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The interpreters





The Last Hope.





Appeal to the Modern Humankind.


About the Father and His Son.

“These things I have spoken to you in figurative language; but the time is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figurative language, but I will tell you plainly about the Father.”

(John. 16:25)



Children of the Unique Living God.

The next stage of the developing Event being predestined on Mother-Earth has come, and now I am going to tell you many things plainly.

You have encountered great difficulties, but these difficulties were not caused by someone else. They are the result of your efforts giving rise to lies, envy and hatred over a long period of time.

For centuries you strove to raise your name up to the Heavens, but you only plunged your face in liquid manure.

And having plunged, you give vent to your spite and hatred beyond all measure on your neighbours’ heads.

And now the Hour has come!

The Hour of realizing many mistakes you have made.

At many meetings with me for the previous seven years you often asked me of my essence, but first of all I tried to disregard the direct answer and used only phrases, in which most of you could not understand the fullness of the concealed Truth.

It is not this matter that troubled me at first, but how your hearts could feel the essence of my Word.

For I do not come to you for my sake, but for the sake of My Father, who is your True Parent.

If you were able first of all to feel what is in me with your hearts, then conceiving what is in me you could easily discover my name.

But where a heart was sleeping in its dreamland, it was senseless of me to disclose my name, for only the roar of ignorance, being raised by great egoism would be surely heard in the space.

But nevertheless the Hour was to come and has already come indeed, when regardless of the level of your maturing and belonging to different ideological dogmata, I am to reveal for you the mystery of my Essence and to tell you many things plainly.

This appeal to you can be made only once, and those who are to touch upon it, will see it.

So that you may not tell me one day afterwards that you have not heard.

Let my Word help you, for I have revealed much to the people listening to me and will reveal much of what was concealed from everybody in the sealed Book to you.

This Mystery was kept for a long time.

For a long time I have been expecting the Hour of the Present days.

It is hard for you now, and it will be harder later on, but you have chosen your path yourselves.

With this appeal I want to give you another opportunity to think in order to remember the opportunity for Salvation in the chaos of the developing events.

I will briefly touch upon some Truths, for they will be a good landmark for you in your appraisal of the forth-coming events.

If a man appraises the occurrences he can touch with his hands – this is one kind of quality of the conclusion.

When there comes the appraisal of all, what is within the limits of the horizon, then the quality of the conclusion becomes broader and more profound.

But if you go beyond the limits of the horizon and appraise what is limited with the edges of the Universe, then the conclusion can be the most favorable one.

It is the last thing which I will try to help you to do.

Everything began one day, when you found your flesh on Mother-Earth by the Will of the Great Father.

But man did not need to know everything connected with that wonderful and infinitely great mystery till the present day when man would find himself on the threshold of Eternity and would determine his maturity.

And now you are to learn much about the Father and His Son and the mysteries of your Being, what was concealed in the great Book sealed to you.

But it is not the Bible, parallel with which could be inevitably mistakenly drawn by many of you and which is known to many people.

It is another Book, which was not written with a human hand and will not be read with human eyes.

And though composing the Bible much information was really put into it, that would be surprising to curious people, nevertheless the quality of that knowledge did not have the Blessedness of God.

These knowledge were not of your God,

But from another World, near which you were born.

Through great ignorance you brought together the Old and the New Testaments, though the roots of these Testaments are of different origins.

And only now I have an opportunity to speak of that difference.

Only in the New Testament for the first time for humankind did the first Ray of the Light of God’s Truth begin to appear,

The Light of Truth of the True God.

It was that Truth, which humankind did not know and also none of the representatives of the great and various world of the Universe knew.

But it was not easy to proclaim the new truths, as the consciousness of the ancient people in the Israeli land was too limited with its old doctrines.

And those who considered themselves to be the chosen people heard of their True Father, the All-loving God, the Ocean of boundless Love;

That God judges no one and grants His Blessedness equally to everyone.

But then few people were able to perceive the beginning of these revelations, for their hearts were filled with anger and craved just for revenge.

But their hopes were not true, that is why the craving ones waited in vain.

They did not wait till they took revenge upon their enemies, but finally they realized the results of violating the laws of Truth.

Is it just this Examination that has approached closely all peoples of Mother-Earth?

For now not only one nation should find the living Truth.

But in order to regard the events from the birthdays of the first children of God, a great Mystery is to be interpreted, which you touch upon in your judgements from time to time, even raising false doctrines.

Only your mind is in complete ignorance as before.

Now I am to tell you that just for you there are two heterogeneous Laws in the Universe of Being.

While there is only one Law for all the rest in Being.

You have violated these Laws in ignorance up to now, that is why you fail to escape a vicious cycle of senseless sufferings.

But these violations will not last forever, they will finally finish now.

So there are two Sources in Being.

Two different Spirits descend from them.

One of them supplies the Planets with the Spirit of Life,

The Other endows people with the Holy Spirit.

Your elder fellows by Mind having studied your development for some time could once make a conclusion that Someone was leading you.

Someone with Whom they have no connection.

The quality of the Law of Your Father’s Being is such that the Outer Space Mind is absolutely incapable of determining the Being of the Great God of humankind by any means.

But they are firmly convinced in His existence.

Representatives of the Outer Space Mind know perfectly well of the Existence of the Creator of Material Being and implicitly follow all His laws without exception.

But they are always seeking to comprehend the Mystery of Your Father, the Creator of Spiritual Being, only through the deeds of God’s children.

You can truly show your faith through your deeds and you have an opportunity to glorify your Father’s Name through your deeds.

So be vigilant in the days of the present Epoch!

For your deeds can be often hasty, but crops of misfortunes are sown thoughtlessly with these deeds.

Coming to meet the narrow and preconceived judgemental mind, I want to explain forestalling a cry of ignorance, that I do not speak of two Gods in order to call you to worship both Sources.

But I do so for you to honour worthily the both Laws, and you are to worship only your Father with all your heart.

For He is your only True Father!

And you are to receive only His Blessedness infinitely.

But the Creator of Material Being does not need your worship at all.

He is indifferent to your motives and dreams and He is deaf to your prayers.

He is cold to you, and it is all the same to Him whether you exist or you do not exist.

But the Law to honour Him is a great necessity for everyone who lives in Harmony.

His Spirit of Life penetrates everything that is created on the basis of His Law and infinitely supplies all the bodies that exist as solid and rough forms as well as in numerous various more subtle manifestations.

You could even see and determine several subtle manifestations of energy outer shells round your physical body.

And only out of ignorance you mistook these outer shells for your soul.

In your various arguments absurd in their own way, you often mention three elements, such as spirit, soul and body.

In reality unconsciously calling two different in accordance with their quality bodies, that is your natural flesh and your soul, further then you speak of the same spirit.

While the Spirit manifesting itself through your soul and the Spirit manifesting itself through your flesh are various according to their nature.

Your Father’s Laws are quite different.

And in order to say about them in a very simple, but understandable way, it is enough to compare the most subtle energy display of material laws in the whole Universe so as to say that the Currents originating from your Father are much more subtle and tender.

That is why the Universe cannot see Him.

Time was passing by and the Lord was the only one shedding Love.

No one in the Material World could perceive these Currents.

But once the Great God began to transform the Universe ennobling and enriching It with flowers of unprecedented beauty.

These flowers could flourish eternally filling Being with their fragrance.

With such words I want to express the threshold of your birth.

Nevertheless, it is so, and it will be so in the long run no matter how roughly you manifested yourselves up to now and continue to manifest yourselves for some more time, storing up enormous negative experience needed by no one.

So that the Material World could perceive the Results of God’s Blessedness and that they might fill the Universe more and more, transforming It, those ones were required who would enter the material laws and endlessly multiplying and spreading in the Universe, would fulfil the predestination of the Great God, Their Heavenly Father.

After it a significant Mystery began to be Created.

You found yourselves in flesh, which you were allowed to use on Mother-Earth,

Being incarnated as the new-born children of those people who were living on the Earth and were in the initial stage of formation according to the laws of the development of the mind.

For the first time in the history of Being the laws of the development of the soul were united with the laws of  the development of the mind.

For they are two different laws in essence and their joining brought about unprecedented difficulties in your formation.

You were to begin comprehending yourselves.

The body which you found, became a peculiar instrument for you, thanks to which you entered the Material World to transform the invisible Holy gift, which is in you, into visible results through the deeds of your hands.

This way you were to begin to glorify your Father.

But it did not happen so.

The joining of heterogeneous laws in a union that had not been foreseen initially in the Harmony of the Universe inevitably very soon yielded original results.

These results were so peculiar that they perplexed very much the representatives of some of the civilizations of the Outer Space Mind who observed attentively the development of the young human society.

And there was something to be surprised at.

The Outer Space Mind had never known such a confused, inclined to constant deviation to chaos and to self-destruction society, but It was incapable to invent the probability for such a display.

Every happening event is always based on certain conformities with the laws.

Your mistakes are also based on precise conformities with the laws and at first in the formation of the human society gross mistakes became admissible as they were inevitable.

Initially the task before you was extraordinary complicated, you were to determine the main values favourable for your true development with the help of the heterogeneous law.

Where with the first step it was necessary for you to realize that your body had a soul, which was your true essence.

The majority of you coped with it successfully to a certain extent.

And then your second and the main step had to be a true comprehension of the difference in the laws of the development of the mind and the soul.

So as afterwards you could first of all determine the true direction of the efforts which were favourably to influence the development of the soul.

After that you could finally establish your mutual relations so that your society could develop harmoniously on the way to Eternity.

And so in the second step, depending on a certain conformity with the laws, which was beyond your strength for your independent correct comprehension of it in this stage of your development, you seriously got stuck on and inevitably directed the vital functions of your physical bodies straight on the way to self-destruction.

And in order to determine correctly the true direction now, where those who are capable to see and to hear are to make worthy efforts, it is necessary to realize the true difference between the law of the development of your soul and the natural laws of the development of your flesh, which is capable of thought.

Finally from now on you are to realize what a true man is.

Without going into many details in this appeal, for it will be the next step, I will briefly touch upon a number of primary peculiarities showing the direction to you.

All the rest will be determined by your choice, which is eternally free according to the Law.

The vital functions of material organisms of the vegetable world and the animal world as well as your material body are based on the triune instincts of self-preservation, self-maintenance and continuation of the race.

Living organisms are endowed with consciousness in order to keep these aspects under a certain control which is vitally important.

Where if necessary consciousness can be to a different degree of complication.

The representatives of the vegetable world have a very simple and primitive level of consciousness.

According to the fact that plants do not need to move regularly in search of favourable conditions of satisfying their instincts, their consciousness is not concentrated in some point, being located in a certain place of the material body.

Plants’ consciousness exists as an energy field surrounding one or another organism and acts in interconnection with certain information of the cells of the roots, stems, leaves and so on, as well as with the identical fields of the neighbouring plants.

The vital functions of the representatives of the animal world proceed in more complicated conditions.

For they do not always have favourable conditions near them for satisfying their instincts.

And then various transferences are needed in search of such conditions with more profound comprehension of the coming information through vital sensitive peculiarities.

Consciousness was in a special way concentrated in an animal’s head for the most harmonious comprehension of this kind of incoming information.

Your natural body does not differ from an animal’s body according to its primary sense, but unlike an animal’s body it began to possess a much more complicated variety of possibilities; and truly miraculous gifts are located in the head,

Correctly to learn to use these gifts became a most complicated task for you.

But to clarify it is necessary to consider a little more the similar peculiarities of your material body and an animal’s body.

Your body as well as an animal’s body is surrounded with a peculiar force field just as a plant is surrounded, but these fields are different in their essence.

For plants’ it is a field consciousness, but for your physical bodies and for animal bodies there are subtle sensitive peculiarities, only bringing information of your characteristic feature,

With the help of which each comes into contact with a great variety of similar fields of the whole physical world surrounding each within reach of their field.

Where the more a field is developed, there are more possibilities to perceive the surrounding reality, imprinting it with the consciousness and comprehending it with the mind which you possess at the present moment.

These fields surround your flesh with some variety, and it is just in the given energy peculiarities that the mystery of native intuition should be searched for,

The intuition is knowledge which you have inside you, but it is not connected with you mind.

For your body has acquired the most part of such knowledge before the young mind of natural flesh begins to develop immediately comprehending the coming information from the rough contact of the infantile organism with the surrounding reality through sight, hearing, smell, taste and bodily touch.

From time to time during your life you are often amazed to learn that the surrounding reality which you see with your eyes is much richer than that which you seemed to be very well acquainted with.

And it is just the small cells of your flesh that have the information of this wealth.

But you have not learnt to talk to them yet, otherwise they could tell you much about the great World, made by the Creator.

The cells of your flesh have the information of all the laws, which surround it independently of the fact whether your consciousness recognizes these laws, or not.

Therefore as soon as the information field of the cell is influenced with an active manifestation of one or another outer law, you can feel dim understanding of something familiar to you.

Though the forming consciousness has not established such occurrences yet and does not have the necessary images to draw a conclusion.

Together with the manifestations of the conformities with the laws of the native intuition you also possess the manifestations of the original spiritual intuition as unique creatures in the Universe.

But these are the manifestations of another kind.

The energy fields surrounding your natural flesh and the animals’ flesh in great numbers and variety possess such a peculiarity which keeps its exact copy for a certain period of time after the death of the flesh,

This copy could be completely called a double but with the lost possibilities for development.

These fields which continue to exist do not only have all the information of every cell of the body, but they keep consciousness in the state of energy with all the gained information for all the life having been lived in the material body.

Then there comes the period of the disintegration of the force outlines which lasts for a certain number of days, after that all the information connected with the former organism joins total information which is kept by the more powerful Strength of Mother-Earth.

The peculiarities of the material laws which I have just mentioned, are characteristic not only for your flesh and the animals’ bodies, but they are also characteristic for any representative of the Outer Space World independently of the level of his development.

For these laws are common in their essence in the whole Universe.

Only the representatives of the Outer Space Mind who are at the higher stages of development according to the material laws and the laws of the mind, using certain influence on the material energy shells, are capable to prolong the vital functions of the solid body for very large temporal intervals;

That could last for more than hundreds of thousands years of the earth.

But nevertheless this life comes to an end, only after that the gained information of one or another living organism remains in the memory of the Planet where this life ended.

The given peculiarities of the material laws are never re-born in a new inborn solid body, for every new natural flesh naturally has its similar peculiarity inseparably linked with forming a new organism beginning from the cellular stage during the conception.

The possibility to be re-born could be possessed only by something having its own individuality which is not connected primarily with the forming material body and does not certainly possess any forms of consciousness existing in the Universe;

As the combination of two different forms of consciousness in one organism is never harmonious for it inevitably results in suppression of one consciousness by the other.

But organisms, which do not possess any form of consciousness, are never born in the Universe of Being.

For the Harmony of the Material World the conformities with the laws of regeneration absolutely do not have any necessity and therefore they were not primarily foreseen by the Creator of Material Being in any natural manifestations of the material laws.

Side by side with the mentioned laws there are two qualitatively different consciousnesses in the Universe, such as planetary Consciousness and the consciousness of those who are born and flourish on the Planet.

At the same time among those who are born on the Planet there is either one of the forms of the mind’s manifestations or two, such as a usual form of development and a nimble one.

Your material body and all the creatures similar to you from the outer space worlds have a nimble mind, but all the representatives of the animal world relate to another form of the development of the mind.

The nimble mind is characterised by the activity, which is not at all connected with the vital functions of the material body which it belongs to.

Its possibilities could not be bound with the limited direction of discovering the most rational ways of satisfying the instincts.

The nimble mind perceives and strives to conceive the surrounding reality not only in connection with the vital functions of its bearer’s material body, but without any connection with it,

When often striving to know what is not practically necessary for the life of flesh, overcoming the effect of the law of self-preservation as signals of a probable danger.

Animals make a similar step overcoming signals of danger only being in dire need of satisfying one or another instinct.

The living organisms of the World of the Universe are based on two original foundations, such as sensitive peculiarities and peculiarities of thinking.

Sensitive peculiarities of the animal world could be rough referring to direct contact of the flesh with solid objects of the surrounding world, as well as subtle, coming into contact with energy manifestations of the same surrounding. They are predestined for conceiving the surrounding reality with the purpose to determine in it what is to satisfy the call of the instinct.

In this case thinking helps either to come to what is sought for more exactly or to go away from what is undesirable in the most correct way.

The sensitive peculiarities of the representatives of the nimble mind are much richer and diverse enabling them to perceive the surrounding reality more broadly.

And peculiarities of the reasoning mind have the greatest possibilities for appraising the surrounding reality enable them to conceive all the laws of the material world more exactly.

Then it is necessary to pay attention to the manifestations of some distinctive features characteristic of all the representatives of the nimble mind of the Universe without connection with the manifestations of the peculiarities, which were revealed through you unexpectedly for everybody in the Universe.

And became the distinctive features characteristic only of you.

The representatives of the Outer Space nimble Mind never use any of the sensitive peculiarities of perceiving the surrounding reality as admiring very well known to you.

All these peculiarities are submitted with the artificial efforts only to support the law of the development of the Mind.

At the initial stage of forming a young organism of an individuality as well as a young civilization in general, when a young mind only begins to acquaint itself with the surrounding reality, the voice of instincts prevails in an organism of a representative of the nimble mind as it happens with the animals.

But only unlike animals there are possibilities to approach the necessary satisfaction much more conveniently and rationally.

In due course the attention begins to be naturally displaced towards the results of the mind’s activity under the influence of the initially foreseen conformities with the laws.

After that the final comprehension of the main aim of existence in activity just comes on the way of the development of the mind.

Where beginning at a certain stage of development and to the end of the vital activities of the material basis, the satisfaction of the instincts will be given the least strictly considered attention.

It will be manifested as a working effort in dire vitally important necessity.

Besides this all emotional manifestations will artificially come to extremely low vibrations.

For in accordance with the law of the development of the Mind the existence of bright emotional features will always create affections and dislikes that will hinder from rational activity and will not allow the settled conformities with the laws of the straightforward development to be manifested,

And also inevitably will create extremely dangerous conditions in the existence of those who will possess very high technical and energy possibilities.

All the rest of the sensitive peculiarities will develop,

With the help of which the mind could penetrate much deeper into the laws of material being conceiving them.

The constant striving to conceive is a consequence of the main mover in the development of the mind, such as curiosity.

It endlessly leads the mind to logical comprehension of everything unknown what is found on the way of the organism’s development toward.

The limits of such a comprehension into “depth” could be only the limits established by the Creator of material Being, while the limits of a comprehension into “breadth” could be only established by the limits of the Universe itself.

Such a comprehension does not proceed only for the sake of comprehension, for depending on some elementary laws once on the way of comprehending there appears a deliberate necessity to interfere with the process of one or another developing event at its energy and technical level for the welfare of their own civilization as well as for the welfare of another civilization.

Where the criterion of the welfare is determined by the possibilities of the mind for the present period of time and by the existing generally accepted laws, which have been already formed.

The characteristic feature of the vital functions of similar civilizations having reached their normal level of development is their ability always quickly to determine the most rational solution for their vitally important question with a necessary number of chosen representatives of their civilization,

After that all the representatives of this civilization without exception will implicitly take a step in accordance with the agreed upon solution.

But not because all the other representatives of such a society are strictly taught to obey implicitly the discovered solution of some small elite group,

For every representative of all these civilizations has an absolute freedom of choice and none of them dares to infringe upon this Law of the Universe.

For solving one or another arising question for the present moment the members of the Council are formed of the most capable ones to make the necessary decisions, but again only for the given present moment of time.

Where the greatest ability is really determined according to the best quality of abilities, but not according to the primitive actions which are connected with the quality of the conducted election campaign.

All the other representatives of the civilization regard the formed Council with full comprehension that the Council can really find the most reasonable solution.

And nobody will take another step realizing that it will be worse.

In that way the development of the civilization is always directed straightforwardly, but not hesitatingly from one side to another, when each small separate group of one civilization takes an independent step at their discretion.

With this brief presentation of some conformities with the laws in the development of the representatives of the Mind of the material World, where a great number of various civilizations exist now, I have shown the natural way of flourishing according to which a young civilization on Mother-Earth had to go inevitably, if, by the Will of the Heavenly Father, the only living God, you did not find these fleshes and did not unite in a wonderful mystery displaying yourselves as a human race.

An image of a tree growing on the Earth, very well known to all of you can be used in a graphic rendering of many laws.

Also the Law of the development of the Mind in the material Universe can be represented as a tree having a root, a trunk, the first thick branches originating from the trunk and further as the branches become thinner and increase in number.

And it all is finally covered with the countless numbers of leaves inimitable in their variety among each other.

And by whatever fantastic variety the leaves and the branches of the reasonable Material World are distinguished, they are all based on the united law of the root which the united mighty trunk originates from.

As I know your present natural inclination to look for the foundation in the top of the tree among the rustling leaves that continually move by the wilful breath of the currents, I have briefly touched upon the trunk and the roots of what is necessary to learn.

And also in order to continue briefly to touch upon the roots and the trunk of your life with the Light of the Truth, I have to cover one more aspect of the life of the representatives of the nimble mind of the Universe.

For finding a material body you became to a certain extent young brothers by Mind to those numerous and various civilizations filling the Universe who were much older than you and much more mentally developed.

The characteristic feature of such a law of the development inevitably left its mark upon your peculiar way of development, which was primarily different according to its own law.

And therefore the correct understanding of all the conformities with the laws, which became an integral part of your flourishing, was a vitally important necessity.

The aspect, which is necessary to be dealt with in brief, is concerned with the deliberate understanding of the Truth of the Creator of material Being by the world of the mind;

Just with deliberate understanding, but not with faith or confidence,

For these peculiarities are not characteristic of the law of the development of the Mind.

The law of the development of the Mind is based first of all on fixing the occurrences of the surrounding reality practically manifesting one way or another, and then on logical comprehension of the essence of these occurrences and the laws of their interconnection with the occurrences having been fixed before and having been comprehended before.

After that such information is shifted to the memory depository continuing to gain knowledge.

The information which needs more consideration expects the hour when the next real peculiarity manifesting again can bring forth something missing for broader and more profound comprehension of the kept information which in time turns into exact knowledge.

The young mind of a natural material body begins its vital functions by disorderly fixing and gaining facts of the manifesting reality, which the young organism is capable of perceiving.

Then conformities with the laws connecting some occurrences with the others and their mutual influence on each other are marked, in that way covering the laws of the material World more profoundly and broadly.

At first comprehension proceeds unsystematically, but in due course these actions are brought into full conformity with the laws of logic, such as exact organised cold rational thinking.

Mentioning the word “cold” means thinking activity of the absolutely neutral inner sensitive attitude to the fixed occurrences of the happening reality.

The vast and diverse Outer Space Mind is very well aware of the existence of the Great Creator of material Being and of the laws to which He gave the opportunity to exist.

When different civilizations associate with each other the term “the Unified” is often used mentioning the Creator.

For He is truly the unified Creator for them and their existence fully depends on His laws.

The World of the Mind of the Universe does not worship the Creator, but firmly knows of the necessity to follow strictly all the laws, which they have to touch upon during all their vital activity.

Besides the characteristic feature of the Outer Space Mind is that once having understood such a necessity, nobody ever makes the slightest effort to infringe upon these laws,

This is really the criterion of being reasonable.

The laws do not exist for an individual to express any attitude toward them, but only for being followed.

The Unified created the World of material Being, in the essence of which all the innumerable variety of laws got mixed up in a peculiar Harmony,

This Harmony is the personification of the Information of the Development.

And if you consider your flesh, many of you know that it consists of a great number of little particles.

All the particles having information of the development firmly maintain the strength keeping them with each other in a certain order according to the information in them.

When your organism begins to make efforts in the opposite direction of the movement of the developing Harmony, then a natural disappearing of the information of development in little particles inevitably begins.

It reduces the strength keeping particles with each other and they begin to fall apart.

In this period certain disorders begin to arise in your flesh showing the tendency of the solid body to crumble to little composing particles, that is dust,

Which in its turn moves into free energy condition lacking the information for compression.

The manifestations of the law of disintegration of this kind which you still constantly undergo in your flesh in connection with your wrong efforts are not the results of any anger or dislike of the great Creator of material Being;

The wrong understanding of which appeared in the primitive consciousness of man who began to develop.

For the expression of anger or any other emotion in reality is the expression of one’s own attitude to something that is not absolutely characteristic of the Truth of the Unified’s Being.

In the primarily foreseen laws of the development of the material World emotional displays are to play a vitally important part only in the vital activity of the animal world and at the initial stages of the development of the young civilization of the bearers of the nimble mind.

The representatives of the Outer Space Mind never make efforts to establish relations with the Unified as man strives to establish through his great ignorance.

For the World of the Mind is very well aware of the absurdity of the given effort where it is naturally supposed the expectation of certain efforts from the Creator of the Universe contradicting the laws of Harmony which all Being is based upon by the Will of the Creator Himself.

Everything the Great Creator of material Being wishes to say is always presented in any form of the laws of the material Universe both in dense bodies and in a state of energy.

If you want to hear the Word of the Unified, look at a stone.

If you crave to hear the Story, then look at a mountain chain.

And if you would like to realize the sense of the Expression, look closely at the essence of the laws concealed in the mountain chains.

And all the laws of the entire material World the Unified continues to reveal untiringly and equally under all conditions to everyone.

Nobody is prohibited from listening to the Word of the Creator of material Being.

The Essence of the Unified has no quickly changeable characteristic features.

His even breath sheds equal currents of vital strength in all directions, and Harmony is to flourish eternally of this Strength.

All the material Universe to the tiniest particle thrillingly absorbs the life-giving Strength and the welfare of all Being fully depends on the condition of the Creator of Being.

Therefore if the Unified were able to grieve about wrong actions of some small handful of dust in the Universe, then truly the entire Being would begin to cry.

And then the responsibility for the well-being of the Universe would fall on this small handful of dust.

This dust is not worth becoming conceited to be able to bear the responsibility for the entire Being of the Universe.

For it is absolutely incapable and even is not worthy to disturb the Essence of the Creator of the Universe in any way.

But time and again you are justified with the ignorance of what you do.

This ignorance which could not come to light till the present for a number of reasons.

For in your case everything that is favourable for your mind is not always favourable for your soul.

Many spiritual achievements in your life outwardly looked rather unreasonable as a rule.

But the results of logic led in many respects to the losses of the true treasures as they were not great enough in your soul.

So an epochal Event in the Universe happened, and you began to be embodied in little and nice babies who were born according to the material laws characteristic of them.

The material body, which you began to possess, was like an empty vessel, which was to be the bearer and keeper of the nimble mind, crowning this vessel.

And when the Hand of your Father threw a handful of little sparks to the Earth, then you filled these vessels, and the material flesh became the bearer and keeper not only of your mind, but also of the God’s spark which was really your essence.

The independently developing characteristic features of the nimble mind allow it to develop for the sake of its own development and enrichment of the Outer Space Mind, regularly and typically interfering through your flesh and characteristic energy peculiarities into the events of the happening reality in such a way as it considers coordinating with already realized laws of Harmony.

The Mind is first of all under the immediate influence of the laws of Harmony, which it conceives step by step.

This keeps the entire organism within these laws.

Having got under the immediate influence of your inner world, the activity of your mind changed considerably and now your entire organism could keep within the laws of Harmony only when you strictly began to follow the laws of the Great God, your Father.

But these laws are radically different from the laws of the development of the Mind.

Therefore your vital activity is not to be guided by the mind in the sense, primarily predestined in the Universe, but by the mind which became the main helper in the development of your soul, enriching the Universe with the gifts of God.

For your predestination is to transform into visible things the invisible ones, but fragrant beyond all measure.

Therefore being embodied you are to influence with your essence the activity of your mind and direct its abilities to another channel of realization of your characteristic features.

And only after such a characteristic modification of the activity of your mind, that will be eternally just in case with man, it is inevitably for the mind to reappraise your abilities what will be favourable for your soul and to begin finally the activity as an indispensable helper in the true development of the children of God.

But the mind is to comprehend correctly the characteristic features of a heterogeneous law when among the information, having been put into the particles composing the mind of the way of the development of the mind itself, there is absolutely no information of the laws of the development of the soul.

The deliberate understanding of the visible reality of the representatives of the animal world is the result of the strong influence of the animal’s attitude to it.

Where this attitude is based on naturally instinctive sensitive manifestations controlled by Harmony.

Also the material body of the representatives of the nimble mind initially possesses the call of the instinct and the manifestations of the emotional peculiarities connected with it; but having the possibility to satisfy them more reasonably, and also using other large possibilities, these representatives drive their own naturally instinctive sensitive peculiarities to extremely insignificant manifestations.

That allowed them to get away from perceiving the surrounding reality as a probable possibility only to satiate the flesh, to hide into a safe place and to couple with the opposite sex at the proper time.

Getting away from the considerable influence of the instincts and emotional inclinations, the mind began to perceive and analyse the surrounding reality more often without distortions through any attitude to it.

These are the most favourable conditions for the complete work of the nimble mind that was initially predestined in the Harmony of the material World.

In the period of the first days of your first incarnations you began to possess the material bodies which were at the initial stages of the formation of the mind.

When the call of the instinct played a significant part.

But having filled your material vessels with your essence and having become men, unexpectedly for the Harmony you displayed large and bright sensitive peculiarities incommensurably to nothing in a great number of various new shades.

After that you began to feel the call of the instinct much brighter than your organism had experienced before your incarnation in it.

And besides naturally instinctive sensitive manifestations, establishing a certain attitude to the surrounding reality, something special compared with nothing in the material World, a unique and wonderful attitude to the visible and invisible surrounding world was revealed in you.

All this wealth of sensitive displays had an influence, considerably distorting the usual way of forming the mind.

The human mind lost forever the possibility to perceive the reality without a certain peculiar preliminary interpretation of it through the world of the senses.

Everything existing among what man is capable to perceive, will always be interpreted through the world of  his senses, being coloured with various combinations of colours and shades, and only then it is comprehended with the mind under the influence of these colours.

Therefore, your well-being depends fully on the abilities of the world of the senses to create a certain range of colours and shades.

Where the more gloomy the colours of the world of the senses will be, the more primitive and mistaken the conclusions of your mind will become,

Without any dependence on what kind of strength was applied in the development of the mental abilities.

This law is to be known by you forever.

And remember that your quality will never be valued according to your mental abilities, but first of all according to what you have inside you.

Only your world of the senses through which you display your attitude to all reality has two distinctively heterogeneous displays.

One of them is naturally instinctive sensitive manifestations, originating from Mother-Earth.

And the other is the spiritual sensitive manifestations, their source is in the Essence of your Heavenly Father.

Therefore I say truly that all the laws composing the general Law of the development of your soul are displayed in your spiritual attitude to everything which you are capable to perceive and notice through all your sensitive peculiarities and the abilities of your consciousness.

Under the influence of your spiritual world unusual peculiar characteristic features were displayed in your mind,

This is connected with the manifestations of the features of the imagination, known to nobody before, based on which you began to dream enthusiastically and freely.

In your fantasies you create easily fanciful combinations of images, freely connecting them to each other without any rules of reasonableness and often in contradiction with the laws of the development of material Being,

Besides expressing rich splashes of the senses of your attitude to the created images in such a way as if everything happens in reality.

And if the very process of comprehending the given event according to the law of the activity of the mind can take place, then the logical understanding will finally present a great difficulty for the representatives of the Outer Space Mind.

Faith is a particular mystery related to the characteristic displays of the laws of the soul.

And if the ability to distribute the information to exact and inexact knowledge is important for the mind, for trying to comprehend worthily what is happening,

Then the attitude of the soul to something or somebody can be expressed either with complete trust or with a certain lack of confidence.

Besides within the laws of the development of the mind there is only a prompting peculiarity, which is curiosity.

But within the laws of the development of the soul there is only a restraining one, such as doubt.

The prompting peculiarity is good on the way of development, but dangerous when you find yourselves on the brink of a precipice.

But the restraining peculiarity is good near the brink of the precipice, but not favourable on the way of ascent.

You inevitably produced in yourselves these two mysteries of a “pusher” and an “anchor”, and being unable to make a worthy appraisal of each of them to use them correctly, you turned your life into confused disorderly displays.

After that you unfailingly tried to touch the dangerous and that you very well realize is not allowed to be touched.

And what you realize very well as correct and necessary you do not do, often absurdly excusing yourselves that you supposedly could not do something worthy in any way,

Without noticing that you often excuse yourselves with much less in respect of the greater that was not done.

Faith is a wonderful mystery,

Which in a case when you believe in your strength, it makes you capable to make efforts which you could not fulfil in other conditions.

When you believe in your neighbour’s strength, it will increase his possibilities sharing a part of your strength with him.

Besides your soul becomes more open regarding those whom you believe in.

And when you begin to believe Great God, your Heavenly Father, then your faith becomes Holy and is the only possibility for your soul to have a complete interconnectedness with the Father.

But your faith must be absolutely complete.

In this case it is necessary for you to know that through the consciousness of your mind you never have interconnection with your Heavenly Father.

For the law of the mind is the material law, and this is a heterogeneous law regarding the laws of the Great God.

Therefore I say to you truly that blind are those who wish to find the direct appeal of God to themselves among their thoughts.

For thought is material, and your Heavenly Father is not concerned in this display, very rough for Him.

Therefore in your prayers to Great God, only what originates from your soul begins the communication, but not what flows from your lips.

Words of prayers first of all are necessary for you.

But the lack of knowledge of this difference involved you in wandering in the temptations of lifeless waters for centuries.

Only these wanderings will not be eternal.

The Lord sees and everything necessary is done.

In the period of beginning your plentiful incarnations on Mother-Earth the civilization of the nimble mind of the material World existing here and beginning its formation was suddenly transformed unprecedentedly in the Universe.

It was just since that moment that the beginning of  the formation of Man began the time’s inception.

At the moment of your first incarnation in that distant time as well as in any of your incarnations for the first time, you possessed absolutely no knowledge of the peculiarities of your soul.

The complication lies in the fact that under the similar circumstances you could not feel some inner inclination for certain actions, favourable just for the formation of your soul.

For the soul, which has no experience, does not know at all what efforts will be favourable for it.

Therefore it requires an obligatory preliminary acquaintance with many vital efforts, after that in the process of acquaintance the appraisal and the necessary determination can be gradually done.

But the striking display of the naturally instinctive sensitive peculiarities and characteristic efforts of the mind was the first that attracted a man in his youth.

Since that time either in one place or somewhere else one can meet either an emotionally unrestrained and noisy man or a restrained and silent man looking at the colours of the sunset for a long time or at the tops of the mountains touched by the first rays of the rising Sun.

When the mind tried to comprehend in its own way what is happening, and the inner world vibrated with some incomprehensible fascinating currents,

Leaving for a long time a particular deep mark in the soul and in the memory of consciousness.

Just as the material body possesses an instinct, expressing as characteristic incomprehensible motives, leading to the proper vitally necessary physical efforts of the body itself, so the mind has something similar.

Where the mind always aims to comprehend every Word or the whole Expression of the Creator of material Being what is imprinted in a stone and a tree, in a purling streamlet and blazing flame, in every grain of sand and in the great bulk of mountain ranges –

In everything what can be met among the innumerable varieties of the manifestations of the material World.

Besides the mind initially has no instinctive motives to determine and to comprehend the Essence of the Creator more rapidly, but has irrepressible striving to conceive all the laws of reality,

Not leaving without comprehension a single occurrence taken into consideration.

Only in your case the given efforts were almost completely ceased in connection with the fact that on the basis of the richest sensitive peculiarities of your soul you began to be excessively dependent on satisfying your instincts from the point of view of the pure mind.

And instead of comprehending of what the laws of the Unified are imprinted in, the mind was to spend the most part of its time, and often all of its waking time trying to comprehend the conformities with the laws of the human society being formed –

The society of man who could not only use correctly the abilities of his mind, but also has no idea of his soul.

When in satisfying the instincts any wise measures were quickly lost, which led man in due course to be more dependent on his own instinct, the signals of which began to appear in disorder independently of the vital necessity of the flesh.

While animals satisfy the motives of their instincts only as the vital necessity arises.

All the civilizations of the nimble mind beginning to develop always begin with the level when the instincts are satisfied only as the evident necessity arises and always within reasonable limits.

Such displays in the Being of the material World are the norm established by the Creator, in which the animal world always keeps.

For the world of the nimble mind this norm is to be the lowest stage from which it is necessary to begin to ascend.

Man unexpectedly finding his life in material Being, suddenly manifested his quality from this aspect at a considerably lower level than the level determined as the norm on the part of the Harmony of the Universe.

And now for a man to begin his normal ascent on the Way of his true development from the peculiar zero level of an already mentioned norm, a man has inevitably to make a very difficult way of ascent to reach this zero level,

The attempt to rise to this level which has lasted till the present day.

But in the distant past when you first incarnated on Mother-Earth, soon naturally within the limits of your possibilities you planted a peculiar tree which became the foundation of the society you formed.

Therein you devoted all your physical and mental abilities only to satisfying your instincts in the excessive striving to do it as more saturated and various as possible.

The mind aimed to help this achievement in the most convenient and profitable direction, creating all sorts of scientific and technical achievements.

This tree began to grow and to branch out quickly.

If you now look aside of the great number of leaves continually rustling in selfish emotions, and give up various shining tinsel, blinding your eyes with bright titles of something supposedly exalted, and pay attention to the trunk of your tree – truly you will see the trunk of the same tree planted by you one day.

It happened so that in that distant and significant ancient times through great ignorance you laid the form of your society’s existence, the essence of which was the constant striving of a society to live for its own sake was laid.

And this long-term inharmonious programme has been acting till now.

All the animal world has a similar but harmonious programme.

Where the Harmony of the material World controlling the origin, displacements and the amount of different species, arranges them to the necessary places accordingly so not to break the Balance and in order that all the vital processes should proceed only in the course of development.

Besides the task to comprehend this position and to choose independently the most effective efforts for the welfare of Harmony of the Universe is not raised before an animal’s mind.

It is enough for the representatives of the animal world to follow obediently the call of the instinct.

The Creator predestined the Being of the World of the nimble mind with the most freedom of choice in their search and efforts.

For that the reasoning abilities were enriched so that they could take out the material body from the influence of strict limitations with the activity of the instincts and independently control and organize their satisfaction.

But the mind itself was formed so that independently of whether it is aware or not aware of the true tasks of its activity, it would always choose the necessary making of efforts.

But for that the mind does not have to be under the influence of natural sensitive displays.

The appearance of man was not foreseen by the laws of the Universe.

And though you possess the characteristic features of the nimble mind, the perception by the mind of the happening reality foreseen by the Creator of the Universe was considerably distorted by your world of the senses.

After that instead of naturally creating the fruits of the activity of the mind directed exclusively for the welfare of Harmony, the mind began to use no less efforts for creating other fruits, capable only of breaking the vital activity of those who possessed the same mind as well as everything which was manifested in the surrounding reality.

But as you are in complete ignorance of the true laws of the development of your soul, then depending on the bright displays of the characteristic features of your world of the senses, in that distant time you inevitably brought the activity of satisfying the instincts to the level of the paramount vitally important task.

Thus it was done what could be found in the activity of the animal world in the natural conditions.

And the manifestations of the instinct through the laws of self-provision, reproduction and self-preservation began to be expressed in a constant striving to provide yourselves with food, clothes, homes, coupling with the opposite sex and the natural continuation of your race and also in striving to establish circumstances capable to secure the vital functions of your body as best as possible.

All of this is also the paramount vital necessity of animals in their essence.

The characteristic feature of just the paramount importance of such a vitally important task as in the natural manifestations of the animal world is the ready presence in you to do moral or physical harm to your revealed rival in controversial circumstances regarding the interest connected with your natural body.

The mind of humankind in its youth having a distorted perception of what was happening, was incapable of correctly appraising the situation regarding what was favourable for the development of the soul.

And therefore stressing deliberately but mistakenly the paramount importance of the vital aim, you directed all your mental and physical abilities to the achievement of it.

But as for the same reasons your mind hampered to determine wise measures in achieving the satisfaction of the instincts, then on the basis of your large power of apprehension, what animals do not have and what is good for them, you began to manifest abundantly all sorts of abnormal creative efforts which on the whole ruined and lowered the human civilization below the zero level,

Marked by the Creator of the Universe as a norm for all the reasoning world below which it should not sink.

For inevitably the processes will begin, obliterating the information of the development in the cells of the body, and the material flesh will constantly gravitate towards self-destruction.

Besides the available abilities of  the mind turned out to be incapable to help you out of the strict limitations with the activity of the instincts, as it became possible with the representatives of the nimble mind of the Universe.

Now only spiritual strength can help you out of the dangerous condition correctly, and you are to develop this strength constantly.

But regarding this the first man was in complete ignorance.

And the condition of the present humankind in this respect has changed insignificantly since those ancient times.

At the time when humankind in its youth began to form its society naturally according to the laws unfavourable for the development of man himself through ignorance you laid the grain of a global egoism into abundant soil,

Out of which a fanciful tree grew personifying the image of the human civilization in its youth.

For a man who did not know what the laws of Harmony and Beauty were, it was difficult to give a correct undestanding of the tree planted by his own hands, which began to grow rapidly and to branch out with a great number of deformed branches with greater amount of poisonous fruits.

Moreover a certain difficulty having arisen and quickly developing in the inner world of man actively began to play a key part in this improper formation.

And out of ignorance of the true laws of his development, man himself made natural desired deliberate efforts forming this difficulty.

Under the influence of the sensitive might of the soul the sensitive peculiarities of the natural manifestations of the flesh found new and far richer sounding.

The triunity of the laws of the instinct found a new life based on which humankind in its youth began naturally to form its society.

One of the laws of the triunity, the law of self-preservation has one very important peculiarity for the representatives of the animal world.

This vital peculiarity is displayed through the efforts of self-affirmation in the surroundings which assumes the presence of a worthy rival.

Where every successful step in this direction inevitably assumes the appearance of respect and honouring of the winner’s person on the part of the revealed rivals who lost as well as on the part of other fellow-tribesmen.

Before your first significant incarnation on the Earth your natural flesh also had this peculiarity, but your young mind was quite capable to form a necessary estimation of the given manifestations and controlled them more and more, establishing reasonable limits.

But as soon as your flesh first joined the given laws of Nature all the reasonable limits having been established before by the young mind were razed to the ground.

The main law of increasing your spiritual strength lies in your attitude to the surrounding reality, manifesting at two levels, that is a lower level and an upper one.

The lower level is determined with the ability never to consider to be yours what can not be yours in principle,

The upper level is determined with the constant wish and striving either to share or to give something indivisible from what is only yours in principle for the welfare of somebody.

To understand worthily the actions at one or another level, you are to remember first of all that you are allowed to consider to be yours only what belongs to God inside you and it is permissible to consider your natural body to be yours.

And out of the things that you are capable to create independently from the source which belongs only to Nature, and till the moment of completion, it is permissible to consider to be yours only the creation, where you have striven to put all the best of your soul.

But your mind was incapable to comprehend this law as well as the rest of the laws determining the true development of the soul both in that distant time and up till now.

The young soul has no experience of selflessly giving of itself as a human being for the sake of the people who surround it and the giving to the surrounding world without expecting anything in return.

Without knowing the true taste of what it means to give to somebody for his welfare under natural circumstances man quickly got to know some pleasant feeling when he took what he wished for himself.

And seeing first of all the joy of acquiring for himself and having experienced it a man began to feel the natural wish to experience the same joy again.

But besides there exists a realization that this joy can be got only in the process of acquiring just for himself.

And as all of the first representatives of the young humankind could not know the real taste of the true joy of complete selfless giving in the beneficial creative activity forgetting of themselves so that the instincts’ voice could not be heard at times, then it was impossible for the first man to have a favourable example in the person of his neighbour.

Such landmarks before this had never existed in reality at all.

But according to the laws of the animal world the landmarks of another kind appeared abundantly.

It was impossible in principle for the first man not to be tempted with such wrong examples.

You began to estimate very quickly that to have as much authority as possible among your neighbours, it meant to have more possibilities to satiate and diversify the satisfaction of the instincts.

This striving for constant variety is displayed in you on the basis of one of the characteristic features of  your soul,

That is to be expressed by the constant creative activity of unique things, but with each new creation much more beautiful masterpieces of your hands.

Only under the influence of uncontrolled and disorganized naturally instinctive sensitive splashes, the mind became incapable to form a correct estimation of what is happening, and your striving for variety in everything easily exceeded reasonable limits and measures.

This easily began to be expressed in your vital activity with extremely absurd manifestations in the notions of fashion.

All this began to be rapidly expressed in the unrestrained striving of a man to respond to the call of his instinct obediently moving under a strong influence of the prementioned feature of self-affirmation.

Since their first steps men and women could quickly form a similar estimations regarding the well-being of their natural bodies.

Both of them understood, that the more merits their bodies possessed, the more their way to success was facilitated in the same direction of satisfactions, a uthority and honours.

If these merits were not good enough or there were no merits at all, then the activity of the mind strove to fill in what was missing.

Besides in this field the activity of the mind of men has more possibilities leading them to the conquest of one or another authoritative stage.

Even in ancient times one could notice that the activity of the mind had much more possibilities to lead one to victory in the competition with the primitive demonstration of the muscular might.

On the one hand, you have excessive dependence on the instincts raised to the paramount vitally important aim and, on the other hand, you have the abilities of the nimble mind, reduced to the participation in the constant comprehension of actions which are not connected with the harmonious development, just on this basis an abnormal form of the competitive process appeared in your life.

Having learnt to make different aims which finally had certainly to lead to desired respect and honour, that was inevitably connected with the ardently desired satisfaction of instincts in more variety and with more effect, the human society in its youth was inflamed with violent unquenchable fire of all sorts of conceivable and inconceivable competitions among the representatives of their society and competitions of the societies among each other;

Besides there were competitions in everything wherever it was possible and with anybody.

In this respect the striving for competitions and, to be more precise, the striving to feel the taste of victory and glory for another time, always begins to be developed since the very childhood in the societies.

First in different children’s games, and then young men begin to take part in the sports competitions established by the society.

And only for the sake of one often concealed abnormal purpose, such as to feel to be at least a little better at least in something than someone of your neighbours and even of some representatives of the animal world.

Competition as a process of suppression and removal of a possible rival has been a characteristic motive power of a rapid flourishing of wildness and ignorance up till now.

And in due course the developing mind was more capable to bear fruits of a scientific and technical nature, facilitating the achievement of egoistic requirements of separate people as well as of a certain society, then the oil flowing down from these fruits heavily kindled the flame.

And this conflagration on a planetary scale has been burning for thousands of years up to now, where a great number of those who could not cope with the naturally appearing most difficult vital task have already been burnt to ash in this fire.

The lack of large mental abilities of the animals allows Harmony to reduce the competitions among those who are under the power of the spirit of rivalry to the use of only their own physical strength where the strongest one always takes the best or at least what he likes.

This plays a vitally important favourable part in the survival and development of the representatives of the animal world.

And if in the animal world the least physically strong one has also the least opportunities to survive, then in the human world those having the least physical abilities at times can successfully easily strive for the outlined aims skilfully drawing the missing physical strength from the outside.

Correspondingly those who have the largest physical abilities can not necessarily have guarantees for the successful advancement to their aim, for they can easily fall of the results of a more sharpened mind of their rival even one with less physical abilities.

Before your mind you constantly strive to undertake a task connected with finding a victory over the rivals revealed by you, and your mind with the help of logic always strives to find a solution opening the shortest most convenient way to victory.

But as you possess a peculiar pronounced attitude to the happening reality, then out of the results of this natural reasonable effort such notions as cunning, perfidy, meanness and so on appeared.

After that in reality the same process of victory over a rival or achieving any other aim could be differentiated into supposedly worthy and unworthy efforts.

Though from the reasonable point of view there is no difference in principle, for according to the primary essence everything remains the same.

Due to rivalry all shoots of misfortunes in your society grew and continue to grow abundantly.

And in those social institutions where physical strength is in particular respect, the character of mutual relations among you always and easily assumes primitively wild forms.

Any attempt to satisfy the call of the instincts implies an effort first of all directed to the satisfaction of yourselves.

And as humankind in its youth set a triunity of the laws of the instincts as a paramount vitally important aim, then it naturally supposed your largest constant efforts would be made extremely for the sake of your own satisfaction,

Besides almost always with a hypocritically bright slogan, in which your supposedly disinterested striving to create for the welfare of those who surrounded your was reflected.

In such favourable conditions for flourishing with the conformities with the laws of egoism you try at least a little to raise your own “I” above the “I” of some of your neighbours always and in everything.

And all sorts of competitions arising in your life in all the fields of your activity independently of the extent of significance inevitably put you in conditions of stubbornly cultivating in yourselves a certain peculiar essence, which can be called arrogance.

Human arrogance is an individual country of egoism developing on the basis of a natural peculiarity of self-affirmation, which is the main component of the instinct of self-preservation.

Since distant times you put yourselves in absolutely complete dependence on natural sensitive inclinations, which began to influence constantly the activity of the forming mind making it work only in the direction necessary for the flourishing egoism.

The young mind is constantly being formed, but the direction of its formation invariably remains the same.

Expressing figuratively one can say that natural characteristic peculiarities of the mind lie in the ability to perceive the coming information just colourlessly.

And your natural world of the senses is characterized in this case with peculiar colourful perception.

Your naturally egoistic perception of the happening reality is similar to a peculiar prism distinctively refracting all the reality, painting it with various colours, containing sense marks about favourableness or unfavourableness regarding your own egoism.

And as your world of the senses completely influence the activity of the mind, that was not initially foreseen in Harmony in respect of the nimble mind, then in such conditions your mind naturally perceives the reality only through this peculiar colouring;

 That is why the young forming mind begins to mark and to gain facts with abnormal designation for the development of each occurrence of the surrounding world.

And the more information with egoistic marks is gained, the more easy and rapid it is for your mind to find the best solution to the arising difficulty in one or another controversial situation exclusively to please your egoism.

The mind will make everything possible for you, using the laws of thinking characteristic of it, but nevertheless the mind itself will be unable to know what it has really done for you.

As your mind does not possess the true knowledge of what is good for the development of the soul and what is not good, then having any abilities and capacity for work, it will be incapable to help you in your true development.

For thousands of years your mind has been continually considering the happening reality through the prism of excessive egoism.

Besides in the experience of your own consciousness of a temporary material body, in the experience of your soul and in the experience of all of human civilization for the whole time of your existence, you have stored a huge amount of information of your various egoistic actions as in any occurrence in everyday life without exception as well as in absolutely any other occurrence on the scales of society, the Planet and even the Universe.

Exclusively all this information is distinctively marked by you.

The process of such kind of marks is based on certain conformities with the laws.

The natural body endowed with mind has two levels of information marks about the surrounding reality:

The reasoning level determining information from a position of exact and inexact knowledge,

And the instinctive level, determining information as favourable or unfavourable for the natural body taking into consideration egoistic manifestations characteristic of just this level.

The representatives of the animal world whose instincts completely determine the activity of one or another animal, but the abilities of the mind are kept within narrow limits, have the information of the surrounding world marked only from the positions of the instinctive level.

And then an animal’s mind in time begins to dispose more and more only of the information marked if it is edible or inedible, dangerous or not dangerous, and so on, fully depending on egoism as a feature not unimportant in the given conditions.

The voice of the instinct of the representatives of the nimble mind of the material World is reduced gradually to insignificant manifestations so that the peculiarities of egoism almost are not displayed.

Therefore the necessary information marks, connected with instincts are made in this case at the initial stage of development, and then the mind released of any influence of the instincts, begins to perceive information without distortions and independently of natural necessities of a body.

In your basis you have not two, but three levels of estimations of the surrounding world.

Together with those levels that have been already called, you have also a spiritual level of marks of the coming information.

This level of estimations as well as the instinctive level is characterized with determinations from the positions of whether it is favourable or unfavourable, but only in the given case when it concerns the development of the soul.

Using a figurative comparison also of this level, it will differ from the multi-coloured naturally sensitive manifestations and colourless manifestations of the peculiarities of the mind.

In this case if the peculiarities of the mind are resembled to a certain crystal transparent ball, letting in everything without any colouring through itself, then spiritual sensitive peculiarities can be resembled to the same ball, but filled with some very pleasant luminescence of a tender warm shade.

Just on the basis of this particular radiation the multi-colouredness of natural sensitive peculiarities during your incarnation found a very large colourful saturation,

Experiencing the influence of which naturally you become excessively anxious with inevitable psychological tiredness.

But only developing worthily the peculiarities of your soul, inevitably increasing from the inside the intensity of naturally sensitive soundings the strength of your spirit, covering more and more your natural world of the senses from the outside with its tender light, can correctly suppress the excessive colour saturation,

Ennobling colour sounding and bringing it all in harmony.

After that the influence on the mind of the world of the senses will be the most favourable and the only possible one for you.

But it is just your mind that will never get out of the sensitive influence.

And though all the efforts of your mind in comprehending the conformities with the laws of the material World will always use the principle of estimations of the coming information as exact or inexact knowledge, the world of the senses will always give this information complementary principal colouring.

Where your well-being will completely depend on what kind of world inside you is the leading one: the natural world of the senses or the spiritual one.

The animals’ egoism is displayed only in the direct connection with the satisfaction of the main instincts, that is to give rise to the spirit of rivalry, and finally different species continue to exist and to develop at the expense of the strongest ones.

Human egoism also began to flourish on the basis of the same laws, but if the animals’ mind with foreseen beforehand strong limitations, made an insuperable obstacle, keeping sensitive natural manifestations within the limits of harmony, then the possibilities of the nimble mind of a man have not such limitations.

This could not keep the flourishing of natural sensitive peculiarities within reasonable and harmonious limits.

And the naturally sensitive display of egoism acquired the most abnormal form.

In contrast to animals you are capable to create an infinite number of various displays in mutual relations with each other and with the rest of the surrounding world.

You possess the greatest creative abilities, where your mind is always ready to find countless numbers of various ways leading you to the most convenient and easy achievement of the undertaken goal.

But as naturally sensitive egoistic peculiarities are the leading ones in your inner world, your mind will inevitably perceive the surrounding world through the prism of this egoism, marking and keeping in mind the information only according to the principle if it is for the good of your egoistic claims or if it is not for the good of them.

For all the history of its existence, storing infinitely information which has been almost completely marked only with egoism, you have always been in the situation, when any attempt of your mind to comprehend one or another difficulty always arising in your life always slides off to the course of servility to your own egoism,

The scales and peculiarities of which you are incapable to estimate as well as to imagine.

For such an estimation it is necessary to possess a mind which can see the reality exclusively through the sensitive displays of the soul.

But none of you has ever developed such a quality yet for all the history of the existence of the human civilization.

Though some people could achieve certain considerable results in this direction.

But this is a future perspective of each of you.

But if in the material World the nimble mind by itself was capable to restrict egoism to the insignificant displays, then for you it is possible only due to your spiritual development.

If one can say figuratively about the mind that it possesses an ability to see, then all the world of the senses can not see in this case.

All the material World manifesting in all its variety of the integral systems, on the basis of vital manifestations has certain laws of balance and two principal norms.

Where one can not sink below one of them, for it will lead to exhaustion, and it is impossible to rise above the other for it will be oversaturation.

The infringement of both norms always leads to breaking a certain balance, after that the process of self-destruction begins.

The natural world of the senses of the animals is controlled by the Harmony itself by means of information laid in the instincts of one or another animal.

The animals’ mind is in such a condition when according to its abilities it can be only an obedient helper in the correct satisfaction of instincts not being stronger than they are.

The nimble mind has an ability to lead away the world of the senses of a flesh beyond the limits of the norm, but it is not capable to do it only because it realizes the presence of danger in this case,

And for the welfare of its activity it reduces the signals of sensitive manifestations of the instincts to the lowest level, but not overstepping the lowest level of the norm.

The combination of the peculiarities of a natural body and the mind is balanced by Harmony in such a way that “the blind” world of the senses will always be at the level of the normal vital activity.

In case with the nimble mind of man the situation is in such a condition, that the mind, continuing to have an ability to see, is doomed to see the reality only through the prism of one or another world of the senses.

And while the mind considers the world through the prism of excessively increased manifestations of the natural sensitive peculiarities with egoism constantly increasing above the norm, then at first the mind is easy to be deceived.

And it is not capable to determine a reasonable measure of satisfying the sensitive natural peculiarities, that inevitably will lead your actions to the disorder of the system of the instincts’ signals regulated by Harmony.

It will necessarily lead to the fact that you will either feed the needy ones insufficiently, or will feed excessively those who wish.

But in both cases a flesh will be destroyed.

Only the spiritual world of the senses being formed correctly is to restore to the norm the natural world of the senses.

And though the mind will continue to perceive reality through the prism of the spiritual world, in this case it can gain information in such a state when at any comprehension of the coming situations the mind will always be able to find a favourable solution both for the soul and for the flesh.

In contrast to the natural world of the senses having both the upper and the lower limit of saturation the spiritual world of the senses has only one level, which is primarily laid by the Heavenly Father and below which it is impossible to sink.

But there are no limitations in the other direction, and no matter how much the soul is fed with spiritual food it will never reach oversaturation.

And this process of saturation will proceed forever.

In its foundation your soul has an ability to respond sensitively to what is favourable for it to experience, for it can be only for the good of its formation.

So it is capable to determine correctly what is pleasing for God and granted by Him, trying to determine the Father’s Hand for going resolutely afterwards where the Heavenly Father will lead.

Nevertheless in your life from time to time situations appear when your mind notes some inner reaction seizing something or perceiving pleasantly some occurrence remembering it together with plenty bright resembling reactions on the part of the egoistic world of the senses.

At the first stages of vital activity of the young humankind the mind was not capable to distinguish among each other such inner reactions regarding outer circumstances, but a long time later there appeared more and more a possibility to note that some inner sensitive reactions differed from the manifestations of the natural world of the senses according to their quality.

So gradually the mind began to find more predisposition to comprehend favourably the spiritual world of the senses.

The conditions of comprehending the Creator of material Being for the mind lie in the fact that the laws of the Creator as His partial reflection, can be comprehended in any object or occurrence of the material world which is displayed around in its variety, and at every step the mind is capable to find numerous knowledge of the Being of Harmony.

But the conditions for the beginning of the development of the soul for you were much more complicated.

For the Heavenly Father is never reflected in any object or occurrence of the material World.

The laws of the development of the soul can never be read in trees or among the clouds, in the drops of dew or in the grains of coastal sand, in the dawn or in mysterious mist.

And if the mind has a possibility to take independently the laws of its development and the development of its material body, reading the book of wisdom, being constantly opened in the surrounding Nature, then just your soul has no possibilities like that to read the book of the laws of its formation.

One day being incarnated for the first time, your soul was to come into close interaction with the material laws, endlessly experiencing the influence of different situations,

Besides trying to discern what was good for it and what was harmful.

But so that the mind could favourably analyze such information, it had to know what was the voice of the soul and what was its difference from the sensitive natural peculiarities.

It is easy for the mind to distinguish and to comprehend the world of the senses of the flesh for the primary laws both of it and of the flesh are homogeneous.

And only because the world of the senses of your flesh many times increased with the peculiarities of the soul, according to its strength began to exceed the norm established by Harmony, the nimble mind turned out to be completely dependent on the world of the senses similar to the animals.

Therefore the mind could not regard in a detached spirit what was happening in the world of  the senses of the first man, but only depending on natural egoistic sensitive displays which are the most striking and open, comprehended the happening reality exclusively to please egoism.

The voice of the soul as a rule remained without consideration.

But if the mind succeeded in noting something coming of the soul, then comprehending this signal the mind inevitably has to use only the gained information already covered with egoism.

And then it becomes almost impossible to make reasonable conclusions in favour of the soul.

But nevertheless by little grains it succeeds to gain information in the consciousness, which is the most favourable for the spiritual world.

For so that once by the Will of the Great Heavenly Father certain first necessary laws could be revealed, directly and considerably influencing the formation of the soul, it was necessary that the inner spiritual world and the level of consciousness could mature to the most favourable condition.

And so that the young humankind could mature to that it was necessary to preserve it.

For according to the natural circumstances being unable to comprehend correctly everything necessary for the spiritual development and devoting completely your life to please egoistic sensitive displays, you inevitably began savage vital activities,

Where according to the laws of rivalry you began fierce struggle with each other among different small groups and as well as among tribes and states.

You directed all your reasonable possibilities towards these absurd competitions, creating more perfect technical devices and taking away the lives of each other more and more.

These most foolish efforts in essence you have been making for already thousands of years up till now, doing so with one egoistic purpose that is to improve your own efforts for satisfying your instincts and the rest of the sensitive egoistic needs.

Besides every success in such a field develops infinitely personal as well as national egoism, which is in reality the first and the main enemy of your spiritual world.

Regarding this it can be said that if you wish to find conditions for developing the soul, search for them with confidence in the opposite direction of what your egoism suggests to you.

Besides the law of rivalry leading you to constant fighting with each other, all of human society out of ignorance overstepped the limits permissible in Harmony and descended below the zero level of the norm foreseen by the Creator for the normal activity in the material World.

It led to the fact that with your constant efforts in the wrong direction you persistently obliterate information for development in the cells of your body,

After that links among the cells inevitably begin to be destroyed, that leads your flesh to more serious illnesses and to death.

You can easily pass on to your children the presence of such infringements according to the laws of Nature, affecting every new generation with more deviations in their physical well-being.

For each new generation making the same abnormal steps multiplies what it already has;

Every time this is stronger seized by Harmony.

Under such circumstances your vital activity is very short.

But for the maturing of the spiritual world and the consciousness itself so that in the predestined Hour you can worthily comprehend the laws of development revealed by the will of the Great God, much longer periods of life are required.

And if the soul died with the death of the flesh, then nothing could be said about the development of the soul at all, and your incarnation into a natural body would be senseless.

The Heavenly Father was aware of this necessity and therefore mysteries were foreseen of the system of reincarnation vitally important for you,

According to which if there is a vital necessity, you incarnate again and again into a flesh necessary just for you.

Only you do not choose this flesh, but it is chosen for you, taking into consideration up to what level you have matured and what is not enough for you.

Besides favourable conditions are made for you when the consciousness of a new flesh must not remember a great number of stupidities from your previous life.

Though the experience of the soul developing strength little by little is capable to influence more and more every time the search for everything necessary for the good of the soul by a young organism,

Which begins to look at the world with new childish eyes, so that more favourable impressions can be gained in the soul from time to time, influencing the formation of the soul.

But together with it there are some other circumstances when the gaining negative experience makes a child since his childhood inclined to the actions, more and more burdening his inner world.

Only it is impossible to change anything by force from the outside, for a man must possess a complete freedom of choice.

This Law is not only for the nimble mind of the Universe, but it is an obligatory Law in the development of the soul.

The largest thing that can be done for you when incarnating again is to choose from the point of view of the Truth more favourable conditions for comprehending what is missing, taking into consideration a possible alternation of different forthcoming trials beforehand.

According to certain conformities with the laws these most probable favourable conditions can be seen beforehand on the basis of the features of a new-born material body in different certain conditions.

The Law of reincarnations allows you to gain creative experience and spiritual strength in your souls though creative experience is always gained considerably faster.

Due to this law favourable conditions can be made in the history of existence of your society, when some of you become capable to overcome abnormal restrictions established invisibly by the society.

And then the mind striving eagerly to conceive the reality which is far from being connected with a probable possibility to satisfy egoistic requirements, allowed the flourishing of science and arts.

And in the spiritual field some of you made important efforts considerably undermining the dependence on the instincts and other egoistic motives.

As a rule your soul incarnates several times to reach the necessary maturing, after that the sequence of incarnations is completed, and the soul awaits the Hour after which everyone also awaiting this Hour will be finally given fleshes.

After that the law of reincarnations will disappear being superfluous, and you will completely begin your vital activity according to the laws of Eternity.

But till this significant time you were supposed to show yourselves in bright various colours on the particular side of your vital activity during the entire time of your existence,

The essence of manifestations of which is radically distinguished from the essence of manifestations on the same side of all the representatives of the nimble mind of the Universe.

This particular side of your life is personified with various attempts to determine the Essence of the Heavenly Father and to begin associating with Him.

And where these attempts, being egoistically separated from each other, flourish with great outer variety.

But it was inevitable on the basis of the peculiarities of your inner world and the state of the unfree mind.

Independently of the large number of various reasonable civilizations in the Universe, their attitude to the Unified is expressed on the same characteristic basis with the common comprehension by everybody of the united Law of development.

But only on Mother-Earth, where there is the only one peculiar humankind in the Universe, the expression of the attitude to God is displayed in a great variety of different natures.

While the Law of the development of the soul has also a single Path of Ascent which is the only one for all the children of God.

Only a united human society could approach the most favourable understanding of this truth.

And as the human civilization consists of a great number of various societies divided among each other on the basis of the laws of egoism, then even if the understanding of the united Path will be perceived by the consciousness of the representatives of different isolated societies, according to the law of the same egoism every society like that will instantly correlate this truth with its own typical conversations of God and of the path of development characteristic of the given society.

After that the collective egoism of such a society will considerably increase.

And though the religious aspect in the life of humankind in its youth radically differed from a similar kind in the existence of the representatives of the nimble mind of the Universe, nevertheless just the Outer Space Mind was of great importance in the formation of this aspect in the life of the human civilization.

Besides one more significant event influenced the development of humankind in its youth on this side,

This event was marked by the fact that once in the Universe a large and rather developed civilization departed from the general path of development of all of the rest of the brothers-in-Mind,

Continuing the vital activity without infringing the laws of Harmony, but having purposes much different from the others.

The legend of the division under consideration in an original form was in the scriptures of the Old Testament as a narration of a fallen angel, imprinted as a certain image taking into account the level of the development of the human society.

The World of the Mind having divided into two directions of different expressions of independent efforts in the development never showed open antagonism among the representatives of these directions.

But when their interests are crossed at some object or occurrence, which does not belong to any of them yet, they try without preventing one another to make efforts with different aims keeping within all the laws established by the Universe.

In that way once the interests of the representatives of these two reasonable worlds dissenting with each other were crossed at the life of humankind in its youth when it was just beginning to develop.

And efforts with different aims began to be made.

Within the laws of the Universe there is a natural rule, allowing more developed civilizations of the nimble mind to look after less developed ones.

Nevertheless the influence on a young developing civilization must be minimal, by no means it should break the freedom of choice of those who are looked after.

In connection with the fact that the soul is based on a motive peculiarity laid by the Parent, constantly directing the soul for the search and determination of what is granted by the Heavenly Father, the first man felt an unconscious inclination to find that one in the manifested material world through which somebody Whom the good and failures of man himself depended on could be expressed more completely.

The consciousness of the first man noticing that for the good of the society the extent of wisdom and characteristic features of the leader of the given society are of great importance also noticed a great number of arising different situations both being of benefit and bringing losses for the society without any connection with the features of the leader of this society.

It was not difficult for the primitive consciousness of the first man, infinitely fearing incomprehensible mighty elemental manifestations, in the waves of which he felt as the smallest grain of sand, to realize that there was Somebody behind all these manifestations of Nature, who was endlessly powerful and great, according to Whose whimsy all these occurrences and the alternations of various events in the life of man himself supposedly took place.

And as man had already time to note with his mind that his angry countryman could be easily calmed down with the presentation of gifts, pleasing his egoistic sensitive demands, then this primitive stereotype affected the behaviour of man, trying to form relations with the Heavenly Father.

Through this natural understanding which was intelligible for the young mind, you began to form a particular aspect in your vital activity due to which up to now you were to try to determine what was for the good and what was harmful, what was in accordance with the wishes of God and what was not.

Some representatives of the Mind of the Universe independently investigating the vital activity of the young humankind just beginning to develop, turned their attention to some principal characteristic circumstances.

Analysing characteristic peculiarities in the vital activity of the human civilization, manifesting in a great variety, a conclusion that Someone was leading men was drawn.

Besides it was impossible either to establish any relations or to determine That One Who directly looked after the young humankind on the basis of all the possibilities of the whole World of the Mind.

Then it was noted that human mentality was not inclined to be founded on the laws of logic characteristic of all the representatives of the nimble mind.

But if the conclusions on the basis of the mental processes were reasonable enough, then the most incomprehensible thing was why man began to make efforts absolutely in another direction regarding the conclusion being drawn on the basis of the mind.

The mind of the Universe had also realized that certain love in the life of a man was extremely important, that none of the representatives of the nimble mind of all the civilizations in the Universe had.

For that understanding and the scale of striking sensitive feelings which a man has, are absolutely absent in the vital activity of the World of the Mind.

And for all this the most extraordinary thing for the Outer Space Mind was to comprehend that man had a certain immortal soul due to that he was able to be incarnated on the Earth again and again, which was impossible for any one of the representatives of the Mind of the Universe.

For no matter how long the life of one or another representative of the nimble mind of the material World would last, finally it certainly came to an end,

After that all the gained information passes to the memory of the planetary Mind, but nothing remains of the living individuality.

But man has shown that there is a form of vital activity unusual for everybody in the Universe.

The Outer Space reasonable World retraced that after the end of the life of a material body of a man, according to the generally known material laws an energy double was separated from the flesh, this double could exist for a certain amount of days; but after that period of time when the energy double disintegrated merging with the force currents of the Planet, some luminous point was suddenly discovered to continue to exist,

Which began to move according to laws characteristic of it.

And only due to the fact that the soul has gained a certain experience of life, which is similar to metal interspersings in its substance, expressing figuratively, it can be noticed with the abilities of the representatives of the nimble mind, while it is impossible to see it as it is with such abilities.

Having realized preliminarily these main peculiarities from the life of the humankind in its youth, the representatives of the Outer Space Mind began to try to influence unobtrusively and cautiously what was forming by intuition in the life of the human society as primitive efforts to establish mutual relations with That One, Who was feared and the protection of Whom was needed.

Whom they wanted to propitiate and to draw in for the help of satisfying their egoistic demands.

On the foundation of the fact that the inner peculiarity of the mind consists in striving to consider and to conceive the Creator of the material World in each occurrence of the manifesting material world of the surrounding reality, and man under the influence of his soul felt a constant inclination in search of his Heavenly Father, the vital activity of the human society began to be naturally filled up with various creations of human hands, with the help of which man craved to express his all-powerful Protector.

Man frankly hoped that his Great True God could easily be manifested in any material object.

Using such a level of a reasonable condition of man, and also making the best use of the circumstances when certain individuals possessed an ability to perceive directed to them sense suggestions from the world, invisible for them, the outer space mind tried to bring to the consciousness of the young humankind the necessary suggestions about the material laws which could be used for the benefit of their vital activity.

But being a slave of egoism a man did not want to share this knowledge with all his neighbours.

And then knowledge of this kind was gradually gathered in the hands of some small group of people reserving the right to reap laurels of honour and respect.

Through storing such knowledge and the ability how to use it correctly power could be easily established over a large number of people who did not possess the same information.

The mind dependent on egoism could not help taking notice of such a conformity with the laws.

And all the organizations in power without exception existing up to now began to be founded on this basis,

Independently of the fact whether they worshiped darkness, or whether they used secular or ecclesiastical names as a cover.

But first of all not for the sake of suggestions of scientific and technical character, that happened a great deal through mental connections and direct meetings between the representatives of the outer space world and man, attempts were made to influence the vital activity of the young human society.

But as a deliberate necessity to make the most favourable efforts capable to keep as far as possible the wild actions of the representatives of the human societies ruled by the violent raging of egoism, directed in constant unreasonable striving to take away the lives of each other for the sake of trifling purposes.

Where both the achieved purpose and the efforts made to reach it lead equally to self-destruction of men as well as the entire society on the whole.

Having arisen by and still existing according to the laws of egoism, the society had never made natural freely expressed efforts to attain the most qualitative unity inside itself, but such a society had a constant inner inclination to endless division and isolation,

Which in the given case was also a great danger for the human civilization.

The integrity of any society depends completely on the laws according by which the integrity of any living organism remains in the World of material Being.

Where if any organism makes efforts corresponding to the course of the developing Harmony, then the information for development laid by the Unified in the cells of the given organism will remain and the laws connecting the cells among each other in a certain order will be firm and stable within the limits marked by Harmony.

Otherwise the information for development in the cells is obliterated, and the integral organism constantly begins to strive for self-destruction, this is shown through diseases more and more qualitatively increasing.

Everybody who will make efforts contrary to the course of Harmony, will inevitably suffer such diseases and self-destruction,

Independently of the striking lengthy slogans of the good with the help of which those who aspire to call themselves the tzars of Nature always for some reason strive to conceal their carelessness.

But as depending on certain conformities with the laws you are always inclined to make efforts inevitably leading you to self-destruction, then the outer space mind takes a natural decision to render help within their abilities for the young human society.

But in order to adjust favourably your vital activity, suggestions of scientific and technical character were not needed, but suggestions of philosophical and ideological character were necessary, for that favourable circumstances appeared through the forming of religious and mystical aspect of your life.

The Mind of the Universe did not know and could not know the intentions of your Heavenly Father regarding your development.

Therefore looking at your considerable difficulties threatening you with inevitable death, but not noticing any evidently shown efforts of your Father for your Salvation, the outer space mind made a decision to make efforts at their discretion, incidentally beginning to perform cautiously what you wanted to believe in very much.

And if your faith in any circumstances or occurrences was rather strong, then you were given insignificant suggestions little by little without influencing your confidence and without changing your understanding in the more perfect direction.

But as soon as the most favourable circumstances for finding more perfect conceptions appeared, then the outer space mind always made use of them.

After that in one or another society there arose ideas capable to bring to revolutionary reorganizations what was already available for the more perfect ones.

In the World of the Mind of the Universe there is a natural conformity with the laws of constant efforts made by everyone concerned to find something more perfect, after that everybody accepts what has been found unanimously with willingness.

This conformity with the laws in your vital activity absolutely does not work.

And the outer space mind constantly comes across the situation unusual for it, characterized with the fact that every man coming to believe in one or another “truth” in his view, accepts this “truth” as the only correct and the most perfect one,

Supposing that there will never be anything more true than what he already believes in.

This characteristic feature displayed in the human soul is to keep you inseparably in the Hand of God, which you try to find intensively, but instead of it you often find something carrying you away, but that has nothing to do with the Hand of God.

And therefore in connection with just this characteristic feature for your soul, instead of changing what becomes old-fashioned into more perfect, only complementary new teachings began to arise in your life.

Just according to such a principle up to now new teachings and tendencies both in religious and in philosophical directions constantly arise in the history of the existence of human civilization.

With the only difference that in philosophical directions the inclination to the established dogmata is often shown considerably weaker.

But the outer space mind was incapable to do anything but to arouse more and more new teachings.

Moreover it was seen that though the number of teachings was great, but nevertheless everybody really wishing wisdom had an opportunity to collect the necessary treasures, looking attentively and unprejudicedly at different teachings, finding more perfect values in them.

The reasonable approach to rendering help in an unknown undertaking allows a natural giving of mistaken suggestions.

Such a circumstance is well-known to the outer space mind looking after the human society.

And therefore just after another time when some complex of sermons is sent by them, there comes a period of analysing really manifesting mistakes, which are impossible to be supposed beforehand.

After that if there are necessary favourable conditions for it what happens extremely seldom, new conceptions with more perfect amendments are sent,

That is manifested either through a new trend in already existing teaching or through a new teaching.

But very many mistakes connected with suggestions regarding your development inevitably began to be manifested.

Moreover in your case the outer space mind has to comprehend the manifestations of the Law of development diverse for them.

Where often regarding the same occurrence it requires to make two contrary efforts according to their meaning.

It is practically impossible to comprehend this correctly in reality without openly shown direct suggestions of Great God.

But the mind of the material World continued to work, trying to give the young humankind as far as possible what was realized as the most favourable one for the following step taking into consideration certain circumstances in which one or another small society resided.

And up to now such an influence is still exerted everywhere over all of Mother-Earth.

If a possibility to accompany their suggestion by using some unknown to you manifestations of the material laws, what you perceive as a miracle, is absolutely not difficult, but another difficulty considerably diminishes the possibility to influence the vital activity of the human society.

This complexity consists in an extremely rare coincidence of two necessary conditions in one man.

One condition lies in the ability to perceive selectively the incoming appeal only at the conscious level, this is extremely difficult to establish without any complications for you according to the certain laws.

And the other condition is that the quality of the inner world and of consciousness has to be the most favourable one for the worthy fulfilment of the extremely difficult mission for a man;

This too was complicated to find among your great numbers.

Moreover directly depending on egoism and the primitive superstitious state of consciousness the constant readiness of the adherents of what was already available to arrange hunting and persecution of everything that was new and still incomprehensible, always created additional serious complications.

But nevertheless the outer space reasonable guardians were successful in doing something, and in the history of the formation of the human civilization there appeared more and more significant names among your fellows.

In that way correcting what the young humankind was capable to achieve independently in its first steps in the religious and mystic formation as well as taking direct part in the origin of all the new religious teachings except one, the outer space mind tried to teach you not to do what was leading you and all of human civilization toward self-destruction.

And as the Mind of the Universe is not aware of the laws of your true development, then on the basis of what the outer space mind understands in your vital activity, – and these are all the peculiarities connected with your flesh, such as certain qualities of naturally sensitive peculiarities and consciousness, – in order to help you, a great deal was revealed, which was characteristic of the development only for the representatives of the nimble mind of the material world.

It was the Law of justice, which was expressed as the commandment “An eye for an eye” for some people, and for others, depending on another level of comprehending reality, was expressed with a conformity with the laws of the obligatory reverse retribution existing in Nature and was called with the word of “karma”;

And there were various methods of controlling the energy currents of life, flowing along the certain channels in the flesh, and various methods of balancing psycho-emotional energies,

That lies in some of the knowledge of the Tibetans, and also in the teaching of yoga with its different meditations, in its turn facilitating the access to the human consciousness of the influence of some outer space source interested in it.

And it is all mistakenly considered to be necessary for the development of the soul ,while all the methods of the similar kind have absolutely nothing to do with just the soul;

These were suggestions to you of the existing law of reincarnations.

But as the law itself was unknown, then in some societies there appeared natural mistaken understandings of the sequence of endless reincarnations and that the soul of a man could supposedly reincarnate into plants, stones and animals;

These were worthy efforts, leading you to the understanding of the existence of the united God, having created you.

For at times primitive conceptions of polytheism appeared in different societies.

But what is more, without knowing of the true Essence of your Heavenly Father, the outer space mind revealed a great deal to you about it as those images, which were more comprehensible for you and which you would like to see yourselves in the Essence of your God,

To Whom in addition was partially ascribed what was characteristic only of the Creator of material Being.

And then for you there appeared narrations about the Unified Creator, creating the Heavens and the Earth and also all the material world and the human flesh.

About the Great Creator who loved as well as punished, or could wish to help you, but could turn away from you in anger; that He was wise and cunning and He decided Himself whom to grant pardon, but whom to punish.

Besides telling you about the anger of the Most High, only one aim was pursued, that was through your fear of punishment probable in such a case the outer space mind craved to restrain you in your irrepressible striving to rough actions contradicting Harmony.

But such kind of fear could be maintained only in one case when severe punishment to every person for every infringed law supposedly ordered from God would immediately and regularly follow.

But as you do not often notice just that, then the fear of many people easily disappears, carrying them away again to make bolder efforts endangering life.

All these described and other emotional features ascribed to your Heavenly Father, actually have absolutely nothing to do with the Creator of material Being and with your God as well.

But you are very much inclined to perceive a great deal of it, and therefore considering it to be important for you, the outer space mind revealed it to you in abundance, dramatizing different situations when appeals supposedly granted to you by God took place.

And then some prophet, having perceived at the level of consciousness a certain occurrence significant for him, began to perceive an appeal coming to him supposedly from God.

After that it was imprinted and reported to those to whom it was intended. In addition from time to time it was all accompanied with some outer signs visible for everybody present.

The Mind of the Universe possessing abilities to calculate the most probable near future in the vital activity of different societies or a separate destiny of the representatives of these societies, could easily introduce into such appeals some predictions which afterwards coming true confirmed and strengthened the authority of the prophet.

Many teachings came through some of you who were chosen by the outer space mind as prophets, priests, shamans and other various teachers, capable to show necessary preventions and more perfect suggestions to their neighbours or to the society on the whole, which such prophets belonged to.

Side by side with this, such circumstances continue to exist up to now when some of the powerful hierarchs of the Mind of the Universe are capable personally to take over a new-born flesh on the Earth.

Besides a soul is not incarnated in such a flesh.

Since distant times this hierarch of a world in the Universe from time to time protects the Indian region on Mother-Earth,

Therefore in the religious beliefs of people of that part of the Earth names of Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu and so on appeared.

Emerging among your Indian brothers in a chosen flesh, he abundantly shows actions capable to provoke easily extreme astonishment and admiration of man for he is master of the material laws at a very high level even among many of his brothers.

So far extremely limited human consciousness accepts these actions without any difficulty as wonders which can be worked supposedly only by God.

Such a newcomer independently informs those who listen to him of everything that he considers to be necessary to be revealed.

And in the present case these are the same Vedas’ laws, which were sent to them in ancient times on the same land,

Only every new time with separate supplementary amendments necessary in connection with naturally arising deviations in the comprehension by a man of the ancient laws, and at times quite a loss of some of the elements forming these laws.

All the significant teachings diligently introduced by the outer space mind into the life of human societies, as a rule, narrate very much about the great and mighty magnitudes, about a great number of material laws, favourable only in the vital activity of a material flesh with all its energy displays; but what is favourable just for the development of the soul is revealed insignificantly and in a very primitive form,

Besides out of ignorance abundantly covering numerous manifestations of the material laws, connected with you, with the conceptions of your supposedly spiritual development.

But it was not a conscious concealment of the main laws, but that these laws were unknown both to humankind and to the outer space reasonable guardians.

And however over the centuries the outer space mind patiently strove to introduce tirelessly different more perfect with every time moral and ethic conceptions which, forming into more perfect teaching, at times could even consolidate many small communities quarrelling with each other to a relatively large settled society, – all the same, in any way it could not help humankind to overcome constantly arising breaches among its different societies,

Arising on the basis of the constantly manifesting various egoistic contradictions which, depending on the same egoism, could never be settled reasonably.

The centuries-old efforts of the outer space mind which were to develop you, and so certain to restrain egoism, were brought to nothing.

Egoism remained and only changed slightly and was varied perfectly well for settling down in the arising new outside conditions;

This steadily keeps a circumstance when living on the same Mother-Earth a numerous Family of children of the only Heavenly Father is divided among each other with an absurd number of various borders.

By the time of the present days which the outer space mind was capable to determine beforehand as the time of the final decision of the fate of the human civilization, on the side of the outer space worlds the last efforts were made to create the most placid atmosphere in the vital activity of the human society with various religious and mystic associations present.

As the outer space mind turned out to be incapable to bring all your efforts on this part to the united and the most perfect moral and ethic religious belief, then attempts on its part began to be made even to bring all the principal beliefs to the unity of noble coexistence exercising equal rights and conditions,

For the breach of estrangement among the beliefs would principally disappear;

This was displayed afterwards in the new teachings both with a large religious inclination and with a greater inclination to consciousness.

On this basis the teachings of Bahai, Agni-yoga and some others came into being.

But side by side with the striking scale results of the efforts of the representatives of the Mind of the Universe to help the young humankind, there were considerable efforts in the same direction and of a much more narrow character, but also that turned out to be inevitable, considerable efforts were made and continue to be made, especially at present, with the meaning contrary to your development.

If beginning from a certain time in the Universe instead of one direction of the development of the Mind two different directions began to exist within the limits of Harmony, when the interests of the two worlds like that were naturally crossed at the same occurrence, contrary opinions could arise on the occasion of making different efforts regarding this occurrence.

And then, without interfering in the immediate actions of each other, independent efforts are made.

In the Universe of material Being a law is established prohibiting the developed civilizations of the nimble mind to interfere openly in the development of a young civilization of the nimble mind, breaking the freedom of choice of the representatives of a young society beginning from a certain level of its development.

The outer space mind has no right to interfere in the development of your society, breaking the freedom of your choice.

But by the influence without breaking the freedom of choice is meant introducing certain information into your consciousness during its natural normal activity.

Besides you retain the complete freedom of choice regarding your response to the incoming information.

But if your mind had an ability to comprehend what was happening without distortions as it took place with the representatives of the outer space worlds, then the mentioned law would make equal conditions for everybody falling under its influence.

But as the activity of your mind still completely depends on natural egoistic peculiarities, then any outside influence on it taking into consideration correctly your weak points and inclinations, guarantees the necessary unreasonable reaction on your side to the undertaken influence.

And though you also have a complete freedom of choice to take one or another decision, your steps can be easily predicted.

So to influence your development without infringing upon the law of Harmony about your freedom of choice is rather easy for the representatives of the outer space mind.

Everything depends on the quality and the contents of the information current, which will be directed to your consciousness taking into account your naivety and ignorance of the true laws of your development.

And if in ancient times the abilities of your mind to perceive more subtle information currents were displayed as rare occurrences, by the present time these abilities are manifested more considerably in you,

In connection with the natural alteration in the development of your mind.

And now your well-being depends on how vigilant your heart will turn out to be.

On the way to increase the ability to feel and to perceive everything more subtle – for the similar development takes place only in that one direction – every achieved limit shows only the broadening abilities to perceive what has been passed up to now.

This measure determines the range from the most rough to the given achieved limit, but not further in the direction of the most subtle one.

The similar relative measured straight line in the Universe of material Being on the part of the most rough display is determined with star and planetary conditions, but on the part of the most subtle one is completed with the Being of the Creator of the material World.

Where from the star and planetary condition in the direction of the Unified as the displaying material laws become more subtle, more increased varieties of energy occurrences take place,

Which keeps the Being of the Universe in a state of Harmony on the way to infinite increase, being interlaced with fanciful conformities with the laws.

The representatives of the nimble mind of the material world as well as all the rest of the bearers of various forms of consciousness, in natural conditions are always born in the closest state to the star and planetary one.

But unlike everyone the nimble mind is the only one that possesses an ability to move in the direction of the most subtle displays of the material World, improving itself in perceiving more subtle displays of the laws of the Universe;

This makes its representatives as far as they develop more active doers of the Creator’s Will, taking a necessary part for the good of Harmony in the happening processes of the developing material World.

On this way of improving the nimble mind there is a certain absolute limit, being away from the Creator at a certain distance of the mentioned measured straight line in the direction of something rougher further than which the nimble mind must not develop,

For the sense primarily laid in it will be lost.

With a limit like this, established by the Unified the increase of the abilities of the nimble mind is restricted for the good of Harmony.

The Great Creator establishing His laws and interlacing them among each other, created such harmonious energy surroundings when any new-born occurrence of life will have certain vitally important Parental information in its essence,

Due to which through instincts a new-born one will make natural efforts moving to a necessary place prepared just for him.

The nimble mind came into existence also for the good of already existing Being having peculiar Parental information as a basis.

Incidentally the peculiarity of the nimble mind was established according to the principle, which at a certain stage of comprehending the more and more subtle in the material World will prove to be incapable in essence to comprehend further the laws in the same direction.

This is the limit established by the Creator for this exceptional case in the Universe.

Just near this limit that good, in the name of which the nimble mind was created and which is to be completed just when it reaches this limit, comes to an end.

The given limit is characterized by the fact that it separates that interval of even more subtle material displays originating in all its existing variety from the Creator of material Being, for perceiving and comprehending which qualitatively another form of consciousness is required –

Superconsciousness, which is possessed by the Creator of the Being of the material World Himself.

In respect to Superconsciousness the characteristic features of the nimble mind are a rough form of expression.

It makes the nimble mind absolutely powerless to comprehend the Essence of the Creator.

Just in this connection the notion of incomprehensibility of God came into the consciousness of the young humankind.

And in order that you could find at least a little idea of the quality of the Fragrant Essence of your God, it is necessary to continue figuratively the already known relative measured straight line approaching the Creator of the Universe, beyond His limits to some amount of conventional units.

If in the direction of the Unified the measured straight line develops as to the most subtle state of the manifestations of the material laws, then beyond the limits of the Unified the given straight line can develop only as to a certain supersubtle state.

Besides the quality of the Superconsciousness allows to realize the presence of the supersubtle state in the surroundings of material Being, but also makes it incapable to perceive completely the Essence of That One, Who is in the given supersubtle state.

The position of the Creator of the Universe is that key point, only out of which it is possible to govern absolutely and completely all the material laws, displayed in accordance with the measured straight line from the Creator in the direction of the most unrefined state.

But in accordance with the fact that there is some relative part of the measured straight line in the direction of the supersubtle state, it can be said about the equally rapid decrease of the possibilities to rule the material laws while moving off the Creator of the Universe both in the direction of the supersubtle state and in the direction of the unrefined state.

Where on the one hand, the possibility to rule is restricted by the roughness of the state of the conventional pretender to rule, and, on the other hand with the roughness of the law itself, which is necessary to be conditionally ruled. 

As well as the Creator of material Being, the Great God  of humankind also possesses Superconsciousness, but having a certain difference taking into account the supersubtle peculiarities of the Essence of your Heavenly Father.

It also makes it possible for the Father to perceive and realize all the laws of the Universe,

This happened in the Being of His great solitude during a certain period of time.

But at one significant moment the Great God saw in what way He could Beneficially influence more and more the developing laws of the Universe,

Besides without concerning the Law of the development of the Universe itself to bring His Blessed Peculiarities into close contact with some manifestations of the material laws.

The similar long contact inevitably had to lead to the significant change of the qualities of the material laws, showing a result, which was not known by the Universe.

Where the change itself would not contradict the Harmony of Being of the material World.

But when the alteration like this will spread throughout the Universe, the energy surroundings of the Universe will find new fragrant peculiarities letting Harmony to be transformed in a qualitatively new more perfect way.

For the fulfilment of this global Intention according to the earthly conceptions Eternity is needed.

But for the fulfilment of the Holy Will of the Great God your birth was necessary.

Only your birth was not in order that you out of ignorance having conceived the wrong aim on the basis of egoism could make your efforts to return to your Heavenly Father,

To some outer world where you would supposedly infinitely enjoy the illusory goods, being satisfied with pleasures;

But so that you could infinitely go where the Father will lead along the star paths of the Universe, obediently and selflessly fulfilling everything prepared for you by your Father.

Where enjoying the true goods will be your disinterested and endless labour of creating for the welfare of the surrounding World.

For the most favourable fulfilment of the Great Intention it was possible to use only an organism, endowed with the peculiarities of the nimble mind, for only it possesses the possibility to move freely and independently within the space of the Universe, having considerable possibilities to influence actively the happening occurrences of the material World.

It only remained to put spiritual peculiarities in the laws of the displaying substance of the chosen organism.

As the difference is too much between the quality of the manifested energy peculiarities of the chosen organism and the quality of the spiritual peculiarity of God, the Heavenly Father began to create your souls with denser spiritual peculiarities,

Which makes the souls according to the energy qualities somewhat nearer to the subtle energy qualities of a dense material body.

It creates favourable conditions making possible the necessary interlacing of two heterogeneous laws with the following mutual influence on each other.

With such a creation of God your souls can not possess an ability to think independently, for the peculiarities of Superconsciousness can not be put into them, but other forms of consciousness for the supersubtle conditions do not exist.

Therefore everything missing from this direction must be acquired with the help of existing peculiarities of the nimble mind.

But your soul possesses an ability to store information as sensitively formed images,

Which in time influence more actively the natural sensitive and mental peculiarities of the flesh.

The soul leaving the flesh and turning out to be without connection with the laws of the material body and the mind loses the possibility to develop as well as to change in general.

As the first souls were created with the necessary auxiliary information put as their basis, the universal epochal Event of your first incarnations began.

After that the Father began to observe attentively the results of fulfilling His Will.

The mystery of joining two heterogeneous laws has never happened in the Universe, and not the smallest particle of the great Being of the material World has any information of it.

Therefore before young humankind the most difficult task arose to pass the stage of self-determination, and besides no occurrence of the surrounding reality could suggest the correct direction for your true spiritual development.

And the first principal aim set before humankind at the initial stage of formation was the necessity to comprehend your true essence, your true attitude to the surrounding reality and to conceive the true interrelations with your Heavenly Father.

Only after that humankind could start the complete fulfilment of its real mission in the Universe predestined by the Great God.

Soon after your first incarnations the process of vital activity of human society very rapidly assumed a confused and chaotic character with pronounced aggressive splashes,

This created negative, dangerous for your life conditions under which your material flesh found a constant inclination toward self-destruction.

If your soul could not exist independently for any length of time after the destruction of the flesh, then the Holy Intention of the Great God of the transformation of Harmony of the material World would not arise,

For the fulfilment of the similar Intention would be impossible.

But as your soul is not only capable of existing without any connection with the flesh, but also for an infinite period of time, not in the least being transformed, the Great God created a system of certain laws, being responsible for the most favourable reincarnations for your development,

Just only due to which it is able to move you forward little by little along the path of formation.

But the mystery of reincarnations as it is, must exist only for the complete first stage of self-determination of humankind.

Without regarding in the given appeal the various peculiarities of the laws connected with reincarnations and those who are responsible just for that, whom you see after leaving the flesh as some luminous creatures, I want only to give some significant explanations.

Your soul after leaving the flesh and losing all rough energy connections characteristic of a living material body, continues to keep in its memory all the images, based exclusively on sensitive displays, remaining during the life-time of your flesh until the moment of leaving it.

All your senses and feelings which were strikingly displayed and were consciously perceived by you in your attitude to the surrounding reality, depending on the extent and the quality of your inclinations, remain in the memory of the soul leaving the flesh retaining the same quality and power of emotional experience.

And further during all the time of expecting a probable new incarnation this characteristic emotional experience remains unchanged.

As a soul at once ceases to be transformed, as soon as it loses touch with certain material laws, only in combination with them it has an opportunity to change its quality and the contents of memory.

Hence, it will not be difficult for you to understand that the more negative emotional experience unpleasant for you you have acquired at the time of leaving the material body, the more sufferings you begin to feel inevitably for all the time you exist outside of the flesh, where it is impossible to change it in any way.

But in the overwhelming majority during all the history of your existence you constantly store in general only unrefined and unpleasant for you sensitive inclinations.

But those people who commit suicide can expect especially great difficulties.

For as a rule a man comes to the given self-destruction on the basis of complicated and painful emotional experiences seeking mistakenly to escape from them by such a wrong effort.

As in reality escape does not happen, but the imprinting of the given extremely unpleasant emotional experience for years, decades, or even for centuries remains until a flesh with the most favourable features for the development of this soul appears in the natural conditions.

The similar existence out of the flesh in this case turns into unthinkable suffering.

Therefore the idea of hell’s existence arose to  reduce your efforts in a similar situation to a certain extent through simple primitive images giving rise to superstitious fear.

Only I will not touch upon the conformities with the laws connected with the existence of hell and Paradise in the given appeal, though you can form a considerable true conception out of what has been covered.

So the first incarnations took place and the young human civilization unconsciously entered the mystery of self-determination.

The Great Heavenly Father saw that the young humankind being in ignorance of the essence of what it was doing confidently sowed a grain of global egoism personifying the essence of an inevitable tragic future formation.

After that a direction in the development was naturally chosen, the characteristic feature of which was scientific and technical achievements.

But if for the representatives of the nimble mind of the Universe it was the only principal way of development, then just for humankind this way became a deadlock direction.

Moreover the fact that a man would certainly direct the results of scientific and technical achievements to the satisfaction of natural and instinctive egoistic needs inevitably had to play an extremely dangerous part.

But nothing could be done regarding this for it became a natural result of interlacing of spiritual peculiarities of a soul which had not found the necessary strength yet and the peculiarities of the natural laws of the flesh.

The grain was sown and a deformed tree with numerous poisonous fruits needed by no one in the Universe very rapidly grew out of it.

Humankind ate a part of these fruits, besides actively proving to one another in various ways the importance of such an eating,

Though after every eaten fruit a man fell ill with diseases more and more difficult to cure leading to the self-destructions of a great number of people lost in loud groans.

But the rest unpicked part of the fruits falls on the ground by itself around the tree of lie poisoning it more and more.

And even in ancient times it was observed that whatever bulky the given tree had time to grow poisoning the ground under itself, it would inevitably lead itself to self-destruction.

Such a destiny-bearing boundary for the human civilization became known long before as a peculiar limit established by Harmony beyond which the human society with the former characteristic quality of vital activity need not pass.

But besides what was predestined by Great God, some complicating events began to happen in the vital activity of the human civilization.

One of them began to take place naturally on the basis of the law established in the Universe about the efforts on the part of the Mind of the Universe for rendering help to the young, just beginning to develop civilizations of the nimble mind,

The form of vital activity of one of which seriously perplexed the representatives of the Mind of the Universe.

After that from the different sides into your consciousness various moral and ethic conceptions and norms were introduced which the outer space mind was capable to comprehend as the most favourable ones for the given period of time in your life.

Furthermore an alteration was observed happening with you when perceiving what was granted from above and taking into account the nature of deviations, naturally arising in your manifestations afterwards, some new teaching was granted.

So every regular religious and mystic teaching was introduced into the life of your society taking into obligatory consideration the shortcomings, noticed during the formation of the previous teachings.

Where your originally working mind fancifully distorts the granted conceptions and norms to please your own egoism.

But as two different interests of two different directions of the outer space mind are crossed at your civilization, then very quickly the results of their different efforts began to affect your vital activity.

Abnormally formed society inevitably led your interrelations to some difficult to solve circumstances connected with naturally arising difficulties in such conditions in purchasing and supplying each other with the goods necessary in the vital activity.

Making the best use of the given arising difficulties in the rapidly growing separate societies and correctly taking into consideration the characteristic deviations strikingly displayed in your activity, one of the directions of the outer space mind helped you to come to the conclusion of the necessity to bring into your interrelations some conventional values with the help of which you could easily obtain what you wished.

At that moment your mind was incapable to estimate worthily what was really concealed behind the wise ideas that in your opinion were arising at that time in your consciousness.

But the abilities of the mind being in the service of the rapidly growing egoism afterwards could easily estimate that those who possessed the largest quantity of such conventional values found the largest possibilities to satisfy all the instinctive and egoistic needs in any desired way.

But as these needs were the first vitally important aims of all the forming young civilization, then the striving for obtaining the largest quantity of the conventional values inevitably had to become the principal aim in the life of each of you.

Moreover under certain conditions these illusory values could be easily accumulated not always making laborious physical efforts every day.

The introducing of such kind of values is akin to the introducing of the super-active fertilizer into the soil out of which a deformed tree of global egoism successfully arose.

The given event became a considerable occurrence, giving rise to serious difficulties preventing the formation of humankind on its way to self-determination.

The outer space mind was capable to calculate long before the probability of arising of the limit on the way to formation of the young humankind, in the period of which the fate of the society of strange representatives of the nimble mind living on the Earth would be finally decided.

And then the representatives of one of the directions of the outer space mind consciously made a decision to try to render the necessary help to your society for in approaching the limit established by Harmony you could be able to continue your development.

The representatives of the other direction regarding your existence had different aims.

After that to counterbalance the loyal efforts on the part of the representatives of the first direction, the representatives of the other direction using the same peculiarities connected with you, made efforts which were to neutralize effects of the results of the loyal efforts.

As a result of which on the basis of the best use of abnormally developed egoistic claims to might, honour, power, mystic associations of various kinds began to arise in your life,

In the consciousness of their representatives perverted to nonsense conceptions of God and His attendants were introduced.

But as in such associations with the help of the outer space world some elementary energy games are admitted, plunging a man into superstitious trembling, then by this all the foolishness legalized as an ideological “secret” teaching, is given forcible argument.

As a rule in cases like that you are very much inclined to trust what is happening.

Side by side with such large and small occurrences considerable influence is exerted on the forming religious associations.

But the outer space mind opposed to you directs its main attention not to the field of religious and mystic ideologies,

Which on the basis of the laws of egoism rapidly divide within themselves into trends of different sense, neutralizing the good effect of the teaching itself.

After that the representatives of every trend think with self-confidence that they understand certain parts of a teaching supposedly better than all the rest, and so they supposedly have better opportunities in advancement and in salvation;

This makes you slaves of darkness first of all, even if in such a case you continue to consider yourselves sincerely to be believers.

The outer space mind opposed to you directed its main attention to the field of your interrelations with one another in everyday life, where certain conventional values were successfully introduced developing into notions of various monetary units.

This field according to the given outer space mind gave almost complete guarantee to lead easily the enslaving humankind to self-destruction, without infringing upon the existing law of the universal Mind, prohibiting open active interference in the vital activity of any civilization of the nimble mind breaking the freedom of choice of this developing civilization.

And in the given case there was no forced introduction of the monetary units and of the system controlling their movement.

You had a complete freedom of choice to use or not to use the idea connected with it arising in your consciousness.

But you did not only perceived this idea, but also after a while made with readiness all your mental and physical abilities in its realization and development.

For first of all your egoism became extremely interested in it.

But the mind obedient to egoism easily estimated large perspectives in satisfying the needs of that one, to please that all its mental abilities are used.

Since if in the natural conditions the largest honour, and so, the presence of possibilities to satisfy mainly the instinctive and egoistic needs can be possessed only by that one who is endowed from Nature with the better personal merits, then the largest amount of the monetary units which supposedly everyone has an opportunity to obtain, will allow the satisfaction of the instinctive and egoistic needs even more without any dependence of one’s personal merits.

Soon after it could be noticed that where conventional values could be introduced into your vital activity, you began to think of the opportunities to acquire these values much more than of the ideas with religious reasons which you continue to speak of for your conscience’ sake as of something vitally important.

It was very well seen that however a man expressed his opinion of his religious manifestation first of all he would mainly worship the material values.

And however contemptuously people spoke in respect of money, they would make up their vital activity just completely depending on the system of monetary units,

Besides obediently forming their life in such a way when every representative in the society would be placed in full dependence on the necessity to worry constantly about acquiring a greater amount of these conventional values.

Is not this dependence similar to the tether by which a donkey goes around a pole fixed into the ground by someone?

Where incidentally the only direction in which one can go infinitely and without difficulty is the movement in a circle.

Only however far one goes, one will always remain at the same place near the same pole.

Children of God are to know only one “tether”, – this is when your hands are in the Hand of God, your Heavenly Father,

Who always directs along the straight Path, where the Sun never sets and darkness never overpowers the Light.

You are not alone in the face of dangers and great difficulties.

You are not abandoned by your God in the present and never were abandoned by God during all the times that formed the unattractive history of the formation of your civilization.

It only seems to you that the Heavenly Father does not see you and does not act.

But this is because you always demand of Him what is not characteristic of Him and what is actually not for the good of you.

Only now you are to learn in a deeper way about the truths of the great mysteries.

Many truths up to now necessarily have been kept in the Great sealed Book.

But now the Hour has come, completing the expectancy so long awaited.

So let those who listen to the Voice reading these open Pages, heed it.

And now opening the next Page, it is time to reveal a considerable mystery reflecting an effort of the Heavenly Father for the Salvation of his wandering children.

And though just with the given appeal I will not touch upon many efforts of your Father, created invisibly for you and always for the good of you, but for the present I partially reveal the mystery having become a stumbling-block both for those who have not believed Him and for those who said frankly: “We have believed!”

Only those who repudiated before have found themselves at present in much more easy position, for they have thought little of the Master and their consciousness was free from heady illusions.

But those who abundantly called themselves to be believers tried to imagine in the light of egoism the image of the Master, turning all their attention not in the main direction.

Therefore their consciousness was filled with groundless illusions.

And now they are firmly tied to them being incapable to make a bold step beyond the limits established with your own efforts.

Believers persistently expect God to fulfil what has been predestined in the images desired by them.

But a great blind man is that one who thinks that the Heavenly Father creates His Will according to the human wishes.

Your Living God creates not according to your wishes, but for the good of you!

Be vigilant in your wishes for your slavery under the yoke of your own egoism has not finished yet!

The Great God, having given life to you and having incarnated you on Mother-Earth, began to observe fixedly your efforts in every movement.

For that the Father does not need eyesight known to you with extremely limited possibilities.

The soul of each of you has a constant connection with the Heavenly Father by means of a certain never breaking and invisible for you wonderful Thread.

Just as the lungs of a material flesh have to inhale constantly the crisp air, then through this wonderful Thread to maintain life your soul has to inhale constantly the Holy Spirit of your Father,

Which is continually streamed to each of you in equal conditions however you have shown yourselves on Mother-Earth,

The perception of all the surrounding reality by you and all your own efforts without exception are inseparably linked with two worlds of the senses such as the inner world and the outer world:

The outer world of the senses of natural instinctive and egoistic peculiarities and the inner spiritual world of the senses.

Besides the outer world of the senses is not capable to penetrate into the inner world, in connection with much rougher bases, while the inner world of the senses easily penetrates into all the outer displays of the material laws of the flesh and all the surrounding reality.

And now due to the mentioned wonderful Thread, your Heavenly Father sees everything that happens to you, just through your spiritual sensitive peculiarities.

But as not a single occurrence of the material world is capable to prevent the action of the wonderful Thread, then wherever you would find yourselves under whatever thick layer of water or ground, in whatever building you would hide, your Father always easily sees what is happening exclusively with each of you.

But I say to you truthfully that God is not interested in the details of the events being expressed through the material laws of your flesh and in everything that your flesh and your mind is concerned with.

The Heavenly Father observes attentively how you respond to everything that is happening expressing the attitude of your soul to everything.

The Father does not look at what is going on in your consciousness, and He is not interested in your intentions, but He constantly observes the inner efforts, which first of all you certainly make to everything.

Remember that all the precious decorations and majestic constructions outwardly expressed by you, created by your hands for the Glory of God, is never noticed by your Father, for all His attention is directed into your heart.

Therefore first of all you show yourselves to each other in these creations and construct them for yourselves.

When you build temples or something smaller but of considerable value, you make donations to the outlined deed.

And your creation finally becomes the result of your sacrifices to your God.

I say to you truthfully that God does not expect your shining sacrifices, but your kind deeds, created first of all with all your heart.

For further your lips and your hands will create worthy deeds out of the fullness of your heart.

Only everything created with your lips and your hands will be necessary only for you.

But the Great Heavenly Father continues to see indefatigably the steps of the efforts of your soul.

He saw very well the beginning and continues to see the events developing in your life under the influence of the representatives of the Mind of the Universe on your mind.

But whatever level of the development of the mind those who are striving to influence your life possess, they can never be compared with the qualities of the Superconsciousness of your God –

Divine features, with the help of which your Father uses to the best effect all the happening events so that each of them would inevitably serve only the good of your soul;

For the good of your soul, about what you are to take care of continually, but according to your blindness you persistently choose goods first of all for your body and your egoism.

Therefore the Father is deaf to your entreaties, but He always remembers what you truly need.

The Great God saw that while laying different foundations of various religious, mystic and other philosophical teachings introduced by the Mind of the Universe for the good of you, among the great number of moral and ethic conceptions, one could not find the truths characteristic of the true, straight and united for all of humankind the Path of Ascent, nevertheless many of these introduced conceptions were capable to improve considerably many of your vital manifestations;

Though they could not give you the correct comprehension of God and what is granted by Him, they were capable to increase considerably your perception of the world from the animal and egoistic one at the narrow and primitive level;

That promoted the creation of a favourable foundation by which you could touch upon the Truth worthily.

And if many of these conceptions do not facilitate the process of Ascent, they often retard your falling.

And so whatever names these conceptions were given, I say to you truthfully, that the Heavenly Father regards favourably the efforts in that direction.

And only unreasonable blind men make the grinding screams, rejecting what is beyond their understanding,

For being in their own egoism, they consider themselves to be the criteria in determining spiritual values.

In the formation of different teachings in your society the only complication for the fulfilment of the Holy Intention is that on the basis of particular peculiarities of your soul you will invariably become firmly attached with your heart and your mind to the teaching chosen by you,

And wrong conceptions will become firmly established in your mind.

And as for the time being you almost completely believe your consciousness first of all, but not the call of your soul, then a task difficult to solve will arise before many people in perceiving the Truth, granted by the Father at last.

For you will not listen to the voice of your soul, but first of all you will try to appreciate What is Coming with your mind filled with rubbish.

But indeed, in a case like that, a great failure will await you independently of the fact to what extent of importance your consciousness is marked on the Earth.

Is not human wisdom only madness in the face of God?

Therefore hopes upon your hearts are left.

For it is possible to behold What is Granted by God only with a more pure heart.

Observing spiritual formations like that and being aware of all the true merits and demerits of all the arising teachings, the Heavenly Father through mysteries established by His Will, allows you to be incarnated so that being born in one or another society where different teachings flourish, you would have an opportunity to acquire something more favourable for the given period of time,

Capable to enrich your inner world either adding to what is missing or cutting off what is excessive.

And it is through this mystery first of all and through some other efforts that the Great God is always able to turn everything, that is happening to you against His Will, to your advantage.

In order that all what is happening to you might give you support in the best way.

And as during Eternity only mind similar to yours in origin that can influence your activity, then it will have never been equal to the Effort of God, Who is your Heavenly Father.

And whatever dark and artful plans against you might be worked out, in the long run they would inevitably do good to you.

But what efforts will you  make as your own?

For you may perish not from what they are doing  with you, but only from what regard you have these efforts.

And as for your choice it would always stay free in Eternity.

But besides Wisdom and Strength by which the Father always turns everything for your good, there are direct efforts of His, worked out before, according to the Holy Intention and aimed to bring good to the development of mankind.

Having given you life and embodied you on the Mother Earth the Great Father first of all has left for you not an easy labour to start to accumulate all which is necessary for the development of your understanding.

With all that the most difficult thing for you became the circumstance when none of you can be given a direct prompting.

For your Mind, through which only it is possible to give you definite instructions, has a single basis and conformity with the natural laws which are common for all characteristic manifestations of  the  nimble  mind of the Universe.

But  this means that whatever level of the development of your mind within the bounds set up   by the Creator of the material Being might be, you will never be able to perceive the efforts of Superconsciousness in this direction

For  the rough characteristics of your consciousness are unable to perceive the manifestations of supersubtle characteristics.

Heavenly Father knew that you, being in the natural process of your development and accumulation of the necessary understanding called to help you to cope with the first stage of your self-determination and comprehension of your true essence, are absolutely unable to learn to comprehend the Truth on your own at a level, which makes it possible just for you to get fully into the Harmony of the Universe.

Moreover the Harmony itself has imposed definite limits in the length of your life by raising a barrier that cannot be overcome by the material flesh if it has not got into the rhythm of the unfolding Universe.

Knowing about all the difficulties, inevitably appeared before you after your having entered, unexpectedly for the Universe, into the Being of the material World, the Great Heavenly Father planned my birth on a definite stage of the formation of the young humankind,

I was born not to take the path of the development like you do, so as to fulfil a wonderful mission which the Father has entrusted you with.

For you were born to ennoble gradually the whole material World, carrying the Glory of God all over the Universe.

As for myself, I was born only for your sake, to bring good to you

So as to fill in what you lack, where only the Great Father can give precepts necessary for the numerous children to be on the right way of the development, but taking into account the present level of their understanding.

And only now the right moment has come when I, with the permission of Great God, Who is my Father will open slightly my mystery for you, a mystery

About which you guessed much and inevitably gave birth to a great number of primitive images, on the basis of which up to the present days many temptations and perplexities exist.

And before I disclose many things to you now, it is very important for you to know this Page too

So as to disperse everything foggy for the straight way to open in your sight once and for all.

The qualitative basis of my soul has some differences from that of yours and has much less connection with the subtle manifestations of the laws of materiality.

For I  am not to stay in a constant connection with the laws of materiality as you do and my  emergence among you is possible only when the circumstances are exceptional  for you and it lasts as long as I fulfil for your good everything that depends on me. .

My essence is woven by Great God  the way when getting in touch with you in any period of time when there appears the emergency of my embodiment in your society, I will always see  your mistakes and what you lack.

I am born. always to know  the essence of your mistakes and I am always able to see, what is  good for your soul and what prevents it from the development.

But to help you to touch my mystery lightly from different points it is necessary to  give the name to the truth  in which behalf my Essence has been created.

Formally I have already mentioned that the laws made by the Creator of the Universe for the development of matter are imprinted in all energy occurrences inherent in all  the material World without exception.

Together with that you need to remember that any dense object in its essence is of energy nature as well, but in a much more dense stage and with a characteristic informational basis,

Thanks to which you have the opportunity to distinguish unique individuality of all surrounding you objects of  the diverse manifestations of Nature.

And all born in the Universe with abilities to cognize the laws of existing reality on the basis of mind can be free to start to learn this reality, beginning with any object or occurrence with which it is possible to become in touch.

The laws of development of matter are imprinted in all manifestations of the Material World .

In opposition to these laws, the laws of the development of the soul are not imprinted anywhere in the Universe.

They cannot be taken from anywhere on your own, for the Way by which you begin to develop, reveals itself in the Being of the Material World  for the first time.

And only from the roads you traveled along during your lives would it be possible to conserve your  tracks in the memory of the Universe.

But there will be nobody to keep this memory for, because there will not be any more new-born children taking this path.

And it is no one but you that will make it possible for everything in the Universe to continue  Eternally, for the price paid for the time of your self-determination became very high.

So my Essence was created by the Great Father with the only aim, so that when I have any  meeting with you, that can  happen according to the Will of Heavenly Father, Who is my God and yours too, I might judge your deeds by revealing you the laws called to make your paths straight, in case you moved aside or to make  your movement faster if you begin to be slow.

Therefore when I come to you I do not wait for a worship but I am longing to see in you first and foremost a selfless putting into practice of what is mine.

And when I come to you I  always have a possibility to give you all what is necessary to the good of the development of your soul.

For my Essence is woven from the Spirit of Truth and you have the right on equal terms to find in me any truth connected with your real life.

I am the inexhaustible Source and as long as I stay with you, you can take from me life-giving  Moisture limitlessly.

And you may have this Moisture as mush as you can take and contain It in yourselves.

My coming to you embodies the practically realized Effort of Great God  to give you  Salvation.

For I am the Hand of your Father which is given  to you in practice.

I am the Hand of the Living and Unique God Who is the Father of humanity, the Hand that you were to find without fail so as you might never fall again but begin to walk with your Father firmly and confidently along the Path predestined by Him for you to follow.

When I am embodied  I begin naturally to use the characteristics of  the same mind that you have.

For when I use a flesh born in your society the mind of this flesh has characteristics of that very level of development which your society all over the Mother-Earth has reached on the whole.

If this fact is not observed then inevitably the communication itself between you and me will meet many difficulties.

And if you use the abilities of your mind solely with the aim to comprehend the surrounding reality and to accumulate the necessary information so as on the basis of all this you could strive to fulfil properly what is predestined for you, then in the case of myself, I do not use the temporally acquired abilities of the Nimble  Mind for getting this very knowledge.

The questions you are interested in do not interest me at all with some exception.

The abilities of mind I temporally have are used by me only with the aim to familiarize myself with the characteristic features of your life being and to understand what is happening to you at your level, so as the conclusion which I formulate with that very mind, could naturally be equal to this level,

And consequently become reachable for your understanding.

My Spirit is always able to appreciate everything properly as regards the development of your soul.

From all the rest of knowledge — and this is knowledge that is connected only with the laws of development of materiality — I am always able to take everything which I see as necessary for your good.

But to do this I cannot use the abilities of the temporal mind I have, for the knowledge which I from time to time have to disclose to you by bringing them into the Teaching, would naturally surpass the level of your development and even the limited abilities of the nimble  mind in general.

And only with the help of possibilities of the mind I have I will give it a shape which can make this knowledge intelligible and useful for you.

If the abilities of the nimble  mind which you are going to have eternally are the main  auxiliary means for you to perceive the surrounding reality, then for me to have a temporal possession of these possibilities is necessary only to be in favourable communication with you when I reveal to you what I have inside of myself at a level reachable to you.

As for my abilities of making the acquaintance of the current reality, they manifest themselves by means of another mystery.

The way my Essence is connected with the Father is qualitatively different with that of your soul.

And owing to this quality I am able with the help of peculiarities of the Superconsciousness of my Father to penetrate into any laws of the Universe if I see that you need them for your good.

My Father is keeping my inner urges in His hands and as long as I do not feel a firm understanding of the  necessity to open the laws of such a kind for your good, it naturally means for me that there is no  goodwill of my Father for that.

As for me I have not any interest in such knowledge at all.

And after I have taken  at my over-subtle level with the help of my Father all that I consider to be necessary for you, I am faced with the problem of converting what  I have taken for you into visible and intelligible images, by means of the rough abilities of the material mind.

Telling you all this, at a level reachable to your understanding.

And to convey it to you at an understandable level it is compulsory necessary that I be embodied in your society.

In this case a new-born and developing consciousness, not having in its memory anything unnecessary while absorbing the surrounding reality, will accumulate all the images which are necessary  to be used  in communication with you.

For such preliminary preparation it is required a certain period of time when my Essence stays in a peculiar sleeping state and is unable to use the consciousness of  flesh in full measure.

Holding all this in His hand the Great Father is leading me at a sensitive level to where I  can get all the necessary impressions and information.

It is expressed so, that, when getting into these or those circumstances and obediently following  the suddenly appeared inside of myself sensious needs I make some efforts, the result of which,  as my Father wishes it, I am to imprint in myself, for it might help me in my future true Accomplishment.

It was necessary to keep my Essence in a sleeping condition so as the consciousness of the flesh could get a wider acquaintance with the diversity of your characteristic occurrences which should be corrected later.

For in the awoken state I had not been able not only to get a necessary acquaintance with these occurrences  but a primitive aggressive organization of the society all over the world, being in the most  unfavourable state for me, would have inevitably created at the beginning of the formation of my flesh extremely complicated conditions.

In this case too again and again the Wisdom of the Great God turns the existing difficulties for your good.

He longs for you to be saved, although unconsciously and not knowing the real state of things you seek to put  obstacles before  Him while you continue to pray asking Him for help.

The duration of the preparatory period itself can be different and depends fully on the level of the development of the  society.

Because for the present there exists  in your society an unreasonable attitude of adult man to the teaching of a much younger one which in itself is a glaring manifestation of the slovenly forms of egoism, but the character of life-organizations as well creates rough restrictions in forms of these or those directed for all the people narrow-primitive instructions, which interfere with the fast accumulation of what is  necessary.

By the time of the creation of my Essence Great God already saw a clear necessity of presenting myself at the appointed time.

The main and decisive Accomplishment of mine was predetermined to take place in the period when the fate of  humanity would be at stake by reason of your having reached the limits fixed for you by the Harmony of the Material World.

But taking into account your manifested psychological characteristics and also the fact that the circumstances become more and more complicated because of the active bringing into your life different teachings by the representatives of the outer space mind, who have two opposite purposes at that, the Heavenly Father planned my preliminary short appearance among you,

During which it was necessary to show the image of the true Way of Salvation when you might  touch the first true notions about the existence of the Great Living God of humankind.

So as by the time of the beginning of the main Hour of the decisive Event, the consciousness of the majority of representatives of mankind could at least superficially become acquainted with the manifestation of the Efforts of True God Who has sent to His children through His Living Word the first preachings about  true living,

So as in this period, when the predestined Accomplishment begins to manifest Itself, you might have an opportunity to make a correct choice.

Together with that the law of freedom of choice should stay unchangeable for everyone.

If your life activity were being formed only in dependence on  your own possibilities without any meddling on the side of the Universal Mind, then my appearance among you would have occurred some other way and might have been more smooth and soft.

And naturally enough that  your life inevitably gained a very complicated character in its forming.

And Great God knew about the possibility of such impending interference in your life.

But He  had not any choice, for at a more favourable nearness from Him there was only Earth where a young civilization began to develop, having all the necessary  characteristics of the nimble  mind capable to carry out the Holy Intention,

It was the civilization  which had just reached the stage when it was most favourable to use dense natural fleshes.

Therefore the Heavenly Father was eager to use all possible complications that came into existence irrespective of His Will so as to make them serve the fulfilment of what He had Planned.

The more so as it is impossible to hinder such outside attempts to influence your life, because first of all the Mind of the Universe is unable to perceive everything that is coming from Great God  for its definite limited nature and because the efforts of Mind are being made according to the established in the Universe general laws, which do not interfere in the Harmony.

Heavenly Father planned to fulfil His Intention but without any active encroachment into the existing laws established by the Universal Mind.

And the date of my appearance among you depends solely on the character of the difficulties  which arise in the life of your society.

And to prepare everything in the best way by the appointed decisive Hour, my preliminary appearance among you was to take place within two thousand years before the predestined Hour to come.

In that period among the already existing diverse bellicose, isolated societies the Father predetermined for the first Accomplishment just the people of ancient Judah.

But truly I say to you: this happened not because the people of Judah is “chosen” one by All-Loving God, for in this sense you all without any exception are equally chosen by Heavenly Father in the  name of the accomplishment of His Intention;

But this happened because the people of Judah was called to play a definite and special role in the  life of all your society, the role which had been worked out for this people by the outer space mind.

Where the role itself pursued the  aim opposite to the Intention of God, this is why this people was doomed to great misfortune and suffering.

Only the Jewish people themselves do not know all this and therefore they are not charged with it.

The level of the development of mind of the outer space worlds, which influence you, is a good deal superior to that of yours.

And that is why, when there is an attempt to influence your consciousness, you are very easily tempted, up to nowadays; and that was the case with the ancient people too, when different teachings had been introduced.

More than that, your naive, childish attitude to the “rattle-toys” which demonstrate themselves using the unusual for you laws of matter, can easily justify these temptations with forcible argument which appear inside of your mind.

Where there is nobody but you, you yourselves are in a hurry to ascribe the manifestation of these or those “wonders” to the signs as if they were coming from the Heavenly Father.

Although all these “wonders” bear not any relation to Him because they become apparent within the laws alien to my Father.

And the demonstration of all such “miracles” without exception is nothing but a manifestation of the laws of materiality unknown to you as of yet and demonstrated artificially, pursuing definite aims, but  not overstepping the permissible by the Harmony limits.

The representatives of the nimble mind, whose level of the development is a great deal superior to yours, can easily do a great number of such “rattle-toys”

Although you yourselves are able to create not a little.

Once having brought into your relationship as of definite conveniences certain conventional values, which in the course of time overgrew into the notion of the monetary unit, confronting your development outer space mind, undertook purposeful efforts so as to establish the precisely counted up finance system. It happened after the actions connected with monetary units had moved along a steady channel and  man began to feel that he became more and more dependent on the presence of  growing in quantity the illusory values;

So this monetary system was called to become a dependable tie with many precious collars put, on the one hand, on the necks of all human societies, and on the other hand they are tired to the stake driven into the ground;

Which  in its whole is called to prevent human civilization from reaching its true development and formation.

The first step in the realization of this program was supposed to be the effort which would bring into your life activity a definite and concrete regulation which after many years  would inevitably bring all the circulation of these conventional values, on which all the humanity would without fail become dependent, to the full slavery dependence on the actions of a narrow group of people,

And to a certain degree, the wellbeing of the great majority of the representatives of humankind was seen to become dependent on the selfish narrow-primitive spiritual qualities of this little group of people.

This concrete regulation without fail, was supposed to be introduced  in a way as if it were given from God, for only in this case its carrying out might become a matter of national interest.

And in this case the success of this measure is getting really a firm basis,

But such a regulation which implies a peculiar usurious system was not to be introduced into practice as something comfortable for the life-organization of society.

It was supposed to be put into practice in such a way when after a long period of time irrespective of difficulties and changes in all outer conditions of scientific-technical character, it could be taken as the only reliable peculiar superweapon with the help of which only, it is possible as if to win a victory and to enslave all “non-chosen”,

This number was planned to include the whole humankind, except one, possibly not numerous people.

The dogma about the special election of people was also to play in this program a key role, a firm faith in which is able to make a man extremely stubborn in achieving the marked purpose.

And to realize the worked out program there was only to find a people who did not have a strong and harmonious religious teaching and whose egoism had been painfully touched and who were not interested in the development of handicrafts, arts and science, but whose main attachment in life was  commerce.

And as in that period of time all these qualities were demonstrated glaringly by the nomadic tribes, it is among them that the sought for was supposed to be found.

But for the abilities of the outer space mind a search like that does not present any difficulty.

The difficulty was only in finding the man who would have fulfiled the entrusted  task adequately, and into whose consciousness it would be possible to make a channel for the forthcoming of the  necessary information.

But everything was solved successfully.

And Moses ascended the mountain Horeb  which has been later scriptured in the Old Testament.

I have already mentioned, that the character of your life activity has been built in such a way that you should try to accumulate necessary knowledge about your  life on your own, first and foremost.

Where your Heavenly Father, with the aim to help you, created a system of your reincarnations by means of which active conditions favourable for understanding of what you lack,  are being made for you.

And if to take one of the main characteristic features of the vice, appeared on the basis of rapidly growing egoism - that is an occurrence of self-extolment over the other brothers  — then when all  this reaches a dangerous line inside of you, it is extremely important for you to get into conditions where you would be persistently humiliated.

It is desirable that this humiliation takes place in the presence of those who are also humiliated, so as after having experienced  all that on yourselves and after having taken a detached view on your neighbour, you might have the possibility to do a great deal of thinking but just from these very positions.

In the ancient times the circumstances connected with as rough as wild yearning for self-extolment were widely spread.

Great God using the situation connected with the coming into existence notions of slavery in your society always incarnated into the fleshes of the slaves just those who had excessively extolled themselves earlier and also the former slave-owners who had been particularly carried away with their temporary power.

And just in connection with this law I have formerly warned -- that he who extoles himself would be humbled.

Just the same way the fleshes of ancient Israelites, languished in captivity at the Egyptians were used when into every newborn flesh the ungovernable egoist from another people was incarnated.

All this takes place until the natural  public, appropriate processes do not change these external circumstances.

And only by the time when these special educational conditions became seen to be changed, such reincarnations come to an end, getting down to the general naturally determined process.

But the Israelites were suffering in  captivity not because God as if had forgotten about them.

Only great ignorance could give rise to such an understanding of Great God.

All the more you all without exception are the one and only people for Him and differ from each other   only in the degree of your obedience to Him.

The Father never forgets about any of you and always strives to do everything for your good.

But He has to act so, that the results of your extremely unreasonable actions, made on your own on the basis of freedom of  choice, be changed for your good.

And as just the soul itself has not any national signs, each of you gets into that very flesh of any people, just through which you will have the opportunity to find what you lack.

So once, by means of circumstances artificially made by outer space world, with the help of different,  these same “rattles”, the process of bringing the Israelites from captivity and sending them under the leadership of Moses to the country as if promised to them by God, was a success.

But as this release of the enslaved Israelites happened not according to the natural laws, the Great Father had not changed the character of reincarnations before, which would have called off the embodiment into the fleshes of this people only unmeasurably overgrown egoists.

And they, who still needed strict bringing up, suddenly became free.

Moses inevitably had to run into great difficulties connected just with this,

Where the abnormal abundant manifestations of the wild egoism of those going with him, constantly demanded to be suppressed  by the tough laws and force.

Outer space mind saw these extremely difficult circumstances as well, and after having appreciated them, an effort to make a kind of quarantine, during which some generations were  to leave their fleshes, was undertaken.

And since the people of Israel changed the form of their life activity, Great God continued to embody His children into those fleshes by the usual principle not taking notice of their games.

Therefore only in a certain period of time this society acquired the habitual level of stability, after which the people of Israel could move further toward their object.

But within this period there was a Sinai Mountain for Moses to go up and also other days.

During which he obediently put down the coming to him from above harmonious systems of  knowledge and laws, on the basis of which it was given a rise to strong religious teaching with compulsory, for that very case, emphasizing that the Israelites were specially chosen,

Which guaranteed for a long forthcoming period of time a great persistence in carrying out this started up program.

Egoism, that had been strongly hurt before, in the period of captivity and that anyway was great inside beyond all measure, this egoism became a favourable soil for such sowing.

In this period along side with many regulations and laws a usurious system was successfully introduced and for obedient inculcation of this system a blessing for all possible liberties in treatment of other peoples was promised.

This way the basis for the next religious teaching was being generated, where even the very text was given and obediently imprinted by Moses in such a way when by an appropriate and correct reading one can pick up information about the future of the whole humankind.

Even here the outer space World could not do without “rattles”.

For an opportunity to see the most probable events in the development of this or that society beforehand is quite accessible to the level of development of those, who try to guard a human civilization, pursuing their own interests.

The necessity to introduce a dogma about the special election of people was reduced to that when displaying a deep national conviction in this, Israelites unconsciously switched on a law from material World hidden from man; as a result of this after any contact of Israelites with the representatives of other societies, on the part of these representatives some unconscious hostility and aggression in relation to the people of Israel will arise.

Such was necessary for the Israelites during a long course of time to experience constantly their isolation and begin to live by the laws from their teaching more persistently.

It would allow them constantly to feel between themselves a special internal unity, and so the fulfillment of the program would become lasting.

The outer space mind looking through the probable future knew that just in connection with these once set in motion natural laws, the people of Israel, again for the success of the fulfillment of the program, would be settling actively all over the world.

So that the entered system be favourably spread in each place which if only one Israelite could reach.

Ideology based on the inculcated religious teaching stayed deeply in his consciousness and this would always bring his efforts to the direction where he can  see the opportunity to make within his powers a contribution to the imaginary inevitable victory of his people over the other representatives of  mankind.

Here a sincere faith in the promises, as if coming from God manifests itself.

Heavenly Father saw, which sorts of deep delusions His favorite children, partially incarnated in the bodies of the Israel people, had yielded.

Using the mystery of reincarnation, the Great Father began to help to neutralize the dangerous ideological program rooted in their consciousness, by incarnating into the fleshes of Jews the souls, which had been formely incarnated in other peoples with an internal experience, that had some characteristics opposite to the program ;

Although such experience had been primarily imprinted in souls very seldom, and if imprinted it was very small,

And then through such reincarnations the inner world began to influence the ideological program in consciousness with a power  man was unconscious of,

Where a greater effect could become apparent only in due course, when gradually the positive vital qualities had been accumulated in souls.

And only the unreasonable ignorant efforts of the other children of God who had in their consciousness different, but not less dangerous, rough ideological directives, made them persistent in unintentional trying to interfere in such Efforts of the Heavenly Father.

When during the period of the  Hebrews being dispersed all over the Earth, there appeared abundant,  extremly primitive wild efforts made against them by the representatives of  an already formed considerable association of the christians, as they called themselves,

Not suspecting, because of their not knowing the Truth, that they created  a stumbling block to their own brothers who stayed temporally in the fleshes of  the Jewish people;

All that strengthened their efforts even more on the laid for them false way leading far from the good for the whole mankind.

The children of the Great Heavenly Father, being incarnated in the fleshes of the people of Israel and with all their understanding and faith giving themselves to the ancient laws are not in the know up to present days what sort of temptation they have yielded.

For although they had in an antiquity a full freedom of choice under the conditions which were created for them, it was impossible for them not to perceive what was being given to them.

Such is the result of the efforts made on the basis of correctly appreciated peculiarities of your psychology.

On that  the special,frequently with adverse for you purposes emphasis is being made nowadays on the part of the outer space mind.

And further, after having stayed in a measured off and peculiar quarantine in a deserted land, which was prolonged for a certain multitude of years, a stormy history was in store for this people,

For they had been deliberately brought to the lands, where they would lose their rest for ever, attracting to their heads great misfortunes, necessary  for the success of the fulfillment of the pernicious program laid by the alien source.

Where the peculiarity of these very misfortunes considerably depends on the laws, connected with the manifestation of the great national self-extolment over all the rest people without exception.

For any attempt of self-extolment is an expressed on the energy level challenge to those manifestations of the laws of  materiality, the attempt to extol over which was undertaken.

After such manifestations the laws of Nature more and more increasing in power immediately begin to counteract,

Which in the life of your society can easily and actively become apparent through your own efforts in respect of those who are near you  and which often ends up in a brutal conflict of one people with another.

In the Universe it is a strict law, intended for the suppression of excessively performed sides of egoism.

And as regards the laws of the development of your soul, any attempt of self-extolment always plays a pernicious role, irrespective of under what bright slogan you make even inconsiderable efforts to extol yourselves.

Being in the knowing that  His children, who are the people of Judah,  stayed in a condition of a false superiority, the Heavenly Father had predetermined my first coming to you to begin with just this people,

So as to impose by that a certain helpful seal on all further fate of the life activity of the Jewish people.

Taking into account the existed, by the necessary hour, circumstances, when time and again the people were seriously suffering and the expectation for the coming of Messiah, who would have brought the people to the long-awaited freedom from the next tyranny of another people that enslaved them were inflaming more and more, Great God afforded me to embody in  a new-born child in one modest family,

With the names of the father and mother to have reached you without distortions.

What Concerning the other details and events connected with this and which took place subsequently, I at this time will only tell you, that not all that reached you corresponds to what had happened in reality; and if I were to touch upon the ideas arising in your consciousness and based on what you have read about that time, then this  discrepancy would increase incommensurably more.

In this determined preparatory period which I Have already mentioned, all in my life began to go on as it was necessary for my main Creations.

Before the Accomplishment my Essence stayed in a certain “sleeping” condition and my external life activity, under the care of my God, was helping me to accumulate all the necessary understanding about the surrounding life of that people among which I had appeared.

I obediently played that game in  my life which was passionately played by the people who had got inside a dangerous disease, considering this disease to be the main reality in their lives.

Playing I continued to examine attentively everything around, for they were my first impressions in my existence in a flesh in general.

And when the Hour of my awakening has come, my Spirit opened my eyes and I began to see the world the way as I was to see it, just through the “prism” of the Spirit of my Father.

As it is inherent in my Essence, at once I began to see the core of all occurring events and  could not, but saw soon what danger threatened me.

For I was thirsty to tell about something, which had already begun to destroy the existing in the  consciousness of the people ideology of wich they took much care.

The people of Judah were looking forward to get a desired freedom of their natural body, having a false understanding of what is spiritual.

They were dreaming about the victory with the longed-for Messiah ahead so that once and forever they might give themselves up to the boundless enjoying the blessings, but again for the good of their fleshes.

But I was faced with speaking about the freedom of another sort,

About the ways, which as a rule were avoided by all, because they had always been seeking a benefit, again for the  very flesh.

And as the incessant search and thoughts about such benefit is the key aspect of your life activity, it was favourable  for me to start to say my Word first of all where the needy and poor people lived.

And just as an exception my Father allowed me to use the laws of materiality, which were to serve for that very case not only as “rattles”, but as something greater.

On the basis of the history which had been stamped in their religious teaching, the people of Judah believed first of all the fact, that  all whatever comes from God is sure to be accompanied with great and  visible signs.

And even if they did not openly ask for the signs , internally they were greatly dependent upon  them ,

And as I was to lay the new foundation, which differed from what they had in their consciousness, it was extremely necessary under those primitive circumstances to demonstrate something, which could surpass  the level of their understanding.

Any of the occurrences of such a kind is still influencing the freedom of your choice and in ancient times such influence was too great.

That's why the inept use of such occurrences is always able to affect perniciously your spiritual development.

For these “rattles” can easily make you accept what is false and serves not for your good whereas under the natural normal circumstances you would not accept what is false.

In that ancient time, in the epoch of the first Accomplishment, such use of the laws of  materiality became an exceptional case in your whole history, when they were successfully exploited to bring you good.

It became possible for me not only to help the listeners to believe in what is mine by using a power which was unknown to them, for if they had believed in what is mine because  of the miracles only, my embodiment would have been considered to be unsuccessful but, I succeeded in  helping them to become aware that the power they begin to posses when true faith begins to arise in them, is very great.

People who had cognized what is mine and who were on the way to such cognition were not numerous, but it was evident that the Grain of God had sprouted and young growths would inevitable appear.

For all the rest would be accomplished by the Heavenly Father, Who uses and turns the outer circumstances so that  the Good News could be spread due to the Intention, predetermined by Him.

Just the Good News of the Concern of the Living God for His strayed children and about hope for Salvation through the image of the true way which is the way of love - disinterested and selfless,

The Salvation from that swift falling down to which you have such excessive propensity.

But it is not enough to stop this falling down. After doing that you ought to proceed  to your development.

But the Teaching itself, telling about true development could not be yet given in that time.

For to call to great love is one thing and to tell in every detail how to fulfil it in all deeds connected with your everyday life - is another thing.

There are a great  number of such deeds.

And each of them needs concrete preaching.

So as  what I have preached to you using often imagebearing expressions you could not interpret arbitrarily as your egoism had willed it.

Becouse there where I told you not everything you are sure to add something and there where you add  something lush weeds inevitably sprout for the time being.

But at that time the Hour had not come yet for me to tell you about the marvelous Ascent.

And not for this purpose I appeared at that time.

I knew that the time of my Creation would not be long and was to be in time to tell, though a little but just That, which if you tried to fulfil properly and selflessly, giving all your strength, you would save yourselves from sickly rotting.

And this would make the Hebrew believers free from being executors of the pernicious program inculcated in the consciousness of the people.

Getting down to predetermined Creation I was concentrated on putting into the consciousness of all the listeners the  truths, the essence of which was opposite to false dogmas aimed at destroying you.

To everything, which had been mentioned in the ancient religious teaching of the Hebrews as the  qualities as if being a characteristic of God, I opposed the notions which in reality are real Qualities of the Great Father.

And there where I had not done that, it was not the time then even to mention the true manifestations of God.

I began to reveal the Truth about Great God, Who is your Only Father, Living and All-Loving, about Whom a man knew nothing, despite the numerous existing  legends at that time.

But it was not possible to tell the listeners much about it because of the extreme narrowness of their consciousness, where there existed a firm belief that God is angry, jealous and capable to punish  immediately.

Even all of you up to nowadays are inclined to attribute to your Father the vicious emotions which are characteristic of  you and grown on your egoism.

For any dissatisfaction, anger, jealousy and many other manifestations of that kind are  rough natural-egoistic sensious manifestations which have nothing to do with Great God because of their being alien to Him.

But I will inevitably dispel your ignorance in due course, each time opening to you the truths, up to which you have matured by that time.

And at that ancient time I only made a light mention of the Father All-Loving, Who gives His Blessedness to each in equal measure like the Sun which equally gives out its warmth to the sinner and to the righteous man;

With that only difference that only he who is directed at giving all his strength to fulfil the laws of God worthily has the possibility to absorb every time more and more Graceful Power.

And he who gives his strength to what is opposite, although has not lost the Love of the Heavenly Father, Who loves him as before, in the course of time he becomes more and more unable to absorb even a little piece of Graceful Power.

In that is the peculiarity of the development of soul.

And then opposite to the ancient mentioning that God being in anger can close His eyes not to see His children and turn His Look away from them, it was necessary for me to tell you that the Father always sees you without any tearing His Look away even for a moment and that not a hair can fall down from your head without His Will,

And that the Father is caring and merciful and never forgets about your real needs.

And to expand a true understanding of the listening disciples, I also told them that  the Heavenly Father never judges anybody, but gave up His judging to His Son, for he is a son of man.

For only being in flesh like yours it is possible to appreciate more precisely the character of the concrete particular temporary mistakes occurring in your everyday life.

And only being in  flesh, it is possible for me to manifest certain natural energy peculiarities to the good of your efforts and also to impose on you necessary demands after having given numerous explanations reachable to the level of your understanding.

The truths from Great God were revealed at that time not only for that  people.

Because that, which was to be started in ancient Judah, was to go round the world testing the numerous children and preparing the consciousness of the sleeping ones for the time of Dawn, for the coming of  the decisive Hour.

As the greater darkness was seen to cover your life after the end of my first Accomplishment,

A long night of every possible madness with the Name of God on the lips,  hypocritical and false, distorted with anger, was ahead.

Boundless, unreasonable to the extreme savagery was going to be revealed through the deeds of your hands.

But you are sowing the grains of lie consciously too and to learn in full measure the taste of poisonous fruits, grown by yourselves, is inevitable for you.

I will not go into details any more touching the events of the time already ancient and what was happening in reality in connection with my Accomplishment,

For there is no need to conjure up the past savagery and follies which you performed in abundance at that time.

My Accomplishment was completed with peculiar tragic inevitability.

But if those who had made every effort to interrupt my activity considered sincerely that they had succeeded in gaining the victory, they were deeply mistaken.

I was in time to do what depended on me.

And the conformities with the laws brought by me into the life of human society the way like that, began to work in the predetermined direction.

While I'm doing what depends on me I am in a position of  worrying yet about the success of  what is being done by me for your good and for the Glory of my Father.

But when I succeeded in carrying out the predetermined, I could get serene irrespective of what dangers were in store for you.

For I know when the Father leads you further, He will turn all the difficulties for your good and always bring what He has planned to a favourable result.

The outer space world looking after the people of Judah appreciated soon that some laws that I had made were able to destroy the being inculcated   program which had been flourishing for several ages already, through the efforts of that not knowing people.

After which different numerous efforts became undertaken so as through the consciousness of all those who were capable to be active in spreading the Gods News, to have a serious influence over the expanding events.

Through the consciousness of those who could act aggressively against the bearers of the Good News as well as through those, who strove sincerely to perceive the Truth.

And as a Teaching of value had not been given yet, a Teaching about your development, with many preachings about how to make it out what is good for the soul and what is unfavourable while touching all sides of your everyday life and life in general, then  a widespread field for the actions of the opposite side appeared, which began to inculcate on the consciousness of those who had taken the New Testament to heart, different false concepts,

Giving direct interpretation of the scriptured Truths as well as the interpretation of all the rest things about which there are no direct and concrete prompts in the Teaching;

Together with that, there were used in abundance the “rattles” in the form of every possible sorts of “wonderful” visions of as if saint images and other occurrences  as well as the suddenly acquired abilities to speak unconsciously different tongues, being in a certain mental state, and of course, a compulsory “wonderful” healing, which is waited for by all the sick who do not care about from whom really this healing comes and whether this healing does  them good as a whole.

All these inventions were based solely on your primitive egoistic attachments.

These and many other “rattles” of such kind are constantly and from ignorance attributed to the manifestation of as if Holy Spirit,

Whereas the difference between the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and manifestations of such a kind is like that of a sunny ray and metal crow.

And only now I have got  the next chance to tell you about all possible distinctions when mixing them chaotically you often take  darkness instead of Light.

Using skillfully the unknown to man laws of  materiality, the opposing your development outer space world made all permissible efforts to reach the main aim: not to let the Good News be spread according to the simple principle – “ all goes by itself from man to  man ”,– and this aim was opposite to what I have laid as a foundation for your good.

For just such spreading was the most favourable for you, it was as I wished it to be.

That is why I  gave you a very important admonition: never call yourselves tutors and teachers, for only I am the Teacher and the Tutor for you and I am capable to fulfil it.

And you all are brothers and equality among you will serve you only good.

I gave this admonition so that later on none of the believers might  make haste  to tutor or to teach the others, leaning against the words I once said to you.

For only Father and I know the fullness concealed in these words and you were to  comprehend it on equal terms.

Only discussion of my words equal for all was permissible, after which everyone was to  remain of the opinion to which he had matured,

So that further to fulfil all that selflessly.

Where only his own sincerity was to be a judge of him.

In this admonition about tutors there was my additional hope expressed for your good, and I believed that you would try to fulfil it although you had the most probable inclination for another, primitive effort.

And nevertheless you turned out to be unable to appreciate my word worthily, interpreting it through the egoistic prism of your nature.

This your probable inclination was successfully used by the opposing  you outer space mind which does not want you to be.

There was left for them only to apply skillfully some auxiliary efforts in the  direction to which you have a natural disposition.

And soon among the believers an organization, based on the common for all existing in  human society organizations principle, became rapidly to appear.

And this common principle in all cases has one and the same root that is of natural-egoistic character,

Which is expressed in such organizations as they growing up, by inevitable  striving for making diverse scales of ranks.

In which the restricted consciousness, filled with information of natural-egoistic character only, would certainly see good necessity, when just for the soul really such scale produces only tenacious putrid mire.

But you are unable to appreciate the internal regularities correctly as yet, therefore you are inclined to do what is so characteristic of you.

And of you is characteristic all that meets your natural-egoistic needs.

And then to counteract my ban on tutorship nobody but they who had believed in what is mine became quick to distribute between each other the ranks of numerous tutors and teachers.

And as you yourselves were unable to understand much, then you prevented others from going away from that false understanding which was based on certain inculcated canons.

If you did not follow even my direct and concrete instructions, then what can it be said about  how you understand different images, which I used  when giving you in abundance my preachings.

Of course in all that there was one great unconsciously made mistake when you considered the deeds of my direct disciples to be sinless and faultless.

But all you are brothers and he who extolled himself would be humbled.

It was also incumbent on you to be faultfinding and strict in relation to their activity, so as to do them good, but you retreated in confusion.

And they also didn’t cope with many things.

But since all of you could not know much, you are not charged with it.

If on the part of outer space mind, which introduced different religious-mystic teachings, was always important to create a single organizing system, then just  in respect to my Teaching such an effort brings only perniciousness.

That is why when organizations, called christian churches, began to form into a definite system, there appeared natural suitable conditions to make all this system fully dependent on curculation of money and on  connected with this all abnormal, in relation to the  development of your soul, manifestations;

Which became easily to deprive each believer, shown his interest in this direction, of his individuality.

After this step, they, who called themselves servants of my Father, and who made themselves superior in relation to the rest of the believers, inevitably became accomplices of the expanding, mentioned above program leading to humankinds enslavement.

Whereas in the Teaching I had left admonitions able just to destroy this program.

And as a result when a rather extensive christian organization had been formed,  where there was nothing of what is mine left, except those not numerous words, imprinted  in silent Scripture, the opposing you powers, easily taking  advantage of your primitive egoistic manifestations and restricted consciousness could easily introduce different absurd discrepancies into the single organization.

Which inevitably had to lead to the separation and subdivision into all kinds of streams of the conceited who intended to have nothing to do with each other.

Together with that, going on to have just the same silent Scripture, the believers, being separated, zealously assert their understanding of definite  places from the Book of life each in his own way, pretending hypocritically to be on the most truthful way to Salvation.

Oh, how a great  is the ignorance !

Using one and the same peculiarity of man's lushly flourishing egoism, the opposing you outer space mind easily penetrates with its dividing concepts into all religious teachings which do not have a living founder.

And the more subdivisions the single faith teaching begins to have, the less is the good which  it  can bring  to you.

That is why I have warned you earlier, that each house or kingdom having got separated within itself will certainly fall down.

And their worth will be — dust scattered by wind.

Thus, after my first Accomplishment was completed, one of the branches of the outer space mind continued in its own way, to look after the growing  number of believers in the Good News, constantly giving through definite authoritative persons diverse false interpretations and wrong concepts, taking into account  their inability to appreciate and comprehend them correctly.

In its origin the Teaching was called to excite the internal world, and each who tried to make  independent efforts to comprehend it, would certainly turn his attention to this Teaching to take you out of existing vicious social life structure whiler  drawing you to itself more and more .

But few of you decided to follow your own comprehension of the New Testament and your inner desire to fulfil all according to this comprehension.

And those few who managed to make this courageous step, inevitably felt the need to leave the wordly life;

And they did it worthily and without delay,

Unintentionally making it possible for the others to be proud of them, reminiscing that these righteous toils belong to their people and of course to their church,

Which, storing up the saint names like banners, believes that the greater the number of such banners  the stronger and authoritative the church itself might be.

Truly I say to you: there is no need for the representatives of any church to say that once in its bosom there were  righteous men.

It is right to say that the church existed only when there existed those worthy men .

But they were not heroes but only true believers.

And a church consists of not those who speaks about Great God, but of those who keep selflessly to what is of Godly nature.

There is no need for the churches to boast of the righteous deeds taken place in their past history, for the righteous deed is a joy for God only in the moments of its accomplishment..

But it is not a joy for God when the stored reminiscences of those deeds are endlessly  mentioned.

But do not all the reminiscents bear a relation to the deeds which are really righteous?

For a man is inclined to see a piousness in what is comfortable.

And is not it in what is comfortable you often find your misfortunes?

All what is comfortable for a man now is consonant with his vices and weaknesses.

Be extremely watchful when meeting what is comfortable!

No church is able to become better and stronger whatever great quantity of stored achievements  it might have in the past.

Such is favourable only for the museums.

The power of the church of God and its gracefulness depends on the deeds  which are being made  today.

For only living men are called to create a church of God.

And the fate of the people around depends fully on them who live.

And it is only for the living to influence the surrounding world.

So, the very success of entered false interpretations and concepts depends  only on unconquerable and unconscious egoistic striving of a  man himself to see everything  in light comfortable for his egoism .

It afforded, on the wave of internal efforts of a man himself, to enter easily  numerous false interpretations and concepts until that in the Teaching which can disturb the inner world is fully interpreted in a false way, giving by that a kind of imaginary calmness.

After that he who calls himself a believer does not feel like getting away from the existing mode of life to the direction of the Teaching any more, for through these, all possible false interpretations, the essence of the Teaching has been changed so greatly, that they successfully made the Teaching get attached to the existing way of life,

Having turned it into something comfortable and additional to his life, while continuing hypocritically to call his belief the most important matter in life, setting with this lie his conscience at rest.

I have already shown it through the image, that with the first steps of the formation of your civilization you, not knowing the matter of things have sowed a favourable soil with a grain of lie, which became the first principle of the essence of the future developing public organization of your life.

And a tree, personifying the image of your life organization began to grow rapidly,  with its abnormal stem and numerous branches, giving  in abundance poisonous fruits.

You could not but see once that the fruits of your life activity bring only misfortune and endless sufferings.

And you strive constantly to feel yourselves warriors in these sufferings, but find inevitable wildness and nonsense appropriate  in this state.

And when you cope with this, you inevitably begin again to multiply these misfortunes and sufferings more and more,

Hoping incessantly to become free from them, while with all your efforts you are doing the opposite.

Constant eating the poisonous fruits from the tree of lie gives all possible diseases which torment you and from time to time they urge you on to understand the reason for your troubles.

And then some of you were getting deep in comprehension of every matter connected with the numerous leaves of this tree, first and foremost among which all the visible side of your life shows itself.

Those who turned out to be wiser saw that leaves arose from numerous thin branches and deepened their comprehension of these branches.

Yet even more wiser among you, who in such counting are found in less quantity, could see, that thin branches arose from much thicker branches, but yet less in number .

And only some of you reached the understanding that these thick branches too arise from far thicker ones, but yet much more less in number.

All your experience of comprehension of life for the whole history of your formation came to a study of leaves and numerous branches, covering with it far more paper leaves with different handwriting.

Where the more practical among you were looking for healing in the branches, and those of  you who are romantics were looking far ahead  of the tree, into the endless Cosmos.

But as first and foremost you are seeking to be healed, and in the know of your consciousness there only exist notions about little branches, then the only point you were able  to think out on your own with the aim to make your life better, was to strive to remake the crown of this tree.

And every time, having awarded anybody a high-sounding name of a great “botanic” and even with some number conferred upon him, you together, from different sides of abnormal tree, wildly spread with its branches, under the leadership of great “botanics” become fixed on remaking the crown of the tree as you wish it,

At the same time having worked out preliminarily, by the voices of the super-wise men the program of the next large-scaled subbotnik under the name of revolutions and different reforms.

In accordance with human instructions you try to cut off everything that in your opinion is of  abnormal shape.

But on the crooked tree all the branches without exception are growing from the stem according to that same principle.

And whatever numerous remakings of its crown, owing to your feverish efforts with high-sounding names, this tree may experience, it would always give forth these same poisonous fruits and it will surely do it.

Your society is divided into two characteristic efforts that show themselves in the direction of reshaping the crown of this tree.

Where the philosophical-religious efforts are characterised by the internal activity and external passivity, and of the political efforts, on the contrary, inner passivity, and outer  activity is typical.

And when from time to time these efforts go with one another in your society, this makes it possible for you to organize  very sensational measures, after which for a long time you bear scars on your body.

You, up to the present days, have passionately been fighting with windmills like Quixote's, whereas a real trouble stays inside of you yourselves.

But your egoism does not allow you to see all this by yourselves and to appreciate everything correctly, while you constantly serve it.

None of the sources which gave you all the religious, except one left for you by your God through me, knows the real laws of the development of your soul.

That is why these teachings in their essence whether their try to carry you away from your not good looking life into useless  illusions, or give you all possible recommendations how to shape that same crown of tree of lie which is a personification of your life.

And only now it is for you to understand how senseless all your efforts are in your striving to make the quality of the fruits from that tree better by means of trimming different, wrong in your view, branches.

All growing branches, only which you are able to see for a while, come from  one and the same trunk, which naturally stems from one root.

And as long as the root of lie stays alive, there cannot be a fine looking tree with many sweet blessing fruits, whenever you rush to cut in every possible way  the  crown of the ugly tree, if the program of darkness has entered the root.

It is not in the crown that you should look for the reason of your own troubles, but at the stem and root of the tree itself, which I have  briefly described for you in this appeal, you should take a stare.

Truly I say to you: the Teaching about the true Way, predetermined for you by Great God, cannot be a glittering toy hanging on the abnormal branches to decorate the tree of your vicious life;

This is into what you have turned out all the teachings in your societies all over the Mother-Earth.

And together with that, having hung on the branches of this crooked tree the words about the Divine, you got a false idea that the tree became more noble.

Remember, that true Teaching is just the Grain which is to be put now into your soil, tormented with sufferings but keeping a hope yet.

So that a Blessing tree of your eternal life should grow at last, a tree with unnumerable quantity of wonderful, allhealing fruits.

And that tree, crown of which has many time been reshaped and is going to be reshaped by the inspiration of your botanic enthusiasm, is going to dry up once and for all, for its stem is thoroughly spoiled because of its own poisons that poisoned the ground under it.

The Great Father was in the know about the drying up of this negligent tree, from which  you  fall down from time to time like numerous leaves and when wilful winds begin to blow you are good at making  noise.

He knew that if by the time of the full drying up, a new and at this time genuine tree wouldn`t have been grown, then there would have been nowhere to embody the new and to return ultimately those souls waiting for their rembodyment.

That is why Great God predetermined the time when the tree of Life should start growing while the fatal tree is still holding its ground.

So that just by the time of the final drying up of the tree of bitterness, the Basis of Eternity should reliablely be spread with its branches.

And now the predetermined thousand years earlier Time of my next second appearing among you has come.

All has been occurred the way my Father planned it and nobody  was able to interfere with the fulfilment of His Will.

The recurred mystery of my descending into a new-born child on the Earth in this stage occurred some time earlier before the Beginning of the decisive Events, so that by the Hour of Beginning when the fate of humanity is to be decided, I should be in time to have accumulated the necessary subsidiary information about the peculiarities of your present mode of life.

First-hand acquaintance with your life began according to that same principle as it had been for the first time, but only this time I beforehand needed to touch although lightly, the far greater circle of characteristic manifestations of the different sides of your life.

Whereas in ancient time such diversity of your life manifestations was very restricted and to get to know them there was no need to go far away from the place of living.

Your life in this latest time is characterized by a far more diversity of your different inclinations, which in a definite way form your inner world and tell on the development of your soul.

That is why for more favourable true communication with you I needed to accumulate as many subsidiary notions as possible.

Where your scientific-technical achievements afforded me to acquire much not getting far away from my house.

Having blocked my Essence and Power by means of a certain mystery, my Great Heavenly Father led the young developing consciousness of my new flesh so that at first I might get all which is necessary before the Hour of my awakening which is the Beginning of my main and decisive Accomplishment.

But now it became necessary to open a little way a very important aspect connected with the necessity for my Heavenly Father to keep the manifestations of my Essence under control, while you have full freedom to reveal all the peculiarities of your senses.

I have already mentioned that the World of Material Being  is very diverse in degree of the subtlety of energy manifestations.

Where more subtle energy streams have more creative Power,

The   most abilities of which are concentrated in the Essence of the Great Creator of material Being.

The super-subtle abilities of Great God Who is our Heavenly Father, differ so much in quality with those of all existing in Being, that it is easier to consider them to be the manifestation of the Law of another origin.

And so that to bring the following great Truth to your understanding  I have to use simple images which are clear to you, for the usage of abundant complicated notions in this case does not serve you good and clarifies nothing.

So, if with the help of imagination to try to determine the Image of the Creator of matter, it will be more exact to see it as a great Source of even, cool dazzling white Light.

As for the Image of your God, It is like a Source of dazzling Light too, but externally this Light has a warm shade and in the heart of the Light the inconceivable Graceful Fire is blazing.

The birth of your souls is a specific mystery when from the Essence of Heavenly Father come off little sparks, bearing in their peculiarity the ability to shine and warm, which corresponds to the Saying that you have been created in the image and after likeness of God.

Only in a pure, non- modifying state, not any sparkle from the Essence of Great God can be in combination with any forms of manifestations of material laws to the good of general development.

As the strenght of the distinctive feature of even a tiny spark is such , that in combination with the emotional peculiarities of any natural organism, allotted with mind, it will easily and in no time cause the burning down of the entire organism.

In connection with such conditions the Great Father creates your souls while modifying the qualitative origin of numerous off -coming sparks.

Together with that your Graceful Father, having allotted each spark with all qualities necessary for your self-expression, He made your vibration peculiarities dense enough, so that their combination with the natural, far more rough vibration sense peculiarities of the flesh should  become less dangerous,

As the power of the spark of your soul is able to multiply sharply the  manifestations of all natural peculiarities of the senses.

And if this multiplying turns out to be of an over-admissible measure it would inevitably bring the organism to self-destruction .

Having made the energy qualities of your soul far more dene, the Father by this as if cooled the heat of each  spark a little, so that it could not burn down the natural flesh, into  which it would surely be embodied.

But even having such far restricted power of sensitive characteristics of your soul, you are still capable of seeing what a great power arises in you in the period of emotional outbursts to which you are predisposed.

Those of you who experienced a fire of love to the supposed chosen one with whom they were looking forward to making a family, they could easily and quickly take notice that they became senseless, with great disposition to many unreasonable efforts.

And as far as this love remains  unanswered or does not bring satisfaction, you can often feel a great burning from this fire inside of you.

But as your life is accompanied by an immense abundance of all kind s of splashes of emotional states, which occur on the basis of an absolutely wrong attitude to the surrounding reality, then though the fire of your soul  is not too dangerous, nevertheless in the course of time, when such splashes becomes too many, it brings to a gradual combustion of some vitally important characteristics of you flesh,

Because of which it inevitably begins to be sick and   destroy itself.

All these bright splashes of your feelings are inherent solely in you and not in anybody else in the whole Universe.

For any natural sense manifestation never shows itself on such a mighty level if the fire of a spark of God does not influence it.

And even the feeling of love itself with its violent wonderful peculiarities called to appear between man and woman, occur solely as a result of  the combination of the sensitive peculiarities of your soul and peculiar sensious manifestations of the flesh.

Truly I say to you: not any representative of the Universal Mind has ever known and will ever get to know what the beauty of the fire of this love is.

For to learn this, it will always be necessary for the flesh to bear the spark of Great God.

That is why any address made to you from Universal Mind, any usage of the words about love is only the mentioning of the pleasant for your ears your terminology, beyond which the representatives of this mind absolutely don’t know the true essence of the notions of  love itself.

After Great God had modified qualitatively the origin of your soul, you got the most favourable opportunity to enter the material World, but at that inevitably acquired very complicated conditions so as to determine in the right way all that will serve only to the good  of the development of your soul.

As the mind of your flesh, based on the alien laws, by its origin will never be able to form  the laws of development of your soul on its own.

Where taking into account the vitally important for you peculiarity, Great God gave me life,

So that He could enter your life in me, correcting from time to time what you have done and establishing the new laws of your forthcoming development.

Doing that, my Father did not make the energy qualities of my soul denser , for I was not predetermined to stay eternally in the material laws , way of development predestined for you.

I was born only for you, only for the good of all the children of God who have already been born and will be being born eternally.

Creating my basis, the Father concentrated innside of  me a great fire from His Essence, having given me  all that is necessary for individual self-expression,

Together with that He linked my Essence to His Essence in the way about which I could only say to my disciples in the time of my first Accomplishment: “ I and my Father we are the single, for He is in me and I am in Him ”.

But of course it did not imply that we, — my Father and I are identical, but those who became believers in the New Testament later on, had a wrong understanding of these words.

To endow me with characteristic individual traits was necessary, so that, being embodied among you, I could have abilities to analyse independently the current reality, connected with your life, and to find independently the decisions, necessary for your good.

And the most favourable opportunity to give you help began to exist for you through  my appearance in your life.

For my Essence has absolutely complete ability to find for you all the best in any of the specific circumstancies into which you can get on the way of your life activity.

If to express in brief the distinctive feature of your eternal study, then it can be said that your Great Father, Living and Only God always teaches you by showing,

And He created me so that I may teach you by telling.

Where His exhortations are incessant and everlasting whereas mine can be given to you only from time to time.

The form of communication that is characteristic of you, is not that of Great God, in principle for it is extremely rough and primitive, with inadmissible restrictions for Him.

The law of individual communication is typical only for the material World, but it goes only as far as the restriction put by the Creator of Being for the nimble  mind.

This law is also not a characteristic of the Creator of Being for it contains roughness and limitation.

That is why when the representatives of the Universal Mind begin to cognize the surrounding reality, they are capable to get acquaintance with it by themselves only through the experience of the direct contact with all that is happening around, but they do not get into the matter of things through  instructions from the Unified by means of known phrases and images.

And only when more developed and less developed civilizations appeared, instructions began to be given  on the part of the more developed civilizations on the basis of their coming into existence peculiarities of communication, which became a common characteristic feature of the entire mindful World.

Just under the influence of various admonitions of such a kind you happened to get during the whole history of your being and especially in abundance in these present days.

And you, like unreasonable children here believe naively that you are in contact with your God, when it is not only too rough and has nothing to do with the Creator of material Being of whom all this is not characteristic at all, but it is immeasurably a far more rough manifestation with regard to your Heavenly Father.

And if everything was provided by the Unified for the independent development of any representative of the nimble  mind in the Harmony of all the Universe, then you, getting into the World of this Harmony do not have such possibilities, for there  envisaged nothing in the Universe from which on your own you could derive  the notions necessary for the good of the development of your soul.

Your Great God never takes part in the forming of any manifestations of the material laws.

That is why, having brought you into the World, alien to His laws, your Father took on Himself the Task of extreme complexity.

For there was left for Him to turn constantly and vigilantly to your advantage all the naturally appeared different situations that happened on the basis of the material manifestations of your everyday life,

Which are the result of your free-made efforts.

Thus, primordially proceeding from all what had already come into reality according not to His Will, the Father bring each of you without exception into those conditions which are most favourable for you in the light of  truth,

Making it possible for you to see and to touch all this from which you can derive what you need for your good in this period of time.

And when wrong concepts accumulated in you,  inevitably reach a definite critical level, which can cause a danger for your further development, it means that your abilities to take on your own from the contact with the current reality, all that  wich you need  are exhausted.

And then there emerged the envisaged by Great God necessity of my temporal appearance among you,

So that, shoveling the blockages from your wise heads away and correcting all stored up by you dangerously - false understandings of what right living and development is, I established the necessary  series of laws, which are like landmarks for orientation will show you visibly a direct way of true development for a certain next period of time.

But my stay among you has to be temporal and only from time to time only because of define and of no small importance conformity with the certain laws.

Your Father never relates to what is happening in your mind as well as to all the details of external efforts of your flesh, but He always looks at what is happening to you through your spiritual world of senses.

For your first and main step is made first and foremost  in your inner spiritual world, and then it becomes seen externally through your flesh.

But when the efforts are going to be made by means of the flesh, your consciousness has a possibility to influence the external manifestations if you find it necessary to hide your internal motives.

Only this effort will sure to tell veraciously on the characteristics of senses  of your soul, which cannot be influenced by the consciousness that often practices ruses and deceptions as yet.

That is why irrespective of however accurately your internal true efforts are expressed externally, your Heavenly Father always knows all the truth about you and you will never be able to hide from Him what is really  happening to you.

The formation of your internal world and development of the soul are in direct dependence on the necessity for you to make some or other external efforts.

And outer efforts depend greatly on natural instinctive - sensitive manifestations which are not known to your Father.

For to know definite sensitive manifestations is possible only in case when you feel those same  manifestations of senses.

These natural senses are not characteristic of  Great God and He never experiences what corresponds to discontent and jealousy, and anger, and joy, as well as other all kinds of feelings well-known to you.

That is why you show yourselves great ignoramuses when you try to find in the deeds of your Father what is inherent only in limited nature.

An Immense fire of Grace blazing in the Essence of your Heavenly Father, Who is the Living and the Only God, always emits even flows of Grace called the Holly Spirit.

These even flows of Holy Spirit go equally to all of you irrespective of what you are busy with.

Where the possibility to take this Grace into yourselves depends fully on the essence of your activity.

But your Heavenly Father, however strange  will it be for you to hear that for the time being, loves you all in equal measure:

He loves him who is beaten by the unrighteous hand as well as him whom this hand belongs to.

Not even for a moment there happens a difference in that Love directed from the Father to all His children.

Having created my Essence and provided my embodiment into the similar with your flesh with all necessary conditions, the Father in such a way makes it possible for me to appreciate most fully all appropriate peculiarities, connected with your probably made efforts.

Which gives the most favourable conditions in the presence of which it is possible to form the laws, called to determine clearly the direction of your true efforts in respect to the development of your soul.

Having given me such possibilities, my Great God  gave me all the authority to appreciate on my own all the efforts you make so that I should do on my own everything that I consider to be necessary to be done for your good.

The Heavenly Father made me the creator of the Laws of the Way for the development of human race.

That is why I was saying to my disciples in the ancient days: “ I am the Way, Truth and Life. And nobody will come to the Father but through  myself ”.

And now truly I say to you: as long as you do not accept and cognize my laws, you will never taste the real preciousness of the steps of Ascent and you won’t be capable to create anything that your Father welcomes.

For your deeds being not consonant with the Spirit of Truth of my Essence will never let you go  the Way of Ascent.

And only the direction where you can inevitably fall down will be your destiny.

But many of you, knowing my ancient words scriptured in the book of the New Testament, did not believe me and with childish naivety they give themselves at the disposal of new and various teachings which bear no relations with Great God.

It would be a great good for you  to come to understand it finally, that to whatever high-sounded names about Eternity you might stick in your life full of fuss, if it is not given by my hand,-- it can only make your falling down considerably slower, at best for you,

It can considerably hold your fall back but will be unable to prevent you from this fall.

For such are strict but naturally arisen conditions in your life being.

Having endowed my Essence with the fire of definite Strength, the Heavenly Father created in me the conditions, called to make it possible for me, under any circumstances and on any stage of your development, to appreciate always solely unmistakably all what is happening in your life activity, in regard to the laws of your soul.

But this fire in my Essence having no small  creating Power  would not afford me to remain in any flesh lest its blazing Power is not artificially held back, being shrouded with a definite mystery  as a caution, provided for by the Father.

When my soul stays out of the laws of materiality, all the Strength of my Spirit abides in an even, serene state; and then my Father is reflected in my Essence as the sky and the sun can be easily reflected on the smooth surface of the ocean disturbed by nothing.

In such a state I am also capable to perceive all of you equally with love and without taking everything to heart, irrespective of what walk of life you devoted yourselves to and before which altar you bowed your head down,

Likewise the Face of the Father will  never be touched even by the least shade of jealousy or dissatisfaction, irrespective of what you have bent yourselves before.

For whatever game you play on this Earth from your ignorance, and whatever direction you may choose to go, the Father will always make use of all your foolishness, leading you the way, when you cannot but inevitably come to His Truth.

So, outside the body  none of the natural sensious characteristics are inherent in me and they do not leave their imprint in my inner self as they do it with your soul, that is why I  have none of the worries.

But during the time of my embodiment, inevitably and naturally for me, there appear within myself, at a sensitive level such conditions, when I can easily be plunged into a violent flame of feelings, capable to destroy my natural flesh in a short period.

As the power of emotional feelings, connected with certain circumstances, which inevitably appear every time I have a new embodiment can very quickly exceed many times all the admitable safe norms.

And for this not to happen, taking especially into consideration the wild circumstances of the present time, it is required that my spirit be compulsory shrouded in a specific way by means of some mysteries;

With the help of which my Great God can hold under control the fire, blazing in my Essence.

As long as I abide out of the laws of materiality, I do not perceive your faults and my Spirit stays serene.

But when I get into the flesh I inevitably begin to see all your mistakes.

And when my Essence got awaken, it immediately begins to respond to them, flaming up with the thirst to correct them all.

And the more the Father admits me to be open up, the brighter and stronger I will perceive your faults and drawbacks.

In the wakeful state for me there  will always be  in store certain sorts of worries for you.

For I will be coming to you not to rejoice  after having seen your achievements but to give all my attention to your next difficulties.

And at whatever stage of your development should I occur among you, I would always see what to teach you at that time and which of your pranks I have to correct.

But for me to get  closest to your characteristic life manifestations and to accumulate in the fullest measure, the precise understanding of all connected with that, the Heavenly Father veils my Essence completely till the time of my awakening comes,

While going on to lead me through definite special sensitive manifestations.

During such a period I take your mistakes only as a researcher examining and analyzing your characteristic steps.

Together with that,  setting the admissible psychological tasks, when possible, I play temporarily some or other  manifestations, taken place in your life

Which yet deeper, through natural sensitive peculiarities, helps me to get to know your distinctive features.

And if in your life the process of your most absorbing of the surrounding reality lasts within fourteen years, after which you strive to tear yourselves away to get free, so as to proceed to your own creations, then in my case such a mystery of the most absorbing extends up to the time of my awakening.

But once by the Will of Great God, as it had been predetermined by Him for the present epoch, there happened the awakening of my Essence by the time appointed by the Heavenly Father.

And from that very moment I began to see  the surrounding me reality as it really was.

The Fire of thirst to Accomplish, which had been thoughtfully held back by my Father up to then, dashes out.

My awakening were going on with the least freeing of my Spirit for excessive emotional splash  not to occure, but nevertheless this careful mystery echoed like a thunder.

After that there began a short period of my self-comprehension, so that I should proceed firmly once and for all, to predestined Accomplishment.

Something of that kind is compulsory to happen now in regard  to the modification of your perception of the current reality.

But it would not be a process of awakening but a process of titanic labour, when for a short period of time it is for you to change one prism, refracting for you all the reality, for another one, genuine and eternal.

If the notions adopted in this appeal are mentioned again, then that conditional prism of instinctive - sensitive egoistic peculiarities, which is the root basis for your perception of all existing reality and which as yet is a characteristic of all of you without exception, ought to be  replacedby for the spiritual one,

Refraction of all the entire reality through which, will always be creating for you only those conditions, on the basis of which solely it is possible for you to exist in harmony.

It is yet in store for you to understand the fullness of the truth, that all your life organization all over the Earth, without exception fully depends on your spiritual world,

On which your thoughts with clearly expressed sensitive demands fully depend and just on the basis of which all the events within your civilization take place.

All these events are characterized by the common characteristic feature, which  absolutely fully depends on your monstrous egoism, substituted by itself all your spiritual world.

All your wars and countless multitude of inconceivable follies, bringing all of you undesirable bitter consequences, is a direct result of your united thought  which is expressed as an abnormal sensious demand.

The strength of one such abnormal thought is not very great, but since you think all over the Earth similaly according to the principle when all of you are equally dependent on egoism, which might be individual, group or national, then your efforts of such a kind merge without fail because of their homogeneity.

And by adding up the joint strength increases abruptly.

And since all of you on the Earth without exception, by the essence of the matter make one and the same effort, then in joint state your efforts of such a kind have developed into us  something menacing and extremely dangerous,

Irrespective of what activity you devoted yourselves in your life to .

Existing in such thought-sensious medium, your civilization has from time to time to get into uncounatable disasters and to be drowned in blood, which has endlessly been being shed.

You as you are, have never been welcomed by Nature, that  has  been closing herself from you up to nowadays, this is why you can in no way get out of the arms of different  diseases.

And it is that Mother-Nature, on whom you look down and regard it only as an object, the duty of which is to delight your body; and it is incomprehensible from what stupor you have called yourselves Her kings.

By such joint efforts you have created the peculiar conditional medium, of easily enflamed vapours which because of its concentration  started to provoke you  for striking dangerous spark,

Even the least of which when it appears,  inevitably entails a great flaring up, burning out great gaps not only in the organism of your society but also in the Nature of the Earth, giving rise to abundant moans and cries of those who are defeated.

You know that it is not good, but you will be unable to do anything with it until you remain slaves of your own egoism,

In spite of your expressed outwardly spectacular actions, called to speak about your  intention as of being reasonable.

Kindling inevitably and endlessly great and small conflagrations by your own efforts, you, during  thousands of years, strive to build the society of a desirable prosperity, but in vain.

And together with that all over the Earth, in different detached societies, large and small, with similar persistence you aspire to form the life organization on one and the same primitive basis,

The root essence of which remains unchangeable if to compare ancient tribes and the societies of nowadays.

But you are not able to tear away from it since the conditions which have been created by all of you make you to do that.

Where only  the cult of more material values is given a role to perform  a  savage peace-making mission.

All this common, typical of all your society system of life organization in a whole has the single root, the single trunk, and through different detached societies it introduces itself by the most thick branches, growing directly from the trunk.

And further, inside of all these diverse, infinitely suspecting each other in insidiousness societies, these branches continue uniquelly in their appearance to branch out, every time into still smaller branches covered with a great number of leaves,

Incessantly rustling because of permanent discontent of their always unsatisfied egoism.

A tree of a global egoism with extremely plain image —that is the emblem on the shield of existing mankind.

All this crooked system has grown solely on the basis of your appropriate thoughts and desires, and goes on to exist at the expense of psychic energy characteristics got into thoughts and wishes of such a kind.

As the state of any cell of your flesh influences the general state of all your organism, because of this cell being connected by the single energy field with all of the rest of the cells without exception , of which your entire organism  totally consists,- each of you too, regardless of your understanding and wish, inevitably influences the general state of the whole humankind.

Again independently of whether you are separated  from each other by  absurd names or not.

During the time of my embodiment, owing to  flesh, I am flowing together with you and on equal with you terms into your single energy medium, and until my awakening, the qualities of my flesh inconsiderably influence the surrounding energy manifestations.

But after awakening the strength of my Spirit by the mercy of God becomes partially uncovered and it begins very significantly and fast to modify the quality of the natural energy peculiarities of my flesh.

Which immediately starts to influence  the entire characteristic energy medium of your society all over the Earth as well as that of  Nature.

Only first and foremost my influence and Strength are directed to your side, for just for the sake of your good all began to happen.

In  ancient times my awoken state lasted not too long, besides the Spirit itself was uncovered to small extent in connection with wild and primitive state of the life organization of society.

That is why the conformity with the certain laws about which I started to tell to you, revealed itself insignificantly.

Just another thing with the present days.

Each time my Spirit is getting more and more released,  it  affects more actively and considerably all your common energy medium.

Where the energy characteristics of each of you obediently and with peculiar individuality respond to the  influence of my Spirit.

And now your inner world began to move in accordance with the laws which I started to manifest in reality.

Owing to wich since the  moment of my awakening the tree of lie, which is the image of the existing form of your life activity, became to dry up rapidly and irrevocably.

But Great God carefully and little by little let the Accomplishment reveal itself, so that the alterations in your society should not occure too abruptly, creating  excessive difficulties.

Though the difficulties can multiply very fast, for the Spirit of Accomplishment works in a way opposites to the efforts of your egoism, and it means that just this egoism will start especially worrying and can show itself through you often in an extremely wild and absurd for your time form.

And whatever globally insidious plans any of you by this hour should have, all the bearers of these intentions from among humankind in this very time cannot know, which role in reality they, like puppets on strings, are to perform, under the influence of the invisible to them mindful world which opposes you.

And they temporary experience a so-called joy from the realization of egoistic projects bringing certain success. 

Be now watchful to the utmost and in no case judge each other!

For as long as you stay slaves of your own egoism, your steps are easily foretold and it is not a difficult matter to make all of you executors of the ruinous program.

Where each such executor will be deeply confident, that he is making a truthful effort.

And now in the epoch of Accomplishment, when the fate of the human race is at stake, all possible roles will be especially abundantly imposed upon you , so that you should put into practice the ruinous for you program in all basic spheres of your life: in religions and philosophies, sciences and departments of forces, and also in all other social organizations.

Where first and foremost the basic, and not unimportant role is to be played by those of you, who consciously or unconsciously are able to become a transmitters of information and definite energy characteristics of the source tutoring you, which  is hostile to your civilization.

To use you in this case as puppets on strings is very easy, taking into consideration the burning in you not realized egoistic wish to play a significant role in the life of your society; and if possible, in the life of all humankind.

Where each of you is inwardly predisposed to grasp the flagstaff with readiness,  moving in  front rows.

One of the main favourable conditions when you can be made executors of the pernicious program is your egoistic self-confidence in your being able to determine easily the truthfulness of the current  events around you,

Unconsciously presenting yourselves by that as being some precious criterion.

Just this — and you can make sure of it looking at yourselves here — is simply manifested in your active aspiration to find only shortcomings in everything which does not coincide with your interests and, all the more, that is yet not understandable to you , when you apply constant efforts to condemn everything disagreeable, showing  unrestrainedly sarcasm, haughtiness and other diverse litter of your inner world.

It happened to be difficult for you to perceive, that egoism, lying as the basis of all your life activity forces you to please him with your constant aspiration to find only drawbacks in all surrounding reality.

Consciously or not you incessantly try to extol yourselves by that.

In doing so, you often find a temporary seeming calming in regard to your own defects, when you manage to see the same in anybody else ;  and you get more reassured when see in others  far weaker points;

And in this case you start to think about yourselves as if you have nothing unworthy.

Some of you try to keep near yourselves those who have greater demerits, for you want to emphasize your own merits,

Though often you dare  not  confess it to yourselves.

And to them who were together with you at the same vicious level but once aspired to become better, you often have a mind to apply the word “traitor” demonstrating your contempt and burst into indignation in relation to them.

In more savage circumstances you even try to take vengeance on them.

But if into the field of your activity there gets someone pretending to have not any defects, you will start inwardly to expect intensly the confirmation of the presence of at least inconsiderable imperfections in this person.

And then to the pleasure of your egoism as an answer to your feeling expectations, the fetid rumours will reach you by all means  and, being absorbed by you, they give you a so-called tranquillity.

None of you in this case will doubt the coming rumours, for your egoism is always interested in concerned with them.

And when the whole society is covered with the leprosy of egoism and each of you is inclined to trust nasty things about the others, then these rumours will persistently  multiply and you will not see any stoppage here.

In connection with certain  psychological  peculiarity you are characterized by, you get inevitably under the influence of one vitally important  for you natural appropriateness:

Each seeking what is unworthy will always succeed in finding it even there where one virtue reigns.

And each seeking the virtues, will find them only  where they really are.

Look more attentively and critically inside of you.

Remember, as long as you are predisposed to seek constantly the unworthy  things around you, you will be doomed to experience bitter and endless wanderings, and in this case you will never find what is worthy!

Is not it being done now in the most particular active way by each of you  when as a result you got turned into vessels, overfilled with lie?

To get to know the content of the vessel, it is necessary to tilt it and then to appreciate the flowing out of it.

You are the vessel and your mouth is the orifice, through which  what you are filled with is to flow out.

And what is your mouth shedding in abundance now?

Truly it can be said that you are vessels filled with stench.

And each saying about his righteous anger — is the unreasonable blind person!

For there cannot be righteous anger within you as long as egoism has its power over you and you compete with each other.

In this appeal I have showed in brief the difference between the laws of materiality and those of Great God, about which you haven’t been known before , chaotically mixing them up in spite of their absolute heterogeneity and incompatibility during all your history up to the present days.

Just using your full inability to distinguish worthily the laws of spirit and the laws of mind, the representatives of outer space mind can considerably influence your life activity, putting into your consciousness definite images and appeals both with good and hostile motives.

Together with that you completely lack the capacity to differentiate the entering your mind information; whether it is true or false, does it serve you for the good or whether it is harmful to you.

But the presence of the overconcentrated egoistic aspect in each of you guaranties the successful work with your consciousness.

The most favourable condition to open the informational channel in your mind is your own initiative on the basis of the working laws, connected with the manifestations of curiosity.

And to make these conditions the most favourable, there were given to the curious romanticists through those who had already been receiving a certain kind of information, all sorts of recommendations of how to help the bilateral efforts to make a channel of two-way communications.

In ancient times, in the Times of my first Accomplishment, it was not possible for me to explain in details the essence of such occurrence as prophecy, so that to warn you beforehand about its danger.

For having had disclosed characteristic peculiarities, which reveal themselves in communication with  some particular alien source at the level of thought, I would have had  to dethrone all the prophets who had once existed and been treated by the Hebrew people with special respect.

Which would have gone beyond the perception of that time disciples who believed sincerely in truthfulness of the laws of Moses and the prophets  after him.

The only thing  which was possible for me to say with this purpose then, was when I said  that the laws and prophets were given only as far as the days of John the Baptist, and further you were to enter the Kingdom of Heavens only by self sacrificing efforts.

For as I could cautiously leave to the disciples and later on to the followers of the emerged teaching of the New Testament only very little explanations, it is obvious that they proved out to be in ufficient,

Which shortly after the termination of the Accomplishment made it possible for the outer space mind to bring into the community of the believers as well as those who were called prophets,  all sorts of “rattles”.

And through these prophets there began in no time to appear both wrong interpretations of the simple truths, left by me, and various false information, called later to play a pernicious role in the life of those, who became to believers in the Good  News .

And much later on in the community of christian believers when the notion of “prophet”  became the notion of the past, it was successfully replaced by notions of <<clairvoyance>> and <<clairaudience>>  although it is practically the same.

And after that there was no need already to speak as if from the name of God, but abiding somewhere in the quietness to continue to create successfully wrong interpretations of the truth.

And in that, the coincidence of the entering information or images with the following events cannot be a criterion of determination of the true value of the source, which gave some or other information or images.

Together with that you need to know that it is also senseless to divide a magic into “white” and “black”, for it is practically the manifestation of the same common energy  natural characteristics, allowed to be recognized by the conceited and frolicsome-magisters from the elementary-primitive side;

And there is no need  to divide the notion of “prophet” into as if true or false manifestation,

For they are also the manifestations of the same common laws of definite characteristics of  materiality that bear no relations to  Heavenly Father.

But in any case these are manifestations of characteristic conformity with natural laws inherent in mind, which all the representatives of the Mind of the Universe have the right to use  completely,

Mastering them as far as their development goes.

You yourselves are at the initial stage of such mastering.

And as long as you do not comprehend worthily what I am going to give you now, all the efforts in that direction will  only make for your perdition.

And the vivid confirmation of that you will meet in abundance in  present time events in your living.

To have a more successful influence on your consciousness in this direction, those of you are being constantly chosen for it now, who have the most favourable qualities for this.

After which in a short time the level of your way of thinking,  your propensities, weak points, attachments are analyzed and only after that you are given that information and series of images in which you are  definitely believe.

Because this information will first and foremost coincide with your inner desires, which can be expressed within you uncounsciously.

And as the outer space mind which is interfering in your consciousness, has  far more  of your abilities  to determine  the most probability of your  nearest future events , then from time to time, for your greater convincing, you are given insignificant information,  coincidence  of which with the following events multiplies greatly your trust in all the rest of the great falsehoods which will get later into your consciousness.

And here stroking your egoism and childish naivety of those of you, who are disposed and have already aspired to  spiritual development, they would certainly tell that from the present moment these people will get in contact with a certain hierarchy of as if light forces or even  with Great God Himself.

In this case every source is free to call itself as it considers  to be favourable but with compulsory taking into account the peculiarities of those of you, into whose consciousness the information channel is being opened.

In such a case it is possible to grow as mushrooms a numerous pleiades of various  healers, magicians, wizards and foretellers,

As well as those who are ready to believe the prompting, suddenly came from “above”, that they are as if representatives of another world,

And of course different sorts of great and not very great initiates, teachers, prophets and messiahs are here too.

At that into the consciousness of each of them beforehand there will be poured a certain kind of the “rattles”,in no time convincing them of the necessity to carry out the “salvation” mission.

With it all he who is imbued with the necessity to carry out this or that mission, devotes himself with great sincerity to a definite ministry.

After which there continues to take place a tutorship over every newly appearing active intermediary, through whom it is supposed both to bring into your life false ideology which roughly distorts the work of your consciousness in a dangerous for you direction, and to create necessary conditions for a far more deeper hidden influence over your consciousness and psyche.

If in case of a visible ideology you have a possibility to preliminarilly understand and appreciate it, which means that you can also reject it, then in case of energy manifestations, it is very difficult for you to tell them yet.

False ideology is being entered, making reckoning on the searching and thinking people, who were to become great in number by the present time, especially in the land of Russia.

When a man has any firm conviction of truthfulness of what he has already chosen for himself as a matter of vital importance, then it will be extremely difficult for him to properly perceive what is new, which does not coincide with what he has already chosen and which will be treated by him  inevitably in this case with, clearly expressed prejudice.

Such is the complicated appropriatnesses with the laws of the psychology of  just a man.

And the more the bias is, the more senseless the attempt to reason about something new will be.

And as the Truth comes not with the aim to repeat what is already well known to all, but to tell about something following and new, while correcting the wrong understanding of what was given earlier, so here for more favourable perception of what is New, the searching people and free from the influence of this or that dogma, which appeared solely on the basis of wrong understandings, are needed.

And just in this land there was to appear a great number of people, searching and thinking more deeply, because the Event, deciding the destiny of all mankind had been predetermined to take place, just on the land of Russia.

But these are favourable conditions not only to perceive the Truth, but also for perceiving falsehood,

The sources of which are not asleep and know quite well beforehand of the probability for such circumstances to emerge.

The conditions for the Truth and falsehood to get into your life are equal, except one: Truth is not to violate the freedom of your choice now, it can only offer Itself,

As for the lie, it can use all the possibilities to give itself out to be a truth.

But finally it is for you to choose.

Such is the character of the fate-deciding exam put by the Great God before  humankind.

If false ideology is intended for all, searching for true wisdom, then the energy informational influence over your consciousness and psychic hidden from your attention, implies the masses of people.

The beginning of the preparation  of this basis goes back to the far distant ancient days, where there began to be entered the notions about the primitive appropriatenesses with the laws of nature of some energy manifestations of matter by means of which the prophets and priests received the information;

This began to be known in your life as magic, witchcraft and different sorts  of healing.

Together with that, the constant tutelage of each mediator, with such a bright and attracting name as a  “magician” or “wizard”, was going on in that way when his every effort  was accompanied by the effects, convincing him of the rightness of what he was doing.

A dust of antiquity on the walk of life like that is to play for you an attractive psychological role nowadays.

The usage of attributes with the sacred, in your view, symbols and images, was also called to play a subsidiary role, reassuring you that the presence of such pictures and mentionings can guarantee a safeguard from “evil spirits”.

Different subsidiary psychological games are necessary, so that all who are looking for relief should trust such mystical person.

The more is the trust on the side of the people who came for help, the more is probability and effect of successful influence on the consciousness and psyche of those who have come.

And if the one who needs a help after the first seances notices that the rendered aid gave the change for the better, then immediately his trust increases greatly.

In the process of the very seance, which is often accompanied by no small bright theatrical showings when the magician, wizard or any healer, proceeding from their narrow-primitive understanding of what is happening, use the energy characteristics, striving to give by that as if a good aid, — where on his energy wave, penetrating into consciousness of the patient who has confided in him, the special destructive information is being imposed,

Which, owing to such an energy wave, will leave its imprint in the depth of the consciousness of the naive confiding patient.

Where none of you, who are the participants of such seance, will be able even to suspect the presence of such pernicious interference.

In the present period of time, when the fate-deciding Event begins to reveal itself for your Salvation, the hostile source tutoring you is making efforts to produce masses of magicians, wizards and various other specialists, helping by the energy methods,

So as to create the extensive necessary conditions for the mass energy informational influence on your consciousness on the basis of almost the full absence in all of you of the correct understanding of your true being and development;

Where he who experienced the influence begins to be involved into a certain common energy system with the program in his consciousness aimed to lead you to accelerated self-destruction.

And  favourable subsidiary conditions for spreading such manifestations in your society is your constant unrestrained aspiration to satisfy your narrow-primitive egoistic wishes.

It also involves your wish to be healed painlessly and as quickly as possible of a certain ailment which as if prevents you from living a comfortable life,

But at that you do not think to change radically your attitude to the reality and you do not intend to change the former character of your life activity;

Where a possibility of  really getting healed consists just in all this.

All named and non-named mediators who are growing constantly in number nowadays in the time of the decisive Hour, have one and the same beginning that proceeds according to one and the same principle

And with the aim: to create as much as possible a splitt up society with the  most complicated ideological regulations for perceiving the Truth, once promised to come again,

At the same time giving  rise to as many various spiritual trends and schools as possible, where they who came to believe in a false teaching almost fully loses his ability to see the possibility of  presence of the Truth in something which does not coincide with the interest chosen already.

And to lull possible doubts about the rightness of the chosen way, false concept about the existence of many ways leading to the Heavenly Father was inculcated.

It tries to assure you that whatever way a man might choose, he would all the same allegedly come to the Great Father.

That is how my Word about the single Way of the development was grossly blocked.

But to give way to all that there were supposed to be those first and foremost who, voluntary or not, could come into a contact with a New Testament without having chosen for themselves  the truths recorded there as being of paramount importance.

And such  beautiful searching people have proved to be not few in the present time.

For those who look superficially it is difficult to get into the basic matter of  things hidden in the depth.

For on the surface there always exists a great diversity, but in the depth of the matter of what is diverse externally, as a rule there lies a single conformity with the laws.

One cannot mix up, roughly and incoherently, the laws of development and manifestations appropriate to the laws.

If you see an infinite diversity of what is growing on the surface of the Mother-Earth, it does not mean that all this has a conformity with different laws.

Just the law of development itself works in everyone according to the common in its essence principle, and only externally it manifests itself in a great diversity.

And however various and unrepeated the flowers on the wood glade or in front of the window of your house might be, all these flowers draw up the moisture with their roots according to one and the same law, they are shooting up with the stem, fed by the light and air through the leaves again in accordance with that same one and single law.

But as regards to the external signs of  stems, leaves, petals of the buds you will never find an exact repetition here.

That is why in each of you there exist the laws of inner beauty and conformity with the laws when the outer beauty is concerned.

Which in your life activity as well is introduced by the notions of spirituality and culture which are not one and the same, but called to be combined with each other worthily.

And if you are free to express yourselves infinitely in diversity of external creations, then the inner Law of the development of your soul is one for all, and it will stay single forever.

And it means that as long as you first and foremost do not recognize it worthily, your external flowering will always stay unchangeably abnormal.

The only true idea here is that there are many ways leading to the Law of true development.

But to make a real step on the way of Ascent is possible only when you  comprehend this very Law.

All the rest, at best, can make your falling down considerably slower.

But you will naturally keep on falling down as before.

Soon after my awakening, when the predetermined Accomplishment began, I got absorbed into a kind of  immensity of unrepeated manifestations of your characteristics,

Having come into a close contact with a great variety of all kinds of your good and not good egoistic efforts.

For even your good deeds are inevitably tied fast to the egoistic characteristics according to the formed regularity.

Together with that comprehension of what is characteristic of you continued, and what was difficult for me to  touch upon in the period before my awakening, I could fully behold in the time of my real vigilance.

Great and Wise is the Father, holding mercifully and with concern my Spirit back, otherwise the heart of my flesh would have already been burnt out long ago from what I have seen.

For I was born only for the sake of your good and truly can  be happy only when I see the beginning of your general Ascent.

It is difficult for me to tell you what it means to love each of you equally irrespective of your persecuting me or taking me to your heart, or whether you praise me or pour unrestrainedly and in abundance the slops of slander from your mouth to my heart.

But I bring my Spirit for all in equal measure, and each of you can use it unmeasurably.

For the strength of my Spirit is boundless, as it is connected with my Father and this Source, presented you by the Father will never get exhausted.

But you can derive additionally the life-giving Strength only as long as I stay in flesh.

You should not think that your Father gives you not enough Strength of Holy Spirit without me.

After having created you the Father tied each of you with Himself with the Graceful Thread by means of which the Strength of the Father reaches you in the most favourable for your natural development measure.

That is why when I am out of flesh, you are connected only with your Father, receiving from Him all what is vitally necessary for you, irrespective of the religion you temporally belong to, and whether you continue to play with toys, worshipping the idols or not.

It is true, that your Father gives no heed to these your external searches, but what internal efforts you make after having become aware of something as being right.

When the Hour of my next embodiment comes, then my appearing among you disorders the natural rhythm of your life manifestations.

With the time of my awakening all your life processes begin to be being artificially precipitated which inevitably can be seen especially by the believers in what is mine, when one year of their life is equal as if to ten years, and in ten years they will see that as if ages have already passed.

In the period of my Accomplishment time intervals are becoming far more compressed which makes the rhythm of your life much more active.

That is why my appearance among you should not be frequent, but strictly predetermined.

When having natural, typical of you possibilities you happen to be unable to overcome on your own and in the right way  vitally important obstacles, naturally emerged on your path, there will constantly appear a necessity of artificial and of short duration modification of the rhythm and direction of your life activity.

This will be just the Time of my next appearing among you.

And when in such a period I come to call you to make something far more greater for your Salvation, then I will inevitably call you to create something not inherent in you, when you will not have enough of your own strength so as to carry it out.

That will be the time for the Strength of my Spirit  to help to you.

For when I appear in  flesh, my Spirit comes considerably nearer to you.

But it will be difficult for me to help you, if you would call my name as hypocrites remembering me only when hard minutes come and forgetting me when all has passed and you again begin to make lawful things.

For rougher and rougher will you be getting and my help will become telling on you more and more inconsiderably.

And only those of you who take me sincerely into their hearts and who trust in me completely while craving to carry out my Word selflessly, only they let my Spirit with the time have more and more wholesome influence upon your qualities.

Then if there is a call to come to me you will always become able to overcome the forces of darkness however great they might be and to  overcame any obstacles on your path.

But the main thing here is that in your life you get a real opportunity to create what should be created by you at this Time, and which you were unable to create in your natural circumstances.

Remember, that first and foremost my true assistance to you — is the Word, which I will proclaim for you, so that you could correct your uncountable mistakes, threatening you with perdition.

Where I will reveal a great number of conformities with the certain laws  making your eyes open  to your unrighteous efforts.

And with innumerable truths I am ready to show you in detail every step on the Path, to your forthcoming Salvation, giving you by this a direction for your further true Ascent.

But tere is yet an opposite side to this, in which you have been plodding already for thousands of years , spilling tears and shedding blood in your extremely unreasonable wildness.

And now truly am I ready to say it publicly, to all of you, that none of you moves to the right side that is warmed with the Rays of the Love of God,

Irrespective of what religion you devoted your heart to.

For even you who called yourselves believers in my first Accomplishment had never applied yourselves selflessly so as to put into practice my simple, non numerous truths;

Making exception for some worthy men,  who are very few in number.

You refused to get into to the depth of the truths left for you by the Will of God, but covered them with numerous false notions called to please your egoism.

And then the blind considered themselves capable to lead the blind.

Since then they not only themselves have been unable to find the Doors, but also distract the others who are not few in number,  from searching of them, trying to put these people on the way of their own obstinate roamings.

But now all the leaders have come close to the fathomless pit yet.

By the invented notions they have perverted my Essence, which is the Law given from God, and came to worship first and foremost my body given to me in antiquity.

Whereas I taught you to worship in Spirit only Great God, the All-Loving Father.

And my body is only an opportunity to reach your understanding in an intelligible to you way so as to show  what is hidden in me, but my Essence is not my body.

Therefore not in the death and resurrection of my flesh had I come to show the Essence of Salvation, but in the selfless carrying out  my laws, which only makes it possible for you to resurrect to true life, and I am called to help you in that.

As long as the laws and my Truth are treated by you with respect, and you have a selfless aspiration to carry them out worthily, I abide with you and we are truly inseparable.

And then the Father is in me, and I am in you, and you are in me, and we all are one.

But if your belief in God is concentrated only in your ritual actions, and you praise my laws only by words of your mouth, then I will be unable to abide with you.

But I came to live among you only through deeds by which you fulfil my Law for the Glory of God in every action of your life being, through your deeds but not through your words, however often and loudly you may  sound them while calling the name of my ancient flesh which is held sacred by you.

Therefore only there where you gather together in my name while carrying out worthily all what is mine, I abide among you.

But the place where you gather in my name while taking any opportunity to avoid putting into practice what is mine, becomes defiled, and I will never be there even if you are numerous.

And it means that he who selflessly puts into practice my Word, finds true Salvation, and only then I am permitted to be a master of this heart.

Once I said that I am the Way,  the Truth and the Life, does not it mean that worshiping the Way is equal to taking this Way?

Will not it be all the same to worship the Truth and to carry it out?

And can it not be compared worshiping the Life to that of the very process of Living out the life?

You would not begin to go into my truths once I had left for you and which can be perceived only by your own and selfless efforts, but you tried to understand them with your mind and this serves servilely only your egoism.

This is why you became separated from each other because of your false interpretation,

For it was as if you began to build a house on the sand, after having substituted your own words for mine.

When you strive to show your love to your earthly parents, you try to present yourselves before their faces, by means of external efforts, as being neat.

And seeing your externally expressed neatness, your parents rejoice and praise you not knowing about the hidden slovenliness in your essence .

Your Great Father is not like this, He never gives His attention to the outer not-neatness during your rituals, but all His attention is given to the internal in you, which reveals itself easily through your everyday efforts in your life activity among the other people and among all the living beings of your Mother-Nature.

It is senseless to say about your love for my ancient name while your deeds are vicious and you are bathing in self-admiration.

That which I have once laid as a foundation on the ancient Hebrew land in the days of my first Accomplishment as being the most dear and true, the followers, being not in the know and under the influence of their egoism have, as always, successfully distorted it by their numerous interpretations and turned it into the most miserable in its essence  religious teaching on the Earth.

When even the main and vitally important commandment about disinterested and selfless love have been changed by your interpretations in such a way, that it has fully lost its genuine sense.

Although the teaching itself became all-known in your society and your community got great enough in number.

But what can be popular with the society where all the representatives are fully devoted to what is beneficial and comfortable and also to self-honouring?

For in the truths themselves which became as if the basis for christianity, I laid down the contrary principles.

Which if being perceived worthily — you would not come to the mundane advantage;

Which if being comprehended — you would not find a generally accepted comfort;

Which if being put into practice selflessly — you would take the self- honour  as a burden on you.

Therefore they were not truths teaching the full disinterestedness, sincere selflessness and gentle humbleness that were taken as the basis for come into existence, comfortable for many religion, but long-winded interpretations, saturated with egoism  became the basis for it.

And after that there became no need for a great multitude of people to change their lives abruptly, but going on to lead the life according to the former principle, they found the so-called peace after they had called themselves christians.

A large number of people cannot be a criterion of rightness in the society where all are wandering.

Just as in its time a great many of people against one asserted that the Earth is flat.

Even in the bosom of the very community of the believers, when they grew in number largerly, there began to appear the ones who decided in their own way to make a courageous step in accordance with the Truth, when they depended on their own sincere understanding of the matter but not on how the rest multitude of people considered it to be suitable.

After the life of these worthy toilers the names of those became praised by them who are lazy in spirit.

Having learnt later on about the holiness of such exploits, they, however, in their masses did not aspire to do the same.

And only using many justifications as a cover where as if a Will of the Father is hidden, all the rest ones only declare hypocritically their weakness and sinful nature.

But you  confess your weakness and sins loudly not with the aim to conquer them by selfless efforts, but so as to stay with them, pleasing your egoism in quietness and comfort.

Truly it is, that what you have in your heart cannot be hidden forever and dirt is seen everywhere.

Each of the vices and weaknesses you are having now, can be conquered only by an effort of exploits.

And that means that if you did not decide on doing this, do not call yourselves believers, for the words from your lips about your faith will sound only like ribaldry.

Truly it is that I am longing for  the purity of Faith in you now!

But I cannot help you to do what is righteous until you passionately honour what is opposite.

Your hands are not building the Church of God now, but that of men,

For you are looking for the glory of man above all, being afraid to endure hardships for the Glory of God.

In your ignorance you considered it to be enough only to start to believe in God so as to get saved.

And now I am looking at the believers and my heart melts into bitterness.

Exclaiming loudly about your love to the Heavens you want to quarantee Salvation to yourselves,

And having squashed the flowers with your feet you do not get into the essence of this disaster.

And when the time comes you attack your neighbour predatorily.

And having stamped him with a word “enticed”, you begin zealously to persecute the exile.

Do not you think that it is impossible to wrap in church names the deeds, opposing God ?

You should look for the Godly nature in the essence of deeds but not in the names which can be easily tried on.

Righteous deeds are determined not  by the names, but by the character of their fulfilment.

But you got frightened to stare into what is being changed and riveted your attention to the fixed signs.

For when you get in touch with what is being changed you should always be watchful,

But at the signboard you may doze, putting your head on its surface.

And you did not notice  how you substituted the values here.

And under the signboard “Light” a pitch darkness has ascended its throne,

And  where God stretches out His hands to you, you look there with your backs.

Oh, people of the world, reaching a deadlock on your long way now!

More and more am I hearing now your voice overfilled with fear and anger.

More and more the ground begins to shake under your feet, and more violently your look goes on avidly to seek out for the guilty.

In your blindness you once bowed your head before mammona.

And a chain out of precious metal closed up on your neck.

But what is the value of the metal that has been founded in the hearth of your avidity?

Will not it be dispelled like a dust after having been grinded between the palms of the Time?

And so just something like a dust has enmeshed your neck.

And you are taking care of that chain while going on to please mammona with your requests.

Why are you looking for salvation in the land of slavery, asking the heartless mammona to help you?

It is not by the Spirit of Light that his mouth has been  suckled but with the stinking juice of your spite and envy.

For how long are you going to serve impious mammona, when you have already towered his laws above your heart which is of the most precious value?

And you are serving diligently mammona in his gardens, where only burdock and thistle have been planted in abundance.

And spoiled has become your taste for these long ages, so that you do not want the grapes anymore,

The fruit of grapes planted by the Hand of your Father on the Vine of Eternity.

Why are you crying then now, when nobody but you yourselves have chosen this lot of misfortunes?

Having entrusted your life to false values, you are waiting for the Day of prosperity, but in vain.

But it is not to the side of that Day that  you are making your way throughout the ages, since you have confided in your greediness and made it your guide.

And so, for ages, this noise has been disturbing the Earth.

And a great dust, from these ploddings  covered the Sun with a gray shroud.

Hatred continues to burn out the eyes of the human heart, while they are always called to help.

And when the eyes of the heart get blind, a pit full of sewage  will become for ever the home for the plodding.

The noise of the world is being made by the voices of those indignant,

And the voices of the modest are soundless.

But it is just the melody of this soundlessness that paints the life in beautiful colours.

And the pure heart is attached only to these vibrations.

And the noise of the world consists of unrestrained sounds.

This is not the voice of those who glorify the Truth, but the grinding sound of the hurt pride.

Shrill sounds of hunters seeking revenge.

Oh, what a great ignorance do I see now  hearing the voice indignant at the lack of just revenge!

Is not it because of just retribution that your face became distorted with grimace of pain and bitterness while you are hurrying to say about your own guiltlessness.

For a long time you have been thinking about yourselves as about heroes, looking at the same time at your reflections in the swampy puddles, while hiding your cowardly heart  into the anger.

But you are unable to cope with  complications by  words of wisdom and only in shedding of blood you find satisfaction.

How great is your thirst for revenge, which can be heard as a deafening howl, sounding now from your resentful lips.

Have you drunk not enough blood for the long ages?

What has happened to your  Kind,  men?

But you were given birth to multiply lives, not to shed blood.

And what can you say now to justify yourselves?

But  gnashing of teeth muffles  reasonable speeches.

For how long will you stay frightened of Truth and the Light of Truth of your real essence?

For a long time you thought yourselves to be respectable but at that same time you sold out smiles waiting for the immediate pay back.

A radiant illusion became spectacles for your eyes.

And decent words were sounding but only because your private interest had not been touched.

But from now on your interests will inevitably be touched down to the root.

And your rainbowy spectacles will crack revealing to your sight the existing reality.

Look at your face now!

Does not the seen correspond to what is human?

Like hyenas you cannot live without carrion, hunting tirelesly, with avid look for the victim.

Oh, you profit-seekers, thirsty for great honour, you cover yourselves with  vast slogans about your good intentions, but you only please your egoism while climbing up the stages of  various large  and small  thrones!

You are longing for covering your garments with bright things as if you were a New Year tree and you are decorating it for a holiday.

And as the cut down fir-tree stands decorated only for a short time, after which it will be thrown away as any rubbish, you too have a destiny like that.

You cut down yourselves plunging into the slavery of your own cupidity.

And what about your good intentions then?

You, like furious hounds aspire to reach illusory heights, while pushing each other in excitement and treading upon the heads of the already fallen down.

But those heights are woven of midst, where during a long night droplets frozen together make a glittering stage but only for the period of night.

And only till dawn can it exist, when with the first rays you will inevitably have a great fall down.

But you are not children of  night,  only the  Sun  knows the diversity of your smiles.

Scabs are covering your faces now, for being in  fear you turn them away from the rays of  Truth, and only a drink of lie excites your mind.

And it is you who strive to judge everything.

Will not your conclusion be mixed with sepulchral worms?

Turn your hearts and faces to the streams of Truth without taking fright at the possible pain.

For the dirt has already accreted with your flesh and it will not be easy to scrape it off.

Let your courage be your belt tight round your waist.

Patience be your shield, and aspiration  your lance.

Let it be not a craving for the victory over others that leads you, for in this fight he who assaults will always be defeated.

Having got awaken by the time of the Hour deciding the fate of all your kind, by the Will of Great God I have been to many places of your various detached societies where I saw one and common form of life manifestations which is characteristic of all of you irrespective of the religion or the community you belong to.

For the believers differ from each other only by definite kinds of rituals, when the basic life activity flows in accordance with one and the same principle.

But just in this basic life your true face is being revealed when there are no masks put on you during your visits to the temples.

And it is very sad to look at  faces like yours.

And each of you bear one and the same seal which is that of profound concern solely about your own well-being,

Irrespective of what slogans you have covered yourselves with and on what steering-wheel you have put your hands.

And all your concern about the others — is nothing but soap-bubbles with rainbowy surface,

Which attract your egoism so much that with a significant air you are creating more and more of them.

But as long as there exists your internal conviction about instinctive —  egoistic satisfaction as being of paramount importance, you can be easily kept on a gold chain with a dependable collar.

Where from time to time making the chain longer, it is possible to excite enthusiastic emotions within you when you think that a long-awaited freedom is as if coming true.

It happened to be difficult  for you to appreciate the true essence of material values and especially the essence hidden in monetary units.

The existence of such follies in your life immediately points out the presence of a roughly-primitive system of life organization in the society.

That system, which will always and inevitably dictate in a forcible manner those tough conditions within which there cannot be a predetermined true formation of a man.

For the true law of the development of your soul works basically in an opposite direction than that of the conditions of your life, which are dictated by the life organization, the essence of which has remained immutable for thousands of years .

That is why for the whole period of your history up to the present day only the sciences and the arts have undergone considerable modification in their development, but this gives no indication of your great spiritual development.

Whereas your real spiritual level has changed inconsiderably  in the direction of its development since far distant antiquity.

Likewise thousands of years ago, you can easily raise stones and brutally hurl them at your neighbours only for their having  infringed on your interests.

Which is a direct manifestation of  the conformity with the natural laws of the world of wild animals.

Such actions are equally performed in everyday of your life both among those who worship satan and among those who profess belief in Great God.

And such characteristic efforts can be seen especially clear nowadays, in the times of the decisive Event.

Where loathsome slander about each other is poured in abundance out of your mouths in your aspiration to extol yourselves in the eyes of others using the wild principles.

And as the Accomplishment was predetermined by Great God to take place on the land of Russia, then just in this society the events will become of the most peculiar character.

For the time has come for you to take off your masks so that to show each other your real face.

Here we have seen it.

Fear and hatred have overfilled the hearts of men.

Noisy efforts have been made by all on the land of Russia while competing with each other;

Where various public organizations of wizards and magicians and even christian church entered equally zealously into competitions with the slogans about the good for mankind,

Using in this competition one and the same method of self-extolment: whether it is open self-praise, or unrestrained discreditation of all probable rivals by means of thinkable and unthinkable lie;

Where, unfortunately, the christians act most enthusiastically.

Having lost any vigilance, the church servants of different degrees and honourary titles spread out the slander by word of mouth as well as through various writings blessed in  hastiness by the patriarch and those who are inferior to him.

They refused to comprehend what is hidden in Scripture which is so honoured by them, where among the parables of Solomon  a precious wisdom: has lurked “A man who hides his hatred is a liar. Anyone who spreads gossip is a fool” (10:18).

And what is then the real meaning of the blessed slander?

I am very sorry to see all this in abundance in you, children of God, for you have got acquainted with the commandments, left for you in ancient times more than others.

The more you undertook to do, the more you would always be asked for that.

Remember, he who uses conformity with the laws of self-extolment must without fail, undergo a bitter-crash.

But such is the true image of your real face in all the times of your history.

You have always been like that and now you are the same.

But truly it is, that you will not eternally stay as you are!

Just for this, is the Event taking place for your good now.

Although again, you have poured out to my heart which is open to you , unimaginable and all possible types of slander, ascribing to me all the vices which are characteristic of your own life.

Oh, how far wanton children you let yourselves go, but only instead of toys, your hand grasped for what is mortal.

It is just the time for you to open your eyes  and to multiply your watchfulness, until that, which is considered to be a head, stays on its right place.

And just for this the time has come, when I must proclaim to you about myself directly.

For you have been waiting for what has been once Promised and it is for me to announce you that the Promised has been Accomplished!

I have Come!

But just in these days, by the Will of my and your God I was to tell you openly the Truth about the Father and me and also about you yourselves.

So that in vortex of the events which are in store for you, you to the very uttermost, remember my News.

And so that once I should not have to listen to your word: we did not know; we did not hear.

But it is difficult for you to believe me so far, for you have never known what the Truth connected with this Event is.

Therefore you are waiting together for the image with the invented by you qualities which first and foremost is a characteristic of  you yourselves.

Because of your ignorance you started to wait for what is desirable and naturally you failed to wait for what it ought to be.

But whether it is possible to make my image from what your head is filled with, when you try to guess my qualities and, what is more, the peculiarities of my promised Accomplishment.

Will not it be equal to an attempt to make a wind or a ray of sun from metal details?

I am coming not from the past of which you have a view,

But always from a far distant future about which you only dream though inevitably attributing the invented by you images with your vices and narrow-mindedness appropriate to the moment you abide in.

Is not it too high that you extoll your name while aspiring zealously to judge the unknown?

Is not it for you all to be turned into ashes in case you reject  hurriedly in blindness the Salvation that has been given to you?

Be to the extreme watchful!

But only do not mix your watchfulness with superstitious fear.

A great exam has been now put before you by the Father of Truth.

As for me I do not dare to interfere with your choice for the present, proving the Truth by the effort which can influence your choice.

For today it is a vitally important condition for you.

And I have not come to satisfy your desires, but to put decisively into practice the Will of the Father.

And as yet your wishes and Will of the Father go in opposite directions.

Thousands of years your abundantly expressed thoughts and desires, have inevitably been forming the appropriate society which you yourselves are afraid of,

Now the time has come for me to express my thoughts and wills as a counterbalance to your united into a single whole mental-sensious surroundings.

Therefore when I come to you I naturally oppose myself to all your world with all your various pranks.

But truly I say to you that your happiness depends directly on your aspiration to comprehend what is mine!

For I always know all what is necessary for you as well as the conformity with the laws of all your difficulties.

You have noticed it rightly that the welfare of your society depends on the welfare of each who makes up this society.

But you are a long way from being right in how you appreciate it, that the welfare of each representative of the society can be attained if he is given enough food, clothes, a house and different entertainments, which by the present time, on the basis of scientific  technical thought have reached a considerable level.

In this case it is possible to secure only the expression of satisfied smile, which is similar to that of the animals in a rich zoo,

But not a true human smile at all, a smile which flourishes from the flourishing spiritual world.

As long as you on the whole Earth live in detached separated societies, which is possible only on the basis of abnormally flowering egoism, you will always be competing with each other.

And this is a vivid demonstration that your spiritual state keeps you on a level which does not differ much from those manifestations of the animal world.

Which inevitably dictates definite conditions for building the life organization of your society, where different organizations and associations will be formed, being in their essence not only senseless in regard to the right development of a man, but also becomes an obstacle on the way of this development.

And any obstacle on the way of the right development makes the society stay at that same low primitive level,

Despite the violent at times modifications in the sciences and  arts.

But just these showings are the fruits of your heightened mental capacities and those of flesh.

And though in a formation of the arts the qualities of your soul doubtlessly play a considerable role, but taking into account that your spiritual world is so far at an extremely low level, one can surely say about your arts that they have not been performed by you worthily yet.

If to look at the essence of what is happening, then up to the present days you show yourselves like certain one-sidedly more developed odd animals.

Where with the help of your head you can create many various noisy fireworks being senseless for the true development , but just the abilities of your head proved to be not in a position to lead you  out of the animal condition.

Together with that, on the basis of the efforts of that same head you got out of Harmony so much that now you remain at a far lower level than the whole animal world.

Although your head in principle is quitless.

For the peculiarities of the nimble  mind work irreproachably in conditions for which they have been created.

But you, with your natural-emotional peculiarities of the senses imposed on your mind such an influence on which it hadn’t been principally calculated.

It is equal to the situation when any of the most developed animals, retaining all its physical needs, suddenly acquires heightened many times abilities to think.

The only thing to which it aspires in this case is many times heightened meeting of the needs so as to make for the flesh all comfortable.

But the break of Balance in Harmony happens here and this very kind of animal should without fail come either to self-destruction or to a modification, restoring this Balance.

The same began to happen to you.

For having been embodied in the flesh where the peculiarities of the nimble  mind began to control in the right way the manifestations of the instincts and the emotions of the starting to develop new civilization, you  imposed on the activity of the young mind the natural-egoistic peculiarities of the senses.

By your spiritual world you  multiplied greatly the sensitive manifestations of the natural body, which exceeded considerably the permissible norms for this very organism and inevitably modified the character of thinking in a dangerous direction.

Therefore having imposed the instinctive - egoistic influence over the activity of your mind  you inevitably began to make efforts, which broke the existing Balance in Harmony after which you moved along the path of self-destruction.

And the fact that some favourable changes take place in your society  in the sphere of your spirit, though not great happens truly not because of your public efforts but despite them,

When the Great Heavenly Father, turning constantly the presented by you absurd circumstances to your advantage helps you by that to accumulate true spiritual treasures while giving you birth in different conditions, for your good.

And if in this case it is possible to retain and develop your spiritual world, then what concerns to your flesh, which is  always given birth in abnormal conditions and with abnormal life manifestations, it inevitably loses more and more of its abilities for survival and according to the laws of Nature it is  to be self-destroyed.

If all your bodies perish, then the possibility for you  to continue to develop so as to fulfil the Intention of Great God will be interrupted.

For only by abiding in a flesh you can develop yourselves.

Otherwise everything should have to begin from the very beginning again,

When again a young civilization of nimble  mind which is at the first stage of its development would have to be chosen.

It is extremely difficult to do that, that is why your life activity on this Earth must by no means be broken .

And as the tree of  perdition, which typifies your life organization up to the present days, begins obviously to dry up, it is necessary to grow a real tree of Life,

Into the leaves of which there will also have been eternally embodied those who will be making noise in the abnormal, drying till the last moment, crown.

By the will of Great God nowadays here emerged the Beginning of all this!

And now your possibility to appreciate everything properly and in good time, while taking a worthy part in all that will influence only the extent of your grief, which will naturally increase as far as your non-participation and blind unreasonable counteractions go.

Vast possibilities of the nimble  mind are counted on the faultless activity only in conditions when this mind will take under its control all the natural sensitive peculiarities of the flesh.

Your characteristic feature is that you have two extremely brightly expressed worlds of the senses unlike all the representatives of the nimble  mind of the Universe, the instinctive - emotional sensitive world of which was reduced to inconsiderable working manifestations;

This is an unprecedented manifestation in the Universe.

The presence of such bright peculiarities of the senses inevitably, in your case, must influence the mental activity of your mind.

Where the characteristic orientation of your life activity will depend on the world of the senses which will influence the work of your mind.

Together with that your natural-emotional peculiarities of the senses are like all-burning fire and just in your life this fire in no way should be guenched,

Which you, being unaware of ,  do in your meditations and other methodical deliberate efforts.

For you it is a rough and dangerous mistake.

And for that fire not to influence your mind, the great fire of your emotions ought to get under the control of the greater strength of your spirit, so that your actions should not be chaotic, often absurd and dangerous, which will keep you on the way of self-destruction;

And this greater strength of your spirit will let your wonderful fire burn unrepeatedly further, but yet without consequences of any dangerous sorrowful conflagrations.

For the spiritual peculiarities of your soul is like another kind of  fire which has not any burning qualities.

These spiritual peculiarities are not only capable to multiply the strength of the natural-emotional fire, but also called to shroud this fire ennobling and making it safe.

And when the strength of your spirit becomes greater only then it alone begins to influence the activity of your mind.

And the qualities of the sensitive peculiarities  of your spirit are such that they can never distort the work of your mind in a dangerous direction.

For egoistic peculiarities are  absolutely absent in the essence of your spiritual strength.

That is why the sole possibility to save you in this deciding Epoch of your formation  consists now in the compulsory vitally important substitution of  the naturally-egoistic prism of your mind for the spiritual one.

So that your mind can use the existing information only with a spiritual mark.

This is the only true circumstance when your mind acquires the impeccable possibility to work for your good.

By the Will of God, the True Father, the Only and All-Loving I Came now to help you to change this conditional natural-egoistic prism under the influence of which you have inevitably built all over the Earth  the civilization of global egoism  

Which is an unthinkable and unknown manifestations in the Structure of Being.

For the first seven years of my open Accomplishment I was to create the necessary favourable conditions and the basis, from which it is necessary now to get to the main effort for the sake of your Salvation.

Alongside with what is to happen in your society all over the Earth and what has already begun to happen and also in parallel with what is still fighting on the land of Russia but is already irretrievably going to its end, just on this land of Russia the basis for the future humankind must be already forming actively now.

Many of you have learnt about this Event from different foretellings presented in various forms.

Because from the definite period of time the possibility of such Event could be foreseen on the basis of some energy conformity with the natural laws, but without pointing out the concrete date and exact place.

And the representatives of the outer space world could determine this possibility beforehand; they counted that the Accomplishment could take place somewhere within the boundaries of the gigantic expanses of Siberia.

After which this information containing the assumptions about the place and supposed time period of the beginning of the Accomplishment began to be inculcated into your life through some mediators.

After the time of the first Accomplishment I spoke using many generalized notions and extremely few direct and concrete vitally important prompts, but such was the special necessity for that.

For the purpose of the Accomplishment bore in itself its specific distinction which has been carried out as successfully as possible;

Although it ended with very unpleasant painful sensious inevitablility for the sake of your good.

And as they, who took not numerous truths left by me, naturally strove to form a vitally  important religion on this basis, then the followers were inevitably faced in their lives with uncountable  diverse circumstances for which  they whether could not find answers among the left truths at all or happened to be unable to perceive, from what was left, the correct understanding, so as to make a practical worthy effort.

In this case there naturally emerged the  circumstances when it became necessary to think up the missing.

And you have thought it up.

And you did it so, that on the basis of your numerous, inevitably false interpretations which had reached you with the least distortions of the small in number truths, you  formed a religion, called christianity, in which there is nothing left from what I have laid as a basis.

It presents no difficulty for me to give you from my Spirit of Truth what you need.

All the great difficulty consists in your abilities to take all what I give you.

I have absolutely none of the natural-egoistic prism, which is so characteristic of  all you without exception.

And therefore when I am giving you this or another truth, you will inevitably try to understand it with your mind on the basis, which has the only mark, that is the mark of egoism.

In all the cases the distortion in your understanding becomes at first inevitably natural.

Under such circumstances for me to give you all, that is vitally necessary  for you ,I need to abide among you for a long time,

During which I will be constantly correcting your every possible naturally emerging false understandings.

All this is to go on as far as your right understandings are not accumulated up to the definite vitally important level,

At which you yourselves are already able to solve on your own and worthily all the rest of the situations where there will not be a possibility for you to make a rough mistake,

Which by its sense could be opposite to the Truth.

Just in this is a need to have a living Teacher as a living Word constantly eager to correct what is false.

Not any book, containing imprinted wisdom and truth is ever able to teach anybody.

It can only give you a chance to get in touch with what it contains.

But when you read the imprinted in it truth and a false understanding emerges in your consciousness, the book will not correct you,

No matter how many false understandings appear in you while you are being absorbed in scriptures.

And your egoism can only perceive a silence of the Book of truths as a sign of silent approval of that folly which has appeared in you head.

Truly I say to you: anyone, who insists on his being taught by the Scripture, — is an unreasonable blind man.

Is not it one and the same Book, which you keep in your hands while dividing  into multitudes?

Where each of this multitude is sure that his own understanding of the Book is the most veritable.

Remember, only the living Teacher of Life, who is and will be forever can teach you the Truth of life.

And when he is not in your midst, then only your heart and your own understanding  teach you.

And my Time has already come, when I have an opportunity to tell you all that is necessary about your life.

I am eager to give you a countless multitude of direct and concrete regulations and laws,   making it  possible for you to learn Everything that serves you for the good or not as regards to any of your life  manifestation.

I am ready to give you all This at such  extent, which you have never known for the whole history of the existence of your society all over the Mother-Earth.

Now you are to learn much about all your life efforts, for however small they might  seem to you, your blooming or fading truly depends upon them.

There is no sense to give you a great number of generalized truths, the certain details of which you have to think up by yourselves so as to make concrete steps.

For each your own thinking up the details always gives birth in a certain degree to what is false and does well for your egoism.

To call you to be humble is not only equal to the call to make follies, but also it is equal to the situation when one shows a hungry man bread but does not give it to him.

In each case here humbleness shows itself in a special way, therefore it is incumbent on me to give you now exact edifyingness about each case concretely.

Once I often gave you truths allegorically, by means of many parables, and I did that only because there was a certain exceptional necessity in them but the sense of my creation was not there.

While I am staying with you I care not to leave with you as many as possible attractive and vague mysteries.

For I know  that you will always wander about the bushes of those mysteries, whereas your life itself depends on them.

I am not the one who brings unintelligible temptations but I am the Light to your world.

And if I am giving you that, on which your life depends, then my concern is that your understanding of what is mine should be the most exact.

Therefore when I Come to you, I bring the Truth to you all in equal measure and am ready to explain everything to you at  your level of  understanding whatever it might be.

For the first seven years of my open Accomplishment I was giving  you an abundance of Truths in such a form when the comprehension of these Truths was called to slow down as much as  possible the swift movement  directed to  perdition.

Your distinctive psychological peculiarity is your great inertness.

The worthier the execution of what I have already given to you the more favourable the conditions would be for the radical turn of your life in another direction which is predetermined for you by Great God.

For them who revealed laziness, this turning would be found to be considerably more difficult in dependence on the extent of their laziness,

To say nothing of those who touched the Teaching superficially, only with the words of the mouth.

There will be left for them only to move in the former direction and only a little zigzag  of the time when you got in touch with the Truth will imprint itself on the line of the movement.

All the teachings on the Earth, which you have for your development, can at best only  slow down your movement to perdition.

They will never teach you to conquer egoism, violently blazing in all your vital manifestations,

On the basis of which only, you are rushing unrestrainedly to the side of your non-existence.

And all this is exceptionally seldom touched upon and as a rule with common notions, which you are unable to use on your own in the right way.

If the teaching does not radically change your wrong movement, it will invariably become similar to a new-year’s decorative toy,

Which hangs on one of the branches of the crooked tree of death; and it already seems to you, that this tree has become more beautiful of that.

What I am going to give you in immeasurable abundance after I have completed this appeal to you is all that, which can bring you to the absolute victory over all abnormal manifestations of your egoism,

Which became from the first days of the beginning of your life activity on the Earth your invisible ruler and a great friend of mammona.

And just only after that your soul will start to flourish freely which will make you more and more capable to acquire true perception of the world.

I will make for you Gates with a wonderful, small-holed, and invisible to the sight sieve, covering  the apperture of the whole gate.

This is the Gate, through which only, it will be possible to enter the Kingdom of God,

Where the Truth reigns and your love flourishes.

Each of you is able to get easily through this Gate if he really has a Sacred Faith and is ready to give up everything  the wonderful sieve will start to disjoin during the process of getting through.

And it will separate everything that has any connection with the abnormal manifestations of your egoism.

Even the shadow of the dangerous side of egoism will be unable to get through this Gate.

And of course, each of you who will start to snatch convulsively at what is separated by that wonderful sieve, trying to retain all that, he will inevitably stay together with rubbish before the Gates,

However loudly he might be speaking there about his faith.

Only when you make practical, worthy and selfless efforts, the Sacred Faith can flourish with beautiful flowers.

And nowhere but in your everyday life are you to learn all this.

I am the Teacher of Life, and first of all my task now is to teach you to look from new  point of view at everything in your life, that you have gained, for the whole history of your being on this Earth as an experience and what you consider to be well-known to you and even understandable.

I will give you countless explanations about how to tell the mark of the spirit in your perception of this or that occurrence in the reality of your every day life experience.

Because first and foremost you should learn how to see all this correctly.

But so as to begin to form the basis for the future humankind in the right way it is necessary to make you closer to the Mother-Earth as much as possible.

 So that you should not be separated from Her by numerous steps as well as by different rostrums and thrones which were made to entertain your egoism.

For it can easily carry the blind men away to the thickets of their eminence, where pride and  envy are flourishing unprecedentedly.

And now the predetermined Time has already come, when  I must directly reveal to you a lot of things.

So that from now on you should carry a full measure of responsibility for all what is happening to you in the Time of the decisive for the fate of humankind Event.

Now many of you speak about the negligence of the people of Judah who rejected the Salvation granted to them.

But do not be in a hurry  to extol yourselves over that people, for now you will have to show in reality in what way you are better than the ancient people, whom you hold in such great contempt because of your  ignorance.

And if the Events of the first Accomplishment happened in such a way that it was difficult for you to appreciate many things correctly, then to become conscious of your mistakes you were given two thousand  years.

And now you, being born in this Epoch, have entered into conditions,

Where only external decorations have changed, but the essence of your life remains as it was in former times.

And when the human society, getting out of the dangerous for life low limits, crosses the border of the zero level, established by the Unified in the Harmony of Being, and starts to move further along the Path of Ascent, then in this case, your being will be already characterized by the constant longed for-deliberate aspiration of the human civilization to live and create only to the boon of the surrounding World of the Universe;

Which primordially was determined in the Harmony where the nimble  mind of the Material World exists.

And only after that you will be taken by the world of Mind of the Universe, as you deserve it.

And only after that, once and for all the gates to the Universe will become opened for fulfilment of the Holy Intention of Great God, who is your All-Loving Father.

You will become absolutely unable to bring harm whatever it might be.


                             And may the predetermined be Accomplishment!

                             And the Glory of God may cover the Eternity.



                                                                                                                                                February 22, 1999