisation of all human society of the Mother-Earth, where a man in his depth constantly shows that he takes his neighbour as a probable rival, which means that he takes him as conventional enemy, in psyche of a man there prevails first and foremost a fear of the second mentioned distinctive characteristic.

128. Striving for recognising enemies is possible solely on the basis of internal apprehension that they might happen to appear.

129. In this case the external manifestations of such a frightened man are characterised by over-reversed character, suspiciousness and inclination to trust in the first instance only negative information about someone.

130. A man in apprehension like that thus has a serious psychological difficulty preventing him considerably from seeing in time what is coming from Great God.

131. For many of you it will make a great difficulty with the help of what you have now to recognise the Advented Salvation, since the shortage of what is positive in sensual world of a man is great.

132. And there is no sense for you to frighten each other with hypothetic advent of some mighty servants of darkness, for you haven't ever gone yet out of the kingdom of darkness, going on constantly to follow obediently its laws.

133. A personal interest to find negative in everything which in very deed is little known and even unknown , comprises the core of the dangerous blindness and not a little probability to pass easily by really Advented Salvation.

134. For it is the Truth itself that stays yet little known to a man, and in many aspects it is unknown.

135. Whereas with all its history the strayed humankind has shown all the fullness of being experienced so far only in negative manifestations.

136. He who is anxious above all with the fear of meeting enemy, and this exceptionally always is connected with waiting for the enemy and with looking for it, he is not predisposed to gather flowers, but strives more for gathering stones.

137. For in the stones he sees the means of his defence.

138. And the hands of him who is more concerned of seeking for the Truth always try to find wonderful flowers. And his face shines with the smile.

139. For great is the thirst to meet with flowers and with all the heart and with all the life venerately Awaited.

140. That is why more often and attentively keep your eye on what you have in your hands.

141. What your hands are overfilled with, that will determine first of all the character of your searches and your waiting.

142. And I have Advented not so that to lead you to the past, well-known to you,

143. But there, where you have never been to.

144. There, only where you are to be for ever!