Talgat Tadjuddin,


Supreme Mufti of Russia,

Chairman of the Central Spiritual government

of the Muslims in Russia



Dear Talgat Hazrat,

Peace to you and your fellow people!

In light of objective circumstances my message now cannot contain all the necessary fullness of clarity regarding the topic referred to herein. Yet, I believe that what I touch upon in this message will help you aspire to a more detailed acquaintance with the Event in progress on Siberian land predetermined by the Wisdom of the Great and Merciful Allah.

I know that the set conditions of life in society could not allow you to come in contact with the truth about the nature of the Event in progress now taking place near you. These same conditions force all people in key positions to abundantly make official use of either just all possible ridiculous hearsay or very inaccurate information. Now in particular, this practice inevitably creates serious confusion and discrepancies, involving the children of the Great Father in Heaven into a most dangerous division amongst themselves despite the emerging proclamations about mutual tolerance.

I think you realise well that if one remains sincere all along before God of humankind, one can boldly acknowledge that there is no truth in all what lies hidden behind the currently emerged conditional concepts of mutual tolerance. All this resembles more the situation when wild animals conclude temporary peace in times of extreme events for them all. But such are the characteristics of these Final Times. It is in these complex circumstances that the new foundation for Salvation and further already normal development of the children of the Great Heavenly Father needs to be formed. When there will be one Family of people of single faith on all of Mother Earth. Mother-Earth.

Dear friend, until this time there wasn’t a favourable necessity for me to make an open address to all who occupy an important key position in social life. What I have to offer can be offered only once, for which the Great God determined a corresponding favourable period of time. You realise well that every person occupying a key position in life of their community, no matter the degree of required awareness, thereby inevitably makes a statement in the face of Great God about their readiness to do everything possible for the benefit of the surrounding society. People of religious thinking conscientiously add to this the expression of their readiness also to serve worthily for the Glory of the Heavenly Father, Great and All-loving God.

Of course all these sacramental acts depend on one’s level of spiritual maturity however this does not exclude the possibility, when it is particularly necessary, to put before any of these responsible people a choice of sufficiently high degree of importance. If the readiness to fulfil were announced, there would be an offer, for the Great Allah knows everything and is always ready to respond to the call of the aspiring. But will He give to the aspiring what the latter is looking for or will He give first what is necessary indeed? By far not all the things people desire correspond to what’s necessary indeed. These simple truths, it may seem, need to be well understood by all who strive to achieve the wisdom and Glory of the All-Loving God, but unfortunately I too often have to observe with sadness how à big part of them who have started to believe in the Holy Truth put their own desires in the first place. With great grief now, I have to observe how actively the final tragedy unfolds in the life of all humankind on Mother-Earth. And this goes along with the fact that the opportunity to help the humanity in this situation is limited to a minimum, for the Salvation depends first on the right choice made by humankind itself, and to be more precise, to a large extent on those who took on the responsibility to lead their fellow people.

Salvation should not be forced upon the one who seemingly needs it, no matter how much it is desired by the One who knows how to save. Also necessary in this process is the free will of the one in need. This is how the Wisdom of the Great and Merciful Allah has it, may His Glory be boundless!

The crisis in the development of human society, having aggravated to its utmost through terrorism grown out of control and spreading to an extremely dangerous degree for the world community, asserts inevitably in the mind of most people on the planet the conception of enemy conflict between the Muslim and the Christian worlds. And this process goes on despite the many attempts made by individual politicians and religious authorities to smooth out this perception. Efforts that have been made in this situation and that could be made in principle by any person, whatever talent he may have, will not produce the necessary result. However, this alone does not mean there is no way out. Allah is wise and always keeps His Word!

Solving the emerging complex problem, on which the destiny of man on planet Earth depends, calls for Him Whom it would be incorrect to call human in the full sense. He came again as He promised and has complete readiness to bring Christians and Muslims into a union. In this case all others will inevitably be brought together into this Family of people of single faith, children of the Heavenly Father.

However, the One who has come should not impose His truth, brought by the will of Allah, but should only offer His services because in this act is the Wisdom and Will of the Great and Merciful Allah. I know well, my friend, the characteristic regularity of the difficulty that arises during the encounter between the one awaiting and The Awaited One, but the condition for humanity is just one and will remain so. For the Heavenly Father can offer his children only what’s best for them and this can only be just one thing. Everything else will be worse. I understand how entirely unusual what I have to say is to the human mind that has been formed until now and is t listening to me but I must give advance notice that I came again as the Word of Great God, the God of humankind, Father of mine and yours. I came to accomplish the Predetermined! And as it turned out, unfortunately, to do it contrary to the expectations of the majority who believe in the Holy Truth.

I do not look for those who can put their blind faith in me and I do not propose such an act. I seek rather those who will turn out capable of perceiving the Truth that I bring from the One who sent me because the holy burden can be carried for real only by the one who realises well its true value. I came not to talk in parables any more but to announce directly and tell you about the Father and His Idea regarding the purpose of human birth in the Universe. I am also ready to disclose all mysteries that inevitably became stumbling stones in the absence of mutual understanding among all believers on Earth. It was necessary to do this only in the Final Times, giving equal rights to learn about it to all who sincerely strive to achieve the Glory of Great God. To give the opportunity to learn about it, but not to force anyone!

That is why I do not expect your blind faith in me but rather suggest that you understand me in the process of our acquaintance where I am ready to answer all your questions regarding the spiritual being of the human and the Being of Great and Merciful Allah. And through all this let your heart and mind suggest to you an evaluation of what you are experiencing. I propose to be questioned by all interested Muslim spiritual thinkers gathered for this purpose at the same time in any favourable place. You can take a record of this meeting and let know of it any group of people that you regard as having common sense. Under these conditions, lie as well as Truth will inevitably come forth in the open. But in the name of Great and Merciful Allah I call upon you in this hour, preceding utmost severe ordeals awaiting humankind, not to rush and discard the unknown but start considering what I have offered from the following point of view: “What if this is the Sought after?” Because this is the only condition, allowing you to apply common sense in the analysis of your experience.

The course taken by global events in human society evolves in such a way when, taking into account the character of the events in progress, considering that in the mind of most people on the planet the word “Islam,” unfortunately, compares inevitably ever more to the word “danger,” by the Will of the One who sent me I suggest that no one but the Muslims first take steps towards establishing universal peace on Mother-Earth. This is truly and really possible for a short period of time. Christians know well the saying by Jesus, imprinted sufficiently correct in the Scriptures of the New Testament, about some first who will be last and about the last who will be first. The Muslims belong conditionally to the last people receiving the Truth about the Great God through the last prophet of Allah. The favourable hour has come! But I must only offer a choice.

I am ready to offer a true peacemaking mission to the Christians as well, but the Russian Orthodox Church rushed on its own to punish itself. Some years ago, without asking me a single question, not even making efforts for an acquaintance with the Event that had already started taking place on Russian land at the Will of the Heavenly Father, they rejected in a hurry what I had been creating. Now already many orthodox theologians who cannot but observe the Event in progress, became inclined towards a positive perception of It, but they found themselves to be in an uncomfortable situation grown out of the hasty efforts of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. The big mistake in making false dogmatic assertions about the Father and Son, the true knowledge of Whom was to be revealed straightforward only by the Word of God, which was not done at the time of the first Accomplishment, creates extraordinarily difficult circumstances for the Christians in the process of waiting for their Teacher. And only the Muslims have in this respect a more correct representation, although not without the naturally inevitable errors in this case.

But these are already questions to which I am ready to give numerous detailed answers. The most important thing: try to believe that there exists a chance to avoid the unfolding of a global war which human society has now actively set a course for. And this is where no one but the Muslims are to carry out the responsible mission. This is how Allah has predetermined, may His Glory be boundless and eternal!

Peace to you!


28 January 2003