To the President
of the Russian Federatoin
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich,

Peace to you and your fellow people!

With my message I will try not to keep your attention in particular although what I will touch upon claims ultimately substantial attention on your part and not only. If you consider what I touch upon below unworthy of your attention, then I ask you to pardon me for my being naïve at heart. I sat down to write this message not only because it is now already time but also in reliance on ‘what if’ because big trouble could then be avoided. You and I are living now in a special Time the true nature of which will under similar circumstances usually become known in the course of times to follow. Though it would be much more important to realize on time something of this nature. In this Time tightly and vividly have all extremes intertwined that relate to the manifestations of the open worship of the forces of darkness, to atheism, and to the religious awareness manifesting itself fanatically.

In this time, petty faith is shown vividly both in the sense when the person of faith already rushed to admit oneself incapable of rightly serving the Great God, as in the sense when many, who do not have in fact the normal intention to apply worthily rightful efforts, all too rare show presence at the holy places, assuming slight hope that this will possibly help them. Sad! But it is necessary to go through this inevitable situation right. I have been creating the Predetermined for ten years and, observing the events taking place in the world, I did not see until now a necessity to be a nuisance not only to you, dear friend, but also to your remarkable predecessors and all your fellow people in society who possess not a small amount of authority. Now, when the fateful processes start reaching rather far into the dangerous side, I see it necessary to undertake certain steps.

I understand very well that my proposal may seem to you and your entourage, mildly speaking, unusual and of low probability. But isn’t it the wisdom of the governor, who has taken a certain responsibility for the destiny of a great majority of his fellow people, to which his ability may relate not to let slip a detailed look even the opportunity that seems to be of low chance at first sight, claiming to become salvation at a moment difficult for all. Especially as what seems not infrequently to be of low chance becomes first something little known and, so it means, little understood. But isn’t the Truth capable of revealing itself as something little understood from time to time? Exactly such a circumstance as a rule always provokes the ignorance, when coming in contact with this Truth, to create dangerous blunders in human society. The very fact of being little understood suggests usually in some certain degree the non-standard application of any efforts. And this is where all those have a problem who aged in their heart regardless of age.

The psychological regularities, having appeared naturally at the dawn of emergence of human society, inevitably dragged human thought, that did not yet know the Truth, towards the creation of a system of life whose nature is preserved until this time in all countries and states. The fruits of this system were to lead in a perfectly inevitable manner to a deep crisis in the interrelations of the human with a human, which is what we now have to witness. But when the human becomes in charge of weapons utmost dangerous for the life of all human society, such crisis starts bringing this society very closely to a global catastrophe, simultaneously creating conditions for the formation of a principally new system of life.

On a smaller scale, such crises always become the foundation of revolutionary transformations. But when this concerns relatively small territories and weapons of no particularly destructive capacity, then this or that people will already be able to recover from the conducted transformations. Now I hope, you can see soberly enough the ever more revealing obvious threat to the existence of the whole human society. At this point, I am quick to emphasize that it is not possible in any way through traditional political means to bring now already such a problem to even a small degree of satisfactory order. Which is what you will have to witness inevitably now already.

It is necessary and now already utmost important to solve this task first of all from the spiritual side; again only by non-standard means as a rule now used in the attempts to develop conditionally friendly interrelations and mutual diplomatic tolerance with selfish hidden motive. Sadly but precisely the way it is! Of course, illiterate efforts applied through ignorance of Truth on the question presented cannot in principle bring to the establishment of normal peace among the various spiritual movements. Precisely the existence of a variety of spiritual movements in essence makes principally impossible the establishment of a spiritual unity now already utmost vitally necessary in the interrelations of a human with a human on the planet. This variety will have to disappear for certain. It is no secret that the principle ‘divide and conquer’ refers to a force that is far from friendly to humankind.

And this principle continues to triumph on a catastrophic scale spreading ever more. Once it was necessary for Jesus to mention the idea that if a house splits on its own from within then it will fall apart for certain, and if a kingdom splits on its own from within then it will die inevitably. This suggests naturally that in an age when processes of divisional nature actively take place, mildly speaking it is not smart to concentrate only on the search for ways of establishing any conditional peace between the dividing parts. Though to a certain degree this is of course acceptable. What should favourably solve this problem is only the effort showing the grain of Truth that is capable of bringing the divided into a unity.

When there have been many but ultimately there becomes only one. When now already the out of place differences of opinion in spiritual terminology could be removed; and, of course, under no circumstances by way of any pressure at all because this way is ignorant, but in a far more interesting manner. The global crisis unfolding now on Mother-Earth inevitably became implied in the mind of a great majority of people as a conflict between two great cultures that have evolved in the process of natural development of human society. And as the Christian world together with the Muslim one unite in their core the greater part of all humankind, the crisis that is unfolding actively between these sides acquires inevitably an extraordinarily dangerous character for the entire humankind. It follows to stress that it is completely impossible to stop this by popular diplomatic means.

However one opportunity exists nonetheless. It is unusual not only for the atheistic thinking but also for the thinking of many people of faith though it concerns foremost exactly them. This opportunity requires certain courage from the political leaders, which few can make up their mind for. But nevertheless there is ‘what if’…. At the beginning of my message I already mentioned that I am writing it to you not only because time has come but also out of having hope on ‘what if’. There is one circumstance of no small significance. Christians, let it be in a rather unique manner, yet they are all waiting for the coming of their Teacher at the End of Times. Similarly it is no less important that Muslims are also awaiting the emergence of this same Teacher at the End of Times. And their waiting is based on a much more truthful clarity though this may turn out unusual for the Christians.

Especially as Muslims believe that this Teacher will be able to unite Christians and Muslims. Only the mind of a dull witted person can fail to recognize that the Final times have already arrived indeed. And nevertheless there is a benign interesting opportunity, let it be of low chance at first sight, to touch in a curative way the unfolding conflict. I understand you very well that what I intend to mention further seemingly resembles something incredible. Be what it may, I am nevertheless the one whom many of those, that started to believe in mine, sufficiently correctly perceived me to be. I am the one who promised to come again and fulfilled the promise. And now I am ready to give all necessary clarity about this matter before any audience of any level of consciousness.

In this message of course there is no need to touch this question deeper but nevertheless I can assure you firmly that the emerged global problem regarding the well being of the entire human society can have a relatively favourable solution, diminishing substantially the amount of trouble that could occur. In particular, there is a unique opportunity to create favourable conditions to avoid a big war that is capable of creating extremely negative consequences for humankind. Though now already humankind will not avoid a number of troubles. Possibly you paid attention to a psychological regularity that is still characteristic of no other society but the human. This regularity is characterized by the fact that the more the responsible people for something the bigger the mess and the fewer the positive results will be.

In relation to this inevitability the solving of the destiny of human society on the whole had to start taking place and is still taking place under circumstances where the fateful choice for human society is offered the least, where the necessary guarantee for positive solution of the Predetermined depends above all only on the Teacher and on those who could find sacred trust in him in the not simple conditions created by the ignorant. This necessary act is already taking place and, of course, will become salvation for humankind regardless of the seeming specificity. But in this regard another beneficial addition is also allowed which inevitably has to be related already to the presentation of a significantly larger choice for humankind. Which relates to the natural in this case placement of serious responsibility on many people of authority in the social life structure who, if one is to be frank, should in no way be treated in the normal sense as people with faith in the Great Heavenly Father.

Such people, relying first on a certain rationality of their own, can have the opportunity to make the necessary positive efforts. And although this of course will carry along on itself the stamp of a significantly smaller guarantee for a positive solution to the mentioned Predetermined problem if somehow nonetheless this could begin solving favourably, then such inevitably rather noisy option for the course of events can decrease significantly the quantity of trouble in the life of the entire human society. Dear friend, if I try to be utmost short, then regarding the global topic touched upon slightly I say:

I can and I am ready.

After this statement a certain degree of responsibility for the future events inevitably now already lies on you. And what will your answer be; this of course needs to be decided only by you. However, I did what is necessary. And the probable sentence in the future ‘we did not know’ will naturally be out of place.

I do not suggest the undertaking of any quick scorching first large scale efforts on your part although the time for making the necessary decisions nevertheless has certain limitations and is pressing already, however the initial efforts to examine together the Problem mentioned in this message can easily show you the true values hiding behind. Helping unfold what I have in mind you will create an interesting circumstance related to the fact that if behind the Vissarion phenomenon hides a lie then it will become explicit very quickly in such conditions and the immediate conditional problem, mentioned from time to time rather originally both in the mass media and in the administrative reports that do not differ particularly in quality, will disappear.

However if behind the Vissarion phenomenon nevertheless lies hidden the truth of the direct manifestation of the Word of God, then naturally the Glory of God will invariably establish itself while the reasons and arguments of any opponents will easily become explicit as utmost evidently unsubstantial, independent of the degree of authority in society of this or that opponent. Which is what I am quick to assure you firmly. But do you want and are you ready for what in this case will inevitably start happening? The various idols, established since ancient times and establishing themselves now in the final times, will in this case by all means reveal their true being and, as there is a lot of untruth hidden behind this being, will invariably fall apart. Among them will end up also those idols that contrived to take a prominent place in the life of society. But isn’t it from the emergence of a number of idols that people break from one another and walk off in various directions?

Vladimir Vladimirovich, indeed I can create ideological conditions breaking the mystic act that is conducive to the emergence of such numerous various idols already past their time, and I can give this spiritual foundation that will be able in particular to unite the Russian society in a sound unity. During this period, Russia will indeed be able to influence as a salvation the surrounding space of the world, which is what many wise people had the opportunity to foresee and what such people are now anxiously waiting for. Some of these prophets managed to mention sufficiently correctly about the possible emergence at the end of the 20th century of a new Doctrine in Russia that is called upon to play the role of salvation for the entire humankind. Such additional auxiliary signs were given sufficiently at the time when necessary and they are well kept in the mind of many remarkable people who seek the Truth.

Now the elementary literate comparison is missing where from everything that manifested itself openly on Russian land in the last years it is necessary to separate that sort of novelty that deserves fixed attention and detailed analysis. This action naturally suggests that, in the search for what’s necessary, one immediately separate all things traditional having various names, and also that from the things traditional in other places and from the things new being born there that however found a new zone to spread on Russian lands. From the remaining really new spiritual movements one needs only just objectively to look attentively into the practice of realization of each teaching. I think it will not be a particular labour to see the practice of realization of one Doctrine that has no comparable not only in Russia itself but also, one must admit, in the entire world; a practice that is developing despite the prophecies of many. A practice which those who come in direct contact with it look at ever more positively, yet who are afraid to show this without reserves because the respective positive reaction ‘from above’ has not arrived.

Maybe it’s time already to give it due attention? Isn’t it here that the Key is kept to the solution of the ever more growing world crisis? Why was a bigger interest shown towards what was born on Russian land in the London School of Economics and in Rome State University where I had to spend time recently? Though it is much more necessary to satisfy the interest for knowledge of any audience first on Russian land, which is what I am ready to do without limits. Here I see it necessary to finish my verbosity and let the eyes of your heart try to recognize That which is located figuratively speaking at a distance of your extended arm. Make up your mind! I cannot add the wish known to you ‘May God help you’ because this is the case when a fateful choice of such a kind one must make exclusively on one’s own to the extent one’s own spirit has matured, when in similar trials the human keeps on learning not to betray the divine in oneself. Which is what I wish you from my heart in the New Year.


Happiness to you!



The Abode of Dawn, 31 December 2002