and the Community of Vissarion

Let us build a Pole of Peace!

Towards the followers of Rerih, Blavatsky as well as those pursuing the path to Light and Love

Dear Friends!

In a genuinely heart-felt manner we appeal to those of you, who strive to develop another world – the World of Goodness and Love, to those of you who are not indifferent to the fate of our own planet,  its flora and fauna, to those of you who realize  humankind’s entire responsibility before the Universe. We suggest that you once again examine carefully the events taking place, to make a sound judgement of the situation around you and to consider whether you really do have a real opportunity indeed, each in their own location, to implement successfully those practical steps as suggested by your soul, your conscience.
We appeal to those who would be willing to start developing  new life on Earth now already, to learn to acquire  practical crafts, to attempt to apply in real life a new approach to the relations amongst  people and those towards man and Nature, yet who lack some practical help to these ends.
Meeting with scientists at the Kiev Institute of Philosophy, Vissarion suggested that people set out to develop the building of a Pole of Peace on the territory where  the Community is situated at present. You can develop this Pole in cooperation with us – where it is possible to unite efforts in crafts, in the arts, and where it is not required to speak about the differing understanding of the Spiritual. The Teacher, in answering  one of the scientists’ questions about the salvation of mankind, emphasized that an important aspect for the establishment of a micro-society, capable of surviving any conditions, appears to be the ability of people to join together in all their needs. Vissarion also said:

“…here an important aspect is the approach to earth. It’s not simply importan  as the ecological environment conditions in the city needs to improve and to hope for healthy children in this environment, for them to be good and healthy is already unreasonable. Other conditions are necessary to be able to speak of a normal development of man or in other words, completely different society.
A good contact with the Earth is needed for the body to be healthy and for disease to recede to the background as a matter of no substance. This is why it is very important to examine this joining together precisely on Earth when people decide together on all necessities and learn on an equal basis to agree terms in arriving at a single solution in the arts: how to plough, how to create, how to build, however they need to be able to agree terms in parity.
This is a great challenge problem for human beings …”

Coming back home, the Teacher suggested that we write appeal to all who are up to specific deeds on earth ready to live in the countryside and to undertake actual activities there. The Teacher said: “Well now it is time!” We took this to mean that the time no longer waits,  and we should be quick to make specific and decisive steps. This is the purpose of our present appeal.

We meanwhile have gone a long and hard way to adapt to the new circumstances. Now we have already  established well intended  working  relationships both with the native people and with the regional (Kuragino) and state (Krasnoyarsk) administration. We have created a household infrastructure allowing the new settlers to reclaim new land areas, to build houses and grow the necessary foods. The legal ground has been resolved for the incorporation of new methods in childcare and education,  in  medical security of the new-comers . Amidst our ranks craftsmen were not only born but are also practicing in reality,  who could help you to acquire popular  handicrafts. Our cultural environment (painting art, music, choreography) guarantees the new-comers the opportunity to express themselves creatively.
We are always happy about  new ideas, new authors and new performers. We suggest that  you  make use of all things we have already achieved.

Many of you have heard of various prophesies about  terrifying events in the world. Many people exist under the  full confidence in their doctrines and clairvoyants  who also foresee possible difficulties on our planet. Wouldn't it then be better if all of us, who walk the path of Light and Love, to get together in one place and build the new society together? To this end we offer our territory – vast, huge, historically preserved in its original form.

We offer you our infrastructure as well. You will not have to begin from scratch like we had to. We make an offer  just like that, take and start the specifics, without long discussions and arguments, build this vast and great world that could withstand any dogmatic and conservative tendencies in society; that will be able to  provide for its vital needs on its own and that would therefore depend to a small degree on  the economical turmoils in society, where people will be able to make  shared decisions collectively  and realize them, which would give this society the foundation to survive any natural catastrophes.

Let us look at this option together. We emphasize one more time that there is no need to speak and argue about a different spiritual understanding. We suggest that we  join our efforts in crafts, in creativity and in child education growing our children.
It is hard to appreciate  the truthfulness of the Teacher, being far from Him. Those, who live beside Him, can see better the fruits of His activity. They have the single  opportunity, studying and trying,  to determine whether He is actually the One we are waiting for.

Let us build the Pole of Peace together!

The people of Promised Land

(Promised Land Newspaper, 57-58, 2003)