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Chapter 1


Children of God! Take a look around you!

2. The world, in which your body lives, the home, which has given life to you, have been violated by the acts of human hands.

3. The striving to enrich the flesh obstructs the penetration of the Blessing in your souls.

4. The scarce inflow of Blessing, in turn, causes immeasurable coldness.

5. Coldness, which destroys the delicate green sprouts, which occasionally appear in you.

6. Listen to your soul!

7. Don’t you feel the coldness approaching you?

8. Or the verdure in your soul has disappeared, leaving place to the fierce coldness?

9. The numerous worthy clergymen and other bearers of the Word - the gardeners of humankind – continue to diligently sow your souls with the seeds of life.

10. However, apparently, the fertile ground is getting less and less or otherwise careless hands throw away the seeds in the soil.

11. Because the moaning of the human Mother under the burden of Her sons gets louder and louder.

12. Many people complain that the true importance of clergymen has disappeared.

13. I will tell you: the importance of clergymen is in preserving and performing the rituals of their faith.

14. And since these rituals have been preserved, the clergymen remain truly important.

15. As for the spiritual depths, anyone of you is capable, through his noble thoughts and deeds, to reach even further depths than any person occupying the highest positions in the clergy.

16. God honors the good qualities of the soul, and not the position that the flesh occupies in society.

17. Because the body has been given to the man to build the Temple of the soul.

18. How long will the human mind remain blind?

19. The first mistake made by a man indicates a failure to realize something in advance.

20. A second similar mistake indicates mental awkwardness.

21. A third mistake along the same path shows foolishness.

22. The foolish humankind, which possesses great destructive power, has no right to existence.

23. The sanity of humankind is not determined by its scientific and technological achievements.

24. Remember! The soundness of mind is determined by people’s ability to give the blessing of their souls to each other, without expecting anything in return.

25. A man with an impoverished soul is a sick creature.

26. And regardless of whether you have sufficient material wealth or high rank in society, inside the poverty of your soul you will remain just a creature and not a worthy son of you Mother-Earth.

27. High rank in society could be achieved both instantly and in the course of time.

28. However, such rank is not steady and is based on the unstable views of society.

29. Usually man is not capable of keeping such a rank for a long time.

30. And the higher he has stayed, the stronger the pain he will suffer in his downfall.

31. The path leading to the Spiritual Heights is long. However, the highest point is a steady one. 

32. A man can fall from the peak only at his own will.

33. It is not worthwhile to let yourselves be deceived by those whose life has turned too far away from the righteous course.

34. Do not rely on what is incomprehensible and do not get discouraged by the impossibility to start everything anew.

35. Remember! Why should you start anew when you can climb up infinitely?

36. Multiply and strengthen the luminiferous rays of your soul!

37. And strive to transmit these particles of light to each other!

38. The exchange of light and warmth can occur either by means of words or by means of the deeds of your hands.

39. Not only my means of the works of art but also by means of any other thing created for another person.

40. Such a deed should only be undertaken with the purpose of bringing happiness to someone and not gaining any profit.

41. Anything that has been created with love acquires healing properties.

42. The essence of a man who has received such a thing will be supplied with additional good energy.

43. And anything created for profit will deplete the light of the human soul.

44. Blessing is like a river – it should not stop flowing.

45. It penetrates the human soul and, refining itself there, it should by all means continue flowing towards another person.

46. Remember! Stopping the flow of a river chokes it with silt and turns it into a swamp. 

47. For that reason, carry out with dignity the mission that your Father has determined for you. Be creators!




Chapter 2


Monasticism is the way to the greatest seclusion from the world.

2. Most favorable conditions help the monk to purify his soul.

3. The influence of temptations is considerably reduced behind the walls of a cloister.

4. But is the will of the one who has devoted to monasticism going to be strong enough?

5. What is the truthful path for the humankind entering the Kingdom of the Soul?

6. The man of the world bears the heavy burden of temptations throughout the course of his life.

7. Temptations that have been created by the humankind itself.

8. And to which many people have fallen prey.

9. Which heated metal will acquire the best hardening – the one which lies at some distance from the water or the one which is immersed in it?

10. The influence of temptations chases the man in society at every step he makes.

11. But must man isolate himself from society?

12. I tell you the truth: by overcoming any temptation you can achieve truthful purification of your soul.

13. Every temptation that has been overcome loses its power with every subsequent influence.

14. You can build the Temple of your Soul only by means of overcoming hardships.

15. Remember! The true path of Salvation lies in the immediate overcoming of temptations.

16. Monasticism helps to only strengthen the connection with the Lord.

17. It is meant to support the ones with weaker souls in their first steps along the true path of soul purification.

18. So far monasteries have served as a shelter for those who have secluded themselves from the world and have dedicated themselves to service to the Lord.

19. But the Father now clarifies that to serve Him means to strive to purify oneself and to share the warmth of one’s soul with those around you.

20. In the future monasteries will be used for the true predetermined responsibilities,

21. Which they need to fulfill in society.

22. These responsibilities will replace the responsibilities for the compulsory military service, which are characteristic of the contemporary chaos.

23. The army prepares and trains how to use force, 

24. Which represents the essence of the Kingdom of the Force.

25. Monasteries would be responsible for teaching and training the abilities to master the soul.

26. Which represents the essence of the Kingdom of the Soul.

27. The young people have to go through training among the walls of a cloister for a given period of time.

28. The abundant blessing which comes to the monks, in its larger part does not continue its flow towards the needy,

29. Who in most cases live outside the walls of the cloister.

30. And Blessing - like the river - should never stop flowing.

31. The blessing penetrates the human soul and, being refined there, it should by all means continue its path further, towards another person.

32. Remember! Stopping the flow of the river makes it muddy and turns it into a swamp.

33. When going out in society, the flesh and the soul of the monk is directly exposed to a number of temptations,

34. Which leads to the need to strengthen the strides in the faith of his

35. Embarking on the path of true purification through the hardships of overcoming the temptations of the devil.

36. However, the soul of the monk is better prepared to resist those temptations.

37. The essence of human existence is in achieving peace among people and in the striving to help others and to give your love to the needy.

38. People should not live separated.

39. They should live together so that at any point in time they could not only help each other but also all together help their Mother-Nature.

40. Therefore, the purification of the soul and the cultivation of the holy will-power should occur under the direct influence of all kinds of temptations.

41. So that, with the firmness and purity of his soul, one can sere as an example for those with weak souls.

42. It has been said, “Do not take a shortcut, for not every road leads to My Kingdom.”

43. Man should think of God, of Nature, of the other people.

44. He who thinks only about himself is an unhappy person.




Chapter 3


Pedagogy…What should it be?

2. The education of children is the basis for the development of humankind.

3. The future of humankind depends on the views of its children.

4. Every child should be surrounded by all possible miracles,

5. However, these miracles should never be revealed.

6. The Eternal Mystery of Miracles and Beauty should remain sacred.

7. Except for the people who have the need to create those miracles and beauty.

8. Thanks to those mysteries children develop the most important and useful quality – imagination.

9. The sooner humankind takes seriously the education of its children since very early age, the faster will it achieve prosperity.

10. The education of children and the coming generation will change significantly after society crosses the border of Prosperity.

11. What should a man know? What is more important? Mathematical thinking or fantasy?

12. Man has always been attracted by the Mystery,

13. Which everyone has discovered in his imagination in his own way.

14. But for the one, in whom the cold imagination and excessive and unbalanced curiosity predominated, the discovery of the Mystery ended in mathematical calculations based on scientific data.

15. After that the interest towards the specific object or phenomenon started diminishing and the satisfaction of the knowledge of a new, unknown object was required. 

16. Imagination feeds the interest towards one of another unknown object, so that this interest would never diminish, 

17. Because imagination has the ability to constantly change with the time

18. And depends on how man would like to see the object of knowledge.

19. The opportunity to view the unknown in a way that the imagination makes possible helps man feel what cannot be felt through precise calculation.

20. This further enriches his soul.

21. But what does it mean to know everything or to be ignorant?

22. If a man fanatically dedicates himself to the achievement of a given goal, which contributes to the good of society or at least does not harm it, even if this goal is extremely naive or unattainable, man should never get discouraged because of its infeasibility.

23. He, who from the heights of his enormous knowledge looks down on such a person with disdain, would be extremely unreasonable.

24. You should treat the knowledge of mankind with extreme care and not acquaint people with it if it is not absolutely necessary to them.

25. Who feels greater satisfaction from a game of chess: the one who knows perfectly well the whole theory or the one who does not know it?

26. In the first case, a man can stop the game much before the set has ended, because he sees in advance its impasse. In the second case, the game will continue until the very last movement.

27. Trying to convince a seeker of the naivety of his aspirations can impose irreparable harm on his soul.

28. Because seeing the great achievements of people with more developed and profound thinking, who have been seekers after the same things, he will realize his own “underdevelopment” and will lose faith in his own abilities.

29. His life will start flowing like a turbid river.

30. Whereas the one who has larger knowledge forgets that his goals could also appear naive and unattainable.

31. However, he will feel all the happiness of moving towards his goal.

32. In the name of what has the life of the other person, who does not have such opportunities, been broken then? For while moving towards his goal, he would have felt this same type of happiness and his soul would have been filled with Blessing!

33. Every person has been assigned his own reachable peak and his own level of life.

34. God has not done that to divide people into superior and inferior ones.

35. All these levels should only exist in harmonious interrelation.

36. None of them can exist without the others.

37. Being at the place assigned to him by Nature, every man is striving to achieve one or another goal that is specific only of him.

38. The possibility for man to reach his goal may not play, in itself, any important role in Nature; however the movement itself towards the given goal helps the formation of his soul as a personality.

39. During that movement man can enter in harmony with Nature and become most useful for mankind.

40. A man who is walking toward his cherished goal will, sooner or later, reach an insurmountable obstacle; and only when he needs help can such help be rendered to him, however only in relation to the overcoming of this obstacle.

41. After overcoming the difficult situation, let him walk further independently. And so – until he reaches the next obstacle.

42. All societies have adopted the wrong view that if a man has no scientific knowledge, then for sure he enjoys the least amount of authority and respect.

43. While the one who is able to explain many phenomena by scientific calculations, is by all means considered a respectful member of any society.

44. Children in their essence are unusual dreamers and possess powerful imagination.

45. The more they see all possible phenomena, the more powerful their imagination becomes,

46. Which makes it possible for them to obtain such impressions that even their entire life to follow will not present to them.

47. However, the young people embark on the road of knowledge and with the help of science they start discovering the mysteries of all phenomena.

48. The life-giving light, which emanates from the Mystery, is dead for them and is converted into an infinite series of formulas and chemical elements.

49. Imagination – this invigorating source of the spiritual world in man – starts to fade.

50. Later on, the impact of the Mystery causes an agonizing feeling of discontent.

51. This feeling is destroyed with the help of additional knowledge, making it possible for man to find calmness and imaginary cheerfulness.

52. Many people, embarking on their final path of development, realize that much of the knowledge they have obtained is not at all necessary for their professional and personal activities.

53. Knowledge starts to be forgotten; however you will never perceive the Beauty, which is hidden in the mysteries of the world surrounding you, in the same way as when you were able to perceive this world before you began to study its structure.

54. The meaning of life is not in learning more and more, but in understanding a few but extremely important things.
. Man should know only the things that help him develop his true qualities.
. If he strives to obtain excessive knowledge, he will start acquiring knowledge that is related to another man's life.

57. Man may not make use of this knowledge, but as a result of getting acquainted with another man's vital path, this path, in the majoirity of cases, looks to him easier than his own,  
. Which triggers spite and envy in him.

59. A man who lives among the walls of carnal needs will never agree that all life-paths are equally difficult.

60. And the working activities will be most difficult for those who have suffered a loss in their spiritual evolution and haven't found their appropriate position in nature.

61.The prestige of scientific and technological knowledge has reached such gloomy heights that the need to “succeed in society” is being cultivated in children from their early age,

62. As a result of which the majority of people can become neither good scientists nor truly developed people.
. Completing the compulsory elementary and secondary education, the youth makes all efforts to enter the institutions of higher education.

64. Along the path of university education, graduating from any higher source of omniscience increases man’s authority in society.
. This represents a great distortion that people zealously try not to notice.
. It lies in the fact that people, allegedly uncapable of normal development, fall amongst the workers.
. And, in most cases, they are treated with disdain by those who possess abundant knowledge.

68. This evokes a reciprocal action of evil, which is represented in the view that brain-workers are simply reluctant to toil with their hands.
. Thus manual labour is regarded as something troublesome and ignoble.

70. This invisible feature has been and will always be manifested in this pattern.
. Living in such a psychological atmosphere, people from the working circles unvoluntarily admit their “incapability”,

72. Trying to make up for it by indulging in carnal delights only.
. This leads to reduction in the flow of spiritual Blessing.

74. And this, in turn, entails further loss of man's true nature.
. For the reduction in the flow of Blessing gives birth to unmeasurable coldness.

76. If a man dedicates his existence to the pure satisfaction of his carnal desires, in a certain period of time he will turn into a wild and useless creature capable of bringing suffering to the people around him.
. Within the circles of manual workers it is only those who have appropriately assessed their qualities as creators, regardless of the prestige of the position occupied in society, that will remain noble.

78. For the existence of the concept “most prestigeous in itself is a sign of a sick society.
. In terms of their personal qualities, children can be far better than the majority of adult population.
. Their inner world is not distorted yet by the vicissitudes of fortune, as it is the case with the grown-ups.
. The adult population on the Earth has done a fatal error by moving further and further away from childhood.

82. Childhood and maturity are not antipodes.
. Maturity is a continuation of chioldhood.
. Deeply unhappy are those men who greet with a condescending smile a person, whose actions convey something childish.
. The basic merit of children is their ability to perceive the surrounding world as pure and wonderful.

86. It is easy for them to accept the truth that the trees, the earth and the stones around them can be aware of the children’s presence.

87. With the appropriate support of children in such noble moments, it is possible to help them reunite their souls with the Nature.
. This will subsequently make them true sons of the Nature.
. By simply looking around, you can see with your own eyes where the denial of all miracles can lead.

90. Grown-up people have began turning into a living coldness,
. They can give their offspring nothing but this same coldness.

92. Grown-ups have authority with children.
. It is a crime for mankind not to strive after its perfection and purification.
. Even the adults are subject in their life to the influence of some authorities.

95. The world is built in such a way that mankind’s life should always have peaks of perfection, upon which the evolving man can lean.

96. But mundane authorities are strong in their abilities and weak in their spirit.
. A considerable part of these authorities have never been able to make use of the purifying Blessing.

98. Which makes them incapable of obtaining additional energy from God.

99. And the life of the people who have reached such heights may be accompanied by harmful vices.

100. This is used by the devil to support his destructive forces.

101. Many people who possess certain vices lean on one or another authority that possesses the same vices.
. But, more dangerous is the fact that young people acquire all kinds of vices under the influence of their favourite authority.
. The wretched followers would say, “Look how much this man has achieved, although he had filthy vices.
. But no one would mention that this man could have achieved a lot more had he gotten rid of those vices.
. Remember! A man who does not strive after personal purification will turn into an accomplice of the Satan!
. People! Take the grey veil of false maturity off your heads!
. Before it is too late, cultivate your imagination, dream!
. For imagination is a powerful source of the true knowledge of Existence!
. Don't seek to get far from childhood, and don't be ashamed to look childish.
. But remember that it is in the nature of children to receive, while it is in the nature of maturity to give.
. Don't forget: as long as you are on the Earth, you are Her children.
. And it is only your striving after false maturity that can turn you into stupid creatures,
. Bringing cold and suffering to the people and world surrounding you.
. Recall the feelings that a child evokes when he puts on the clothes of a grown-up and trys to look mature.
. This is how you look in the eyes of the Truth.
. So, be children as your Heavenly Father has commanded!
Peace be with you all.



Chapter 4

All that Mother Nature has endowed the human flesh with,
is true.
. However, any truth can be subject to distortion.
. Although the Truth always remains unchanged, people are able to accept It after wrapping it in the veil of lies.
. The role of the mind that you have been endowed with is to discover the already existing boundaries of the reasonable.
. However, the mind should not establish limits that are only convenient to it.

6. One is only allowed to use those ways of contentment that are detrimental neither to his own flesh nor to the flesh of others.
. Ways that harm neither his own soul nor the souls of others.
. Ways that do not run counter to what Nature has predestined.
. The process of the evolution of the soul differs from the way the carnal needs are satisfied.
. Too much indulgence in the contentment of carnal needs leads to a shrinkage in the spiritual blessing.
. Strengthening the formation of the soul weakens the carnal desires.
. The reasonable limits of gratifying the earthly carnal desires can be found where man is ready at any point in time to neglect those desires in the name of the formation of the soul.
. The unreasonable striving after carnal delight forces man to lose the connection with God’s Blessing.
. This throws his flesh into the abyss of base suffering.
. This suffering is oppression from the devil that comes when the flesh is no more able to quell the ever rising lust and desires.
. Feasts are given for people to cultivate their spiritual delights.
. Only the foolish ones can give up the spiritual delight for the carnal one.
. The limit of such a degradation comes when man is looking forward to the feast as to a legitimized, eagerly desired oppoirtunity to fall into folly.
. What is more, man starts turning every event in his life into a similar feast.
. Such people are unhappy.
. Their mind, like that of many other people, is in such a piteous state that even when salvation is offered to them, it raises doubts in their minds and they start looking for miracles.
. I'm telling you the truth: the time has come when God will give no more miracles, but will only give the last chance for salvation of the souls.
. Not all who have witnessed a miracle will become true believers.
. Behind them will be those who believe out of fear and not because of personal conviction.
. However, the ones who believe out of fear will not be able to purify their souls.
. Is it worthwhile tempting God?
. He who believes in his own judgement needs no miracles, for his soul will be purified.
. It is not possible to love God and at the same time fear Him.
. It is useless for those who love Him to fear Him.
. For their love will keep them away from what God disapproves.
. Fear and Love can never coexist,
. As water and a leaky vessel can never stay together.
. Those who say they love and fear God, are not sincere.
. It is never too late to make the first step towards righteousness.
. Remember! The sooner you embark on the righteous path, the more successful you will be in pushing grief out of your soul.
. Start walking along the true Path and, in a short time, you will feel warming up within your soul.
. But once on this bright Path, you will be subject to terrible temptations by the devil.
. However, the longer you withstand the trials, the greater the relief you will feel.
. The Path of Upsurge is difficult … But how rapidly and easily you could reach the bottom when you are falling!
. People say that a drowning man will even clutch at a straw.
. But I am telling you the truth: The time will come when the peoples will be searching for this same straw.
. The Last Testament is a ship bound to save you from drowning.

43. Those who will be looking for a place on the ship in the very last minute will not find one.
. It will not be enough to say, “I believe".
. It is necessary that the soul has already evolved to a certain level.
So be creative
Peace be with you all.



Chapter 5


Is it wise to ask God to forgive you for the sins you have committed?
. I will tell you the truth it is not!
. Cleansing from the vicious layers occurs with the help of your deeds.
. The human soul can only be developed through the deeds of the flesh.
. Remember, you can delude with your words anyone but yourselves.
. The soul is a child of God.
. It is connected with Him regardless of your verbal profusions.
. Therefore, God judges about you directly by the purity of your soul.
. Thought is the starting point for action.
. Thought contains the defining beginning, which holds the opportunity to choose the right path.
. What would be the price of the trial if the result were determined by words.
. The Earth is not a world of sin.
. For people the Earth is a supreme criterion for Beauty and Harmony.
. Man lives in permanent contact with Beauty and the Spirit of Nature.
. Many will say that Nature is harsh and destroys numerous innocent people.
. But doesn't this speak of the foolishness of people?
. A man arrived at the coast of a beautiful sea.
. Its beauty appealed to him so much that he soon started building a house, not far from the surf of the waves.
. Once, when he came back from hunting in the local forest, he saw that his home and all his property were destroyed by the waters of the sea during the high-tide.
. Long afterwards the unfortunate man was swearing the violent but amazingly beautiful waters of the sea.”
. So, who must get into the life rhythm of the other?
. The Terrestrial Nature in the life rhythm of man or man in the life rhythm of Nature?
. The Earth follows the rhythm of the Universe.
. The children of the Earth must follow the rhythm of this Earth.
. To force Nature to obey you is a great stupidity.
. The truth is in getting to know Nature and following Her rhythm, so that you do not suffer calamities.
. Humankind that is unable to follow the rhythm of the Earth is doomed to suffer.
. How low could the level of the human mind be, if the mankind is unable not only to enter into the rhythm of Nature but also to establish peace among the constituent particles of its organism?
. Does man need forgiveness from the outside, if forgiveness is to be found in his own hands?
. The reluctance to grant oneself forgiveness reveals spiritual poverty.
. But don't say that you are unable to find energy to do this!
. I am telling you the truth: Search for the man who will give you the energy!
. This man is already waiting for you.
. Remember! The Truth is not delivered to people. It is people who come to the Truth.
. You can ask for forgiveness only the one who is able to punish.
. Your God is the Spirit of Blessing.
. His great glory lies in the fact that He always tries to help everyone, no matter how low he has fallen.
. He loves all of you equally.
. Committing a sin, you consolidate your link with the devil,
. Who is always trying to punish you.
. But the Good Force is not capable of punishing.
. So reach the great Glory of your Heavenly Father! Be worthy sons of Him!
Peace be with you all.



Chapter 6


Man in his essence is connected with the Earth by his flesh.
. This means that man is to live on the Earth with the help of the deeds of his flesh.
. The flesh cannot deal with spiritual activities.
. It can only facilitate this mystery and transform the spiritual activities into results that are visible and perceptible for the others.

5. That is why it is only possible to judge about the human soul and its salvation by the deeds of the flesh.
. Depending on the essence of man’s beneficial deeds, it is possible to determine how strong his faith is.

7. The weaker the faith, the fewer the beneficial deeds, and the fewer the beneficial deeds by him for the people around him.
. But amongst the gloomy faithlessness and skepticism of people, it is possible to find a handful of good men,
. Who may not think about God's nature at all, but will grasp at any opportunity to do good.

10. And I will tell you that the souls of such people are on their way to Salvation.
. The Stamp of God lies on them and they believe in their good deeds.
. They believe that the part of their soul that has been given to people will, by all means, germinate.
. They do those deeds that God has predestined to be done amongst people.
. And God will support them by giving them His Blessing.
. I will tell you that the good but faithless person can benefit from any support of the Blessing only to a negligible degree.

16. As a result, such a person will be weak spiritually.
. If he comes to believe in the essence of God's Glory and opens his soul to the Blessed Forces, he will always obtain the necessary amount of spiritual energy.
. This will strengthen his spirit and will help him to easily endure the time of evil counteractions.
. A faithless man who does good deeds on the command of his soul is doomed to bear heavy spiritual hardships.
. The pain that will frequently come into his soul as a result of the evil deeds of other people will be so sharp that either his soul will get coarser or his flesh will fall into the abyss of all possible vices.
. This will stop any good activity.
. For a flaw of the soul leads to a flaw of the flesh, however a flaw of the flesh does not lead to a flaw of the soul, it is just a temptation to lose your spirit.
. There live a lot of people in the world whose souls contain some good force.
. However, the majority of them are not able to endure the devil's oppression and their souls become harder.

25. Such people begin to wrap themselves in sweet verbiage, which, in the course of time, consolidates the links of their souls with the devil.
. Remember! The river cannot flow, while diverging from the spring.
. So, achieve the Truth about the Great Glory of God, for this is the only Path of your existence.
. Be worthy children of your great Parent!
Peace and happiness be with you all



Chapter 7


The life of the children of God is like the surface of the sea in a windy weather.
There are moments of frothy waves with the sunrays running across their crest; but there are also moments of grievous ravines covered with a running shadow.

3. Life based on the Great faith is restless.

4. How does the spiritual strength grow? Doesn't it grow while the children of God are toiling?
I will tell you the truth: you will not be able to find faith where there are no actions.
6. Isn't toil an overcoming of the barring obstacles?
7. For man does not become a mountaineer by
walking in the plain fields, but only by climbing up high heals.
8. What is it that
stops the rays of the Sun? Isn’t that the pitchlike darkness?
9. What is it that can hamper the Southern wind?
Isn't that the Northern flow?
10. That
is why through your toil, wherein the essence of God's rays is hidden, you strive to overcome the darkness and the coldness.
The true toil occurs not on the frothy crests, where the sunrays are caressing you by the rainbow, but in the shadowy ravine.
12. Why
were you told much earlier, “What is the use of loving only those who love you? Doesn't this make you hypocrites? Be able to also love those who despise you”,
When the cold arrows are aiming at your hearts.

14. That is why faith is determined in the gloomy fog.

15. May great obstacles be encountered with a pure heart! For this toil is testing your faith and your ability to get higher and see a higher horizon.

16. It is easy to speak of faith when life is windless; however, it is quite another matter to show worthy faith amongst great hardships.
When you see the Sun above your head, you are able to feel more fully the great warmth, joy and faith.
18. But the Sun is not
19. The farther
It goes towards the horizon, the longer will the shadows become and the stronger the cold and the moisture.
For some time, the Sun goes completely out of your sight. The darkness and coldness wraps up the seeking child in a moist diaper. So, where is the true toil?
The path is troublesome for the one who only sees the external.
However, if you take the essence of the Sun within your hearts, it will flare up in unquenchable flames.
The Sun will last with you forever and will not elude you even for a moment.
Get to know the essence of the true Eucharist, so that you will not have to wander in the                                        impenetrable darkness!
25. For the Word of the great Father
comes to you in flesh and blood that are similar to yours.
26. And he who tries to
fully experience the Word in his heart, will indeed taste My flesh and blood.
27. May the one who experiences my Word turn
It into his own flesh! Then I will last with my children forever.



Chapter 8


1. The officials of the Orthodox Church zealously adhere to the canons of portraying the holy effigies.

2. And moreover, they think that a painter can't become an iconographists.
3. Having in mind the most supreme force of spiritual impact of the iconographic face on the looker.

4. Occupying a central position in the thinking of the Clerical officials,such a view lead to a circumstance whereby iconographists have,for centuries on end, been sticking to the portraying of these or those faces by the same technical devices.
5. Can a different image show up in the imagination of a man who has seen the same images since childhood? The same things applies to the iconographists.
6. Who,proceeding to draw this or that image pedantically sticks to the image that he has in his head.
7. This means that the icon,portraying the "true" faith,becomes a tradition in man's spiritual life.
8. This external aspect is like a grey mist,blinding the eyes of many searching people.
9. Such an error has lead to a great loss.
10. The earliest icon-painters who were passionate believers and never stopped praying,made an intensive preparation before creating the holy effigy.
11. They only set about working when the image of the saint had so clearly appeared in the imagination of the creator that he began to distinctly see his further work.
12. And afterwards everything was only natural.
13. The later iconographers were trained through these images and strictly stuck to the already known images while they were creating.
14. But even then,without even thinking of how to draw the holy face in a different manner it was, for centuries on end, impossible for the creator to avoid destroying the faces.
15. And the more iconographers set about ddoing this job,the more distortions were there.
16. Now,among the faces drawn so far,there are no two ones that look alike.
17. And sometimes they completely differ.
18. The genuine and most valuable thing about the holy image was namely what came entirely from the imagination og the painter.
19. And it appeared after the singer of
the Praise of Beauty had undergone a serious preparation.
20. Sating the work with a living spirit.
21. At the time the first icons were created the meagreness of technocal devices prevented ddepiction of the noly effigies from conveying rich spiritual dimensions.
22. Even if the iconographist worked with a living face ,he would not able to depict the true image.
23. That's why,in the course of time,icons will namely be valuable for the image .
24. This value of the image handed down from generation to generation,acquired a traditional canon.
25. But, thinking ,as wellas man's spiritual world began idiosyncratic.
26. The value of the icon as an image is beginning to vanish.
27. It's only with the truly religious iconographists that the face evokes a genuine throb of the soul.
28. Those of the rest,just remind us of the faith of the last generations .
29. And this is true with respect to the unfolding of life.
30. The earliest icons carried in themselves all the gainings of the human skills.
31. But after a certain period,a split arose between iconography and painting and everything took its own direction.
32. It's only painting that takes its direction.
33. Due to a lack of flux, the branch of technology begins to stagnate in his own direction.
34. Stagnation comes with the appearing of icon-painters who no longer endeavour to see the holy men with their inner sight.
35. Therefore,during the recent centuries they've just relegated their works to the vividly established canon.
36. Entirely confiding to the existing images.
37. Detailed knowledge about the man's spiritual depths is not necessarily needed when creating such works.
38. It is enough to study and master the technique of icon-painting .
39. Oh,what a perceptible loss!
Due to the innate aspiration of man to create beauty ,in the earliest times of painting icons ,the holy effigy evoked a throb before the holiness ,as well as love for all that has been made with human hands.
40. Creating their works,the first icon-painters put all the impulse of their souls in it and all their potential.
41. Whereby these works began emitting light -giving rays towards their contemplators.
42. BUt in the course of time,being afraid to get out of the established canons the icon-painters just started to stick to the well known images.
43. And since then, the ability to put all the completeness of the soul and their gifts into the work,has been getting poorer and poorer.
44. Working upon the image of the holy faces still more and more acquired a greyish flavour.
45. Contrary to icon-painting pictorial and plastic arts undergo a constant development ,passing one threshold to reach another.
46. And the inner world of a man is in a constant flux,never losing its flow.
47. Being in a flux,the view of God's children alters and hence,the necessity of beauty becomes yet more different.
48. REaching a certain stage of evolution ,man needs to content his spiritual qualities in a certain way,
49. Whose cultivation can only be promoted by a kind of an art,that not only improves just one imagerial aspect ,but also reaches still greater dephts in psychology.
50. Which can only be accomplished with the help of the developed methods of depicting.
51. We should't forget that true art is one that can prodduce a healing impact on the soul.
52. But art is av twig on the tree of religion .
53. Who will die if the twig goes off the tree?
54. A tree,deprived of its twigs will strike new branches.
55. Branches geprived of the tree will dry up.
56. Is it wise to strive after separating of the branches from the tree?
57. With their neglect towards mastering of the images of beauty,clergymen are committing a great error.
58. A clergyman must have a command over the basis of understanding art.
59. Andd it would be better if he would master some art.
60. Since true art makes it possible to not only convey the blessing of the painter's soul to the people nearby, but also helps the spiritual world to get more organizedd and richer.
61. Art shouldn't be divided into clerical and secular .This is of vast importance.
62. But yet art itself,depending on the height of the painter's spiritual world,may carry either light or darkness.
63. The long-lasting division between culture and spirituality,made out of blindness,lead to a position,whereby the great bases acquired deep crevices.
64. And now you see more and more often how culture is becoming spiritless and spirituality-cultureless.Oh,what a perceptible loss!
65. So,fittingly reach the gifts that the great Parent has bestowed you !
Be creative!



Chapter 9


1. During the period of youth and self-formation, man is given an extensive energetic potential.
By the time of bloom, this extensive energy should be channeled into one or several fields,
Just as the large, high-watered river comes into a narrow passage and, increasing its power, dashes forward with a rumble.
Because it is not a narrowing of the potential that results, but a concentration of all the energy into the chosen path.
5. The young man
should only use the energy flowing in him to find his true position in Nature.
Upon choosing a working activity, you should give it all your energy,
7. And you should pay heed to your soul as well
8. If your soul opens up and accepts your activities,
this would be your true position in Nature. There may be more than one position suitable for you.
9. If your soul does not accept your
chosen activity, you should by all means direct your energy towards chosing a new path.
10. This searching is extremely
important in the life of mankind,
Because your choice determines your further life.
However, one's true position in Nature and this in Society are not the same, although they may interweave.
13. One's true position in Nature is determined by natural deeds and is oriented directly towards facilitating
the development of people and the life around them.
14. One's true position in society is determined by artificial deeds and is directly oriented towards sideline activities,
which, it seems, would deliver some future benefit to people.
15. Remember!
Only those remain noble who have fittingly assessed their qualities as creators, regardless of how prestigeous the chosen path is,
16. For the mere existence of the notion
of “the most prestigeous is a sign of a sick society.
17. Be careful of the
doubts of your soul,
18. For the devil will be actively exerting an influence upon you in times of weariness or failure
And this will make you think that you are unable to continue the chosen activity.
20. Such an influence will last depending on how firmly you believe in your actions.
21. The mind of the young
person, torn from religion and having no notion of the nature of the Supreme world or the base world, is incapable of resisting temptations.
22. The young people direct all
their energy towards the satisfaction of their carnal needs.
23. And as a result,
the mind undergoes no evolution and the energy is squandered.
24. The most dangerous stage comes when young people start demanding material
25. Where
they can spend their time and have a rest.
In doing so, they unwisely consider the possibility to experience all the delights of carnal attractions to be the essence of a fulfilled life.
27. But many of you
would be deceived if they think that it would be easy to move out of the swamp once you consider it necessary to do so.
Only a man of a strong will would able to get rid of such a swamp.
29. The chance to experience delights comes during the
time when you need to choose your vital path.
30. This temptation arises,
so that you could squander the energy that you were given earlier than necessary.
31. The majority of young people
, as a rule, take the wrong vital path,
32. And they
are trying to take their true path as late as possible.
However, as time goes by, they realize that they are walking along the wrong path.
34. And there is no energy
left to search for another path.
35. But many people don't even realize that they
have occupied the wrong position.
36. As a result
, they consider their work just a social necessity.
37. Time makes such people dull and useless.
Such fate does not befall even animals.
39. It is impossible to
go back and search for another vital path.
40. Remember!
Man should live not to satisfy his carnal desires but rather to shape his soul.
41. Regretfully,
not many people pay heed to the True Voice, however I convince you that all of them would be repenting for their sins.
However, there will be no use of such repenting.

43. So, pay attention to your talents and don't neglect them .
your fall will not be late.
Create! Peace be with you all.



Chapter 10


1. It is a gross blunder on the part of people to judge about a man by the things he did in the past.
2. To judge about his qualities by
bygone days.
3. Man is true
only at the moment you are in contact with him.
He will already have changed by the subsequent moment,
Just as it is not possible to go into the same river twice.
6. You will have to get acquainted with one and the same person endlessly,
every time you meet him again.
7. People meet each other with emotions similar to the emotions they had when they last parted.

8. This will
be fair only with respect to positive emotions.
At other times, people meet someone with the emotions evoked in them by the knowledge they have acquired about that person.
10. This
knowledge is conveyed by an outside person based on his impressions.
11. The
se impressions could be, depending on the shrewdness of the person, more or less accurate.
12. But
this drives you still farther from the true evaluation of man.
13. Man can, for a certain period of time,
depending upon the agility and depth of his mind, either suffer a complete change or make just a tiny step along the path of his development.  
This development can lead either to an upsurge or to a fall.
15. After doing something,
man draws a conclusion on the basis of the consequences of what he has done,
16. Which immediately changes him.

17. There are no people incapable of drawing a conclusion
18. It is only
the depth and the comprehensiveness of the conclusion that could differ.
19. Therefore
, it has been said that it does not matter who a man was in the past;
Rather, it is more relevant who he is in the present, and, even more important, who he will be in the future.
The human flesh is far from always creating what works in favour of the spiritual evolution.
22. A weak soul
is not able to direct the flesh towards the great Heights,
23. Which forces the flesh to work under a complete dependence on the
vanity of the surrounding people.
24. This makes it exremely difficult to evaluate man,
since his outer behaviour is accepted as something true, inherent to him.
25. You can live with someone for
many years and still fail to really know him.
26. His true nature can only be felt by a shrewder man.

27. The more complex the world is,
the more man lives with external demonstrations.
28. And the more inaccessible his true nature comes to be.
29. How can we see through
man's behaviour whether it is the voice of his soul speaking or whether his deeds are nothing but a display of the self preservation instinct.
30. The voice of the soul is not always in agreement with the social norms.
31. Seeing this incongruity,
man most often does not try to adhere to his inner voice,
32. As a resurt of which his soul becomes impoverished.
Man’s true nature could only be revealed if he has a stronger and purer soul,

34. Or during episodes of emotional outbursts,

35. Or if he stands at the root of things.
36. We should never
remain blind and cold during moments of great mystery, when a man needs to disclose his soul.
37. Otherwise,
feeling the cold, the revealing soul will shut itself up.
38. And you may get no further chance to even know a grain of the truth about that man.
39. Be careful of the actions of the flesh and the needs
of the soul.
40. Remember!
The actions of the flesh shape the soul.
41. By doing things
harmful to the soul, you are maiming it.
Peace be with you all.





Chapter 11

1. How great
is the danger for the young children of God, for they are receiving an ever increasing avalanche of knowledge that showers down upon them from the Universe!
2. In Nature
, there is no room for people stuffing their minds with knowledge.
3. If you are given the chance to come in touch with an unusual phenomenon
, this means that you are getting ready to accept a certain information and start a certain activity.
4. But do
not forget that you are, like no one else, in a situation of great responsibility.
5. For you may become active followers of the information of Light
as well as the information of darkness.
No special efforts are required to become a follower of the darkness.
7. You may not even
notice that, since it may occur in the course of satisfying one’s unbalanced curiosity and the useless accumulating of information. 
8. The main thing that makes you different from one another and due to which you
gather together on the same path, is your belief in the nature of the unusual.
9. Your mind is predisposed to believe any
type of information in this sphere.
10. At first you feel
trust, and in the course of time it grows into confidence,
11. For the information entering your memory
is narrowing down, as a result of which your ability of true thinking dies down.
Finally, you start using only the information you have obtained without being able to even verify its truthfulness.

13. In this connection, being apparently at a higher stage due to your comprehensive unheard-of knowledge, you may become an obstacle for the true evolution of mankind.

14. For your brain will freeze in the cold knowledge and you will turn into a machine, receiving a constantly increasing volume of imformation.
15. The truth of existence is not in
accumulating more and more knowledge but in learning something little but extremely important.
16. Remember!
The human qualities do not depend on the amount of technical knowledge.
17. Man should not stuff his mind with knowledge,
he should be a man of action.
18. For there is a certain activity prepared for everyone.
19. To search for it,
you need not philosophize, but only take the path of purifying your soul.
20. Whereby,
in a certain time, your predetermined vital path will be revealed to you.
21. The Universe possesses a
n enormous amount of information.
22. Any rational being can
receive information about the various aspects of Existence – both of the Universe and of all that exists in it.
23. The wisdom of this or that civilization consists in the ability to select among
all the variety of information the one that will, in its aggregate, give rise to a harmonious development inherent to this or that particular civilization only.
24. Try to purify your
selves and to acquire enough warmth in your souls.
25. It will prevent you from taking the wrong path.
26. For
not everything beneficial is harmless.
Remember the legend of the celestial manna, when God ordered everyone to take only as much food as they could eat in one day, and not to store any for the future.
28. But many
did not listen to Him and began storing food for the future.
29. And in
one night the stored food began to stink and was covered with worms.
30. One may say that information is not a manna, it will not get spoiled.
31. This is
indeed so. However, the storehouse where this information has been accumulated will fall into decay.
32. Do
not try to grasp and stuff all possible information in your head.
33. For
information exists always and everywhere.
All you have to do is learn how to obtain it.
35. Now it is given to you as
a learning material, so that you can cultivate your abilities in the respective sphere.
It is not the first time that you are facing such a situation, receiving false information.
This information is given to you not for the sake of entertainment of those who give it to you but for you to prepare your reasoning.
38. Remember!
You will never get the serious and necessary information while your soul is in a defiled state.
39. For true thinking of man
can occur only in a state of a pure soul.
Be fully watchful while you are obtaining new knowledge.

41. Pay heed to the voice of your soul.
42. You
should only take that information which can enter into harmony with the evolution of your soul.
43. If you do
not pay attention to this, you will turn into cold while obtaining information.
44. And you will,
contrary to your desire, lead mankind into the abyss.
45. But remember that t
he axe now lies at the root of the trees. Any tree that gives no good fruit, will be cut down and thrown into fire.
46. So, be worthy sons of your great
47. And
, above all, fulfill the essence of your soul.
Peace be with you all.



Chapter 12

The Heavenly Father
created His children in his own image.
The image is a truth whereas the likeness is another depth.
3. The Great Father ordered his children to become similar to
Him and to be creators of love and beauty.
4. And the children stood
, as timid as a rosary, in the corner of the amazing World created by Eternity. The Flow of time wrapped the first souls smoothly and confidently drew them into the Infinity.
5. How great
is the miracle of Beauty!
6. There is an ocean of many
different kinds of flowers with a caressing whisper, surfing in the infinity.
7. But once,
a line appeared from beneath one hand, a sound fluttered from beneath the other, an amazing word was dropped by the lips…
A rainbaw flared up above the heads of the small travellers.
The noise got louder and louder…
Since then, the children of God have worn off many pairs of shoes along the roads of Time in search of their maturity.

11. Lines and notes confidently intersect the plane. And what about depth?..
12. One aspect of
creative art is the purely technical approach towards the work.
13. Such a
n artist is concerned with the most precise reproduction of the surrounding Life with his hands.
14. And the Fabulous is piteously shrinking under his self-confident steps.
The creator takes another side, his aspiration is to express his own personal experiences and feelings under the influence of the surrounding world.
16. The artistry of performance
is wtrapped up in the mist of despair. The stage is completely occupied by originality, which is most often uncapable of carrying the stamp of knowledge.
17. The great miracle of Existence
- like a mirage - disappears as you approach it.

18. Two aspects of creation are like two opposite poles:
On the one hand, the spectator clearly understands the image, and if he is filled with admiration, it is, as a rule, because of the amazing external similarity.
20. On the other hand,
the spectator may understand very little or nothing of the image, however he can admire its incredible originality.
21. Both
these aspects are like small drops of a great river.
22. They constitute its essence
but can’t alter its flow.
23. Two opposite poles of creation…
24. One of them gives rise to subtle technique,
however creativity freezes and breaks down into small snowflakes.
25. The other gives rise to
spontaneous creative impulses, however, instead of ideas, there is a flickering light of self-expression flowing from the sky.

26. Like the many children who, moved by one or another mood, hum a melody so far unheard:
Even though these children may not know the law of harmony of sounds, they will not sing in a different way, since through their sounds the self-exptression of their feelings flourishes.
28. This melody is
meant to bring contentment to the author's soul only,
And if it also touches someone else's heart, it is because of the compatibility between the sound waves and the feelings of the listener.
30. But there is
a mighty volume in the flow, able to change the direction.
Its essence consists in the masterful unification of the two poles.
32. Such a
creator makes works that the spectator can not only see and feel but also acquire wings while perceiving them.
33. The mighty root must cultivate such qualities
that will facilitate the true accumulation of spiritual virtues.
The creator of beauty needs to understand that a piece of art is not a dish served to everyone to be tasted, it is a Temple with open doors.
35. The doors let anyone enter the Temple of the
artist's inner world.
The one who has been able to experience the beauty to a lesser degree, may be able to experience it to a greater degree in another Temple.
37. Only the door
s should never be shut, otherwise the Temple will become inaccessible and your art - difficult to understand.
38. Nor should the Temple be built according to people's
current needs, for as a result of their quick alterability, in the course of time, the Temple will fall into oblivion and become completely useless.
39. Spider
webs will cover it all over.
40. So, be worthy creators of the amazing light that your great Parent has endowed you with!
Peace be with you all.




Chapter 13

There is a multitude of various spiritual paths in the life of the flourishing humanity.
. The uniform Law of the great Universe is being fulfilled in different ways.
. The mystery of difference, entailing a great division in the hearts, became a natural inevitability, for it was impossible to foretell what had not yet appeared in all its greatness.
. Thus unknown comes to be the law of Faith, in whose bosom alone the evolution of the souls is possible.
. For the first time in the Universe you have unified, at the Will of the Father, two principles within yourselves - whereby to establish harmony between them is to step into Eternity.
. Two principles, where there are the flesh and the soul.
. The life of the flesh proceeds in accordance with the material laws of the Universe and there is a small particle of it, concentrated and reflected in the human mind.
. The mind is only inherent to the existence of the flesh and the law of its prosperity is built on the aspiration to get to know anything unknown that you encounter along the path that you follow,

9. So that one can, with the help of more and more knowledge and worthy logical conclusions, choose the most favourable path leading upwards.
. The soul contains all the uniqueness of the creation of the Heavenly Father, and carries both the idiosyncratic predestination and the whole experience that man gains throughout his life in the flesh.
. As soon as the flesh dies, being originally made from the dust of the Mother Earth, it is again dissolved into Her dust.
. However, the soul, leaving the laws of the material, continues its eternal life according to the spiritual laws.
. But the evolution of the soul ceases as soon as it leaves the flesh.
. During man's life in the flesh the soul evolves not according to the Law of Knowledge but according to the Law of Faith, containing in itself a specific mystery, which often goes far beyond the limits of logical conclusions.
. Man is not the only inhabitant of the Universe and the laws of living there were formed long before God's children came on the Mother Earth.
. A great many elder brothers of reason have been observing for a long time the prosperity of the unique human existence, for a new law that no one had yet discovered began to be revealed to them.

17. When the Universe saw the confusion in the evolution of the young inhabitants of the Earth, bringing about a lot of grief, the elder brothers of reason undertook an attempt to help God’s young offspring.
. But the spiritual laws are unknown to the Universe, and the Great Father reveals his intentions to no one.
. Therefire, the help of the Extraterrestrial World is based on pure logical conclusions shaped by the already familiar laws.
. The laws of Reason and the laws of Faith are not the same, which means that the error is inevitable despite the good intentions of the brothers of reason.
. Only he who possesses a spiritual tissue can feel the true mystery of love.
. And no one besides man possesses such spiritual tissue.
. With the help of Reason, a given society is granted, taking into account its views and creative characteristics, a certain systematic Doctrine that is accepted by a certain group of people who have managed to acknowledge it.
. For a given period of time, this group is called upon to acquaint the remaining brothers with the Doctrine that has been granted.
. After some time, when the quality of changes in society on the basis of the available Doctrine is more fully manifested, various truths and notions are subject to correction in order to form a more perfect Doctrine.

26. A new Doctrine is granted afterwards. During the time of these mysteries, something, which the Reason failed to predict, began to occur.
. If man did not sojourn in the law of Faith, and if his evolution proceeded in accordance with the laws of Reason only, he would, considering the new Doctrine more perfect, leave without any problems the old one and set upon achieving the new one.
. This would be the case every time a new, more perfect Doctrine is being granted.
. This is only possible on the basis of a complete evolution of reason, without taking into account the spiritual mysteries.
. For the Law of Faith leads to a state whereby, acknowledging a certain Doctrine as true, man starts believing it.
. And having already believed once, man becomes incapable of perceive any other Doctrine, and does not even make an attempt to get acquainted with it through his mind.
. All this is further complicated by the fact that all spiritual Doctrines on the Mother Earth treat and describe mysteries that man is unable to verify though his knowledge.
3. That is why, having already accepted one Doctrine and truly believed in everything it reveals, man will not accept any other Doctrine that discusses the same things slightly differently or in a completely different way. 
. Moreover, the choice of a spiritual Path determines not the changes in some outer material comfort in life but life itself.

35. Thus when a new Doctrine was granted, it was only those, who were still searching and had not yet gotten to know Faith, who could perceive it.

36. And with every new Doctrine, a larger number of different communities appeared.
. But now the great time is coming when man will be determined to take the Unified Path of his existence,
. For God's Truth is uniform and exists always.
. The eternity of the human existence is completely dependent upon man's ability to recognize the ever-lasting Unity.
. I am telling you the Truth: everything else that has so far managed to appear as a noble undertaking should end its existence for the sake of your future prosperity,
. For unity can not be created in discord.
. So, do not be blind to the calling of your soul! And may the ones who are suffering and taking pains to discover the Devine never miss it!




Chapter 14

1. The extraterrestrial civilizations, regardless of the level of their reason, develop on the basis of two hypostases.
. These are the Unified and His Life-giving Energy.
. Earthly life proceeds on the basis of four hypostases,
. Where along with the great Creator of the Material Existence - the Unified, and the Vital Spirit originating from him, come His Son - God and the great Heavenly Father of mankind, and the Holy Spirit originating from Him.
. This is what constitutes the uniqueness of the Terrestrial world in the Universe.
. The evolution in harmony with the four great Hypostases is supposed to make the Earth’s inhabitants the most valuable civilization.
. However, to a great regret, people have not become sufficiently aware of their nature.
. And nobody is able to help them,
9. For the case of the population of the Earth is unique.

10. Throughout the ages, the higher reason has been trying to exert influence on people in order to bring them to a safer path of evolution.
. However, emotions are not subordinate to logical reason,
. Which is the essence of the Extraterrestrial worlds.
. Emotionality is a distinctive and unique feature of people.

14. But because of its chaotic evolution, people moved towards the abyss in a fussy and clamorous crowd.
. Remember! Domination of Reason is not inherent to the evolution of mankind.
. It is only civilizations with cold emotions that can progress under the authority of logical reason.
. If man is deliberately cooling his soul, it will not only grow colder but will also start producing harmful emotional viruses,
. Which could destroy man rather quickly.
. If mankind takes the path of the evolution of reason, it will be doomed to self-destruction
. Because reason makes emotions colder.
. A man who is trying to diverge his life from the predestined path goes out of harmony with the living Nature and the Spirit of Blessing,
. And will therefore have to die.
. However, man’s abilities are such that he can destroy not only himself but also his mother Earth.
. And this is a point that only an extremely foolish creature can reach.
. The predestination of the human life consists in the harmony with Nature.
. Thus Her Evolution is unhampered and the losses of energy are supplied for.
. By entering into harmony with Nature, people will aquire, in addition to the ability to protect themselves against natural disasters, many other additional faculties of their bodies.
. Harmony with Nature is the ability to resist the harmful impacts of Her occasional demonstrations.
. For the mere existence of a harmful impact implies division.
. People who have embarked upon the practical realization of harmony with Nature feel an inflow of abundant energy and abilities,
. Which help them get rid of many vices and acquire a certain vitality.
. Seeing this as reincarnation into a God-like man, in the long run, many people consider any other communication with God unnecessary.
. How low has man fallen! For, threading on the path of self-perfection and acquiring emotional equilibrium, he merely achieves his normal state,
. Originally determined for him by Nature.
. This is the state where true perfection must begin, and not a Supreme achievement .
. The abnormal technological advancement on the Earth is a sick progeny of an inadequately evolving mind.
. For adequate evolution of the mind of the the Earth’s inhabitants is possible if man takes another path.
. The enormous progress in the evolution of the Extraterrestrial civilizations is due exclusively to their cold emotions,
. Which does not prevent the turning into life of the fruits of the comprehension of the incoming information.

40. Man also tries to comprehend the incoming information, however, it is not transformed right away into visible results,
. Which would help the other worlds to make fast progress,
. but instead comes into the sphere of emotions,
. where the emotional influence is able to substantially alter the transformation of thoughts into visible results.
. Man may be well aware that the necessary step will be true, however, depending on the impurity of his soul, he will act completely differently.
. Remember! It is impossible to separate the sphere of emotions,
. As it is impossible to separate the head from the body and still have life continue.
. But it is of utmost importance to clear the black side of the sphere of emotions.

48. So that the thought can, passing through the warm light of the soul, be easily transformed into genuine creations.
. All attempts to isolate emotions force man to develop only the dark aspects of his soul.

50. Achieve the true labor of your soul. And may your soul be filled with the radiant Light of your Father!



Chapter 15

Many people will say that the
scientific and technological progress contributes to the prosperity of society.
. But what kind of prosperity is this?
. Can the scientific and technological progress bring joy to people?
. Man can receive any type and any amount of information.
. However, information can be double faced:
. One type can contribute to the development of man’s true abilities, which are rather extensive;
. The other type fills in the human reason endlessly, not only hampering man’s development, but also turning him into a nincompoop.
8. The epoch of the Kingdom of Force forced humankind to take such a direction of development that would make it completely dependent on the advance of science and technology.
. For the most advanced state in this respect was able to subordinate the others,
. Thus forcing those who lag behind to be over-hasty in their development.
. This process was inevitable because the soul could not yet be the main factor in the human evolution.
. But it was conceived. And mankind started to carry it.
. Now the time has come for the child to come into being.
. If the child fails to do so, not only will it die, but so will mankind as a useless creature.
. A lot can be said in support of the advance in science and technology.
. And the arguments put up in support will raise no doubt.
. All these arguments are reduced to one thing:
. They only serve to smooth the inconveniences of the existing society.
. But if we take into consideration the fact that mankind is still very young, unwise and has been following a path, which is unacceptable for the predestined evolution in the future, then what is the use of all the arguments presented?
. A lot can be said in defence of medicine as well.
. But medicine is, in its larger part, acceptable only for the contemporary, underdeveloped society.
. Only a small part of it can be of true help.
. Relying for everything on the advance of science and technology, man has in many respects begun to degrade.
. And in the sphere of medicine, in particular, he has degraded too.
. But now, with the help of the numerous healers, people will take the path of cultivating their abilities in this sphere.
. The multitude of all possible kinds of healers evokes revival and hope in some people, derision in others and fear in yet others.
. I'm telling you the truth: these healing sparkles are lit among people, so that this art could be learned by everyone.
. But the low level of mind of many of them has put their skills only in service of the material wellbeing of their flesh.
. You should know that the doctor should not heal for the sake of receiving remuneration in return.
. Now the flesh should alone heal itself.
. For the disease is, in the majority of cases, a punishment for your inability to maintain your body in harmony with Nature.
. And it is not wise to look for somebody else's help.
. Expecting that someone will come to your aid, you become dependant on it.
. He who possesses the ability to influence a large number of people may, without even knowing it, do great evil,
. Because human abilities are in an extremely primitive state and can be easily used by the forces of darkness.
. The material energy, used by man for healing the body, and the spiritual energy are not one and the same.
. That is why the ways of their development and usage are different too.
. A man with a highly evolved material energy may not be developed spiritually,

39. Which will make him a great carrier of evil.
. It is only on the path of self-healing that the force of darkness is powerless.
. In all times man has aspired to develop his society.
. But the society, making progress in the direction of the Kingdom of Force, prevents one from true evolution.
. For it is convenient for society to hold people dependant on it.
. Society is trying to develop for its own sake.
. It progresses towards its goal, correcting all the values of the surrounding reality.
. Nothing in the Universe exists for its own sake.
. And the striving of a society to attain material wellbeing only betrays its foolishness.
. Obtaining a home of his own, man is first of all trying to put it in order, so that he could live better in it.
. Society has started to destroy its home for the sake of its wellbeing.
. Man is furiously trying to protect his life with the help of various laws. He wants to live.
. But he is trespassing to such a degree the world of  flora and fauna that he has obviously turned into the biggest enemy of Nature.
. He makes no efforts to preserve the Earth and Her life.
. But the Earth can violate Her established rhythm of living and thus kill those who make Her suffer.
. Society, with its ever increasing skills and needs, has started to destroy its Mother Earth.
. Many people will say, ''But what else can be done? In order to promote one thing or another, we need to extract the necessary minerals from the Earth, don’t we?
. Do you think that the bosom of the Earth has been deliberately filled with all possible substances, so that when people come, they could in due time extract and utilize them for their own benefit?
. Isn't it wiser to ask yourselves whether your way of living is rightly chosen if its bloom requires the destruction of its basis?
. Come to know the truth of your existence, for that is where your Eternity lies!



Chapter 16


1. The past, both the recent and the remote one, is of crucial importance for the evolution of man.
. Man is not able to develop without having a past.
. But there are two spirits living in the past - the spirit of good and the spirit of evil.
. Each of them is capable of exerting influence upon man's evolution in its own way.
. Therefore, not everything that was done in the past is subject to revival.
. Is there a person having self-respect who would speak about his past deeds of disgrace, so that the others might avoid them in the future?
. The past should be studied, but not for the sake of avoiding old mistakes,
. For this is impossible.
. The resentment caused by the mistakes of others cannot teach anything.
. It can be helpful only in the cases where the result of the deeds is immediate.
. In the past, there are such details of vices that should be thrown in the nonexistence, because that is where they belong.
. Whereas the forgotten good deeds should be thrown light upon.
. A favorable opportunity to defame the past has appeared in the contemporary Russian sosiety.
. But what will be the dignity of such a society? And will it be able to develop normally while feeling aversion towards its recent past?
. Studying and disclosing the mistakes of the past in order to avoid their recurrence is only possible by means of developing the mind and the material.
. Spiritual development forbids digging in the vices.

17. This can only do harm.
. The life of a man, who is not aware of his true nature, is in a state of disorderliness, which hampers his progressive development.
. Realizing better and better that it is mind that should be developed above anything else, people are zealously revealing past mistakes and vices.
. But the grains of evil never die and, when uncovered, can easily serve as food.
. The failure to realize the true value of the evolution of his soul forces man to endlessly dig into the dark deeds of his past,
. And this causes a large increase of the cold in the human soul.
. Do not express doubtful speculation about the doing of good, however, call into question the doing of evil!
. The spirits of evil that have been revived by the nonexistence will not remain inactive.
. They are the keepers of the keys, which can open additional doors of vice in your souls.
. Only the people who preserves the true spiritual values of its past could be strong and respected.
. And who can guarantee that he, who is now furiously reviling the vices of the past, will not, under similar circumstances, become their leading instrument?
. The errors committed by these or those people will always remain inherent to their epoch and views.
. A failure in the past to turn a bad intention into action does not imply that this will not happen in the future.
. And the successful accomplishment of an evil deed can only strengthen the power of those who are striving after it.

31. He, who is aspiring to accomplish something, is always confident that he will succeed and relies on his own strength only.
. Those who have failed lose self-confidence in the majority of cases.
. Therefore, all beginners believe that they will succeed in their undertakings.
. Isn't it better to prevent the abundance of all kinds of cruel vices from penetrating the conscience of the evolving man,
. So that they could, in the course of time, be completely erased from the memory of mankind?
. The grains of evil will not grow if they fall into an arid soil.
. But there is a plenitude of fertile ground, where they can give abundant crops.
. Remember! As long as there is an abundance of souls that are a good ground for the impact of the evil, any mentioning of the details of base deeds will encourage the development of the black systems.
. It is unwise to struggle against those whom you provide with favorable conditions for development.
. In the lands of Russia and of the other states attached to it, a good opportunity has emerged for developing the qualities of man's essence,
. Qualities that have been formed for many years.
. The states attached to Russia are now struggling for independence.
. The land of Russia has been prepared by God for a great mission.
. However, before the time for this mission comes, this land will be exposed to a great trial.
. During that trial people will see the true face of their surroundings and will overtly split into forces of Light and of darkness.
. You will have to choose one of the two ways.

47. Treading on the path of Light – this is  the tireless striving after doing good.
. This essence will reveal the true face of a man who is entering the Kingdom of the soul.
. The biggest evil will be the lack of such striving, even if no harm is done.
. He who has chosen this Path in words only is from now on becoming a carrier of evil,
. For inaction in the period of Accomplishment strengthens the opposition.
. Recently, man has become so confident that his essence consists in the flesh only, that all questions that the states have to solve among themselves are based on the results of the economics and politics.
. Relations among people are built according to their material well-being.
. People are forming unions in search of economic and political profit, but still feel alien.
. The ever-increasing disorderliness in Russia, leading to a big cold and wickedness, forces those people who acknowledge material life only to split up,
. Which means a still greater alienation.

57. People will talk about national interests, but this is far from the Truth.
. There should be one unified interest.
. Only culture will remain national.
. It will demonstrate the multi-faceted flowers of man's spiritual deeds.
. These flowers keep the roots of the past generations.
. Whereas their spirit maintains the life of the present generation.
. For he who has no past will have no future either.
. Even if there are very good intentions, the spread of division is a result of the impact of the forces of darkness.
. Remember! Regardless of how much respect you have for each other, if you have diffirent views on the true evolution, you will never move towards it.
. So, be unified!
Peace and happiness be with you all.



Chapter 17

1. Society grumbles about the bad relations among military servants.
. Is this grumbling deserved?
. I will tell you that such relations are the essence of the army.
. As long as the army exists, it will be impossible to abolish the insanity associated with it.
. The army is called upon to provide training on the methods to conquer by force.
6. This represents the essence of the Kingdom of Force.
. Force is obtained in order to be more powerful and to reign over those who are weaker.
. As long as man relishes force, he will always wish to be stronger.
. The greater force cannot be defined without physical demonstrations.
. Thus emotions are cooling down and, on the one hand, fear is developed, and, on the other, neglect arises.
. A good soldier must not have developed emotions.
. This is the unwritten law in the army.
. When a command collides with the emotions, in the majority of cases the emotions will dominate.
. However, this is not acceptable under the conditions of the Kingdom of Force.
. Remember! The state of superiority is typical of the development of the Kingdom of Force.
. This state cannot be influenced even by the good education,
. For the quality of man is not determined by his physical strength or his technical knowledge.
. Spiritual evolution is the only way out of this state.
. However, the evolution of spirituality expands the potential of the soul,
. Which degrades the quality of a soldier.
. Previously, people did not pay adequate attention to what was going on in the armies after they were established:
. This was beyond their level of reasoning.
. But nowadays people are beginning to express an ever increasing indignation against the humiliating relations in the army.
. This indignation is of no use unless one escapes from the system, infinitely generating all possible kinds of humiliation.
.Your ever increasing discontent is an indication that the world you are living in has become obsolete and should go away into the nonexistence.
. It is impossible to rearrange the world as long as people are unaware of their consubstantiality and brotherhood.
. And as long as they fail to become a Unified People of our Earth.
. Until this time comes, there will be borders, and therefore discord.
. But the acknowledgement of consubstantiality should occur through the spiritual perceptions and not through verbal assertions.
. Spiritual unification can only be achieved if the souls of those who are uniting have acquired a sufficient level of purity.
. Remember! It is never too late to make the first step towards righteousness. But the earlier you embark on this path, the sooner you will manage to cleanse your soul.
. So, be creators of love and be creators of the world! Because from now on a state will be established, which will determine your further existence.
. Salvation will depend on your ability to unite spiritually.
. I will tell you that the mankind has reached the last turning point and is heading towards the coast where the Ark of Salvation lies.
. There is still some time for you to reach it and get upon it.
. But only those, who are more purified and have given up the connection with material values, will be able to go fast enough.




Chapter 18


1. It is extremely important for you to understand that the mastery of the language of the Scripture does not mean that you are already on the Path of Salvation, 
. For the benefit of disseminating the grains of the Truth is not so great.
. It is love that is needed to sow these grains.
. Only the wild seeds are successfully spread with the help of the insects and the wind.
. To walk towards Salvation is able only he who carries light and warmth in his soul for all the creatures of God and Nature.

6. Many people, especially recently, have more than once met various carriers of God's Word.
. Today there are many churches in the Christian religion and each of them has its own priests.
. The most pitiable thing is that one and the same Scripture is being preached differently by the various churches,
. With each of them considering itself to be the truest one.
. Is it wise to interpret one and the same Truth in different ways?
. There is only one thing in common among all the heralds of God's Word.
. It is the assumption that anyone whose preaching is not in complience with the Scripture has been sent by the devil.
. But I will tell you that all of them underestimate God's Glory, man's potential and the devil's strength.
. The devil knows Gods Word better than any believing person.
. That is why, a man who carrys and ardently defends God's Word is not necessarily a servant of God.
. And the carrier of truths so far unknown is not necessarily a messenger of the devil.
. These things should be defined in a different way and not subject to any error.
. To observe the commandments only for the sake of demonstrating that to those surrounding you hardly requires any effort.

19. But to feel love for your fellow without someone else's help is too hard for the majority of people.
. Anyone could be trained in God's Word.
. The messenger of the devil could do that, if cold comes afterwards.
. The only unattainable thing for the Satan is the ability to give a grain of blessing from one’s own soul.
. Be careful about the souls of the heralds!
. There is so much cold among you even though you are mouthing the Word.
. The heralds preaching the Word may, without even being aware of it, irreversibly take the blessing away from your soul and breathe cold into it.
. For so great is the migthiness of the devil who uses people's good intentions for his own goals.

27. It is only love that can successfully guard the heralds' sermons from the devil.
. But be careful of your own souls as well!
. Many of you, feeling warmth, will experience resistance within yourselves.
. Remember! Any motive to suppress the warmth and light represents a temptation from the devil.
. Not only the Truth should man spread from house to house, but also the Blessing that God can give you for this mission.
. First, acquire a grain of His Blessing, and then do pious deeds.
. Don't forget! Only he can teach you love, who is full of love.
. I will tell you now: a great time is coming when you will feel God's Glory.
. But, much to the Heavenly Fathers regret, not all of you will be able to embark on the Path of True Development,
. Despite the fact that God always aspires to lead all the wretched men out of the abyss.
. Today, many believing Christians, as well as those who consider themselves believers, simply because they are studying the Scripture, will start resisting what happens in their life, leaning on wrongly interpreted words and phrases from the Scripture.
. Now everyone will have to determine his standpoint.
. What is the value of Christianity that has been divided into numerous parts,
. Where the collision of the separate parts leads to an enormous amount of cold and abomination among men?
. Remember! Any act of good will done by you and unguarded by your reason may be taken advantage of by the devil.
. And you will inflict suffering upon yourselves.
. Don't forget! The time has come when continuing the spreading of different views on one and the same Scripture constitutes a great evil.
. For, knowing about the coming of the great times, the force of darkness becomes active and will create good opportunities for the spreading of various views.
. You will not be able to start the True Evolution while you have different views about It.
. Now God is revealing to you His new Will, concluding His Last Testament with you.
. His bell will toll upon the Russian land.
. Many of you will start looking for miracles and evidence.
. I'm telling you the Truth: no more miracles will be granted by God, but the last chance will be given for salvation.
. Those of you who, coming in touch with the Last Testament, feel the determination of their souls to take the Path of God's Son, should put all their energy into this effort,
. For such people are the Hope of God.
. Their souls are the only basis, whereon further evolution is possible.
. Those who listen to, but are unable to hear the Last Testament, are wretched men who will fail to create the necessary basis for the Bloom.
. In the times when the Salvation of Mankind is given along with the Pearls sent by God, the devil will scatter glassy beads upon the Earth.
. So that some people can, coming in touch with the beads, loose their interest in searching the Pearls, taking all the beads for pearls.
56. Others, having come in touch with the Pearls, will be doubtful about their genuineness, seeing other beads as well.
7. God cannot pour Blessing in man by force.
8. This is only possible when the human soul is open to God.
. God always strives to help everyone, no matter how low they have fallen.
. But, due to their blindness, people fail to perceive His Blessing.
. Therefore, God will, at a time chosen by Him, send on the Earth the One who will, carrying out His Will to Salvation of the World, help people experience God's Blessing, provide nourishment to those who suffer, and heal the souls that are still able to bloom like fragrant flowers.
. And God said, “It is not the one who calls himself a Savior that will come to your salvation but the One in whom My goodwill resides.”




Chapter 19


From the ancient times, phylosophy had set upon studying the Nature of God and His Strength.
2. The religious thinkers treated this as a threatening danger.
3. The phylosophers themselves reached the conclusion that if one comes to know the nature of the Almighty, this will put an end to the belief in Him.
4. This they saw as the end of religion.
5. A disclosed Mystery loses its vivid light and drawing impact.
6. Religion is a delicate and all-embracing sphere that touches the innermost secrets of the human soul.
7. Man should only come to know those secrets that will help him cultivate his true potential.
8. And he should not get acquainted with the secrets that may hamper his normal perfection.
9. Any human perfection should be reduced to one thing - the Spiritual Bloom of man,
10. For the nature of man is contained in his soul.
11. He who is trying to see himself in his flesh and its needs only is unwise.
12. The true value of Mystery is only preserved when the thoughts arising from its essence do not lead to a stratification of mankind.
13. The great value of religion consists in its aspiration to unite people.
14. At the time when it was necessary, four world religions were granted to the Earth.
15. They started uniting the numerous infidels of the various religions,
16. Regardless of the linguistic differences.
17. At the beginning, the reasoning about religion was suppressed both by the religious servants and the very faith in the Almighty.
18. Lately, when the human reason has reached the greatest disharmony with the spiritual world, people have started, more and more bravely, to interpret the Scriptures in their own manner.
19. This
, in turn, leads to an uncontrollable ramification of the religious tree.
20. But is it reasonable to have so many interpretations of one and the same Truth?
21. People
would never reach True Unification as long as there is discordance in their spiritual evolution, regardless of how much they respect each other.
22. True evolution will not begin before people have reached one unified view about it.
23. The existence of different religions in the world can lead to economic progress only.
24. But this will only create conditions for the existence of the flesh.
25. If man is not only flesh, then what is the point of such progress?
26. Spiritual progress is only possible if man takes another path.
27. Religion is, in its essence, the art of spiritual evolution;
28. And since the soul is man's true nature, religion is the art of human evolution.
29. And if religion know
s well the entire deveopment of the soul, it must be unified, so that there will be no discord.
30. The discord can be suppressed only by opening additional gateways to the Mystery.
31. Can the core khowledge of God's Glory quench the living, precious light of religion?
33. Moving along the course of evolution, the thinkers of the humankind - both the secular and the religious ones, are quite wrong when they speak about the faith in God.
34. If an object is invariable and exists forever, do you need faith in its existence?
35. Faith should turn into knowledge of the existence of this or that object.
36. That is why there is no need for faith in God's existence.
37. One should know that He exists.
38. But man is yet to learn how to confide in God.
39. Therefore, turning the faith into knowledge of the great Glory of the Heavenly Father will not harm the true spirit of religion, but will help to deny the cold intentions concerning the Great Mystery.
40. Under the present conditions of an ever increasing spiritual fall, a certain kind of forces have emerged that prevent the majority of people from getting in touch with the true depth of religion.
41. The revelation of new Truths will help these wretched people to realize the nature of God's Glory and to find the True Path of Spiritual Upsurge.
42. Moreover, it is not so much that new mysteries will be disclosed but rather that the human eyes will be wide open,
43. So that people can understand the
lucid mind and take the path of their Unification.
44. Reach the essence of Faith, for this is the basis for the bloom of your soul!


Chapter 20


Man's spiritual qualities should only be cultivated on the basis of spiritual boons.
2. The human mind undergoes a very limited evolution under the conditions of the production of material goods.
3. The construction of the temple of the soul is carried out under an ever-rising coldness of the builders.
4. Society encourages its citizens to implement a spiritual approach to their actions and to maintain good relations among themselves.
5. Remember! All spiritual qualities that man needs, especially nowadays, should be cultivated.
6. But not the way this is done now: explaining everything verbally and at the same time having the hands sweep away everything said.
7. The soul is not a profession that man can acquire if he wishes.
8. It is a gift whereby God has made man distinct from the surrounding world and which definitely needs cultivation, they way anything human does.
9. The soul is an indispensable part of the human nature.
10. In order for man to be able to create something valuable and unique, he should by all means demonstrate spiritual love towards his own creation.
11. If he is surrounded by all kinds of material comforts, his mind will develop the need for even bigger comforts, while his soul will start to disintegrate.
12. Greediness starts to grow abundantly in such a soil.
13. Greediness is one of the most dangerous enemies of the human soul and mind in the Material World.
14. Man is able to create extraordinarily much. The potential he possesses is almost unlimited.
15. But his mind is, at the state of its formation, quite receptive towards the surrounding life.
16. Thus, during his development, man can easily take a wrong path.
17. He will forget to answer for himself the question, “What am I created for?”
18. You should know that the Creator never does anything unwise. He is not able to joke and all that He creates needs to undergo by all means evolution, and in no case destruction.
19. This means that you must be cultivating all your qualities.
20. There are no talentless people.
21. All are equally gifted.
22. The originally greater manifestation of some skills shows a predestined place in Nature.
23. The only exception are people predestined to be leaders in one field or another.
24. The contemporary society is unable to create sufficient opportunities for the development of man's gifts.
25. Because this society is developing in such a rhythm that the human mind almost completely forgets about its purpose.
26. Man is forced to acquire and cultivate habits that are only beneficial to society.
27. The consequence is that man’s mind is adjusted in such a way that it gets used to the acquired habits and they become the basic activities in his life.
28. Thus man, being occupied with the production of material goods, naturally stops thinking about the use of his existence, knowing that through his occupation he contributes to the people's benefit.
29. Society is only driving man away from the acquisition of his vital truth.
30. This makes him lose his true faculties, as well as the individual aspiration to be useful to the surrounding world.
31. During a given working time, man goes to do something useful and, after working out the specified time, he quickly goes home.
32. His only urgent problem comes to be the question, “How can I obtain a larger share for myself of the benefit that I contribute to our society?”
33. In most cases, man remains unhappy with obtaining from society less goods relative to the effort he has put into the production of goods for this same society.
34. Such evolution of thinking degenerates the Temple of the human soul.
35. Remember! Man is valuable in his desire to give and not to take.
36. Many people, having heard the truth that man lives in order to give away, say that this is nice if there is something to give.
37. I'm telling you the truth: there is no such man on Earth to whom you don't have anything to give.
38. There will always be people who need your help.
39. It is unwise to consider the material help to be the most valuable one.
40. Spiritual support is no less important.
41. The material help is true only if it does not let you stop.
42. Reveal your souls! And let the Blessing that endlessly flows from your Father towards you, flow from one soul to another.
43. It will restore the lost energy of the wretched people and will help them become creators and endlessly give their warmth to the people surrounding them. And this will be forever!
44. Reveal your souls and create love immeasurably.


Chapter 21


Faith is life.

2. Life is motion and great toil based on the fulfillment of one’s faith in the Heavenly Father.

3. Man’s movement towards the Light is only possible through the overcoming of obstacles.

4. Only cold can act against warmth. Only darkness can act against light.

5. That is why the traveler in the State of Sun will have to go through titanic work in order to overcome the obstacles of cold and darkness in the corner.

6. And as once, at the Will of the Heavenly Father, you were endowed with flesh, at the beginning of this important time, the great path of the toil of your flesh has unfolded in front of you.

7. For the evolution of the soul is only possible through the acts of the flesh.

8. The soul is the child of God.

9. That is why the ancient people were told that faith without action is dead.

10. It is only by your actions that one could judge about your faith. Where is this righteous labor?

11. You know that the sparks from the flames continue to bring warmth and light.

12. The Great Father has created you in His own image and has given you the opportunity to be creators of love, beauty and light.

Oh, how wonderful and how difficult this path is!

13. For the long time of their existence, people have learned to speak in abundance wonderful words about the good, the beauty and the love, however, as soon as the need for creation appeared in front of them, this step remained unsurmounted. 

14. The essence of the Universe is based on the principle of destruction of everything that turns into an obstacle for the bloom of the Harmony of Existence, and therefore has to leave it.

15. There is also the concept of infinite darkness, which resides on the other side of Light. This darkness does not represent an obstacle, it simply resides there. 

16. The Projections of the Sun fill this infinity further and further.

17. The darkness does not exist outside of the Harmony, for it is primary.

18. And then once, revealing their existence, God’s children started to look like climbers mounting rocky hills,

19. When a traveler is being impeded by the load on his back, and the precipitous ravines with sharp hedges, and the stones flying upon him. All these obstacles have to be overcome by the travelers along the roads of the Universe.

20. However, departing form reaching God’s Truth, you - the children of the Heavenly Father - have, in many respects, made your ascending more complicated.

21. For against you a flying not only stones torn by the wind but also stones thrown by a brother’s hand.

22. And the load borne by your shoulders has acquired the ability to increase its weight.

23. The current times require great toil from each of you.

24. This toil is the aspiration to give, through your own hands, your heart to the people and world surrounding  you, without expecting anything in return.

25. Can you expect anything in return if the toil is determined by the irresistible need of the soul, which defines your pre-determined place in life?

26. Each of you has to find this pre-determined place in society.

27. In this search, the one who strives to achieve the Truth will never leave undone any labor in the name of good that comes into his way, whatever this labor could be.

28. Remember! Dividing labor into worthy and unworthy for your hands implies impurity of your soul, which impedes the attainment of Truth.

29. Reach the heights of humbleness, for wisdom goes along with the humble.

30. If you have to complete several good deeds, try to make a reasonable and worthy estimation of whether it is possible to complete all of them in turn, and if this is not possible, go for the larger deed with pure heart!

31. If you consider a specific activity to be pre-destined for you but there is no possibility for you to complete it, then complete the work that appears in front of you in a worthy manner,

32. For your faith is revealed in this effort.

33. One should never question the Will of the Heavenly Father.

34. If you are given the opportunity to do something that seems to be far from what is predestined for you, isn’t that for your benefit?

35. Wise will be the one who happily accepts all this as something necessary.

36. The one who will be looking for the convenient will reveal his unfaith.

37. Learn to complete every work in a worthy manner, for, I’m telling you the truth, the fact that it has come to your hands means a longed-for-moment for the one who aspires after Truth, so that he can share some of the blessing of his soul.

38. The one who strives after Truth should not allow himself to be worried by thoughts about how much time he will have to do this work or where it will lead,

39. For the one who strives after Truth knows that the great Father carefully watches each of us.

40. And if you were meant to do something bigger, wouldn’t it appear on your path?

41. Know how to listen to the voice of your heart and see the sign of the loving Father!




Chapter 22


Spirituality and the respect for Beauty… Is the evolution of these two origins in man possible along the different paths of ascending?

2. Dividing these two origins a long time ago, people have suffered great disharmony in their evolution.

3. This has now caused a chaos in the development of their spiritual qualities and the loss of the Way leading to True Ascending.

4. Don’t you see the Path that God has prepared for you, so that you could reach the highest possible Harmony,

5. Which is meant to make you the most valuable civilization in the Universe?!

6. The choice of aesthetic evolution as “the only true path” has lead to the appearance of the concept “valuable thing”. 

7. As long as society uses the concept “valuable thing”, those who are striving to have in abundance such valuable things will continue to exist.

8. This generates the inevitable presence of envy and, as a consequence, rancor. 

9. Rancor will never let man begin his ascending towards True Perfection.

10. The phrase “Beauty will save the world” is not true.

11. Because non-man-made Beauty as a source of aesthetic development exists always. 

12. Man was born amidst this Beauty; nevertheless, he has come closer to his fall.

13. Man-made beauty is complementary to non-man-made Beauty, which initially provided inspiration for the creator.

14. The difference is that non-man-made Beauty carries the beneficial energy of Nature, while man-made beauty carries the beneficial energy of man.

15. If society chooses the Spiritual Ascending only, this will not lead to true evolution of the human soul.

16. Because in such cases people either completely reject the carnal values or treat them with utmost contempt.

17. Remember! Anything that Mother Nature has given to the human flesh is True.

18. Everything that has been created in the Universe is deliberate and requires harmonious development.

19. One should always remember that the woman carries in herself Nature’s origin.

20. That is why her true evolution can only be attained via the means of her body and its values.

21. The wrong assessment of the female body and its values leads to rejection of the female essence and to disharmony between the man and the woman.

22. Remember! One of the steps of Spiritual Ascending is contained in the formula, “when the male and female origins become one”.

23. Rejecting the carnal values and the surrounding material world, man impoverishes his aesthetical perception of the world.

24. This prevents your soul from revealing its true color.

25. A flour is most beautiful and valuable when it blossoms, and not when it grows.

26. Man will never be able to get rid of the inclination to define one thing as being created better than another.

27. This is a primitive basis for aesthetic and practical development.

28. If man does not develop spiritually, he will always aspire to acquire better things for himself,

29. And leave the worse for the others.

30. And he will feel satisfaction that the things he possesses are better than those possessed by the others.

31. That is how one embarks on the road of falling down.

32. The one who develops spiritually also desires to possess a good thing, however, if he has to choose, he will select the worse things for himself,

33. Leaving the better ones for the others.

34. He will be happy for the people who have obtained the better things.

35. Aesthetical development balances the natural qualities and puts them in order.

36. The spiritual qualities are organized by spiritual development.

37. That is why the two origins of the Universe have been unified in you:

38. The origin from God and the origin from Nature,

39. Reflected in the essence of soul and body respectively.

40. These origins, however, are only planted in man.

41. Every ascending requires harmony, which makes it possible for all true qualities to appear fully.

42. Man is obliged to find this harmony, that is why he has been given the ability to reason.

44. However, following the wrong road, man was forced to believe that many of the qualities and opportunities with which he has been endowed are useless.

45. All positive emotions are a manifestation of God’s Blessing, except for the feeling of satisfaction of carnal needs.

46. However, the devil is able to create visibility of positive emotions, thus making their false doubles.

47. That is why positive emotions should be defined at their appearance on the Road of Ascending.

48. The Road of Ascending comprises all activities and feelings, which arise for the good and as a result of the good of the surrounding people.

49. If these activities and feelings are only focused on you and your relatives, then no ascending will occur but only motion on a flat plane. No matter how long you walk, you would not ascend even a millimeter.

50. If the positive emotions of man are given by God and Nature, you can use all acts that generate them.

51. You should always remember that the more goods man acquires, the more of them he desires to possess.

52. However, the ways of satisfying the soul and the flesh are not the same:

53. Man could be endlessly engaged in satisfying his soul,

54. However, satisfying endlessly the flesh would lead to suffering.

55. Temptation is a self-indulgence, which leads to impoverishment of the soul and destruction of the flesh.

56. You need to contain your needs within the limits of truth,

57. Where each of you has his own limit.

58. Man could move along the road of constantly increasing satisfaction of the natural needs of the flesh,

59. Which would lead him to the utter limit and would reduce his spiritual needs.

60. The result would be that man would only give preference to the satisfaction of flesh.

61. He could also embark on the road of directly inflicting harm upon his body, for the purpose of experiencing some delightful sensations.

62. This is the bog of the greatest fall, which completely exhausts his spiritual energy and renders him unable to lift himself in an upsurge.

63. The weak soul leads to wildness and endless troubles.

64. The flesh could use only those ways of satisfaction, which harm neither one’s own health nor the health of others,

65. Which damage neither one’s own soul nor the souls of others;

66. Which are not in conflict with what has been predestined by Nature.

67. Every person has to define his own boundaries and to keep himself within them,

68. For the uncontrollable increase in the needs of the flesh will lead to the impoverishment of the soul.

69. Man was born on Earth in order to develop and not to indulge in taking pleasure.

70. However, the ascetic type of life is also not inherent to man.

71. The ascetic life is a school that should only aim at cutting off the excessive increase in carnal needs.

72. Man has been given his body in order to build there the Temple of the soul.

73. That is why the soul is able to live after the death of the body.

74. Man’s Temple should be build through the deeds of the flesh .

75. But the body has a constant tendency to prolong the time of construction, so that it would be completed. 

76. This is only possible if the body enters a state of harmony with Nature.

77. This harmony would allow man to prevent suffering natural disasters and would enable him to gain additional abilities, aimed at refining the Temple of the soul.

78. The scientific and technological progress, which is nowadays predominant in man’s evolution, does not lead, in its larger part, to the development of one of the origins of man – God or the other – Nature.

79. All it creates is material comfort for the existence of the flesh.

80. The existence of the body does not represent development in itself; it is only the basis for that development.

81. Creating the greatest scientific conveniences, the scientific and technological progress has not only obstructed man’s true development, but has also entailed a certain drop in development.

82. The epoch of the Kingdom of Force, flourishing until today and partly in the future, has made man believe that flesh is everything he is.

83. And mankind, in a fussy and screaming crowd, has dashed for the ever-escaping opportunity to surround themselves with the largest amount of material goods.

84. If a man who possesses great creative abilities does not develop spiritually, he will become the most dangerous creature on Earth.

85. Remember! It is when the external becomes internal, and the internal becomes external, that your soul will find the righteous way.

86. This should be understood as follows: one should be receptive to the manifestations of the surrounding reality and be able to feel them from the bottom of the soul.

87. You have to endlessly give the warmth of the soul that is stored and developed inside you to the people around you.

88. And don’t think whether they would pay back to your for the good you have done.

89. Reunite your feelings with God and Nature.

90. Only after you have accomplished that, the Truthful Path of Development will reveal itself to you.

91. Strive to achieve harmony between the origins of God’s and Nature in yourself.

92. This would allow you to get on the path of True Perfection.

93. Be a worthy child of your Father! Be a creator!