Letter to Shri Shri Ravi Shankar

Letter of Vissarion, Heavenly Abode, May 2008

Dear Friend! 

Your recent guest from Siberia is writing to your with the wiliness to express his gratitude!    
It was important to me not just to see the film that you have recommended, but to hear some additional stories of those people that follow the path you showed with their whole hearts. 

I was very glad to see that spiritual values that are aimed to pull together various spiritual formations have been actively realized!

It is nice and pleasant to see something in reality that many smart people may only be dreaming of before.   
It  clear that many people got mature enough to make the first steps  towards rapprochement, stepping over some of their stigmatic biases  which provide the foundation  for prospering of  their abnormal fears and alienation.   
After a long era of all possible schisms and  isolation people should maturate to the need of building friendly relationship between each other based on an aspiration to manifest mutual respect to those special spiritual values, which having their own distinctive features   underlain the basis of development of spiritual ideology of different social formations. 
Although only a minor part from the great mass of different believers will start to manifest such mutual respect, but this is very natural. 

During those blessed minutes, when we had a chance to know each other better, I didn’t find it appropriate to give an adequate answer to your question regarding the nature of my mission on Earth at this time.  
The environment was not favorable for that, and I limited myself in my answer by the very simple and the most important definition. 
When I came back to the places of my life activity, a desire came to me not simply to express my gratitude, but, if you still have such an interest, to mention slightly more about what I have to open and touch upon.   I beg you pardon for my probable verbosity.  I will try to be brief. 

If not to consider any individual features of well-established religious doctrines that create specific distinctions of some spiritual Teachings form others, then one can make all devotees of these Teachings as good neighbors only in one’s best wishes. 
That are respectful to a faith of other people around them, but between whom inevitably exists deliberately established conventional boundary that deeply separates all these believers in their hearts.    

One thing when people on the whole Earth manifest different and often inimitable skills to express their different feelings through their body manifestations, what one can see in works of arts and other cultural traditions, but it is quite a different thing when people start to interpret one and the same Law of Spiritual Order.
Creative actions of people may be always diverse and inimitable.  This is normal. 
But different interpretation of one and the same Law can be allowed only temporarily, as natural fruits of the newly developing young human civilization in its pursuit to comprehend the true spiritual values.  Also like all flowers on Earth have their unique outward diversity, but internally they get developed on the basis of the same principle, applicable to all of them. 
Mental and spiritual basis of all people on Earth, without any exception, has the same structural features, and it means that the Law of Development of all these things could be exceptionally the same.   As soon as people find the same right understanding of the Law, from which everyone’s spiritual development is completely dependent upon, a Single family will emerge on Earth that will reflect the true value of human civilization. 

In this Family people won’t have any conventional barriers separating their hearts, and this is the only condition, on which basis exeptionally the single field of conciseness of all people on Earth can be developed.  But they will have to reconsider already existing religious dogmas related to one and the same thing. 
Different interpretation of the same thing can be based exceptionally on different levels of accuracy and rectitude of understanding! 

Inaccurate understanding of the Truth in no way can promote development of human nature, no matter how an individual manifests his sacred faith in genuineness of these inaccuracies!  

Once upon a time, for creation of certain favorable psychological environment, the Parts of the Single Image of Law were left to different nations in different times in figurative form. 
These Parts underlay different spiritual Teachings, and represent those elements that are mostly related to the Truth of Law, although they are kept in these Teachings in a figurative form, often interpreted not correctly enough. 

Opportuneness of psychological condition of such a circumstance first comes down to  the fact that one can truthfully say that all spiritual Teachings have the Truth, and that none of the Teachings bears the completeness desired by a man.   
The Chosen Peculiar People, as human egoism wants, do not exist!   
All people are similarly chosen and have ownership in keeping the Parts composing the Truth of human spiritual world development! 
But Spiritual Teachings that had been traditionally established in different nations are not composed of the Parts of the one Truth only.
These Teachings also contain some elements that have been inevitably added depending on different traditional and cultural features of different nations. 

People are psychologically sensitized to intussusceptions of the Spiritual Teaching as something that contains the entire comprehensiveness of Revelations, necessary for full-fledged spiritual development. 
And since existing main Teachings retain in fact only a certain Part directly related to the Truth, then all remaining things should inevitably be added to this Part as quasi missing elements for holistic expression of the Truth comprehensiveness.   

This, quasi-missing elements have obtained some outstanding characteristics, and although it doesn’t directly related to the Truth, it should temporarily become something very important in life of these nations! 
But only temporarily!

Interesting and impressive outcomes that have been developed as a result of your spiritual activity became possible at this period of time only due to the fact that all innermost that lies on the basis of different spiritual Teachings will not be touched upon with the need to be reconsidered.    

You are very wisely making your efforts exactly there!

But my activity comes down right to the need to touch upon all numerous inaccuracies that a great many people sacredly believe in. 

Those inaccuracies, on the basis of which people begotten from one Parent and people living on one Earth and in one Home are dangerously separated with each other. 
The time has come to show the unity of those Parts of the Law that many nations have started to keep once. 

Obviously, to full-fledged apprehension of what I need to start opening only those people can normally approach that internally outgrew traditional spiritual values and whose acquisitive mind goes beyond borders established by these values until now. 

For creation of these necessary favorable psychological conditions, someone should appear once upon a time in Russia, whose ideological preaching could significantly destroy obsolete dogmatic religious canons.    

Whereat a period should start, when people can maximally get rid of abnormal religious fears and prejudices and psychologically maturate for development of thirst for improved knowledge about everything related to their spiritual development. 

Enough favorably maturated people appeared in order to call them to start of practical development of fundamentals of the Single Family, wherefore a great number of them have started to come to certain places.    For this purpose they selflessly changed conveniences of “civilization” fruits to life maximally approached to the natural conditions.    
These devotees will practically have to learn that every step in their life, every day is directly related to the Law of Spiritual Development. 

They will have to learn all variety of requirements of the Law of Truth, for their every life effort in every particular life situation.  In particular, when they are building their relationships with each other!

At this point I speed myself to stop in my narration.  To be short, this is exactly what I would like to outline, first of all. 

I beg my pardon once again, if I draw you away from more important things with my letter. 
I wish you successful continuation of your spiritual work.

Peace and joy be with you!