To the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church
and in his face to all archbishops
of the orthodox churches on Mother Earth




Dear friend, peace to you and your fellow people!

The hour has come when I deemed it favourable to write this address that will be more verbose than those I have made until now. However there is a peculiar need of no small importance for this as it concerns by far not only the one whom I address. I very much hope that I will not be particularly tiring with a certain multitude of auxiliary notes. Prior to this one, I have made addresses of a similar nature, just carrying their own peculiarity, to the President of Russia, the Muslim leaders, and to some other people occupying a serious position in human society.

For a long time, now fulfilling the Predetermined and observing the nature of the events taking place in society, both in the world and particularly in Russia, I did not see it necessary to make any address whatsoever to any one of the officials who talk too much about their readiness to do work for the benefit of the world.

The addresses, that I make at the present time, can be given only once and at a time when a particular fateful period comes in human society, and when it is necessary to present before some of the children of the Great God a corresponding choice of a peculiar nature. And the reason why only before some, although the destiny of the great majority is being decided, is related to the natural characteristic formation of the still rather peculiar life structure of the human society in particular. Where people, who do not understand the Truth sufficiently well yet, create themselves favourable circumstances so that at the door passages through which they must pass there stood by all means in the capacity of unique traffic controllers some of their fellow brethren who too know little about the Truth.

You, dear friend, must be well acquainted with the image from the gospel as to when these above mentioned several selected, having stood in the passages of certain doors, not having made the right choice, will not only fail to pass through the doors themselves but completely easily can become capable of obstructing others from doing so. People in human society, both those who consider themselves people of faith as well as the rest, precisely out of not knowing the necessary fullness of Truth, inevitably created such psychological environment where, trying to convince both themselves and those around of their seeming aspiration to search for the Truth, obstinately make every practical effort in order to fail in finding it, successfully creating at that a large scale illusion of their peacemaking mission.

I think it is not necessary to have a particular wisdom, in order to agree with the image that I will apply to all those who have accepted on their shoulders this or that significant duty to lead. I compare them to those who have taken in their hands the steering wheels of vessels of various capacities, carrying groups of people of various sizes, who, having aspired not seldom in good faith in accordance with their own intellectual and spiritual capacities to steer the vessels entrusted to them, are forced to use not the readings of accurate auxiliary appliances but narrow-minded biased judgments and often even just hearsay.

In other words, all those who have stood by the steering wheel, if speaking frankly, under circumstances of the unique psychological environment, still manifesting itself in society, inevitably acquire the characteristic features of a blind leader. Well, when a blind man tries to lead the blind, then no matter his efforts sooner or later all inevitably fall into the pit. This is grave but inevitable as of yet. And if the world leaders are known for the aspiration in their work to create human laws and to try to follow those, then the religious activists have to be notable for their vocation to not create any laws of their own but follow with all their being the laws established only by the Great God.

In such circumstances we can say that for the worldly people with restless heart an endless sequence of a number of mistakes is reserved that are capable of affecting fatally their spiritual development when for those who have discovered the Holy Faith a spiritual mistake could be allowed only when this or that person of faith turns out clearly incapable of avoiding it. What can be seen indeed in the life of every person of faith and not just those of faith but also in the life of everyone who has allowed his human name to be considered an authority in the representation of the Church of Christ?

Dear friend! I see it favourable to add that in my address I do not follow the object of expressing criticism, although this can be inferred from some of the comparisons. The main object is something else, and I would not want to express it in a complex manner but define simply: “I want to help.” That is why I have to present a certain fateful choice precisely now. Such is the Will of my Father, the God of humankind. You witnessed a number of tragedies in recent years, tragedies of various scale that characterize in a particular manner this period of time in progress which had to come both as a natural inevitability and as a Time precisely when the fate of all human society needs to be determined.

Humanity, just like before, makes far too many efforts that irrepressibly drag all of society on Mother Earth towards great sorrow, which ought to manifest itself especially vividly and actively precisely in the current significant time period. To stop the global crisis evolving now headlong by means known to humanity is just as impossible as was impossible to stop the gradual development of conditions allowing the crisis processes to manifest in an ever more complex manner throughout all the history of human development.

Suppressing the intensity of development of this crisis through political means, depending on the qualities of this or that leader, was successful only to a varying degree, yet always in an insignificant manner and nothing more. The religious activists of various teachings of faith also tried and keep trying to suppress the development of this very crisis, however in the form in which many teachings of faith managed to emerge for a certain historical time period within various people, they are not capable by their nature of solving this problem normally. Although the problem mentioned has to be solved by all means precisely from the aspect of a spiritual teaching of faith.

But in order for this to happen in the most favourable way with the least amount of now already inevitable tragedies, the representatives of some teachings of faith, who are best predisposed to perceive the Truth, need to pass a unique psychological exam in the present time period. This exam brings forth easily the availability of the skilfully preserved burning fire in the lantern with which people walk out to meet The One Whom they have seemingly been waiting for with all their heart. Understanding well what is happening in the nature of life of the human and understanding that the probability of preserving the favourable quality of the Holy Faith towards the coming of the Final Time is utmost low, once the Teacher expressed a sad image that was later captured in the gospel from Luke: “But will the Son of Man, coming, find any faith on earth?”

Observing the nature of the life efforts being made now by those who call themselves people of faith, indeed it remains to be said that what is happening has no relation to the normal manifestation of Holy trust in the Living God, the Heavenly Father of humankind. In order to influence seriously the swiftly unfolding tragedy in the life of all human society it is utmost necessary precisely now to change considerably, deepening and widening, the view and understanding of the human as regards spiritual questions. I already mentioned that only a spiritual teaching of faith is called upon to influence towards salvation the dangerous processes of human life activity.

At the same time, not one of the teachings of faith, as existing in the same form in which they have been formed to the present time, is capable of solving with dignity this vitally important problem. Now the Time has come when soon enough various people will have to acknowledge that the conditionally traditional teachings of faith cease to carry out this spiritual mission confined within a certain period of time because of which they were deposited in a unique form, taking into account the peculiarities of the various people.

Further, the human society will manage to develop normally and at full value exclusively under conditions of a union in understanding of all the things that relate to the spiritual sacramental acts that manifest themselves truthfully in the life of every man. Everyone has to be clarified unfailingly the simple understanding of the fact that the law of spiritual development of the human, his internal conditional communication with the Heavenly Father, always manifests itself according to one and the same principle equal for all people, independent of national and racial memberships. And this means, of course, if we pay respect to the particularities of reasonable thinking, the truthfulness of the spiritual teaching of faith should under no circumstances be determined by the traditional. The truthfulness of the spiritual teaching of faith in its nature is determined by the constantly moving life energy current. The traditional is something comparable to a museum exhibit that is being preserved in a confined space.

Only the fruits of the creative activity of man can be traditional for some period of time. However the creative approach to the question of spirituality is unacceptable. And this is to be clarified to the human now with utmost necessity. As that which to a certain extent emerged as inevitable in the various spiritual movements can be unusually damaging. Precisely the fruits of the creative approach to recognizing these or those truths, sealed by the will of the Great God, asserted erroneously in a dogmatic manner by the people of faith, facilitated the emergence among the people of faith of a split from one another.

This trouble affected, one could say, all spiritual teachings of faith where the living Teachers, who have the opportunity to communicate directly with the people of faith, are already gone. With a particular diversity such a damaging circumstance appeared in the spiritual practice of the Christians. The Christians are divided amongst themselves not on the basis of difference in the imprinted texts describing the deeds and statements of Christ but exclusively on the basis of various interpretations of one and the same text of the Holy Scripture. It is very sad that Christians did not apply enough efforts to comprehend the entire wisdom hiding behind the figurative hint left for them by the Word of God that has been captured in the New Testament and reading that if a house or a kingdom split each within itself they will not hold out.

Once creatively asserted by the people of faith and having no relation to the Truth, a number of dogmas, meant to define the distinguishing characteristics of various church branches within the people allegedly having faith in Christ, inevitably became a stumbling stone over which the representatives of these various branches will find it completely impossible to walk through on their own for the benefit of moving towards the god-pleasing unification in a single truthful Church of Christ. I think you know the principle “Divide and conquer” that intelligent people correctly identify with that source which is a complete opposite to the Great God.

And so it means, the truthful Church of Christ is defined above all by its characteristic to draw various people of different ideological upbringing only towards a union and under no circumstance towards separation. Each one of the separate from one another church formations, having accumulated distinguishing erroneous dogmatic assertions, naturally believes that precisely its own understanding of the Truth is exclusively correct. And so it means that, if the Word of God comes again, it will unfailingly plant no one else but them from among all the remaining Christians on its right hand side, allegedly failing to mention the representatives of completely other convictions.

Oh, how great the foolishness and ignorance in understanding the All-loving nature of God and His Wisdom! Of course, the representatives of any Christian branch as well as of any other teaching of faith can say loudly that their church is ready to unite everyone on Earth. However, precisely in relation to the above mentioned this will mean: “Everyone come to us, take all that is ours, while we shall not take anything of yours.” Precisely this is what, by nature, the representatives of the various spiritual teachings of faith assert in the expression of their own position at every collective conference in the attempt to raise the issue of applying serious united efforts for the benefit of the world.

All of this above-mentioned psychological regularity can be relatively defined as a dead zone. And if the foundation of this dead zone is not destroyed, then the entire significant majority of people who seemingly have faith in a single Living God will continue to exist on Earth as an incoherent mass of people incapable of creating anything of significance indeed for the benefit of the whole world. Although precisely the people of faith in the Great Heavenly Father are above all called upon to solve problems of such nature.

It is possible to destroy the circumstances creating this so called psychological dead zone in a favourable manner but only with the help of the One Who has the right indeed to call himself the Word of God, Who is not a representative of any one of the teachings of faith that have formed historically, yet Who is in reality equally distant and equally close to any one of them. This is a very important condition for the most favourable solution to this problem. The Teacher of Truth has all things necessary for the most detailed illumination without exception of any spiritual questions, both those that have become a stumbling stone in the understanding of various people of faith regarding one and the same matter of fact, as well as those that keep coming up in the way of people deliberating ever more deeply and broadly. I already mentioned that the various teachings of faith, which have formed historically towards the present time, finish carrying out that because of which they were created.

In order to speak about further development and now already at full value, a study of the development of not just any one people is needed, but precisely of all humankind at once. Only when a normal spiritual Single Family of people of single faith is formed on all of the Earth, then only the Door to Eternity can be let open before humankind. However what can lead towards that and set for everyone a single line for the further spiritual development is only the Teaching of Faith that has to be formed precisely at the given period of time fateful for all humankind, in which the Living Word of God is called upon by the Heavenly Father to help the human.

And as it is necessary to study the further development at full value of all human society, it follows that the spiritual Teaching of Faith for all humanity has to manifest in such predetermined form when it will be completely inappropriate to talk about it like something in a list beside a comma: art, science, religion etc…. Because the genuineness of the Teaching of Faith of full value has to manifest only as some life creating basis, meant to set a normal trend of the genuine, that is indeed for the benefit of man, development of all kinds of art to which the various manifestations in art and science relate precisely.

Until the present time The Word of God was not preordained to illuminate broadly the creative aspects in human life, that is why man started to carry out the rationalization of these aspects single-handedly. And, naturally like inevitability, it turned out that the religious sphere, very often, showed abnormal forms of argument on certain questions both with representatives of art as well as with representatives of science. And where, until these days, they cannot in any way come to a single understanding on many questions. In this respect , it needs to be especially emphasized that all various spiritual formations, conditionally defined as Christian, in relation to the hasty assertion of a number of false dogmatic people, concerning that which one was not to come in contact with independently in such manner, are now in the immediate vicinity of such uncomfortable state that is similar to the occurrence already taken place in the ancient times when it became absurd to continue to maintain that the earth was flat.

Human thought from this point in time of great significance starts and, in the course of time, will ever more keep coming in contact with a large amount of so far unknown information concerning the various manifestations of the law of matter. To a large extent, this information will differ substantially from the dogmatic ecclesiastical assertions. And because information perceived by man will as a consequence find sufficiently quickly ever more scientific and simply practical confirmations, the spiritual teaching of faith, which has a definition other than what is manifested in reality to the human comprehension, will quickly lose the halo of something seemingly life creating.

Although indeed the ever more abundantly incoming information, unusual at first sight, has a very simple and clear precisely spiritual definition capable of projecting harmoniously into the scientific realm. The significant Time has come when, for the benefit of all humankind, such full value of the Teaching of Faith is already emerging, which not only draws a harmonious basis underneath all kinds of creative activity, but also, to the extent the human mind is capable of comprehending, reveals clearly and fully the harmonious nature that concerns without exception all aspects of the spiritual life of the human, clearing as it does the dangerous circumstances that facilitate always the emergence of various internal dissents and other completely unnecessary new formations that lead inevitably to such dissent.

I hope you understand fully well that the emergence in numbers of various so called spiritual movements, differing from one another, can take place exclusively on the basis of this or that truth about something Holy, captured in the preserved texts with insufficient clarity and detail. Precisely this is a favourable circumstance for the emergence, mildly speaking, of not identical fruits of human creative thought when people start interpreting one and the same Truth using even mutually exclusive definitions.

It was not until now that a favourable opportunity arose for the realization of the predetermined by the Heavenly Father, enough of which was captured in the New Testament in the text from John: “…when I will no longer speak to you in parables, but will announce to you directly about the Father.” Only He is exclusively capable of knowing himself and his Heavenly Father, and therefore also of asserting anything in this respect, Who is the Living Word of God. No one else from the remaining children of the Great God should assert anything on this subject matter unless what they would like to assert has first been asserted by the Teacher of Truth sufficiently clearly and specifically.

Unfortunately, many of those who took part in the untimely assertion of certain dogmas about whose nature the Teacher remained silent at the time, did not reach in wisdom the simple truth referred, what naturally laid down many dangerous complications for the future. In the same texts from John there is yet another reference of particular importance which nowadays precisely the Christians first are about to comprehend right in its entirety: “I also have other sheep that are not of this yard, and those I have to bring; and they will hear My voice, and there will be one herd and one Shepherd.”

Only the Teacher of Truth himself can create circumstances most conducive to the creation of unity in the fullest sense of the word, illuminating entirely all particularities that obstruct this process. It is impossible to collect into one conditionally defined “herd” the voices of many spiritual activists, let them be even with authority, because of the nature of the psychological regularities related precisely to the human. It must be admitted that the followers of Islam, relative to the Christians, represent the activity of Issa, who has come again, somewhat more correctly, although not entirely.

The Muslims believe that Issa will come in the Final Time and, teaching the people of faith, will bring Christians to a union with Muslims. This already in and of itself is a favourable psychological condition for the further formation of unity and the destruction of dangerous contradictions between conditionally Christians and Muslims. In the unification there is Light, in the split there is darkness. The Christians applied not an insignificant amount of effort to establish in their comprehension a rather strange idea of the All-Loving Great God, the Heavenly Father of humankind.

Dear Friend, in your understanding, having focused erroneously on the expectation of His emergence exclusively just as a dreadful Judge who is allegedly bound to judge all people, you have deprived the Living Word of God of the opportunity to come again, in order to continue teaching you, helping to understand with full value and to fulfil the Will of the All-Loving God. Is it possible that you really consider normal and therefore also harmonious the manifestation of God’s All- Loving nature in that He might unexpectedly send a dreadful punishment to the beloved humankind for the trespasses about which a big part of the children of God, by virtue of objective reasons, did not even have the chance to get a normal idea, when a great majority of them were not only naturally deprived of the real opportunity to come in contact with the Truth captured down [in writing] but also when the understanding of Truth in many became severely distorted both from the abnormal clarifications of some preachers of Truth as well as, for a great bitterness, from their abnormal behaviour. Harmony and Love for All manifest first in another manner. The human should not be judged, but one will have the opportunity to judge oneself on one’s own thanks to the endowed qualities to make a choice autonomously.

Harmony and Love for All suggest circumstances when, in a period of really serious danger, humankind will always be offered such fullness of Truth capable of helping, far deeper and wider than was possible earlier, to reconsider and change the reasons leading to this danger. But this Truth can be just offered exclusively, preserving the freedom of choice for the human. Such is the Law of Great God, and no one should break it! And then further will the human chose a brave decision that changes what he first became used to, is what the emergence depends on of any consequences characteristic of the choice made, which is reflected in a very interesting manner in the wisdom that has emerged among people: “The brave does not live long, but then the coward does not live at all.”

In this case, age plays not an insignificant role. Not the age of the body but the psychological age. Such age is characterized by the lack of a desire to change and even fear of possible changes. Though development is exclusively always based on some sort of change. To avoid development means to gravitate towards death. A man occupying a responsible place, as a rule, is characterized first by the aspiration to make as few mistakes as possible, and also to aspire by all means to avoid possibly any new developments, unfailingly justifying at that the carrying of large responsibility for a lot of people.

In their endless aspiration ‘to make seemingly no mistake’ any human does not only block quickly the life processes of full value in oneself, but also starts to influence destructively the analogous processes taking place around that are related to the truthful development. No one will succeed in avoiding this law of Harmony established by the Heavenly Father. Be like children. Only children do not fear changes and often expect them, holding their joyful excitement, and if this does not happen in any way in reality they even think them up.

Just as the danger has become imminent upon the existence of all humankind, so should the Truth for salvation be given both taking into account the level of development of the mind of this humankind as well as accounting for conditions under which those willing to come in contact with the Truth will have relatively equal chances to do so. Indeed it can be said affirmatively that now the Final Time has come. And I also say that for the salvation and determination of further development at full value of the humankind the Necessary is already carrying out the mission as predetermined by the Heavenly Father.

And all of this is taking place near you, dear friend, on the same territory defined conditionally as Russian. I understand well the entire psychological difficulty which all people of faith naturally run into, who await something similar in accordance with the ideological images that have emerged towards this time, especially the official representatives of this or that church. Because, not starting to think on their own, many will first expect from them an evaluation of the Event in progress that is comprehensible and acceptable in some aspects, yet incomprehensible and therefore disturbing in others. But you chose yourselves this nature of responsibility, having established only for yourselves the conditional right to define on behalf of many what is Truth.

And now it will be necessary to become familiar to a full extent with the value of the burden assumed hastily, tasting the consequences of the decisions made in this case. Under such circumstances the fateful question presents itself poignantly enough: “How to determine that this indeed is the Truth?” all the more that a lot of what is disclosed by Him, Who calls himself the Living Word of God, is not only new to the perception, but also differs considerably from what has been added by authorities of faith to the direct statements of the Teacher of Truth captured in the Holy texts of the New Testament.

Indeed, the question referred to is not of some particular poignancy to those who have really longed for the next emergence of the Living Word of God. One can tell a tree by its fruit! In this case what is needed is only an objective, careful and detailed rationalization of the character of the Teacher’s deeds and the fruits of His activity, which is possible only on the basis of an internal attitude from the standpoint: “What if this is the Truth?”. And of course not in the way this is being done to a great pity on official level, where libel is diligently being proclaimed with a blessing, and on the basis of this libel all possible ridiculous conclusions are being made.

I am confident that you know well the parables of Solomon, a worthy child of the Great and All-Loving God. It is difficult not to appreciate fully the wisdom of these parables. One of them, in relation to the above-mentioned case, needs to be mentioned in particular: “He who conceals hatred has a dishonest mouth; and he who proclaims slander is a fool.” Indeed it needs to be said that exclusively only he, who has learned how to love, will be able to express dissatisfaction with just any situation favourably. Which is what everyone exceptionally has to learn.

Precisely in relation to this exceptionally not simple vitally important situation, so that people of faith would not make utmost fatal mistakes, and particularly so during the Final Time, once a special hint was left that is well known to you: “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” The psychological environment, still existing in a wide spread form in all human society, allows the above cited Solomon’s parable about lie and foolishness to be applied everywhere. Lie does not simply show on the mouth of the one concealing hatred in oneself. Similar to a fire in a dry forest, it spreads easily for it finds ground conducive to this everywhere.

And if this kind of actions of a layman, who is not familiar with the given wisdom and all the more who has not found the Holy Faith, can be treated with some concession, then it is vitally important to treat with utmost stringency these same actions of the official representatives of the Church. This concerns in particular those activists who are trusted to make judgments not only regarding ‘their’ internal church activity but also, what is particularly important, regarding the events taking place around that may be related conditionally to the difference in thinking and belief. Because given the way this is being done now which is what I have to observe with bitterness in reality, if one is to be consistent in adopting Solomon’s parable about foolishness, many official people of authority within the Church remain to be called directly fools according to the Scripture.

How dangerous becomes in this respect an undertaking to steer a vessel when the one standing at the steering wheel is made to listen to the conclusions of such assistants! To some extent you are already familiar with the Teaching of Faith, unfolding for the good of humankind at the current significant Final Time, which is called in accord with the character of this Time The Last Testament. Precisely this Teaching, now already revealing the necessary depth and breadth of spiritual questions, will bring as a consequence by all means the inner spiritual state of all humankind to a single faith.

It is an utmost important condition when the real opportunity to begin normal development at full value can emerge exclusively in the complete absence inside human society on Earth of whatever contradictions regarding the nature of the spiritual development of man and the Existence of the spiritual World in general. The guarantee of the mission of the Last Testament - salvation for humankind, depending on certain psychological processes that take place naturally and inevitably in society, is characterized first by the active practice of the Teaching by the conditional one hundred and forty four thousand people of faith, which is reflected by way of a hint in the Revelation from John known to you.

This speaks about the most likely probability to exert efforts of salvation for their society only on the part of a very small number of selflessly determined people with a beneficial fire that burns intensely enough in heart. Many can call themselves people of faith, but those who can get over themselves indeed and, taking their cross, follow behind the Word of God are unfortunately very few however, happily, not catastrophically so. What already creates guarantee.

In relation to the above-mentioned situation of salvation there is also another probability for the unfolding of similar events, even of exceptionally small likelihood depending on certain psychological regularities. This existing extremely unlikely probability is related to a big fear of deciding on the unfolding of very loud and striking events capable of stirring all humankind into a positive direction and reducing significantly the magnitude of the tragedies that will inevitably develop in their turn extremely violently during this Time in all human society.

Dear friend, the Russian Orthodox Church utterly needs a significant and striking transformation. The psychological processes, that have affected the Church actively enough in recent years, lead to the situation where from the one being persecuted it striated quickly acquiring the characteristic features of the one persecuting, apparently not having clarified until the end the sad wisdom of the position of being persecuted. But then another sad wisdom unfailingly becomes valid, stating that the most cruel slave owner, as a rule, is the former slave. Not having learned to love, giving sign of its discontent, it will inevitably demonstrate that which is akin to hatred. And the one who conceals hatred, as is known, has a dishonest mouth. What kind of psychological circumstances will then be formed by those determined to spread their ideological influence who have a dishonest mouth.

In these circumstances even if they can also increase somewhat the influence and significance of the Church then, depending on the characteristic features of this Time, they will be lost rather soon. Especially as in their main number those who call themselves orthodox, having accepted baptism in recent years – these are people who took such a step just in case: what if an existing psychological or bodily handicap goes away, what if the material well-being increases, what if it is really recognized after death? These are people who take such a step as some patriotic need to define themselves in a national sense, for which conducive circumstances arose in the emerging troubled times of recent years.

These are people who have not tried and do not gather out of absence of interest as well at this time to study attentively not only the New Testament defining Christianity as a whole but also the characteristic distinguishing features of ‘their own’ Church precisely in the sense of all-round objective comparison with the characteristic features of other Christian and even orthodox formations. Voluntarily on their own they assigned the role to themselves of a speechless parish, having done this naturally, just as it had been done in the course of all preceding ancient times when a number of insane acts of religious character were committed precisely on this basis. This period can be defined conditionally as the darkness of the middle ages.

And as the old yeast is still preserved, these same conditions keep manifesting still in a natural manner. If such a group of people of peculiar faith is told that all the rest are a cult and that it is necessary to fear them, then these people, not even trying to become familiar with what happens in reality, will rush rather zealously to fear and therefore related to this inevitably to show aggressive discontent towards all people of different faith. Which, it must be admitted outright, ends even with the shedding of blood that naturally shows and remains on the hands of the above-mentioned ‘traffic controllers’ who stand at the passages of some conditional doors. Especially as the creation of discontent does not constitute any labour on account of its over-abundance related to the absence of the necessary ability to love.

To try to revive the ancient Spirit is not only impossible but also needless. If we do not mention the ancient relatively uniform Spirit of the Christian movement, which was divided into a Catholic and an Orthodox formations through the negligence of some responsible trespassers noted through holy orders and blessing, and we pause only upon the Orthodox Church then it is in no way possible to call it uniform either, as having manifested in the different people. The various patriarchates emerging in the bosom of one Orthodox Church, setting a different character of the internal church activity, and therefore with this inevitably differentiating in the course of time ever more some so called orthodox people of faith from others of similar faith, may mean, alas, only one – the favourable fullness of Truth to be preserved is missing.

But even if all of this is overlooked entirely aside and pause upon an even narrower manifestation in the form of the Russian Orthodox Church, which used to be uniform for some time in Russia, then here also set in once great sorrow. Through the negligence of now already other trespassers, ordained and covered with the holy blessing, mistakes were made that not only lead to serious dissent within the church, and as a consequence to monstrous persecution by some Russian Orthodox people against now already other also Russian Orthodox people, but also lead the Orthodox Church remaining in power towards great tragedy.

The one, who was expected according to the Scripture as a zealous fighter against the Church of Christ, was supposed to become the perpetrator of punishment of such Church. As was predetermined, he came and destroyed successfully that which seemed indestructible to many. “Because the kind of judgement you use is also the kind of judgment you’ll be judged by.” A severe tragedy fell upon almost all representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. Sacred relics were trampled on, while the Temples were converted to cow houses. And with the passing of some time the main efforts in restoring the Orthodox Church precisely on the part of those who had no relation to the Holy Faith inevitably created conditions when the Russian Orthodox divided even further. If a kingdom splits on its own from within, then under no circumstances will it consequently have a normal development.

This development is impossible because it is the Law of the Great God! No one, not even a representative of any church formation showing oneself as such, is capable of making whole a partitioning of such kind that depends on certain psychological peculiarities of the human. Only the living Teacher of Truth whom everyone, who believes in the biblical school, is waiting for has this capability. I speak to you truthfully, dear friend, The Orthodox Church may have the opportunity to not only become uniform across all Russian land in a sufficiently short time frame. The process of transformation of the Church can be of such intensity that it will bring in a short time almost all residents of Russia to the Holy Faith in the Great Heavenly Father in the bosom of a single Church.

For a sufficiently short period of time, on Russian territory, it is possible to do away with the circumstances conducive to the emergence and life activity of a number of newly formed confessions. And it is possible to do this, not using at all abnormal methods of prohibitions and restrictions. The transition to the Holy Faith in the bosom of a single Church will not be confined to this. This will be just the beginning. Rather soon, under such circumstances of a union, the sacramental act pleasing to God will concern actively not only the remaining Orthodox Churches existing in the world but also, stirring sufficiently seriously all other Christian and even Muslim spiritual movements, will unfailingly bring them all towards a union in the bosom of a single Church. All this perspective of glory of the Great God, although it may easily seem completely impossible at first sight, is nevertheless, I assure you, really possible.

Such a great mission is real enough for the Russian Orthodox Church if some of the responsible official representatives of this Church, on whom the beginning of realization of this matter depends, will manage to take a selfless smart step in a genuine manner. You should not fight with me and try to persecute me on the basis of widely spread libel. I am around and am always open for any objective study of everything that is related with me. Try to assume that I speak the truth about myself and apply efforts to rationalize at full value what is mine. Especially as I do not speak out of myself, but my Heavenly Father, who has sent me, is seeking to help you. It is not my destiny that you decide in this case, but exclusively that of your own and the destiny of those who rely only on your conclusions in this matter.

I call upon you to pay more attention in this fateful Final Time and, under an objective study of what is mine, to allow me first to give detailed clarifications to everything that may disturb you. But now already it is desirable that you hurry in this respect. And if all the same you manage to take these first prudent steps, the bright glorification of the Name of God, about which I mentioned above, will start sufficiently soon showing itself inevitably in real terms. The detailed, all-round, widely illuminated objective study of that which I propose will unfailingly lead either to an universal acknowledgement that this is a lie, or to an universal acknowledgement that this is the Truth.

Indeed, exclusively only the one who is seeking to conceal lie can fear such circumstances. Be careful in interpreting the figurative expressions. History has already shown all of you a completely clear corresponding lesson in this respect. In the ancient times, on the land of Israel, almost all sufficiently smart people, respected by all people of faith, who knew well, so it seemed, all signs of the coming of the Messiah, interpreting figurative prophecies from the Scripture, remained destitute anyway during the significant Hour, not having managed to see anything. The spiritual blindness is not given externally. People make themselves spiritually blind. At this point, I conclude my address. I did what is from my heart and by the Will of the Great God, Father of mine and of yours. And may you not say later: “We did not hear. We did not know.”


Happiness to you!



The Heavenly Abode
27 May 2003