Children of God!


The time has come when you need to realize the need to make the first step along the path leading to True Perfection of humankind. This time is a great time indeed.

2. For it will lead you either to an unprecedented upsurge or to an unprecedented downfall.

3. Do not look at the deeds of the others, but be worthy masters of your own.

4. Man has set out on the path leading to the abyss.

5. But you have now reached a point along that path where a single road can take you away from it and lead you towards True Perfection.

6. The law of inertia, which is inherent in any populous society, will play a fatal role from now on.

7. If you miss this turning point, the line of your life will break in the near future.

8. And what will you then say about the fate of the little ones who will find no future, because of the coldness emanating from the supposedly wiser grown-ups?

9. From now on people will be clearly divided into the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. There will be no third alternative.

10. Those who stand aside and reason about the effectiveness of the Teaching will become bearers of evil. For inaction in a period of realization will only serve to strengthen the opposition.

11. The Kingdom of Force, in which mankind has developed from the very beginning, is now reaching the end of its existence.

12. The river of people's life will now flow across its next level, which is situated at a substantially higher stage of development.

13. This level is the Kingdom of the Soul, also known to you from the Scriptures as the Kingdom of God.

14. The Kingdom of Force is entering into a death agony during which the essence of man will be rapidly going back to its savage origin.

15. The Lord has prepared Russia for a great mission. This is why the agony of Force will have clearly delineated features on this land.

16. A great number of people will head towards the snare of savagery and worthlessness.

17. Even greater education will not prevent a fall into this snare.

18. For the worthiness of man depends not on the extent of his technical knowledge.

19. The height achieved by man's mind cannot be defined by his scientific and technical achievements.

20. And no matter what material gains you enjoy or what position in society you hold, in the poverty of your soul you will remain just a creature and not a worthy Son of our Mother Earth.

21. The transition to the Kingdom of the Soul requires a level of spiritual advancement which the present-day man seriously lacks.

22. The path going through the Kingdom of Force has led mankind to self-destruction.

23. And thus, much earlier, there appeared the need to give to humankind the Basis for its Reunification.

24. Four main religions have emerged in the World-- Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

25. The Lord has given man the opportunity to develop to an immeasurably high degree that is not even possible in other Worlds.

26. The great spiritual values have made man a unique creature in the Universe, with nobody else like him.

27. But this privilege should be used skilfully, for it is possible not only to reach great heights, but also to fall down into non-existence.

28. The Kingdom of Force has left its imprint on the development of people. However, Man is nor some kind of a machine, the movement of which can be easily changed.

29. Thus, knowing the fatal outcome to which the river of people’s life was flowing, and being aware of the large disunity caused by a pagan view of the world, the Lord started building the Basis for Unification into a Single People.

30. Salvation cannot be granted to mankind in the very last moment before its death.

31. For the more numerous the society to be saved, the longer it takes for people to accept salvation.

32. For that reason, any grandly conceived plan needs to be prepared well in advance. However, in order to realize it, it is important to take into consideration the lack of sufficient development of people’s mind.

33. Mankind in its youth could not perceive the truth about the essence of its development, which is based on five Origins: the Earth, the Unified and the Spirit of Life, God the Son and the Holy Spirit.

34. Those who do not enter into harmony with the Five Great Origins will never be able to move towards the Heights of Perfection.

35. The formation of man originated from the Earth, which flourished under paganism.

36. Like the child who follows its mother, initially the young mankind was holding close to its Mother-Nature.

37. But inevitably people started to attribute individual traits to the subjects of their worship, which brought about numerous and long-lasting divisions among them.

38. For each family trusted its own Guardian only, regarding others as less significant.

39. In those distant times the first stones were laid to build the great Path to Spiritual Ascent.

40. The varied nature of the pagan manifestations held no special importance. Most important was the worship of the Nature.

41. Henceforth the Lord was preparing the human mind to perceive the Single God; however the people could not immediately perceive the Truth of Unity and develop it at the same time.

42. For the Kingdom of Force, gaining more and more power could not create favourable ground for the origin of a Unified People.

43. The Truth of the Unity was therefore divided into four Origins, each of them giving birth to a new religious Teaching on the Earth.

44. The truths were spread among those people where they could develop and flourish most fully, gathering into one family many people of varying beliefs, regardless of the different languages they spoke.

45. These religions have existed for many centuries, unaware that they retain parts of the same tree –

46. The tree containing the essence of a unifying religion.

47. This essence comprises the Great Mysteries of the Higher World: the Unified and the Sprit of Life, God the Son and the Holy Spirit.

48. Mysteries which to this day were to remain unknown by any person on Earth.

49. The lack of knowledge inevitably caused confusion and division in the spiritual world.

50. However, now, with the authority of my Heavenly Father, I am disclosing to you those Mysteries which have been kept away from the human mind until the time to reveal them comes.

51. Read and behold. This is the truth of our being.

52. You are about to learn that there are two Great Origins in the Universe.

53. Not knowing about the concealed mysteries of these two origins, men were forced to think of them as one and the same Source.

54. The concealment of the Great Mystery was essential, because the Heavenly Father will not grant the truth to a single people while neglecting the others.

55. He loves all in equal measure, for all of you are the children of One Parent.

56. And as long as people on the Earth are deeply divided and unable to tread the same path, holding each other by the hand, the Truth will be given to no-one.

57. So that for the long time to pass in different counties It would not be overgrown with weeds formed on the basis of man's certain creative abilities. And so that It would not lose Its virgin beauty and worth.

58. And now, children of God, try to perceive the Great Mystery - that the Creator of the Universe and your Heavenly Father are not one and the same Source.

59. The difference between them is the same as the nature of a flower. There is the Root from which comes out the Stem of Material Eternity, and on it there once opened up a unique and lovely Bud, which began to emanate the Fragrance of the New Eternity.

60. The Root of the Universe is the Unified or the Absolute as He is called in the East.

61. He is the Great Father of the Universe and of all that exists in it. He is the Origin of the Truth of Material Being and the Source of the Spirit of Life (material life-force).

62. The Unified is the Father of the Great Female Origins - the Planets, the Moons and the Stars.

63. And since He does not posses spiritual tissue, neither the good nor the evil lives in Him. 64. However, the whole Reason of the Universe develops thanks to the Unified.

65. For people, the Heavenly Father is the Wonderful Fragrant Bud in the Universe. He is the Great Father of people’s souls and the Son of the Unified. Your God is the Origin of the Truth of Spiritual Being and the Source of the Holy Spirit (or the spiritual life-force).

66. Your Lucid Father encompasses all the good which has been done and is continued to be done upon the Earth.

67. The appearance of His radiant Being occurred when the Spirit of Life merged with the unique energy flowing from the heart of the Mother Earth.

68. This holy time was lit up by the Light of the Birth of the Only Son, and this time has not and will never come again.

69. Reaching His maturity and His Glory, and blessed by the Unified, God the Son proceeded with the creation of His children, planting their bodies with a unique spiritual tissue which has a predestined mission.

70. Thus allowing His children to bring spiritual treasures before the Face of Being and to walk along the path of development, which nobody else had walked before. This gave rise to certain difficulties.

71. But through the ages, patient and tolerant of slander and discontent, the Lord has led His unwise children towards the heights of perfection, granting them the Holy Spirit.

72. The Holy Spirit is a Generous Force and a certain type of wisdom which originates from God and enters a certain human body, so that through the deeds of a certain person it could create godly things among people.

73. The Spirit of Life, originating from the Unified and passing through the human flesh, supports the circulation of energy, which flows in a certain pattern and feeds all internal organs of the body.

74. The first truths which required an independent development were, on the one hand, the discovery and self-perfection of man’s inherent abilities in harmony with the Unified; and on the other hand, holiness and a boundless belief in the Lord. This caused a corresponding division between the East and the Middle East.

75. The first two truths revealed to humankind contained the Secret about the abilities of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Life.

76. The notion of the Secret of the Holy Sprit gave rise to Buddhism and Hinduism.

77. In these religions the aptitudes of the Holy Spirit consisted in God’s appearing among people in the form of one or another Being or a certain human hero.

78. The Secret of the Spirit of Life gave rise to Taoism

79. Which consists in the fullest use of the energy of the Unified and in the ability not to resist the Great Motion.

80. The next two Truths, carrying the Secrets of the Unified and of His Holy Son, were revealed somewhat later, when man's mind felt sufficient need to accept them.

81. The Secret of God the Son gave birth to Christianity.

82. The Secret of the Unified gave rise to the Teaching of Islam and, much earlier, to Judaism.

83. Each of these religions advocated its Truths at a level that would be acceptable for the contemporary human mind, which infused them with falsehoods and deficiencies. The atheists desperately lean on these deficiencies; however, their time has come.

84. Taoism, Buddhism and Islam were granted by the Unified after considering the level of development of man's consciousness.

85. However, since the time when the Heavenly Father planted the spiritual tissue in the human flesh with a special predestination, mankind has moved along a path, which is not consistent with the Mind of the whole Universe. This caused great perplexity among all observers on the surface of the Mother Earth.

86. Moving along an unknown path, man could easily fall into chaos, making many mistakes and inevitably being punished for them.

87. And the Mind of the Universe, for many centuries has made efforts to help man rectify the course of his development.

88. Observing the development of mankind, the Extraterrestrial World once came to the correct conclusion that a distinguishing quality of man is the spiritual development and not the scientific or technological one. Realizing that, this World began to support this behaviour in its own way.

89. Simply observing the life of people, the Extraterrestrial Mind could conclude that mankind had its own God, that there was someone who was leading the human beings in a considerate and patient way.

90. The Extraterrestrial Mind has no relation to the Heavenly Father as no-one beyond the boundaries of the Earth possesses spiritual tissue.

91. Your Father never proclaims his Heavenly plans, for He holds the Truth, and the Truth needs no extra thought or consideration.

92. Because of that no-one in the Universe knows about the Path that He is laying down for humankind.

93. Hence the natural attempt by the Universe to bring man to spirituality through consciousness, where on behalf of the Unified, the highly developed worlds presented to the Earth all sorts of exercises, which were allegedly developing spirituality, as well as many wise thoughts that were intended to lead people to spirituality.

94. Thus to the Earth were granted, on the basis of man’s conscious level, the main spiritual paths, which created the world cultures.

95. But one faith was founded on the basis of the manifestations of the human soul granted by the Heavenly Father. Because of inevitable mistake, people called this faith Christianity.

96. Then was granted the Unifying Faith, which was meant to unite all spiritual paths on the basis of Love and Spiritual Truth, and which needs no name.

97. However, it was impossible to achieve complete development of the soul at a time when the Kingdom of Force took its prime, where the essence of people was in an extremely savage state.

98. Therefore, according to the will of God, the development of Christianity had to proceed in two strong Flames.

99. Two thousand years ago it was necessary only to set down the faith and to leave time to spread it throughout the world.

100. Now people have reached a new stage in their development.

101. The necessary amount of fertile soil has already been prepared to take the grains of the Truth. Once these grains are planted, each of them will give many fruits.

102. This will allow the mankind to go through greatest prosperity and to enter a new level in the Kingdom of the Soul.

103. The Truth, which will prepare and purify the souls of men, will bring about a new union of God and humankind.

104. This is the last Testament, which I give to you from the One who sent me, in order to complete the formation of Christianity as a Unified Religion on the Mother Earth.

105.From now on, to you are being disclosed the secrets about the essence of Good's Glory and the origin of the devil; the paths leading to the salvation of the soul as well as to its death;  the transmigration of souls, and many secrets, which were previously hidden from the human mind.

106. It will not be difficult for modern consciousness to realize that the human soul cannot develop and exist in accordance with Hindu traditions for some people, and in accordance with Muslim traditions for others. The law of the existence of the soul is one and the same for all, and the time to recognize this law has now arrived.

107. People should no longer remain ignorant of these fundamental secrets, because the growing atheism and the striving to know the existing secrets in one's own way, leads to a powerful upsurge of coldness, concealed by the cover of good.

108. What I reveal to you will cause much unrest in the human mind. Where, unfortunately, the storm of indignation will reach the greatest heights among believers.

109. But who told you that you have the right to interpret and predetermine the future deeds of your Father? That He did not say a certain thing does not mean that He will not accomplish it.

110. Not everything can be known by the little ones.

111. The legend about the Second Coming on clouds was given so that, appearing secretly at a time predetermined by my Father, it would be easy for the Saviour to expose the hypocrites and reveal God's truthful people.

112. How can people recognize the One who has been sent by God: by the omens that He has created, by reasoning or by the essence that emanates from His heart?

113. No good tree can produce bad fruit, and no bad tree can bear good fruit.

114. Every tree is known by its own fruit, because figs are not gathered in the thorns, nor are grapes picked in the bushes.

115. If a Master comes to His Home amid peals of thunder and bursts of fire, then all his slaves, beholding the signs, will exclaim, “We believe, we have been waiting!”

116. Among them will also be those who were woken by the thunder and were not waiting for their Master.

117. But the Master will come secretly in order to see the truthful face of everyone, without being touched by great signs, and not giving time to the greedy hypocrite to hide his face.

118. The Master will come quietly and, sitting at the threshold of His House, will pour out the life-giving Moisture coming from the One Who has sent him.

119. And all who are great of heart and thirsty for the Moisture of the Heavenly Father will arrive and quench their thirst. For they will feel by their souls that this comes from the Father.

120. They are those on whom God places the last hope for the salvation of humankind.

121. Blessed will be he who does not miss the goal of his aspirations in the world of mundane bustling and great impoverishment of soul.

122. The Last Testament is presented to you at a critical moment of development.

It is presented in order to accomplish a Great and Holy Unification of all existing religions.

123. The Last Testament will help open the closed souls, satisfy the thirsty and gather the strayed children of God into a single Holy Bosom. Then the youthful mankind will embark upon the path of maturity.

124. Remember the legend of the construction of the Tower of Babel - a mystery which, alas, you have misperceived.

125. It showed to you that people speaking in different languages are not able to build anything significant, because the existence of different languages leads to division.

126. The Last Testament will lead to the full opening of your soul and to the necessary reunification with God, which was impossible to achieve earlier. If you do not desire that, then stay where you are.

127. The Last Testament is called up to lead to salvation those children who are able to pass through the Gates of God's Kingdom.

128. These are the people striving for unity among themselves, so that in a single gust they can infinitely give the warmth of their soul to the surrounding world, and can suffer the pains of Mother the Earth. If you feel alien to these children of God, then remain where you are.

129. The Last Testament takes into account the necessary abilities of the mind. For this is of critical importance for the advancement to a qualitatively higher level of development in the human thought, necessary to enter the Kingdom of God.

130. If you wish to remain at he level of thinking which existed two thousand years ago, then remain where you are.

131. Once you were told that the Kingdom of Heaven is like baking yeast, which the woman put in three measures of dough until it leavened.

132. This is the mystery of the three Testaments, which are meant to lead the children of God to the Kingdom of Heaven: the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Last Testament.

133. They reveal the secrets of Hope, Faith and Love respectively.

134. Many, who have strayed, regard religion as something extra on the path of Life.

135. I tell you the truth: religion is the art of the development of the soul.

136. But the soul is the essence of man himself.

137. Therefore religion is the art of the full development of man and the basis for the development of all arts.

138. Do not try to point out one or another disadvantage of a particular Teaching.

139. Remember! The teachings have been granted to match the level of reasoning of their time.

140. The new Path has now been given to you and the Lord wishes that you enter religion consciously and not because of fear or miracles.

141. Therefore God will give no miracles, but a last chance will be given to you to save your soul.

142. The time has now come when your Heavenly Father has directed His Word towards your years. Whether you will be able to hear this Word depends on you only.

143. Beware of another fulfilment of the prophecy of Isaiah, which says, “By hearing you shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing you shall see, and shall not perceive.

144. For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed…”

145. The word which you are now touching is the Word of Judgement.

146. It was intended for you two thousand years ago, when it was said that I would give you the Word which will judge you in the last day.

147. So accept it with dignity and do not fall into this empty slander which occupies your thoughts!

148. A man differs from an animal only in terms of his spiritual world.

149. And if a man does not develop spiritually, he becomes like an animal. However, because of the abilities he has been given, he can do immeasurably more harm, as you can see more clearly if you look around you.

150. People's souls have become saturated with coldness, which one now meets at every turn.

151. The greatest threat of a complete fall is in the fact that this coldness has penetrated children's homes, old people’s homes, schools, hospitals and even places of worship.

152. The coldness of the frozen souls have grown so much that man's reason has become  dim, which causes enormous sufferings to the Mother Earth.

153. For the Earth is alive and can feel each of you, how you tramp down Her flesh with your heavy steps.

154. As she suffers more and more, the Earth will start to defend Herself, 

155. Punishing you with all awful diseases and destroying that what you have built.

156. How far will the blindness of the human reason go? A man who bears spiritual coldness can give nothing to his child but that same coldness. Is it reasonable for society to complain about the growth of evil and untruth if society itself makes the soil fertile for such weeds to spring up?

157. Look around you! The World in which your flesh lives, the Home which gave you life have been defiled by man's deeds.

158. The craving to enrich the flesh only gives rise to immeasurable coldness.

159.  Coldness which destroys the tender green sprouts which appear in you from time to time.

160. Listen carefully to your soul! Don’t you feel the encroaching coldness, or has the verdure in your soul disappeared, leaving room for the fierce coldness?

161. The holy servants - the gardeners of humanity – tirelessly continue to sow the grains of life in the souls of men.

162. However, obviously the fertile soil is getting less and less, or else careless hands are throwing the grain into the soil, for the Mother of Humanity is suffering more and more under the burden of her sons.

163. Where is your soul? Under what layers of sediment is it resting now? Wake up!

164. The Earth is your one and only Mother.

165. Foolish and ridiculous are those sons of one Mother who live in one place and yet have separated themselves from each other by borders, simply because some of them were born by Her in one place, while others - in another.

166. The aspiration of one people to be superior to another is a sign of a sick mind.

167. Remember the Word, which shows you that you are all brothers and that he who raises himself above the others will be humbled.

168. For the time world religions have existed, their trees have produced all kinds of branches.  Especially in Christianity.

169. But what is the value of Christianity today, when it has split up into so many parts which, when clashing with each other, pour out a huge amount of coldness and vileness onto each other?

170. Is it reasonable to have several interpretations of one Truth?

171. I will truly say to you: the time has come when it is advantageous for the devil to spread various views about the Truthful Development.

172. For if you have different views about this Development, you will not ascend by it.

173. There is great grief on your Father's Brow as he looks at the madness of his children, especially among believers.

174. Many words have been written about the Faith, and many wise teachings said about it, but no-one perceives that all these books that have been written can be condensed into two lines:

Love God!

And love your neighbour!

175. For he who knows how to love will never do anything against God.

176. Throughout the centuries you have preserved and passed on the commandments, which no-one has yet observed during this long time and which say, ”Love your enemies; bless them that curse you; do good to them that hate you; and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you.”

177. Where is that Love that God commanded you to show?

178. Not heeding the warnings and the signs given by the Mother Mary, people have for a long time - and especially over the last decades - moved stubbornly towards the abyss.

179. Now the time has come to draw a line in your development.

180. Everyone must now realize that to consider oneself a believer and to be a believer is not one and the same thing.

181. You must know that from now on any believer who, side by side with his belief, does something bad, becomes a great bearer of evil. For such a person makes stronger the lack of belief.

182. So be worthy children of your Great Father and listen to the Last Call made to your Souls.

183. From now on you must become incapable of bearing coldness. You have no right to even think badly of anyone - no matter when, under what conditions, or under what banner.

184. The path of the Light – this is the striving to open your soul and to give its warmth without limit to those who surround you, without expecting anything in return.

185. This is the striving to warm even a person who will insult you afterwards.

186. This is the true path to start building the walls of the Temple of your soul.

187. So let this Word be a Judgement above you, and let it lay upon you a responsibility for what you have heard, so that you do not say later, “I did not hear!”

188. From now on you will see the Glory of God, and Love will send its rays of light over the World.

189. But misery will fall upon those who go in the opposite direction. There time has come.

Awake and be creators! Peace be with you.